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Ron Paul, to the Not-Romneys: Drop Out!


Buzzfeed has the statement from Paul campaign spokesman Jesse Benton. Excerpt:

When added to Paul's top-tier showing in Iowa, it's clear he is the sole Republican candidate who can take on and defeat both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

The race is becoming more clearly a two-man race between establishment candidate Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, the candidate of authentic change. That means there is only one true conservative choice.

Ron Paul has won more votes in Iowa and New Hampshire than any candidate but Mitt Romney.

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney have been shown in national polls to be the only two candidates who can defeat Barack Obama.

And Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are the only two candidates who can run a full, national campaign, competing in state after state over the coming weeks and months. Ron Paul's fundraising numbers—over $13 million this quarter—also prove he will be able to compete with Mitt Romney. No other candidate can do all of these things.

Ron Paul is clearly the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney as the campaign goes forward.

We urge Ron Paul's opponents who have been unsuccessfully trying to be the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney to unite by getting out of the race and uniting behind Paul's candidacy.

Pretty funny stuff. Bottom line: Paul tripled his vote in New Hampshire over 2008, after more than doubling it in Iowa. Romney was the same in Iowa, and slightly up in New Hampshire. He's got the Mitt-mentum, and the glide path to the nomination, but something very interesting is happening in the underbrush.

Thanks to eagle-eyed commenter TomD for the link.

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  1. Yeah…that’s going to happen…not.

    1. got ‘nottin to do with piners neway. wait on a couch for whatever’s coming down to force down your throat

  2. P-P-Paul is P-P-Powerful

    1. P-P-President P-P-Paul is P-P-Powerful!

      (Sorry, I’m a huge alliteration fan. I’m getting help for it.)

  3. Gingrich isn’t running to win anymore. He’s just running to stick it to Romney. He’s a bitter angry old man. He’ll drop out as soon Romney apologizes for running those ads against him in Iowa or when he runs out of money…whichever comes first.

    Romney will never apologize, and old people will keep giving Gingrich more money ’til the cows come home.

    Oh, and as far as Santorum in South Carolina? That’ll be really interesting to see how Romney does against Santorum in South Carolina. You’d think Santorum would be a natural with the bible-thumpers down there, but Romney’s got an ace up his sleeve in Nikki Haley.

    He endorsed Nikki Haley when she was running for governor in South Carolina, and if she can help him carry South Carolina, Romney will put Nikki Haley on the ticket as his vice-president for sure.

    …either that or he’s a flubbin’ idiot.

    So, my read on the tea leaves is: watch for Romeny to do better than expected in South Carolina, and if Santorum can’t do well in South Carolina, then like short people, he’s got no reason…

    1. Newt is now running for Secretary of Education in Obama’s 2nd term.

    2. Bible-thumping is one thing; making noise about states having the power to ban contraceptives is another. Anyway, SC is not as bible-based as you think. Maybe the Upstate is; the middle tends to be economic conservatives, and a lot of the coast has retirees from the north, people used to be governed by Repubs like Romney. Romney makes it three, Perry goes away, Gingrich keeps whining, Santorum looks like the right-wing version of state control of your life, and Paul probably gets another second place.

      1. A Paul second place in South Carolina would be huge, but I just don’t see it yet. But hey, after tonight, the polls will probably shift some more.

        1. Hopefully Paul’s performance will cause people to take a second hard look instead of dismissing him outright.

          Can’t wait for Santorum to crash, burn and go away. Unfortunately, I think he’ll do well enough in SC to be in for awhile.

    3. “You’d think Santorum would be a natural with the bible-thumpers down there, but Romney’s got an ace up his sleeve in Nikki Haley.”

      great thinking but as per my nature, mine did cum first 😉

      1. I’ve got you beat my almost a week!…..nt_2736408

        Scroll down that sub-thread a bit, and I talk about not only that he’s probably going to pick Haley but also why.

        Her being from the South is especially important for Romney–in addition to being a woman, etc. I’ve written about it elsewhere before, too.

        Anyway, I’m sure you came up wit it independently–it makes so much sense. And since we both came up with it independently, I guess we’ll just have to agree that great minds think alike!

        : )

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      1. I can’t believe no one has patted you on the back for this yet. Well, consider it patted.

    5. Newt’s running for attention. He needs some serious professional help.


  4. Paul’s speech was amazing tonight. Gave me goosebumps. Its amazing how far he’s come from 2008. Where are else are you going to get a primary election night speech that mentions the Soviets invading Afghanistan?

    1. The random things he throws in was my favorite part about his 08 campaign. Half of his stuff isn’t that kooky anymore. I still got a kick out of him bringing up the legal system being stacked against blacks two times during the debates though.

      1. How anyone can think this guy is a racist is beyond me. He says stuff like this all the time. And has all along.

  5. Ron Paul is Ron Paul. Ron Paul fed your damn cat for a week. Ron Paul won’t force anyone to feed your cat. Ron Paul is Ron Paul

    1. And Duke is Duke

          1. ew. that lowers my opinion of cyp hill

            1. Sweat from my balls!

  6. RP’s polling single digits in SC with Gingrich at 23% and Santorum at 19%. The south is a whole different planet.

    1. In 2008 I campaigned for Paul in Greenville, South Carolina.

      It wasn’t worthwhile.

    2. Re: Raston Bot,

      RP’s polling single digits in SC with Gingrich at 23% and Santorum at 19%.

      Yeah, and Hunstman was “surging” in NH.

    3. The south is a whole different planet.
      Yeah, John Monds running on the Libertarian Party for Public Service Commissioner in GA got more votes than Ed Clark did nationwide running for president.

      The LvMI is just down I-85 in Alabama.

    4. no one polled me about it. but i do get the feeling my vote will not matter in the SC primary. there might be some antiwar votes not accounted for but probably not enough.

    5. Honestly, will everyone stop equating South Carolina with the whole South? Holy cow is that wrong. South Carolina will do whatever it does, and the rest of the states down here will go their own way.

      The big question is whether Santorum is truly fizzling. If he doesn’t place well in South Carolina, he’s out, leaving exactly one candidate with at least some social conservative credibility (Gingrich may surprise me by fooling people into thinking that, but I doubt it).

      Paul needs to find a way to clean the Santorum from this election. If he does that, he’ll have a better chance in the other southern states.

      1. South Carolina — too small to be a nation, too large to be an insane asylum.

        1. Something like that.

        2. we are an insane asylum. be afraid.

          1. But it’s a nice insane asylum. One of my best friends went to the Citadel, too.

            1. Was he one of the 10? (Or was it ‘9’?)? Been a while since I read “The Lords of Discipline.”

      2. I want Paul to run some ads in SC and FL stressing his socon tendencies. If anyone can run a good pro-life ad, it is him.

        1. He can’t play that real hard, but he could make it clear what his personal beliefs are. That would carry a lot of weight with the religious voters.

          I think the anti-government, pro-market message is a winner. If he can keep beating that drum, maybe people will really start to hear it through the silly drone of the media and so-called pundits.

          1. He can’t play that real hard, but he could make it clear what his personal beliefs are. That would carry a lot of weight with the religious voters.

            Exactly. Im not suggesting he be Santorum-lite, but he is a baptist and he is anti-abortion. He can make sure the people of South Carolina know this when they go to the polls. All while stressing his anti-government, pro-market message too.

            1. Amongst people who said abortion is their most important issue (which was a small # in NH), Santorum got 44% of the vote, Paul 18%, Romney 16%.

              Paul needs to get that vote. He can do it without changing any of his views, he just needs to stress it a bit more in SC.

            2. It could work. I think South Carolina will be difficult, though not impossible, but Florida and a number of other earlier primary states are feasible.

              1. He has been runng pro-life ads for about a week here.

                (I teach at The Citadel.)

                They have several women say that he delivered their babies. One says he is a Christian like her. Another says she believes life begins at conception and it was good to have a doctor who felt that way too.

                It is really a sweet ad.

                The other ad is veterans saying what a great guy he is. Something about giving them recognition.

                I saw my first add from the pac, which attacked Gingrich.

      3. I am now going to do unto santorum as the media has been doing to Paul: who’s santorum?

    6. In SC Ron Paul will regret disavowing the racist newsletters, especially when the mainsteam meida don’t see to give a flying fuck about them.

  7. Paulmentum!

    Pres Paul bringing all Forces home would be like a Twilight Zone episode. Love to see it.

    1. Just the wailing and gnashing of neocon/military contractor teeth would make it worthwhile…until they assassinated him. Oh well….

  8. I think Paul does better than folks think in SC. Haley is a tea party favorite; the state elected at least two TPers to the House and they were of the variety pissed at Boehner. Demint has read the Constitution but you do have to look past Lindsay Graham. All to say Paul will do better than in ’08, largely at Newt’s expense since the Speaker decided that capitalism is the new evil. Romney gets another win.

    1. elected at least two TPers to the House





      1. Dude, you like had too many nachos.

  9. it’s clear he is the sole Republican candidate who can take on and defeat both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama


    Fuck the memesters – I think he’s really scaring them now.

    Still refuse to vote for anyone but myself, but God bless Ron Paul for – to quote Jack Burton in “Big Trouble in Little China” – shakin’ the pillers of heaven…

    Team Red – On to South Carolina!

    *retires to the Man Cave to ignore Team Red till primnary day*

  10. There is no doubt that Paul has more Mo (as in momentum). But Mittens has mo mo.

    1. Referring to Romney as Mittens will never not make me smile.

      1. I like his real name better:

        Obama: Did they say why, Willard, why they want to terminate my command?
        Willard: I was sent on a classified mission, sir.
        Obama: It’s no longer classified, is it? Did they tell you?
        Willard: They told me that you had gone totally insane, and that your methods were unsound.
        Obama: Are my methods unsound?
        Willard: I don’t see any method at all, sir.

        Of course, that’s pretending that he’s not more of the same, but let’s pretend otherwise on this, his special day.

        1. “Never get out of the boat. Absolutely goddamn right. Unless you were going all the way. Ron Paul got off the boat. He split from the whole fucking program.”

          1. “Ronpocalpyse Now” is an awesome name. That is all.

  11. “I won’t vote for Romney ever. Of the rest, Ron Paul is at the end of the list and I will hold my nose if I have to vote for him but I would as an AntiRomney vote.”

  12. Ron Paul will probably suffer some damage in the bible-thumping entitlement realms of the Southern US. Shittens has bought NV to the best of his ability, but hopefully RP can show well there. And after this, Ron Paul needs to win the Colorado caucuses. Which should be totally possible…

    1. He should win Colorado outright. Marijuana legalization is a pretty central issue even for republicans here, and Mittens will get a lot of anti-Utah backlash because of the Mormon thing.

  13. Nothing surprising in New Hamphire. Everyone knew Mitt would win and Ron would do well. Huntsman is never going to do better than he did in NH, or course he would beat the other three there. He’ll bomb in SC. He’s just prolonging the agony at this point. No surprise the two neosocons are neck to neck for basically what is last place since Perry is already considered a non-candidate by everyone except himself. Go Ron Paul!

  14. He pulled second against a liberal ex governor of neighboring state Massachusetts in New Hampshire while out doing the poll expectations by seven percent. What does that make Paul? The Comeback Kid!

  15. It’s sad to watch sometimes observant people go full-retard:

    1. Nice self awareness he’s got there:

      I’m more Anyone But Nazi-Friendly Crank Paul than Anyone But Romney.

      There was a time when records mattered to Republicans.

      1. He calls him a Nazi some more in the comments, too.

    2. Lol, Ace of Spades observant?

      That’s the DailyKos of the right-wing BLARGosphere.

      1. I think I remember when you posted there, rho.

        He has his moments sometimes.

        1. You make it sound like a bipolar cycle.

          Which is accurate.

          1. Yeah. He’s also a squish and political control-freak, among other things.

            1. So, the right-wing DailyKos it is, yes?

              We part as friends.

              1. Kos is pretty awful, so I don’t know if I’d go that far. But yeah, I’m less and less of a fan of him and the Conservasphere, in general.

                I think I remember you going out with a bang. Am I right? If so, what was it over? (For some reason I’ve got the impression it was over one of his sporadic screaming fits over imagined racism.)

                1. I have no control over what you remember, but generally I get banned for being an unbearable shit.

                  1. No offense intended. It was only because I generally liked what you said (and it stood out from the normal Team Red mush) that I remembered you posted there.


  16. “If Libertaria?ns were clearly not racist their message could be appealing to many people. I was inspired in some ways by what I heard from him tonight. He’s a breath of fresh air. Not a phoney. Seems to speak from the heart. I’m still President Obama all the way and cannot be persuaded to support anyone else, but sometimes Ron Paul makes sense. “

    1. “Clearly racist.” So close, yet so far.

      1. No, I was unfair. “Clearly not racist.” That leaves open the possibility that we aren’t all secret Klan members or Nazis or whatever they like to think about us.

        1. I hope they come up with some new terms for us hate mongers. KKK and Nazi as well as neo-Nazi where ‘neo’ is just window dressing are threadbare worn out from over exposure.

          1. Soviets?

            1. Somehow, I don’t see them doing that.

              1. Maoists?

                1. Libertarians.

                  The next standalone, first-class, ad hom pejorative.

                  1. Or Southerners. I’m a white, male, Southern Libertarian. I think that makes me somewhere below Attila the Hun.

                    1. I’m a black, male, Southern Libertarian. That makes me nonexistent.

                  2. Libertarians.

                    The next standalone, first-class, ad hom pejorative.
                    ding! ding! ding!
                    That’s the winner. Just this morning I read a letter in the paper where libertarian was a euphemism for motherfucker.

                    1. That wasn’t a letter. It was an op ed.

                    2. You wanna see a delusion? Bitch thinks Bush, Greenspan and Bernanke are Austrians!


                      Barney Hill’s mad (letter, Jan. 3) because Paul Krugman’s opinion column wasn’t a scholarly paper on saintly Austrian economics. It was, instead, an indictment of Republicans’ continual insistence on economic policies this recession has proven wrong.

                      Peter Schiff isn’t just “some ? commentator.” He was Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign economic adviser. On Oct. 13, 2008, he predicted that inflation would be 10 percent in 2009, running to 20 percent or 30 percent by 2011 if monetary or fiscal stimuli were tried.

                      The facts: Annualized inflation by month has ranged from -2.1 percent to +3.9 percent between November 2008 (+1.1 percent) and November 2011 (+3.4 percent). The Federal Reserve was fighting deflation, or a full-on depression.

                      I guess Austrians just change the definition when they’re wrong: “Inflation is the monetary expansion itself,” Hill writes. After all, they insist “truth is axiomatic, not empirical.” Facts don’t matter if your belief is steadfast.

                      And real people’s economic suffering doesn’t matter, either. They should be glad to wait for a job until all “malinvestment and misallocation of resources” has been purged and the new economy emerges. Measuring and lowering unemployment is heresy because “aggregation is invalid.”

                      “Austrian” means austerity ? budget cuts, high-income tax cuts, shredded safety nets and ineffectual government. Been there, had that. You can keep it, Barney.

                      Ruth Mary Weston

                      Fucking nuts!

                    3. “The facts: Annualized inflation by month has ranged from -2.1 percent to +3.9 percent between November 2008 (+1.1 percent) and November 2011 (+3.4 percent).”

                      My home value feels left out.

                    4. She is getting all of her shit from Krugman who is in serious CYA mode right now given he said just a month ago deflation is still the big fear. Fact is, there was only one quarter that was deflationary in that time span, and that occurred when Bernanke took away the punchbowl in the Summer of ’08 when energy prices were going through the roof and driving a lot other things up. Next quarter after that started the trend we’ve seen until now, slow inflation onward as to be expected in an economy that is on idle but deflation is not allowed to run its course. Heats up, so does the inflation with a harder landing given the monetary expansion. Bernanke will have to put the foot on the break again much sooner than otherwise necessary because the idiot totally misread the economy last Summer and went ahead with another QE.

                    5. It shouldn’t feel alone, they also didn’t include food.

                    6. So does my grocery bill.

                  3. .|1.10.12, or whatever, you are so wrong, and your thinking is old school.

                    Paul needs to aggressively use social media to hype the ‘crazy’ insult into a ‘fuck you’ badge to politics as usual.

                2. MMM, Maoist weren’t motivated by hate. A lot of people got hurt but their hearts were in the right places.

                  1. The Libertas Rouge?

                    1. Chomsky did change his mind after all that slaughter and decided they weren’t a liberationists movement, but a nationalist knuckle dragging one after all. It might work!

            2. Any Totalitarian will do.


        2. I posted it as a purely anecdotal glimmer of hope. Picture a Bush voter saying, in ’04, that Howard Dean “sometimes makes sense.”

          1. No, it’s definitely an improvement. Lots of time between now and the general to win over moderates who really, really, really don’t want Obama in office. Which is pretty much all of them.

        3. “Klan members or Nazis”

          To be fair, I’m only in it because I like the way clean sheets and new leather smell. Not so much the hating part.

          1. I’m in it for the fabulous black and silver uniforms, Italian fascist issued, that we get to wear at the secret meetings. Some prefer the sharp brown of the Nazi’s but the color scheme of the fascist was just to die for!

          2. Are hot! Remember Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Never Forget.

      2. If Libertaria?ns were clearly not racist their message could be appealing to many people.

        Indeed, my self-hatred often leads to self-abuse.

        1. Seriously, which one do you think is more of the factor here in the lefty world?

          They have to keep using the racist label because they can’t/don’t want to/ feel uncomfortable intellectually confronting the ideology or is it that they are just using it as an explicit politcal smeer and some of their ground troups actually buy it due to being in an echo chamber?

    2. “I’m still President Obama all the way and cannot be persuaded to support anyone else, but sometimes Ron Paul makes sense.”

      Is this thing working? I think it’s dead.

    3. You guys are against affirmative action and the Civil Rights Act.

      Et sequitur, you’re racists.


  17. Paul should call for Romney to stand down, while he’s at it.

    1. And Obama!

      Paul vs. Johnson for all the marbles!

      1. Now that’s a dream election. I’ve always said that what we need is for one of the majors to go away and for the two remaining major parties to be some kind of libertarian party and a statist party. Let’s get it all out in the open.

        It would be great if Paul could win the whole thing, and I think he has a real chance if things break right, but it’s good news already that a serious chunk of the electorate is receptive to the libertarian message. That’s a good thing, and something that can be built upon, whether Paul becomes president or not.

        1. If nothing else, the large minority of Paulites will be saying “see, we told you so” all thru the next 4 years as things crash and burn.

          It enables someone to run in 2016. This is reason #2 why Im disappointed with Johnson going to the LP. I think it makes it hard for him to run in 4 years, and I dont think Rand will be ready.

          1. With any luck, others will join in. Maybe we’ll get more inspired libertarians in Congress. Even now, a major Paul run, if unsuccessful, could result in a sea change in our political climate. This has meaning, and everyone is going to try to figure it out.

            1. Another wave of congressman like the 2010 ones (who are far from perfect, of course) makes a big difference, as it entirely undermines the GOP leadership.

              1. Fuck off and eat shit!

          2. Agreed.
            Johnson should have just helped Paul. Makes him look like a team-playing Republican.

            1. Reason #1 was I wanted a Paul/Johnson ticket.

              1. That sure would be nice, and it may still be possible (an inter-party ticket is pretty intriguing) but I think he’s doing more damage to his long-term chances by throwing this fit. Which seems more important to me.

        2. Agreed. The odds are still against him, but who’d have ever thought he’d have made it to this point?

          Even if he loses, think of all seeds he’s planting (new voters, young voters, military voters, etc.). Think of all the doors he’s opening (it used to be you couldn’t even mention cutting the military, eliminating departments, and legalizing pot and be taken seriously …now he’s getting 20+% of the GOP electorate).

  18. Man, if nothing else RP’s campaign team has gone from completely inept in 08 to pretty good with Rand Paul in 2010. Now they’re miracle workers.

    1. They werent inept in 2008, they were building the base of a nationwide organization.

      It just looked like they were inept to those of us looking at vote totals.

      1. Yeah, I’d say more “unpolished” in their marketing. The amount of money they raised then and now has been staggering.

        1. The Paul campaign staff had nothing to do with the money raised in 08 (other than collecting the money). The moneybombs were completely independently organized.

          Not sure how much involvement they have in fundraising now.

          The ads are definitely better, but Jesse Benton is still a massive disappointment.

        2. He’s catchin’ on! I’m tellin’ ya!

      2. …FUCK YOU!!!

        1. Looks like “Mike Lux” found the new thread.

          1. Mike Hunt is still MIA.

    2. Well, public opinion has not exactly been static over the intervening years, either.


    CBS poll shows both Romney and Paul as the two GOP candidates to beat Obama

  20. Feeling good feels good.

    1. Hedonism is awesome!

  21. Moneybombs were bigger in ’08? Well, people HAD money back then. Unless you’re ex-Acorn feeding off the Fed tit, you’re on your own.

  22. Paul be trollin’, dey be hatin’.

  23. Interesting exit polls here. Huntsman’s number are even less impessive when you see where they cam from. Paul get’s 47% of the 18-29 vote! Futures so bright……../epolls/nh

  24. Take a look at the CNN Exit Polls:…../epolls/nh

    Paul wins among NH voters who self-identified as Liberal or Moderate, while Romney wins with those that call themselves Conservative.

    1. The Team Republicans are going to be all over that, claiming it disqualifies Paul’s showing.

      In a sane world, you’d think that attracting new people to the party, especially youth, would be a plus.

      1. There’s a reason they’re called the “stupid party”. Not that Team Blue is any better, but the GOP will self-destruct before they let someone like Ron Paul become their standard bearer.

        1. If I remember correctly, it was neo-Conservative godfather Irving Kristol who dubbed them that.

          Lot of stupid to go around.

    2. Paul wins amongst those who considering voting for a true conservation the most important factor.

    3. Big Tent conservatism? That’s for squares. Our tent is only big enough for you, me, and that guy over there who’s scared of Iran.

    4. Paul did well with men and independents.

  25. I’m getting a good chuckle out of the Santorum ads (“Iowa was just the beginning”) on Reason’s front page.

    1. Hmmmm…When Santorum eventually drops out, will we get Salty Ham Tears II?

      1. When Santorum drops out…someone will have a mess to clean up.

        1. The Santorum-mopper?!?

  26. My prediction – Romney win = GOP fail

    Obama 2012 win, because the fucking GOP is still too fucking stupid to figure out what independents want

    Basically, Gillespie+Walsh was right – albeit, thinking that the 40% independents make the key difference – was wrong. In fact, national politics remains dominated by the parties. Independents almost dont matter.

    If I’m totally wrong, what does it matter in a general election?

    Meaning – in the big show, its still just TEAM RED VS TEAM BLUE

    1. If GOP appeases independents, they lose the crazy fundie right wing base and they treasure that above all else.

      1. fuck YOU, Juice. Who gives a shit what you think?

        1. I just had a steamer that singed the wall paper. I totally dedicate it to Juice. So, who gives a shit, I do.

        2. “Hey,” — is that Frank Rizzo? Look jerky, I don’t need to talk to you.

      2. Your definition of the word ‘lose’ must be different than mine. Find me the republican who, faced with the choice of voting for Paul, will either a) not vote, or b) vote for Obama.

        1. Newt the Fuckin’ Grinch

          1. Push come to shove, Newt would vote Paul. He would deny it publicly, but he would do it.

  27. Ron Paul shouldn’t want to knock out Huntsman now, because Huntsman is competition for Romney votes right now. The exit polls showed Huntsman & Paul to draw on different types of voters, so they’re not in competition yet. However, I think Dr. Paul can pick up votes from the other candidates that he might not get from their delegates if their candidates stay in the race entering the convention.

    1. I had thought the same way, that having others stick around and split the votes might be in their interest..

      However I can see their rationale as it may encourage the not-Romney voters to Paul. We might consider Romney as somewhat constant for now and the pool of delegates–whichis what really matters–divided between the rest so I can see the reason why they want to pursue this strategy

  28. Reasons why the other Republican contenders should quit:

    Newt: will never recover from Dr. Paul’s chickenhawk zinger.

    Mitt: will never live down Romneycare, which has made Massachussetts the most expensive state in the country for medical insurance.

    Santorum: can’t pretend he’s not a lobbyist, looks like even more of a weasel when he tries.

    Huntsman: when you’re so desperate for attention that you have to make up an ad slandering yourself, it’s time to fold up the tent.


    1. You’re assuming facts and common decency matter to the average American voter that votes for party and ideaology rather than the individual candidate.

  29. “The $5 million check that casino mogul Sheldon Adelson wrote to help his friend Newt Gingrich win his party’s presidential nomination is expected to be followed by much more support aimed at helping the GOP’s eventual winner, including several million dollars for a Karl Rove-created group.”

    He’s got all th emoney he needs.

    Read more:…..z1j8RDCDBj

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  31. I predict Ron completely surpassing everybody’s expectations, but the pessimist in me still feels a Romney victory, even if it’s by a narrow margin. And I fucking hate myself for it.

    It’s certainly a very, very real chance to win that Paul’s got here, but he has to milk it to the max — don’t relent, don’t rest, make yourself almost omniprescent in everything sociopolitical and economic.

    1. I’m sure Ron’s folks have thought of this, but they need to leave Mittens more or less alone for the next round, because Mittens voters are the least likely to switch to Ron. They need to figure out which of the other also-rans have support that will come to him if they leave, and knock them out. Basically, whose support is more anti-Mittens than pro-also-ran?

      Not Huntsman. His squishy-con crypto-lefties will migrate to Romney. I’m thinking Santorum, then Gingrich.

  32. That dude looks like he is jsut totally rocking man, I mean like wopw.

  33. This is THE most important election of our lifetime! We have a chance to elect an honest man to the white who knows what this country needs to get back to greatness. Don’t listen to all the B.S. that he can’t win because he is the only gop candidate who can beat Obama. Democrats, Independents and people who never vote would come in droves to vote for a man like this.Informed people will vote for Ron Paul. We need to get more and more? people informed so we can save this once great nation.

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