Occupy Movement Attempting Oakland Port Shutdown


From the San Francisco Chronicle, reporting only 200 active protesters marching on the Port of Oakland:

Organizers have pledged to march to the port and shutdown the terminal, one of the busiest on the West Coast. Some unions, including the one representing Oakland teachers, are supporting the day-long strike while others, like the longshoremen's union, say shutting down the port will harm hard-working stevedores and truck drivers.

Carrying signs saying "Shutdown Wall St. on the Waterfront" about 200 protesters marched the three blocks from the West Oakland BART Stationto the port entrances before sunrise today.

Protesters stopped when a line of Alameda County sheriff's deputies moved in front of entrance to the Hanjin cargo terminal on Middle Harbor Road. Officers stared stoically as demonstrators marched in a circle in front of the police line….

Demonstrators are trying to close ports up and down the West Coast.

You can watch the goings-on live on Ustream.

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