Navy Rescues Iranians; Jobs Data Dispute; Ron Paul, Freemason? PM Links


Our high-tech enemies, ready for war on land and sea.

U.S. Navy media blitz includes commander of Stennis carrier strike group after team from U.S.S. Kidd rescues Iranian sailors from Somali pirates. 

Employment second-guessing begins. What could be wrong with this week's positive jobs numbers? AEI scholars say we're not paying enough attention to U-6. Heartland Institute's Eli Lehrer says current unemployment measures are a "reasonable enough approach." Zero Hedge says applying a "realistic labor force participation rate" puts the real implied unemployment rate at 11.4 percent

Ron Paul is a Freemason Illuminati tool of the Jews, says anti-Masonic interest hawk Henry Makow. Makow notes that many believers in Austrian economics were Jewish Jews whose ancestors practiced Judaism according to Jewish customs. Also Mozart was a freemason, and he borrowed a lot of money during his lifetime…in Vienna, which is Austrian

SF Chron tries to disarm Solyndra story, but the strongest claim (in a story that makes no mention of Republicans' ongoing efforts to get the White House to cough up public records) is that "the most sensational allegations - particularly those of cronyism - remain unproven, though the public documents do provide support for some of the accusations." 

Where are Film Critics Without Borders when we need them? Village Voice lays off long-running auteur theorist J. Hoberman, generating what passes for a hubbub these days in the cineaste community.