Iowa Caucuses

Ron Paul on the Eve of the Iowa Caucus


As I sit–actually in Iowa! On the ground!!–watching Sean Hannity on Fox ask every other candidate and pundit about Ron Paul's newsletters, here (in Iowa!) on the evening before the day Dr. Paul either does or doesn't make history for his libertarian ideas by winning the Iowa caucus, let's talk about Ron Paul's whistle-stop tour across the state with his son, Senator Rand Paul.

I don't think they literally rode a train–I saw no tracks near the Prime and Wine restaurant in Mason City, in whose back meeting room I caught event five-of-five of the political Pauls' busy pre-caucus day.

But they were certainly barnstorming, pounding the pavement, burning rubber, and various other metaphorical displays implying lots of strenuous effort involving travel, to rally the troops one last time to make sure they show up at their precinct to caucus! caucus!! caucus!!! for Ron Paul and liberty, starting Tuesday night at 7 p.m. Iowa time.

Driving in to the event from Des Moines, I heard on leading Iowa talk station WHO-AM a Paul campaign ad specifically hitting Romney for being a TARP and ObamaCare loving liberal. (I also heard a Rick Perry ad attacking Rick Santorum for being a big spender and a loser. Rick Perry, former lead singer of Journey, is apparently still running for president.)

In the back room of the Prime and Wine, all 50 or so chairs were full a half hour before start time. The Paul crowd eventually spilled over into the other section of the meeting room as a sliding wall was slid away to make room for them. The crowd ranged from infant to aged, and was not particularly youth-oriented, though probably at least 15 percent were under 30.

Rand Paul did the usual Rand Paul thing, leading with an anti-Washington joke involving the girl who asks God for $100 (I don't want to ruin the punchline if you don't know it) and delivering more of an emphasis on "welfare cheat" style wasting of government giveaway resources than dad ever does. Rand reminds us that the government is borrowing $2 million a minute, and talks up his dad's resolute refusal to take congressional perks or junkets, his refusal to vote for an unbalanced budget, and his big support among donating members of the military.

Ron Paul did a quick and condensed version of his usual campaign stump speech, uncomposed and unrehearsed (except in the sense he gives a version of it over and over again). Paul jumps quickly from point to point, hitting on the federal abuse of the interstate commerce clause to interfere with trade between the states rather than help keep it free and unrestricted, how we have 100 years of bad thinking about freedom and the role of government to reverse, how we foolishly divide personal and economic liberty, and how his foreign policy of peace and free trade has a sterling GOP pedigree (mentioning Eisenhower's military-industrial complex speech).

He tells us how our responsibility is to care for our people at home, not manage or save the world. He makes one of his rare references to his not-quite-open-borders, not-quite-border-wall attitude about immigration by mentioning we ignore our border while we are busily defending borders in the Middle East and Asia. He only gets ornery when mentioning the NDAA's codification of the president's ability to lock us up for any old reason he pleases. And I wondered: who needs conspiracy theories when this kind of law is passed in full public view?

My take on the expectation game as it's being played today by the campaign: Rand Paul is boldly declaring victory earlier today, though not in Mason City. Ron sounded quite optimistic in Mason City tonight though not swearing a victory–merely saying "I think we may have dramatic good news tomorrow night." A source close to the Iowa campaign tells me he's sure they won't win, though granting most of the grassroots volunteers still think he will, but who knows how the expectations are being spun and why. Paul's political director Jesse Benton in the MSNBC clip below is confident but not bragging and insists Paul could beat Obama:

Both before and after the presentation–Ron rushes right out afterward, none of the usual questions or meet-and-greet–I meet and talk to an almost perfect range of stereotypical Ron Paul fans: the teen who spends most of his time following Ron around the country and photographing him, just because he thinks Ron's cool and hanging out with Ron's fans across the land is fun; the local volunteer precinct chair for Paul, who also holds office with the local GOP, who makes sure he emphasizes the grassroots volunteers don't necessarily just do what the official campaign tries to tell them to do; the mom from Minneapolis who drove down with her daughter because she thinks only Ron Paul can save America's future (and who likes to take photos of his crowds because she insists the media constantly underestimates them; my estimate for this Mason City event was 120 or so); the proud dad of a nuclear engineer on a Navy Sub, who got a photo of the son and his submarine signed by Ron and Rand–both dad (a farmer) and son love Ron Paul; the Alex Jones fan who carries around a silver certificate to remember the time money was real; the over-50 builder of vehicles that run on vegetable oil in a rasta hat who is also a Republican Party precinct worker and manager because he loves Ron Paul; and a random handful of other earnest Iowans, almost all of whom were volunteering a lot of their time and effort for their man, serving as precinct reprentatives for Ron Paul at the caucus tomorrow, making sure someone gave a good pro-Ron speech at the caucus, and that Ron signs and stickers and swag were available for the folk.

A handful of the people I spoke to had done this same caucusing work for Ron in 2008, but swear that the overall vibe of Ron love is way, way higher now–and the polls certainly bear that out, where he's doing more than twice as well as he did in 2008. Volunteers hand out a volunteer-written suggested set of talking points for selling Ron to the caucus-goers Tuesday, including his consistency, desire to end the wars, prescience on the dangers of the housing bubble and the Federal Reserve, and plan to cut $1 trillion in year one.

One bit of bad news I heard from a frequent Iowa Ron Paul phone banker, casting shadows on the strategy of getting independents and Democrats to show up tomorrow and switch registration to Republican in order to caucus for Ron Paul, which they legally can do: he says even many Democrats who love Ron and would vote for him in a general election still refuse to have anything to do with the GOP caucus process when they are called, and say they will not do so tomorrow. Of course, he merely talked to the people he talked to, but he said that lack of willingness to switch parties for Ron this week was something he heard a lot.

Remember: the caucus is non-binding and has no necessary connection with how Iowa's delegates vote at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this summer. Here's how the Iowa caucus process works, briefly noted. And remember: lots of RP fans are quite suspicious that the vote will be gamed and faked tomorrow (although the official campaign poo-poohs such fears.)

Driving back from Mason City to Des Moines, I heard leading evangelical Iowan radio star Steve Deace try to finesse his endorsement of Newt Gingrich, by saying that while both Ron Paul and Newt had major and good Biblical beliefs–Paul on the welfare state and Newt on the rule of law–he cannot ultimately countenance Ron Paul because Paul has a Pelagian foreign policy.

Deace cannot, he says, stand a commander in chief who can actually understand why Iran might want a nuclear weapon ("I don't want my president sympathizing with the Mullahs," more or less), and that all good Christians understand that the reason you have a military is so they can kill other people before they kill you, thus answering the question: Who Would Jesus Bomb? Anyone he suspects might bomb him!

Real Clear Politics poll aggregation 10-day average has Romney up 1.3, but a Public Policy Polling of likely caucus voters from the past two days has Paul ahead by a point, though falling in overall percentage committed and finally falling below 50 percent in favorability, but still leading in strong commitment from his potential voters. (Biggest shock of that poll: Buddy Roemer at 2 percent!) Neither I, nor apparently the people of Iowa reached by phone by pollsters, are making any sure and firm predictions.

Wrap-up Ron-o-rama:

*details on his campaigns' plans to work the caucus system to their advantage in other states moving forward;

*a summation of Paul defending himself from inaccurate media charges over the past weekend;

*Yahoo! reporting on Paul's earlier Iowa appearances on Monday;

*and a profile of that most famous and numerous of Iowa voter, the still-undecided one….

…and as I've continued to watch Fox for the past hour, every single interview devolves into a dumb attack on Ron Paul, whether it be with his opponents, Donald Trump, Dick Morris, Tucker Carlson, or RNC chair Reince Priebus. Fox has spoken tonight!

Tuesday, Iowa gets to do the same. 

Buy my forthcoming book on Ron Paul, and get it in about four and a half months.


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  1. Thank God this is almost over. And I do think Ron Paul will win simply because he’s having an Obama effect on young people. Expect to see a bunch of first-time voters and independents supporting him.

    1. he’s having an Obama effect on young people.

      That’s quite an insult. Maybe the young people who support Ron Paul do so because they understand the issues, and know that Obama lied to them to get elected.


      1. Precisely. Obama was a slickly packaged empty suit onto whom you could project any position you wanted to. This is exactly the opposite of Ron Paul. RP is having an impact because he is sincere and has a track record of consistently voting his principles.

        1. …had an impact with his sincerity

      2. I wouldn’t count on the college age demographic to understand much anything other than Paul wants to end the drug war. Though certainly not true for every single individual, when I was teaching at UK, I couldn’t help but notice total apathy to virtually everything outside of where they would party on Thursday night.

        1. I don’t think so at all. Most who’ve researched him and who’ve become convinced have their apathy cured; mine certainly was in 2008. If ending the WOD caught their attention, then that’s the opening that allows the other parts of his message through.

      3. Why do you sign your name twice?

      4. No insult, I’m 20 years old and back in 2008 I knew Obama was a shifty fuck that wouldn’t keep a word of his promise. Nevertheless, he did manage to get young people excited and voting. Ron Paul has as well, only unlike Obama he’s doing so through solid ideas rather than empty rhetoric.

  2. Someone needs to explain to that Deace character that warmongering is an anti-christian pursuit, at least according to the Bible I’ve read.


    1. Yeah, who would Jesus waterboard?

      1. What was His VIOLENT CLEANSING of the Temple using a WHIP and VIOLENTLY OVERTURNING TABLES????

        What was His orders to His Disciples to BUY SWORDS for their defense?????

        What was His statement DENYING THAT HE CAME TO BRING “PEACE” and asserting that he CAME TO BRING A “SWORD”?????

        1. Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor…”

          1. yes. which you cannot do if all your money is already owned by the rich.

            1. or anybody else, for that matter. in order to be able to give you have to be able to retain what is yours.

          2. How is this anti-libertarian? Doing what you will with your own stuff, including selling it and giving the proceeds away is perfectly in line with libertarian principles.

            Notice though it doesn’t read “If you want to be perfect, go, vote for government officials who will take the wealth of others in order to support a massive bureaucracy and give the scant leftovers to the poor.”


        2. Hey Bible revisionist idiot,

          (1)There is a difference between Jesus reacting to a henious insult with emotion and drone bombing women and childern along with your expected target.

          (2)You mean like when the Romans came to take Jesus’ life on the eve of his
          crucifiction and he rebuked Peter for simply wanting to defend his savior with a sword?

          (3) So because Jesus’ PRESENCE brings a sword against him (he didn’t have one) you take that to mean he is a warmonger?

          I’ve got another misinterpretation for you from the sermon on the mount— Blessed are the warmakers…the perpetual war advocates shall inhereit the earth.


    2. Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones. ~Psalm 137:9

      The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name. ~Exodus 15:3

      1. You lack understanding. This was a fulfillment of prophecy regarding the destruction of Babylon. This is not saying that it is right what came to pass, but it was the attitude of the destroyers who overthrew Babylon. Sounds much like the warcrimes the US is involved in now. Get knowledge before you offer an opinion on my God, foolish man!

      2. That was the old Jehovah. I hear he mellowed out once he had a kid.

  3. Apparently, the Iowa GOP has announced it will be moving the final count to an “undisclosed location” because of fears that the Occupy movement will try to disrupt the process.

  4. Reality is, Ron Paul is not only anti-American but anti-Semitic and anti-humanity. His core followers also tend to be the most vile of individuals and conspiracy theorists including such radical and fanatics as the Naz i Stormfronters, the 9/11 truthers, the Islamic terrorists and their supporters, the Libertarian advocates of child molestation and hard drug legalization, and other enemies of western civilization. I personally hope he wins Iowa so the media finally starts to focus on his fringe and wacky conspiracies, positions, and fanatical ideas and beliefs.

    1. Hannity is employed by Clear Channel Communications which is owned by Bain capitol(Romneys company) shared with Thomas H. Lee Partners. They have 100 Fox Station under Contract..Fox+Bain own 1/2 the Media. Both buyout leverage co.s(combined 100 bill assets) We remember Refco? How about MF Global?
      Thomas H. Lee Partners ownes MF global. Remember the hard drives removed from Romneys Governotorial computers?
      People better come to understanding that the Dec 14th meeting in New York this year with the Primary dealers JPMorgan, Blackrock ect was when Romney got final approval from the Federal Reserve for the Presidency. Wall Street is going to get a pass on ever being held responsible for it’s action, past present or future. Like Greece or Italy and other countrys Bankers now directly run the Govt. There is no Democracy in a Banker run social order. Leverage is what got the world to where it is at, and The Federal Reserve will blow out the dollar to help the Banks all over the World.
      And Romney will be saying ‘everything is fine’ as our ship goes down. Sad thing is his greed and hunger for power will not allow him to see, he is just another Jon S. Corzine, another ex Govenor, ‘Ex Banker-Private equity’
      who will be taken to the woodshed by the Bankers. Like Obama or Corizone, Romney thinks you can swim the Sharks. America is about to sleep with the fishes

      1. Thomas H. Lee Partners ownes MF global

        yea, verily – they doth conspire greatly.

        sigh. the retard needeth meds methinks.

        1. Email


          Prelude to a Collapse: MF Global Before Jon Corzine

          By Tim Beyers | More Articles
          December 16, 2011 | Comments (1)

          Jon S. Corzine may have led futures brokerage MF Global (OTC: MFGLQ) into bankruptcy on Oct. 31, but anyone looking would have seen signs of trouble three and a half years earlier.

          On Feb. 27, 2008, a registered trader named Evan Dooley made a bad bet on wheat futures, forcing the firm to cover $141.5 million in losses. News of the scandal would break the next morning, leading investors to sell in a panic.

          As shares of MF Global fell 27%, Fitch Ratings put the firm on negative watch, citing fear of cracks in its risk management system. Two and a half weeks later, on March 17, rumors of a liquidity crisis hammered the stock to what was then an all-time low of $3.64 a share. MF Global closed the day’s trading off 65%.

          For a firm dependent on investor confidence in order to raise capital, MF Global had seen half its equity wiped out in a few short hours.

          In May, with its stock price still lagging, a debt-burdened MF Global agreed to what might be best described as a bailout investment from the private equity firm J.C. Flowers & Co. In exchange for pledging up to $300 million in capital, JCF would get the right to place up to two board members and would also receive discounted convertible shares yielding 10.725%. A JPMorgan Chase analyst called the terms “onerous,” yet the deal paid off: Flowers’ investment had restored confidence in MF Global.

          Piecing together a powerhouse
          That a rescue of this sort would ever be needed seemed unthinkable just months before. On July 18, 2007, MF Global raised $2.9 billion in a public offering. It was less than parent Man Group of the U.K. had hoped for, but still the second-largest New York Stock Exchange debut of 2007.

          Kevin Davis, then CEO, had reason to crow. So did Chief Financial Officer Amy Butte. The pair appeared on CNBC the day of the offering to celebrate the firm’s prospects minutes before making the honorary first trade of the day. For Butte, in particular, it was a special moment: She’d helped NYSE Euronext (NYSE: NYX ) go public two years earlier via the exchange’s acquisition of publicly traded Archipelago Holdings. MF Global’s IPO hailed her return.

          Davis, meanwhile, played the role of conquering hero. A British import with a $1 million annual salary, he’d started in interest rate futures at what was then ED&F Man in 1991, rising to CEO of Man Group’s brokerage unit eight years later. Over the next several years he’d expand Man’s interests in futures, options, and derivatives brokering, including overseeing the two largest acquisitions in Man Financial’s history: GNI in 2002 and Refco in 2005. The resulting patchwork came public as MF Global.

          Volume soared as a result of Davis’ empire-building. MF Global brokered 1.5 billion exchange-traded futures and options contracts in the 2007 fiscal year ending that March, up 49% from the year prior and more than double 2004 levels.

          Futures contracts specify a price and terms for buying or selling currency, stocks, or raw materials. For example, commodities futures allow farmers to lock in prices for corn, cattle, pork bellies, soybeans, and the like to be delivered to a buyer at a later date. Those who remember the 1983 comedy Trading Places starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd might recall the pair betting on frozen concentrated orange juice futures, which really have traded on New York exchanges since 1967.

          At MF Global, higher contract volume meant more revenue and profit. The company’s pre-tax earnings had more than tripled in the year leading up to its public offering. Operating margins expanded from 3.9% to 8.1% over the same period, good for the industry in which MF Global operated but far below what Corzine — then governor of New Jersey — was used to as a former investment banker.

          It didn’t matter at the time. Treasuries were still yielding well, supplying MF Global with ample interest income. What’s more, a newfound interest in and access to electronic exchanges — including Butte’s target at the NYSE, Archipelago — had Davis convinced that industrywide volume would continue rising more than 20% annually.

          “I think we’re going to see a lot of new retail [futures] products, spread products, binary products … different ways to trade the same markets, but in a more exciting way,” Davis told CNBC at the time.

          A wintry reception for a summer IPO
          Yet few believed. As Butte and Davis rushed from the floor to participate in NYSE pomp and circumstance, investors were busy selling shares. MF Global closed off 10% on its first day of trading.

          Most accounts express little surprise at the market’s reaction. Man Financial had hoped to spin off its futures brokerage at $36 to $39 a share, only to be forced to cut its target to $30 a share as markets reacted to a worsening credit crisis that only a month earlier had forced Bear Stearns to stop redemptions of hedge funds invested in troubled subprime mortgage debt.

          Blackstone Group (NYSE: BX ) could have also played a role. The hedge fund manager debuted at $31 a share in a $4.1 billion offering in late June only to see its stock fall more than 30% by the time of MF Global’s IPO. Davis’ uber-brokerage was entering a chilly market that was slowly freezing.

          But if timing was a factor, the structure of the spinoff may have been even more important. Months before coming public, MF Global took out a 364-day $1.4 billion bridge loan, in part to repay debts owed to the parent company it hadn’t yet separated from.

          According to the prospectus, Davis and his team planned to refinance the debt but found little traction with investors. So, as the calendar turned to 2008, management instead agreed to pay higher interest rates on $1 billion of existing debt while pushing back the deadline for repayment. MF Global had become a deadbeat.

          Investors and analysts had good reasons to be nervous. Regardless, the sell-off in MF Global shares convinced our own Motley Fool Global Gains service to recommend the stock in September 2007, at $26.17 a share.

          Refco rises
          That December, Refco, which Man Financial acquired in a bankruptcy auction coming just two months after its summer 2005 IPO — beating out, among others, J.C. Flowers & Co. — was back in the headlines. Former Executive Vice President Santo Maggio had pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud, two counts of securities fraud, and one count of wire fraud.

          The plea implicated former Refco chief executive Philip Bennett and would set in motion additional pleas and convictions in the months and years following. Today, at least three former Refco executives and associates are either already in or on their way to prison. Bennett is serving a 16-year term for his involvement in a scheme to hide $430 million in bad debt.

          In 2008, investors either didn’t know or didn’t care that Refco had become a part of MF Global. Yet they should have. Assets attributed to the deal accounted for 11.3% of fiscal 2007 revenue. Hundreds of employees had come over in the deal, including senior executives Steve Grady and Dennis Klejna.

          Both were named in a May 2010 federal consent order relating to the Refco fraud. Grady forfeited $1 million and Klejna $1.25 million in proceeds authorities allege were fraudulently obtained through a 2004 leveraged buyout of Refco by Thomas H. Lee Partners.

          Prelude to a Collapse: MF Global Before Jon Corzine

          1. man you type fast

            1. or cut and paste.

      2. …through a barb wire fence.

    2. I’m not vile. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m not anything like what you just described. And the RP supporters that I know aren’t either. There are some out there. But I don’t think it’s fair to make such a blanket assumption based on limited experience. Isn’t that what racism is? And every other kind of ism?

      1. Come on, you’re in favor of child molestation. Admit it.

    3. It is so amusing that someone with almost no knowledge with research has so much to say. The US funded virually every form of tyrannical government in the US, including Nazi Germany and created the Islamic extremists. You make it sound as if conspiracy isn’t a real word. If you are not getting paid by the establishment, you should ask to be added to the payroll because you’re doing a great job!

    4. Who’s reality? The Israelis-firster mainstream shill, perpetual war police state advocate Sassan moron? Pease vote for Paul so your crony capitolist mainstream media friends will get even more desperate to smear him. Not only is it not working but it is fueling support for him from liberals that seek peace and reconciliation.

  5. I urge people to watch this short video clip with Ron Paul answering a question on “why won’t he come out on the truth about 9/11”. It is astonishing and it makes a rational observer conclude that Ron Paul indeed is a truther. Watch for yourselves:

    1. Sassan Darian is an idiot. You have linked to a question as to why Ron Paul doesn’t want to waste time discussion ‘trutherism’ NOT that he supports it. He has been accused of being a truther and it is apparently too complicated for you to understand that saying that Arabs might get upset at having American troops stationed all over the ME is NOT the same as saying 9-11 was an inside job. Idiot!

      1. Calling people idiots does NOTHING to help the cause of liberty. Why can’t people understand this? We want to help people see the truth through reason and respect- alienating them through insults does nothing to help America.

      2. But there is just no way that peoples from around the globe could be upset that our military would be in their countries. I mean, we’re spreading fucking democracy. I know that it’s in the form of night raids that terrorize their families and drone bombings that their kill children, but still. Fucking. Democracy.

        1. Exactly. If the Chinese had military bases in the U.S., and there were foreign troops patrolling our streets to protect their countries from American terrorists, I’m sure we would all be fine with that.

    2. Leon please go back to your cesspool at Redstate

  6. FROM: MR. BIG

    You should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing Ron Paul’s message to reach so many voters already. Don’t you realize that if his message keeps spreading we could lose our ability to control elections and the government forever?

    You created the surges for the wrong establishment candidates (Perry & Cain), and those too soon (Bachmann, Gingrich), or too late (Santorum). Now you could be left with just flip flopping Romney and Santorum. Possibly we could create a surge for Huntsman but it’s getting a little late for this.

    You failed to consistently keep to the strategy of ignoring Ron Paul starting with too much face time during the last two debates. And then you didn’t bash him hard and consistently enough when he broke out of our containment policy, although you did a fairly good job of ignoring him last night (such as Erin Burnett & Anderson Cooper).

    You better get with the program now before the people get wise and Ron Paul explodes on a national basis. Thus if Ron Paul does not win Iowa, focus in big time on the ones who finish before him and tell the people that this can be the stepping stone to their nomination. You can also focus in on those who finish behind Ron Paul as possibly surging. Most importantly, declare Ron Paul as being completely finished constantly.

    Win or lose give Ron Paul minimum face time and coverage. In the worst case, if he wins, tell the people that it’s his fifteen minutes of fame, that the victory is meaningless, that Iowans don’t represent the country, etc.

    Take a lesson from Bill O’Reilly who disqualified Ron Paul’s victory in a poll taken on his show. Say that it was a conspiracy because supporters of Ron Paul agreed to vote for their candidate at the same time in the same state before the event. I don’t care what you do or say but this time you have to be effective in minimizing the importance of the victory, as the situation is getting dangerous. He was scoring low in Iowa but somehow he grew from there rapidly, and this disease can rapidly spread in other states as well.

    If, sadly, he wins, during his victory speech you can go to a commercial break, create technical problems, or find a breaking story to take the cameras off Ron Paul. I don’t care how bad it looks. I don’t want the American people to see Ron Paul give a full victory speech, or anything close to this. We don’t want the people who have not heard him speak, read his books, or seen his videos to hear his message. The less the people know about him the better for us.

    Whatever you come up with let’s not all use the same excuse so it’s not too obvious. Coordinate and work together on this, as you have done so well on occasions when ignoring or bashing him in the past.

    Also I want to see a return to more repetitive slogans when mentioning Ron Paul ? perhaps adding “radical” to “fringe,” and “unelectable.” If we can do such a good job of selling wars with our slogans, we should be able to destroy a candidate with ease.

    Thus I want to see a bang up job this time on behalf of preserving the welfare/warfare state, which has given us a comfortable life. What I don’t want to see is any soft spots for journalistic integrity or patriotism. Those days are gone. Remember, we are a business with important relationships to preserve and we must win, because it’s either us or them.

  7. Hannity is employed by Clear Channel Communications which is owned by Bain capitol(Romneys company) shared with Thomas H. Lee Partners. Both buyout leverage co.s(combined 100 bill assets) We remember Refco? How about MF Global?
    Thomas H. Lee Partners ownes MF global. Remember the hard drives removed from Romneys Governotorial computers?
    People better come to understanding that the Dec 14th meeting in New York this year with the Primary dealers JPMorgan, Blackrock ect was when Romney got final approval from the Federal Reserve for the Presidency. Wall Stret is going to get a pass on ever being held responsible for it’s action, past present or future. Like Greece or Italy and other countrys Bankers now directly run the Govt. There is no Democracy in a Banker run social order. Leverage is what got the world to where it is at, and The Federal Reserve will blow out the dollar to help the Banks all over the World.
    And Romney will be saying ‘everything is fine’ as our ship goes down. Sad thing is his greed and hunger for power will not allow him to see, he is just another Jon S. Corzine, another ex Govenor, ‘Ex Banker-Private equity’
    who will be taken to the woodshed by the Bankers. Like Obama or Corizone, Romney thinks you can swim the Sharks. America is about to sleep with the fishes.

    1. are you sure? really? oh fuck, man, fishes??


  8. I’ve been considering what the best results would be for Paul. I’m thinking winning with a surprisingly large percentage, like 35-40%, with Santorum in a distant second and Romney third, would be the only combination of results that would make him the story. Anything else, and the media focus will be either on Romney or Santorum outperforming expectations.

    A huge victory in Iowa might be enough for Paul to eke out a victory in New Hampshire, say, 30% to Romney’s 29%. Then things would get really interesting.

    Finishing first in Iowa and second in New Hampshire would definitely be enough to keep him going, but bad results in South Carolina and Florida through the rest of the month will make it tough to look like a legit contender. A lot of it depends on who drops out and when.

    My prediction on that: Bachmann drops out tonight or tomorrow.

    1. You’re kidding yourself. There’s no margin of victory that will turn Paul into the story. If anything, a huge Paul victory will drive the story that the Iowa Caucus is no “irrelevant”.

    2. I’m not sold on him doing poorly in FL. North Florida is TP central, and Paul has exposure EVERYWHERE. Billboards. Yard signs. Radio commercials. He’s there and in force.

      I can’t speak for the rest of the state, but in North Florida, Paul has a following and very good exposure.

      1. old people…just hint that Paul might undo medicare/social security and they’ll flee to the medicare/SS forever candidate.

    3. Paul will be lucky to break 30% in Iowa, but if he wins, he’ll perform better in New Hampshire (maybe 25%) and if he pulls 3rd in South Carolina, he should be able to stay in the race long enough to make a difference in the convention.

      Sadly, I don’t see him winning the nomination. Republicans are way too scared of brown people to get behind him.

    4. And I am not convinced that Paul will not do very well in South Carolina. SC has a strong Tea Party contingent, many who truly distrust any semblance of consistency in Romney, many who find Santorum too milquetoasty, and a surprisingly strong penchant for Federalism. Keep in mind that when Paul makes ‘controversial’ statements such as those on the drug war, or abortion rights, it takes little analysis to recognize that he is in favor of these issues being handled at the State level. This is pure Federalism and something South Carolinians can identify with. Keep in mind also that Jack Hunter, the former “Southern Avenger” is a South Carolinian who formerly did very popular radio commentaries supporting and explaining Paul’s positions and policies for years. No, I suspect Paul will do much better in SC than many in the media (and political elites) seem to think.

    5. The most recent polls in South Carolina and Florida show him in a very distant third behind Romney and Gingrich. Of course, if Gingrich continues imploding, Paul has a shot at becoming the primary not-Romney candidate. The proportional delegates thing could help Paul even if he doesn’t win either SC or FL.

      The big bonus is the four caucuses in early February, where Paul could get a huge boost by sweeping them.

  9. Unfortunately, so many people never listen to what Paul says for himself, rather they go by what they hear from others or rumors.

    It’s funny, Instapundit, who is pretty much a libertarian on most things and constantly links to reason, also constantly links to Paul hit pieces. And for the PJmedia which he helps run (I think), you have stories saying Paul is racist, loves the mullahs, is a 9/11 Truther, is really for big government somehow because he doesn’t want to immediately dissolve social security, etc.

    And yet, you’d think that would exactly be the audience that would support Paul. He wants smaller federal government, that’s what they say they want.

    Same goes for Red Eye on Fox. Greg and Andy constantly bad mouth Ron Paul, despite both of them being Libertarians basically…

    1. Unfortunately, so many people never listen to what Paul says for himself, rather they go by what they hear from others or rumors.

      The former would require rubbing two brain cells together. It’s so much easier when the masses tell me what to think.

    2. And for the PJmedia which he helps run (I think), you have stories saying Paul is racist, loves the mullahs, is a 9/11 Truther,. . . .

      One of the more prolific posters there is a complete Perry fanboy hack.

      Yeah, Instapundit is libertarian-leaning in a lot of ways, but completely buys into the sky-is-falling-if-Paul-wins establishment Republican line.

  10. SANTORUM 2012!!

  11. I think we will be so much more effective with spreading Dr. Paul’s message if we can speak respectfully to other people. We need candor but we need to stick to issues and not insult one another.

    1. You must be new here…

    2. You do realize this is the internet?

    3. The only thing preventing this place from becoming a 4/*chan/futaba-board is the ability to post pics. So until then, we have to make do flinging verbal poo.

  12. I can not bring myself to watch Fox any longer. They don’t even pretend to be journalists. Their sole agenda at this point seems to be to discredit Ron Paul. You would think there would be some limit to just how corrupt they can get away with being. I guess not. I tell you what, it really makes me long for a Guy Fawkes.

    1. It’s amazing how not conservative Fox is when it comes to real issues.

  13. Well, when you consider that they are ALL corrupt as the day is long, what difference does it make??

    1. I like the hegde-art spam much better. And why the url for this damn VPN service keep changing?

  14. Jesse Benton seems like a pro. Go Ron Paul!

  15. IOWA knock the corrupt Establishment off their pedestal

  16. is ron paul nothing more than a “good protest vote”?

    1. No, he’s nothing more than a racist bag of shit with oversized suits and fake eyebrows.

  17. Does Ron own the RON JON Surf Shoppes

  18. Ron is either Tanned by surfing from his RON JON Shoppes or Ron is Brown from Age?

  19. Precisely. Obama was a slickly…..-3_16.html packaged empty suit onto whom you could project any position you wanted to. This is exactly the opposite of Ron Paul. RP is having an impact because he is sincere and has a track record of consistently voting his principles

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