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Reason.tv: Pot Prevails! Rob Kampia Discusses Marijuana's Recent Political Triumphs


Medical marijuana is now legal in 16 states plus the District of Columbia, according to Rob Kampia, co-founder and executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project.

Kampia speaks to Reason.tv's Nick Gillespie, and says that advocates for legalizing marijuana have recently seen the best run of victories, ever. He explains why he thinks marijuana has moved to the back burner of political issues, and why this might cost President Obama come November of next year.

Held each July in Las Vegas, FreedomFest is attended by roughly 2,000 libertarians and advocates of limited government. Reason.tv spoke with over two dozen speakers and attendees, and will be releasing interviews over the coming weeks. For an ever-growing playlist, go here now.

About 5 minutes. Shot by Zach Weissmueller and Jim Epstein, and edited by Tracy Oppenheimer.

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  1. Those 16 states won’t be laughing when the earth opens up and swallows them. Or no one goes to work because they’re too stoned to move. Or black men will get high and rape white women and girls.

  2. Nice screencap for the subject.

    1. They must do this on purpose, I swear half of them on this site are goofy as hell.

      1. I’m telling you, every cap of Nick looks like he’s getting oral (and REALLY enjoying it).

    2. Kampia naturally looks like he’s stoned ALL THE TIME.

  3. Alas, the Michigan Attorney General is doing his best to subvert Michigan’s equivalent law. From today’s Free Press:

    1. “It is ‘impossible’ for state law enforcement officers to comply with their state law duty not to forfeit medical marijuana, and their federal law duty not to distribute or aid in the distribution of marijuana,” Schuette’s opinion said.

      I must be missing something since I didn’t read the whole thing but, what about their state’s right to not SEIZE the shit in the first place. Then they won’t have to worry about distributing or aiding in distrubution. Effin doublespeak to me.

      1. um, what FEDERAL LAW DUTY do such officers have?

        i have no such duties.

        i think schuette is full of shit

        1. I think he’s referring to the duty of every citizen to not break federal law.

          1. i’m just saying that local/state LEO’s have no “federal duty”. it sounds like he;s implying they do

            we won’t over this at some DEA class i took. one of the SAC’s was encouraging the LEO’s to turn good cases over to them, and it was made pretty clear to them that where WA law and federal law conflicted, we were going to stick with WA law kthxbai

  4. awesome freeze frame of Nick, I think he’s found a new Bio photo. Is it too late to change the book jacket picture on ‘Declaration’ as well?

  5. Legalization for general use will be more difficult, and may never happen, thanks to the new mm lobby. I want to be able to grow that shit in my back yard dirt cheap and not have to try to convince my gp to give me a prescription to have someone dispense it to me at 100x the $ it takes to grow it. The mm lobby will ensure prices stay “high”. what a farce.

    1. yea, and we never elect a black president and medical mj will never happen and DADT will never end and…

      this is kind of typical of reasonoid mentality.

      a blog entry about shit being (allegedly) bad whether it be alleged police misconduct, fucked up law, or whatever… gets tons of posts

      an entry like this about TRIUMPHS for freedom, barely gets any entries and some of them are still negative nancy crap

      pretty typical

      1. “alleged” police misconduct? right, Kelly Thomas allegedly died from the beating he took from the pigs. sorry my mistake.

        1. yes, alleged. kelly thomas turned out to be bona fide police brutality, and the prosecutors office is doing the right thing. many other cases, once the facts are out turn out to be anything but…

          but again, this is the perfect example of the ‘reason syndrome here’

          great things are happening. good stuff happens too. and a thread that celebrates an EXPANSION of freedom is largely ignored.

          being a libertarian doesn’t have to mean only whinging about the bad, and not celebrating the good.

          it infects the mind, the constant negativity and it causes distortion in one’s ability to see REALITY when you only concentrate on the negative

          at least reason.com can discuss both the good and the bad, even if the blog posts on a positive article get 20 posts as opposed to 100+ in a negative article.

          it’s just an excellent example of the distortions present

        2. the kelly thomas case is being charged because it apparently WAs police misconduct, in fact criminal misconduct. many other cases, not so much

          regardless, this set of blog entries is making my point

          20 entries when the negative stuff gets 100 in no time

          there are good things happening. but the average reasonoid ignores them and only wants to decry how awful things are

          it distorts perspective and REASONing ability when you only concentrate on the negative.

          hey, as a cop – people don’t call me to their house when things are going well, they call when daddy punched mommy

          but i know that in 999/1000 households, daddy isn’t punching mommy.

          at least the website is printing SOME of this positive stuff, even if the ignorati choose to ignore it and lack “the vision ” thing.

    2. Right. Those dastardly medical MJ people will pass a law saying you can’t grow marijuana in your back yard just to protect their profits.

      1. it those evul corporashuns man. they are just trying to keep a brother down!

  6. …prices stay “high”, and illegal for mature fucking adults. wtf

  7. Things not looking so good here in LA. California attorneys got religion big time.

  8. And by religion I am referring to no deity at all, you understand.

  9. The very root of your writing whilst sounding reasonable in the beginning, did not really settle perfectly with me after some time. Somewhere throughout the paragraphs you actually managed to make me a believer unfortunately only for a very short while. I still have a problem with your jumps in logic and you would do well to fill in all those gaps. In the event that you can accomplish that, I could certainly end up being fascinated.

  10. there are good things happening. but the average reasonoid ignores them and only wants to decry how awful things are

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