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Reason Morning Links: Federal Court Declares Janet Jackson's Wardrobe Malfunction a "Fleeting Obscenity," Obama Considered Bailing Out Solyndra, New Study Finds Not All College Kids Drink Themselves to Death


  • Ars Technica on Janet Jackson's notorious Nipple Bowl super slip: "A federal appeals court has ruled that the FCC acted improperly when it imposed a half-million dollar fine on CBS for broadcasting an image of Janet Jackson's exposed nipple for a fraction of a second during the 2004 Super Bowl. The court ruled that the broadcast was legal under the FCC's then-current policy of allowing 'fleeting' indecency on the airwaves, and that it was unfair of the FCC to change the policy retroactively."
  • WaPo advances the Solyndra saga: "Days before a solar panel maker collapsed, the Obama administration considered a bailout that would have provided an infusion of cash and made the federal government a part-owner of the company."
  • The most wanted man in Mexico made Forbes' "most powerful" list; the most (nominally) powerful man in Mexico did not.
  • Police are investigating the Texas monster family court judge who was caught on tape whipping his daughter for using the Internet.  
  • Police and Oakland Occupiers clashed last night. 
  • College kids: Not all of them are drinking themselves to death! 

New at Reason.tv: "Will the Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment Sink Obamacare?"

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  1. Look at me. I hacked into Reason and got an early start on the Morning Links.

    1. Why FoE, whatever are you doing here?
      Good Morning Links!

    2. What time will the little people get to see this?

      1. Staffer gave Perry a DRE? Unless consent was given, there’s ya some real sexual harassment!

        1. I think I’ll pass on the video.

          1. Can read the text version without starting the must-see video.

        2. No doctor was mentioned.

      2. Perry was not unresponsive.

  2. PORTLAND, Texas (AP) – Police launched an investigation Wednesday into a Texas family law judge whose daughter posted a YouTube video of him savagely beating her with a belt during a tirade several years ago when she was a teenager.

    As a result of the investigation, the teenager has been arrested for violating wiretapping laws.

    1. She was on national television this AM.

      1. “Get my belt. The big one.” If I were Hillary Adams I suspect the debate would be whether or not I should be able to claim self-defense in spite of getting the ax. The big one.

        One measure of a man is how he treats those over whom he has power.

    2. The judge’s response (honestly) was “It’s not what it looks like.”

      More info:
      She was, apparently, being beaten for pirating music and movies. Reddit informs me that she has also posted recordings of herself playing videogame scores on piano.
      I think that the Internet will rally to her defense pretty quickly.

      1. Did the beatings cure her of music piracy?

        1. He should have made her walk the plank.

          1. Only if she screams like a pirate first.

      2. Why didn’t we think of this!

    3. If this had been an average teenage boy, a whooping with a belt would have been considered par for the course.

      Though for pirating music, really? Usually I got my whoopings for less esoteric reasons.

      1. I urge you to watch the video.

        And then remember the shitbags that came here to defend his actions:

        ohplease (heavy_piper@yahoo.com)
        OhioOrrin (under 02)

        1. no i didnt. as a single parent, i cannot condone this belt whipping. >parents should ONLY use their open hand to spank

          1. o2|11.2.11 @ 3:50PM|#|show direct|ignore
            Looks like a pretty standard corporal punishment, sure.

            of course it does 2 u, libtoidz love using force on ppl

            o2|11.2.11 @ 6:58PM|#|show direct|ignore
            the vid makz shim look WINGNUTZ

            Hez probably libertarian

            I guess you are going to lie and say someone was spoofing you. Go on, tell another in a near infinite series of lies.

            1. nope – that was my spoofer sarcasmic or old mex. again, open hand to spank only. thanks for playing tho

              1. ^ spoofareah

                teh rael o2 suportz belt whippinz like daddy alwayz gave me!

                1. ^ck this spoofer sugerfree. exactly as i described.

            2. Neither of those are defending him.

              The “Looks like a pretty standard corporal punishment, sure.” part was quoting Warty, who I presume was being sarcastic.

              1. That was him being too stupid to understand that I was being sarcastic. I was amazed that even Orrin, who I’m sure has velcro shoes, could be that retarded.

              2. If he’s comparing us to a corrupt, abusive judge, then he is either defending the judge or exploiting the girl’s beating to troll the board.

                Either way, he’s a piece of shit.

                1. wrong again. i do not condone child abuse.

                  1. i like to play “wherez mr happy” wit little kidz. not hit them

                    1. ^^^ spoofer

                      besides the kids know right well wherez mr happy when i’m around, becuz he’s in there buttyholes

        2. Judging from that thread, you really should not mess with Texas.

      2. The man was disciplining his daughter for stealing the private property of others. Is Reason turning into the Social Workers’ Daily all of a sudden?

        1. So, an effective punishment for stealing private property could be to cut off a hand? Anything short of death perhaps?

        2. Add Vanneman to the piece of shit list above.


        3. Take away her computer. Or put it in a place she can only access it with everyone seeing what she’s doing.

          Pain might get a child’s attention, but it can make him hate you before it stops him from doing something that he really wants to do. Remember, you are driving him toward being more clever, not necessarily smarter or more compliant. Once you have lost the child’s goodwill you have lost any control over which way that goes.

    4. No one seems to mention that the mother was also involved.

      1. Read yesterday’s thread. You’ll find one or two comments on that subject.

    5. For some really head-exploding defense of the judge’s beating and cursing out his daughter, go see Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze” page and read the comments under the video. Several people object to anyone objecting to what the judge did – and cite the Bible as making the parents the absolute judge of what is correct in disciplining the children.

      One waste of flesh says that the daughter was caught stealing and lying and therefore she should be beaten.


      In the immortal words of Keanu Reeves: “you need a license to buy a dog, to drive a car – hell, you even need a license to catch a fish. But they’ll let any butt-reaming asshole be a father.”

  3. The confrontation began after protesters started a large bonfire in the middle of a downtown street. Dozens of police in riot gear moved in on hundreds of protesters as the flames leapt more than 15 feet in the air from several large metal and plastic trash bins that had been pushed together.

    Fifteen feet. Someone had a tape measure? And hobos get away with that shit all the time. The hippies probably smell about the same. They should have been drinking fortified wine, maybe the could have gotten away with it.

    1. My crystal ball says the Reason editors will show nothing but police violence and fail to mention the bottles and rocks thrown.

      1. Just exercising their right to burn and pillage. I forget which Amendment.

        1. It’s between the Rape and Theft Amendments. Government knows them well, since they are written in invisible ink.

          1. What about the Freedom to Gambol Amendment?

            1. It’s truth is considered to be self-evident. No assembly required. For ages 12 & up.

          2. Wow! I’m gonna rape and theft all day now that I know it’s kosher!

            1. Remember it’s only kosher if it’s the front half!

              1. How do I cut the front half off rape and theft?

    2. middle of a downtown street.

      You must have some pretty ambitious hobos in your hometown, FoE.

      1. In the movies they make fires in trash cans while sharing the communal hooch and singing soulful songs. Maybe FoE lives there?

        1. he lives in a movie?

          1. Little known fact which I may have made up: The hobo is so named because, for the most part, he was a Russian immigrant hopping train cars. He would often be carrying his native language newspaper. The Russian word for news is novosty. In cyrillic, the word looks something like HOBOCTU.

            You’re welcome.

            1. Little known fact which I may have made up

              The Funnest kind of Fact.

              1. Cliff Clavin, ladies and gentlemen! Give him a round of applause and a beer!

            2. I was taught “hobo,” a man who travels looking for work, comes from “Ho, boy!,” a call for him to come work.

            3. The Littlest Hobo

              1. I stick with “urban outdoorsman”. Makes ’em sound lofty.

      2. I live in glorious rural PA. We’re all hobos here and we all burn stuff in barrels. You cityslickers are all uptight with your fire codes and designated roadways and whatnot.

        1. glorious rural PA

          So Suki was right: you do live in the movies!

          1. which explains why FoE doesnt know the diff bet almost-extinct hippies & current hipsters.

            1. Apparently, neither do you.

              1. having been to zucotti, the diff bet 5 or 6 old hippies & the hundreds of hipsters is evident. >course in rural PA, there may be moar hippies than NYC

                1. having been to zucotti

                  Did your wife, Morgan Fairchild, accompany you?

            2. Hippies aren’t extinct, they just moved to Ann Arbor.

              1. Ann Arbor is a whore.


                1. I-O !

                  i know the enitre michigan fight song…in vulgar profanity acourse.

                  v1 –
                  Hail to those motherfuc…ers
                  Hail to those big cocksuc…ers
                  Hail Hail michigan
                  the cesspool of the world !

    3. It’s time to send these spoiled losers back home to mommy and daddy. This has been going on for two months now, and it’s starting to spin out of control, as it inevitably would. Enough is enough.

      1. I wonder if they’ll go home for christmas break?

        1. Thanksgiving is only three weeks away. You know these brats don’t want to miss their stuffed turkey.

          1. so go to the OWS general assembly & explain to the “spoiled losers” mike’s timetable.>im going back to zucotti 11/12 so please wait until then.

            1. Wait, are you really participating in these protests?

              I might have to start cheering for the police!

              1. im another interested by-stander at this point.

                1. Last week I found out somebody was giving away free Bottoms Up Pizza at the Kanawha Park Occupiers’ camp. I went, got two slices (enough for any one person) and went home.

                  When I went the next day I wasn’t welcome at all. Turns out the Richmond Virginia Occupiers believe in property after all.

              2. “Wait, are you really participating in these protests?”

                Just look for the sign that says:


          2. God help the families who have to listen to their sanctimonious bullshit while trying to relax and enjoy one of the most peaceful holidays we have in the U.S.

            1. That’s why Walter Camp invented American football.

              1. You can have a perfectly wonderful Thanksgiving without that abomination.

                Punkin’ Chunkin’ FTW.

      2. Aruba, LIT, Aruba. Would be interesting to get pre-break and post-break photos of the protesters and see who has mysteriously developed a tan in the middle of winter.

        1. Aruba would be an excellent destination, Tonio, for these holier-than-thou miscreants. Think of how many wouldn’t make it back!

          1. They can’t all be killed by that dutch boy…

            1. Oh ye of little faith…

            2. One can hope …

    4. All you need is a sextant and a understanding of basic geometry. You have obviously never been trained in the journalistic arts.

      1. SF, since when are the journalistic artists familiar with tools of math destruction (or math, for that matter)?

        FoE is right, the only thing a journalist needs is an ass to pull the answers from.

      2. The art of taking the police report and regurgitating it as fact.

      3. “Let’s buy a sextant then,” suggested Fraa Jad.

        “Those have not been made in four thousand years,” I told him.

        “Let’s build one then.”

        “I have no idea of all the parts and whatnot that go into a sextant.”

        He found this amusing. “Neither do I. I was assuming we would design it from first principles.”

    5. If you know that the streetlights in your city are 15 feet tall you have a handy benchmark for estimating how high/tall things are.

      Not that I think most journalists are that smart, but it is possible to have a fixed point of reference at 15 feet and say “Hmm, those flames are higher.”

      1. Our city doesn’t have streetlights because we care about the environment. And also we keep shooting them out so what’s the point.

        1. frankly, aren’t streetlights a holdover from before vehicles had reliable/longrunning lights of their own?

          1. spoken like a suburbanite. cities have pedestrians.

            1. spoken like a suburbanite. cities have pedestrians.

              Not to dignify the troll with a response, but:

              1. the cars can see the pedestrians in with their onboard lights

              2. the pedestrians can see the cars because of the same onboard lights.

              or are these pedestrians incapable of keeping to the sidewalks without comprehensive lighting coverage?

              1. There’s that whole “see other pedestrians and obstacles on the sidewalk” thing they need to do too, though. Even when a car with headlights isn’t driving by.

              2. 3. business owners want the lighting since their businesses are along the sidewalks vs having to drive to another suburban sprawl-mall

              3. Many suburbs do not have sidewalks, city slicker.

          2. Cityslickers with their two working headlights. Go back to Sin Francrisco, fancy wheels.

  4. Officials rejected the [bailout] plan, which was recommended in August by the investment banking firm Lazard Ltd. Lazard was paid $1 million for analyzing options related to the faltering company, Solyndra Inc.

    Discussion at Lazard:

    “These dicks are paying us a million dollars. We have to tell them something.”

    “I don’t know, the assholes seem to get off on bailouts. Let’s suggest they take over Solyndra. They probably love paying people to tell them what they want to hear.”

    1. If the cause is unicorn farts for energy, then Obama can spend as much as he wants from his stash.

  5. Janet Jackson to the FCC: “I did not bare myself deliberately, but I tell you, I wish now that I had! Because it is not me that has been exposed, but you! For I have seen the nipple on your soul!”

    1. And I bet it’s an inny.

    1. SugarFree LOOMS.

      1. Call it an homage if you like, but it was on purpose. I don’t believe in bringing outside links to Morning Links, and won’t do it.

        And it was also a test. What kind of sick deviant would try to click on that? Busted.

        1. I’m picturing you in granny panties as I write this.

          1. You need help, JW. That’s just…blech. If you said bloomers or pantaloons, then you could at least claim a period fetish.

            1. I think a period fetish is worse than a granny panty fetish.

              1. worse? I dunno.

                Definitely nerdier.

              2. I see what you did there, SF…

            2. Bloomers? What kind of sick freak do you take me for?

          2. Do I look comfortable in them? I’ve been thinking of switching from boxers to something else.

            1. You look divine, luxuriating in the parlor with your underwear that stretches up to your sternum.

              The money shot is when you bend over to pick up the tea cozy that had fallen onto the floor. Just a vast plane of Dacron across your ample, wrinkled and sagging buttocks.

              1. Since you put it that way…

  6. Aqua Vishnu joins Aqua Buddha as death knell of Kentucky political campaigns.

    1. a boomy pooshim ceremony

      Why isn’t this the lede?!

    2. My only wish for Kentucky state politics is for Jack Conway to be exiled. Let him be some other state’s problem.

      1. Maybe he can be John Boehner’s manservant in Ohio?

      2. Yeah, I used up my wish on Rand. Conway is up to you.

      3. Send him to Illinois. We’re already fucked.

      4. Considering they did the right thing earlier this year by making MJ possession up to 8 oz a misdemeanor for which the punishment is a fine (though apparently the judge has discretion which can still give one jail time), I’ll go with SF.

    3. Reporter: Apu, there are rumors that you are a Hindu. Is this true?

      Apu: By the many arms of Vishnu, I swear it is a lie.

    4. “He’s sitting down there with his legs crossed, participating in Hindu prayers with a dot on his forehead with incense burning around him. I don’t know what the man was thinking.”

      This guy’s probably shocked that he’s down 31 points.

  7. rather’s leathery lady parts > Tebow

    1. Ouch! Snap! Dat’s worse dan bein call Juggalo!

      1. You presume that there is some substantive difference between the squalid horror that infest her mind-rendingly hideous undergunt regions and a Juggalo.

  8. STEVE SMITH’S treatment of campers > Tebow


  9. Started the Wenzhou article in the latest issue of Reason this morning. It’s a very interesting article and the type of unique information that makes a subscription worthwhile.

    (I will be switching to a Kindle subscription after my next and last print issue, though.)

    1. Does the Kindle subscription come without all the weird junkmail that a dead tree subscription comes with?

      1. You get weird junkmail?

        1. Yes, but the only person I know who subscribed to Reason got a massive influx of weird junkmail.

  10. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Man to masturbate in every Starbucks in New York.

    With such ambitious and hardwanking Americans, how can the economy be in the state that it’s in?

    1. Joke number one: No, I don’t want cream with that.

      Joke number two: Today’s special, the fap-fap-fappuccino.

    2. His alias is “Mr. PeePee.” That makes be think that he he has undertaken the less impressive mission of peeing in every Starbucks.

      He needs a better alias: “Captain Jack Spermbucks”

      1. that name would violate the trademark on my homemade currency.

        1. Not if you two merged operations. He could leave behind some of your currency at a tip to the bathroom attendant. He gets to use the name and you get your currency some brand recognition. Win-Win.

          1. At least counterfeiting Captain Jack Spermbucks would be nigh impossible, Sod knows I wouldn’t want to try.

            1. I support the DNA standard for currency strength

    3. If this capitalist bastard cared about social justice, he’d froth his latte in every independent coffeeshop.

      1. froth his latte


    4. Thanks for this news. I’m never going to Starbucks again.

      1. The coffee didn’t stop you before?

  11. SugarFree’s pancreas > Tebow

  12. Woman ordered to pay spousal support to her husband. Who is now her ex-husband. Because he is jail. For raping her.

    Yeah, California legal system!

    Also… irony? Is that what I’m looking for here?

    1. But was it rape rape?

      1. “10News has Crystal Harris’s description of the night her now ex-husband Shawn forced her to perform oral sex on him”

        I’m no dentist, but I would say it wasn’t.

        1. It was not even sex, according to the first Black president.

    2. well, male rape victims in this country are forced to pay child support… so it makes sense in this twisted country.

      1. I wonder if that’s how Justin Bieber’s baby-mama did it.

    3. Yikes.

      I’m sure Feministing is all over this…

      1. Wow! I didn’t know Jezebelers were against alimony… that’s quite odd, coming from feminists.

        1. I don’t think they are if a man is paying it.

        2. They aren’t against alimony, they’re against palimony.

          1. Some of their commenters seemed to be against alimony. Maybe they only meant it if it’s the woman who has to pay, as men are pigs and therefore they suck.


    2. That is way cool.

      1. I agree. Think of all the historic documents that can be reviewed; it may rewrite history. They have use this imaging in art with some interesting results


          1. Warty, May I ask what you found offensive in the post you are responding to here?

            1. I don’t know what Cooter sees in rectal, either. Even a mildly retarded country bumpkin like him should be able to score a woman he can lift, at least.

              1. So in other words you are just an equal opportunity asshole …

                Thanks for clarifying.

    3. Okay, that’s some signal for all the noise.

  13. http://news.investors.com/Arti…..-Obama.htm

    Income inequality went down under Bush and up under both Clinton and Obama. Facts are such pesky things.

    1. That probably has more to do with what the stock market did over their presidencies than anything else. An amusing blemish the Dem’s talking points but little more than that.

      1. The stock market went up under Bush. It peaked at over 13,000. Meanwhile, it stil hasn’t recovered to that level under Obama. So that doesn’t explain it.

        1. My crystal ball says that the explanation will be: “THE RICH GOT RICHER!!!! KILL THE RICH!!!”

          1. Couldn’t we just kill the poor so everyone left is just rich?

            1. Do you have a newsletter I can subscribe to?

            2. You just made the only comment that might be quoted by MSNBC for the Libertarian position on this topic.

              1. I’m still supporting this:

                Pay every single person $250K, then tax them at the Magical Tax Rate of 39.6%.

                EVERYONE gets into the top ten percent!

                Oh, wait…


  14. White Indian, your online persona is an offense to all native peoples.

    But you don’t understand what it feels like to be me. I am a Native person. You are (most likely) a white person. You walk through life everyday never having the fear of someone mis-representing your people and your culture. You don’t have to worry about the vast majority of your people living in poverty, struggling with alcoholism, domestic violence, hunger, and unemployment caused by 500+ years of colonialism and federal policies aimed at erasing your existence. You don’t walk through life everyday feeling invisible, because the only images the public sees of you are fictionalized stereotypes that don’t represent who you are at all. You don’t know what it’s like to care about something so deeply and know at your core that it’s so wrong, and have others in positions of power dismiss you like you’re some sort of over-sensitive freak.

    1. You walk through life everyday never having the fear of someone mis-representing your people and your culture

      It’s as if he has never seen a black comedian, an angry street activist, or a television show ridiculing the ‘burbs before.

    2. You don’t walk through life everyday feeling invisible, because the only images the public sees of you are fictionalized stereotypes that don’t represent who you are at all. You don’t know what it’s like to care about something so deeply and know at your core that it’s so wrong, and have others in positions of power dismiss you like you’re some sort of over-sensitive freak.

      Indigenous Americans, the original proto emo fags?

    3. Mis-representing?
      Nice way to shit all over your point, pocahottie:

      the vast majority of your people living in poverty, struggling with alcoholism, domestic violence, hunger, and unemployment…

      Looks like this native likes to provide anecdotes to support the stereotypes.

      1. Has all the makings of a new sitcom!

        1. Can’t be worse than Outsourced.

          1. Actually, the movie version is really good. But then the movie version isn’t “HERP DERP INDIAN PEOPLE” but actually kind of nuanced, and even sort of sweet (like the scene where the main character realizes that things that Americans regard as novelty crap is actually pretty cool to Indians because of where each is coming from, material wealth wise).

            1. I didn’t even know that there was a movie.

        2. Throw in a sassy monkey butler and you, sir, have a greenlit pilot.

        3. They kinda did make a series about this sort of thing.

          I never watched it so I can’t tell you much about it.

    4. So, does this mean that the portrayals of Indians I saw on Bugs Bunny weren’t accurate? Or, wait, that Chief Wahoo is a caricature? WTF??

      1. They were scenic, rural PA Indians.

    5. You walk through life everyday never having the fear of someone mis-representing your people and your culture. You don’t have to worry about the vast majority of your people living in poverty, struggling with alcoholism, domestic violence, hunger, and unemployment…

      Uh, my father’s people were (are) coal miners in West Virginia, so yes my people struggle with all that shit, plus being the last ethnic group that it’s acceptable to make fun of. STFU, whiners.

      1. I am confused here. Was he talking about the Irish? We have been victims of colonialism, stereotyping and alcoholism for longer than the Amerinds.

    6. You are in a position of power. You might not know it, but you are. Simply because of the color of your skin, you have been afforded opportunities and privilege, because our country was built on a foundation of white supremacy. That’s probably a concept that’s too much for you to handle right now, when all you wanted to do was dress up as a PocaHottie for Halloween, but it’s true.

      I am not in a position of power. Native people are not in positions of power. By dressing up as a fake Indian, you are asserting your power over us, and continuing to oppress us. That should worry you.

      I wanted to say something witty and clever, but someone else beat me to it.

    7. domestic violence

      The White Man can make you poor, but he can’t make you beat your wife.

      “But I’m poor! My culture! My culture!”

      Pull it together. Be annoyed if you want, but keep your hands off your wife.

    8. Just tell me more about the pocahotties.

    9. They weren’t dressing up as you specifically, you arrogant twat.
      Actually, I think it would be kind of cool if I was a widely popular Halloween costume. Imitation is the stupid form of flattery, or something like that.

    10. Perhaps your people should stop screaming bloody murder when someone in the federal government discusses taking away your pork?

      You bitch about being taken advantage of by the government, then yell every time they even THINK about taking away your free cheese.

      I don’t mean to minimize the suffering that natives have seen due to colonial-turned-federal ass fucking, but you can’t complain about getting fucked by the feds, then complain when they want to cut off your housing and development gravy train.

      1. I think I would’ve laughed at her screed if I knew a single poignant tear was rolling down her face as she wrote this “poor me” drivel.

        From proud warriors to pity whores. How the mighty have fallen.

  15. Hey! You think living inside this, this, thing, is a walk in the park? You have no idea the abuse I get!

    1. Quiet, you!



      2. Tell me about it, brister!

  16. William Petersen . . . is still hot

    1. He was great in Manhunter. Much better movie than the wildly over praised Silence of the Lambs.

      1. that movie was really good. Freaked me out in many ways.

        1. “If one does what God does enough times, one will become as God as is.”

      2. “The man with the faggin’ tattoo”

    2. Ooh-I am going to tell Sir Harry on you!

      1. your meme recognition > Tebow

  17. http://apnews.myway.com/articl…..7IC80.html

    “We go from having a peaceful movement to now just chaos,” said protester Monique Agnew, 40.

    You’re socialist. You don’t do peace.

    1. We go from having a peaceful movement to now just chaos

      Sounds like the Kitchen Committee needs to authorize more fiber.

      1. It’s Fall, RC. You think they are using the fallen leaves just for toilet paper?

    2. About 3,000 people converged on the Port of Oakland, the nation’s fifth-busiest harbor, in a nearly five-hour protest Wednesday, swarming the area and blocking exits and streets with illegally parked vehicles and hastily-erected, chain-link fences.

      At that point, all bets are off in how I would deal with the protesters. That isn’t civil disobedience, that’s trespassing and the intentional deprivation of livelihood and right to freely move about.

      It may not be violent on their part, but it is coercive and I reserve the right to react with equivalent force to mitigate the action against me and my property.

  18. Also, first day off of work…ever? I just about hacked up a lung leaving work tomorrow and because I work front desk at a tiny law firm that barely makes rent and if I want food I really should get a part time job (well, better food, but you get the idea) the boss told me in no uncertain terms to take the day so I don’t infect clients.

    So… free day, I suppose? GOD I LOVE THE COLD BUT HATE WINTER!

    1. I just about hacked up a lung leaving work tomorrow

      Are… are you a wizard?

      Also: you might want to save that sickday for 11/11/11.

      1. I wish, brother. 11/11 will be a day of feasting on the finest mutton and supping of the best mead, let me tell you.

        1. I haven’t decided yet whether I’m going to buy it on 11/11, or wait until the GOTY addition so I get the horse armor included.

          1. Can’t wait that long. I’m going to buy it right before Thanksgiving. 4 days of turkey and Elder Scrolls.

          2. Must wait for the end of the semester if I want to pass classes and stay in grad school.

  19. Does Jezebel know about this?

    Canadian women politically stifled, report suggests

    “We often make an assumption, not just in Canada but in other countries, that we’ve achieved equality for women and we can move on to talk about other issues,” said Deborah Gillis, senior vice-president and head of the Canadian office of Catalyst, an international advocacy group for women in business.

    “This is a real reminder and wakeup call to the business community and leaders at all levels in Canada that we have a lot of work to do.”

    1. Wow, totally read that as “business community and lesbians.”

      I honestly am running on two hours of sleep. Fuck being sick.

  20. Okay, let me get this straight. Nipples are “indecent” or are they “obscene”? I’m thinking about getting my wife to have hers removed. Why would anyone want either indecent or obscene things on their bodies. Wait a minute, does that apply to men too??? Are man nipples obscene and indecent too??? Oh my God! I have to kill myself! I have nipples! Fucking stupidest country on earth!

    1. your pets have nipples too, that may actually be worse.

    2. I think the word the FCC was looking for is “exquisite”

    3. No, it’s only women’s nipples. Because they are magic and have the power to corrupt minds.

      1. I find this to be mostly true.

    1. I effing hated San Andreas, though. That whole game was, “Hey, here’s a cool new mechanic to use on missions, like breaking in to houses. NOW LET US NEVER SPEAK OF IT OR USE IT FOR A MISSION AGAIN”

      Also, that whole part in the backwoods came across as really unnecessary.

      1. The only one of that generation I played was Vice City. I remember really liking that one, though.

      2. I loved San Andreas. I spent six months in exile where I almost literally did nothing else other than working, sleeping, and playing that game.

      3. Yeah, I think they should have utilized the burglary thing more. But I loved the game. It’s one of my favorite in the series. And I loved the backwoods part. Going up Mt. Chilead and jumping off the top. The game allowed for a lot of different things to be done besides doing missions…. and come on KDST had the best tracks out of all the GTA games.

      4. Ace Combat and Brothers in Arms for me. Been a desert lately.

    2. I hope this new GTA is a lot better than 4, otherwise I’ll be sticking to Saints Row

      1. Also I better be able to fly that damn jet

      2. What, Cousin! You did not enjoy time we spent together?

    3. Must have been an imposter. The real Bieber is allergic to vagina.

    4. What just a moment here! We already know the name of this tart who claims Bieber-assisted biogenesis and is immediately dismissed, yet Herman Cain’s accusers are still anonymous and are above reproach, to be taken as paragon’s of virtue and beyond doubt?

      1. The only people who are dismissing Biebergate are his fans, and I doubt they’ve even heard of Cain.

    5. Justin Bieber > Tebow

  21. Being the officer charged with telling Lord Vader the Rebels have alluded you once again > Tebow

    1. Vader HATES it when people talk behind his back

      1. Ha!

    2. The word you’re searching for is “eluded”.

      Also: What’s this about? Did something happen in football?

  22. it was unfair of the FCC to change the policy retroactively

    Only 7 years and god knows how much money to come to an obvious conclusion. *golfclap*


  23. The MSNBC story on Occupy’s takeover of the Oakland Port features a picture of a banner that reads “Stop the War on Working People”.

    For the life of me, I can’t understand how halting shipping is a victory for working people.

    According to my quick googling, the Port of Oakland’s 2 primary imports are computer equipment and auto parts. Plenty of working people draw paychecks from Best Buy. I’ve also heard that working people assemble automobiles.

    Additionally, Oakland is one of the few American ports where exports exceed imports. How many American blue-collar manufacturers contributed to products now languishing on the dock?

    Similar to the NYC gang’s ham-handed treatment of homeless, this Oakland movement has an awfully strange way of showing solidarity with those for whom they ostensibly fight.

    1. This has to be the dumbest thing yet from these protests.
      And how the fuck was this allowed to happen? Are the unions at the port in on it or something?

      I mean, if people are more or less peacefully protesting on a public way, I say leave them alone, but if they are disrupting the livelihoods of hundreds of (working class) people it seems to me that they should just be arrested.

      1. So, is MSNBC also going to support people putting up fencing and parking cars in front of Planned Parenthoods and other such places of business?

    2. California produces most of the worlds almonds, and exported approx 1.95 Billion lbs last year. A lot of what is grown in the Central Valley leaves via the Port of Oakland, and most of it leaves this time of year. It needs to be shipped now so it can reach the market in time for Chinese New Year and other holidays, otherwise it won’t be sold at all…
      So unless almond pickers are somehow part of the 1%, then yeah, what OWS is doing is pretty fuming dumb…

      1. *fucking dumb*
        thanks for the autocorrect OSX Lion, but I know what I typed.

  24. Greece is doing everything it can to stop France and Germany from bailing them out.

    France and Germany might do well to let Greece leave the Euro too, but I don’t think the Greek people understand that.

    If the Greeks left the euro, it wouldn’t solve their overspending problem. Really! It doesn’t matter whether you’re overspending euros or some new undiscovered currency, it’s still overspending. And can you imagine the terms the market will demand to fund debt in a new Greek currency in the wake of a Greek default? The currency markets will probably demand spending cuts much more harsh than what Germany and France are demanding–if Greece wants to leave the Euro.

    The referendum may be a stupid idea, but given the politics of the situation, I’m not sure it can be avoided. At some point, the Greek people may go Ceausescu…

    Overspending eventually leads to some pretty shitty problems. I’m sure glad we live in the United States, where the U.S. dollars is immune to any problems that could result from overspending…

    …since Republicans are religious fanatics, you know.

    1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “Look upon Greece, Reasonites: Therein lays the future of California!”

      As far as Greece proper is concerned, the EU will not allow Greece to make it’s own mistakes, like an enabling parent. It will force them to be bailed out, which for the life of me I don’t understand Merkel’s reasoning on this, save just pure, undiluted ego and an irrational desire to fleece German taxpayers. Feta cheese and olive crop is not worth this much trouble.

    2. but just imagine the greeks being free to pay off debt with soon to be worthless dracmas.

      1. Who’s gonna finance that debt?

        Who’s gonna carry drachma?

        Even the Chinese just gave a thumbs down to the referendum!

        “Potential investors in Europe’s new bailout fund, notably China, now say no decisions will be made until the fund’s details are known and Greece’s future is clear.”


        …so don’t count on the Chinese to buy a bunch of drachma.

        Floating that new currency would be a lot harder on their budget than cutting their budget now–it’s just that the Greek people won’t stand for foreigners imposing themselves on Greece’s finances that way.

        I just don’t know who’s gonna finance all that new drachma debt. There’s only one actor on the world stage that has a demonstrated record of making highly risky investments as a matter of principle when no one else in their right mind will…

        If I were the Greek prime minister, I’d be on the phone to Barack Obama–Obama will finance anything!

        1. You seem to think that Greece cannot just unilaterally decide to pay with drachmas. They can and if their creditors don’t accept it, tough. Greece’s credit may be shit, but what other option will companies/countries have other than to accept greek currency if they go that way? Sure, Greece won’t get a dime lent to them, but that just means super-happy funsized inflation kicks in.

          1. Greece’s credit may be shit, but what other option will companies/countries have other than to accept greek currency if they go that way?

            Greece does have a history of being conquered…

            1. I’m on board, when do we sail?

    3. I can see why the pols that called for the referendum did so. The austerity stuff is going to make for some long-term unpoplarity for whoever it attaches to in the Greek mind, noone wants to exclusively own that…

      1. I think they are headed for a coup and a military dictatorship. After chaos breaks out, what choice will they have?

        1. sailing off in their yachts?

        2. there was a report that came out on tuesday that they just reshuffled the heads of their military.

        3. National Review is on the same track as you.

      2. Referendums are a good way to show the people you’re negotiating with that you don’t have any options.

        See, the Greek people won’t let me cut anymore!

        It’s basically a negotiating tactic. He can say to the Greek people too–look, I’m out of other options.

        This is basically what Jerry Brown tried to do with his referendum in California too. It doesn’t matter how you slice it though–the solution to out of control spending is to slash spending. Leaving the Euro and floating a new currency doesn’t change that equation in the least.

        Raising taxes to cure overspending too is like saying the solution to drunken sailors spending all of our money is to give them a credit card.

        1. Given that the PM just resigned due to lack of party support, it was a terrible negotiating tactic.

          Oh, and we already gave them a credit card. They’ve maxxed it out several times, but keep raising the limit.

        2. Given that the PM just resigned due to lack of party support, it was a terrible negotiating tactic.

          Oh, and we already gave them a credit card. They’ve maxxed it out several times, but keep raising the limit.

          1. Squirrelz or comment currency inflation?

            1. Human Microphone.

  25. the City State pOLIS > Tebow


  27. Friday Funnies > Tebow

    1. That’s just cruel and low down dirty…

    2. Shoulda saved that for tomorrow.

  28. I know this is probably asking for trouble, but I think I actually remember White Indian from Free Republic. He mentioned on a previous thread that he used to post there (until he got banhammered) and I am pretty sure I remember him.

    I remember him because he had the same posting monomania there that I am seeing on threads here. His schtick then was “primitive man did for a living what modern man does for recretion” (which was news to me-I had no idea that primitive man played on the PGA tour).

    I think most posters here have seen that he is entirely inpervious to reason (drink), but I hate to see him shitting on every thread (speaking of which one of the great challenges I put to him on FR many years ago was “have you stopped using toilet paper yet?”. which I thought might show him that if he isn’t even willing to embrace such a small part of the primitive lifestyle then he would never make it if his utopia came to pass-I don’t think he ever answered).

    Anyway-I finally got tired of FR and eventaully found hit and run, which is great stuff. But it sucks to see a completely dishonest douche screw it up. He probably won’t leave voluntarily. My $.02.

    1. His stuff seems to have like a crusader thing going on behind it.

    2. Ve vill brrrreak him.

      1. Given its socialist-hugging posts here, it’s surprising it managed to become a Freeper at all.

    3. He sounds a lot like Jared Loughner. Just replace “grammar” with “agriculture” in the rants.

  29. The Friday Funnies > Tebow

  30. Okay, seriously, what is this Tebow meme and how did it start?

        1. I don’t get the hate for Tebow, is it just because he strives to be religious? WTF?

          1. I think it has to do with him being terrible, the face of his loathsome college and conference, and because we hate the golden boy nowadays.

          2. Yeah, it’s mostly because he’s the Ned Flanders of the NFL. This has put him on the radar screen of the media culture warriors, which has made him get far more attention he deserves.

            The good news is that he sucks so badly he’s almost certainly going to be in the Canadian Football League next season, and then we won’t have to hear about him any more.

            1. I imagine he’d be good in the CFL. Doesn’t the 3-down system they use make the spread essential?

              1. The funny thing is that even though standard Canadian football didn’t add a 4th down and shorten the field of play to 100 yards as were done in USAn ball in 1912, they were slow to introduce the forward pass (which had already been allowed in USAn ball since 1906) and to remove restrictions on it. So if 3 downs made a spread game essential, they didn’t think so for a long time — unless by “spread” you include the practice of spreading the backs diagonally across the field for rugby-style passing movements, which they called an “extension play”.

            2. Ha! That is the greatest insult of all. CFL sucks.

          3. I’m religious, and I don’t like Tebow. I don’t like him because I’m an Alabama football fan and he ran a clinic on us in the 2008 SEC champ game. The next year, our defense destroyed him, and he was on the sidelines crying. That’s why I don’t like him.

            I’ll never say he’s not a good football player, but …he cries for gosh sake.

            He cries tasty, tasty tears…

            1. FSU guy. Crying was sweet and tasty even if we didn’t cause it. But it violates the first rule of football leadership. Go cry in the showers, but keep your game face on until you get there.

        2. I never liked Tebow in college. But ESPN has made me start rooting for him even though he plays for the most loathsome franchise in the league.

          At some point you just get tired of all the so called experts telling you what to think. Maybe not every quarterback has to be a Payton Manning clone. Maybe there is more than one way to do something. I would love to see Tebow succeed because it might break the monotony that is the NFL.

          1. Honestly, I’d watch more football if they replaced half the shots of guys walking off the field, guys walking on the field, and coaches barking into a headset, with some cheerleader footage.

            1. When they do show the cheerleaders they often obscure them with graphics of the sponsors.

              It really makes me hate those sponsors, especially when it obscures the Redskin cheerleaders (hate the team, but those gals are hot)

              1. They obscure everything now and assault your senses. Watch one of the rebroadcasts of the old Super Bowls from the 1970s they put on NFL network sometime. It just serene in comparison to today. You can actually enjoy the game without someone screaming in your ear.

                1. I hate their constant use of graphic gimmicks. Look, here’s a graph of the placement of Manning’s passes! Hey, here’s a CGI imagining of what would happen if Revis covered Fitzgerald! Whoops, sorry we missed part of that last actual play while we were showing you that…

                  1. It amazes me what stupid business people the networks are. People are watching the game. You could eliminate the sideline reporter and all of those graphics and it wouldn’t affect ratings or ad revenue one bit. So why are they paying for it? Why not do the broadcasts on the cheap knowing people are going to watch no matter what. You think people would refuse to watch the Patriots Steelers game last Sunday because there wasn’t a sideline reporter?

                    1. I sort of agree, but some sideline reporters are very popular (Erin Andrews) and I imagine they are not payed a ton.

                      I find most announcers really annoying, but do you remember back in the 80’s when they actually broadcast a game or two without any announcers? It was actually creepy.

                      The graphs could go though.

                    2. I can’t ever remember a game with one anouncer. And yeah, Andrews is popular. But that is what half time shows are for. Remember when college broadcasts used to show the bands at halftime rather than highlights?

                    3. I’ll have to break on that one too. I don’t want to go back to the showing of the bands…

                    4. Meh Is Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreet yelling at each other for 15 minutes any better? I kind of liked the bands.

                    5. I would like to see the “analysis” cut, but the highlights are a good thing.

                    6. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn…..id=5906858

                      It was kind of creepy to watch…

                2. John, I can’t even make it through a full game anymore. The relentless commercial breaks make the whole experience so tedious. I’ll typically watch a half and then find something else to do.

                  And you have an excellent point about the older broadcasts from the 70s and 80s. Every time there’s a possession change or a timeout, I reflexively wait for the commercial break, and end up sighing in relief when the broadcast team continues to discuss the game.

              2. When they do show the cheerleaders they often obscure them with graphics of the sponsors.

                Yep. Just plain wrong. It’s as if they’re trying to avoid provoking some Grievance Theater…

        3. It would be awesome if the neverending NBA lockout, the outsourcing of their upcoming young talent to Grantland, NBC’s rolling out of a new competitor, and consumer dissatisfaction from ESPN.com’s moderators combined to bring down the worldwide leader and make it less ubiquitous. ESPN has really gone down in quality over the last decade and is largely its own echo chamber. I really hope NBC’s project works out, I want another option.

          1. You guys are fogetting how crappy things were before ESPN. I for one am grateful for their existence, if anything their quality has improved as they are able to get more contracts to show big-time sports.

            Pre-ESPN we were stuck with like three college and three pro football games a week, maybe two or three college basketball games a week, much less baseball, and the Wide World of Sports. ESPN has been a dream come true for an avid sportsfan guys.

            1. Sure it has, but it’s clearly suffering from lack of competition. They’re like CNN before Fox News started to exploit all its holes. I don’t care if NBC Sports becomes number 1, but I’d like them to be a credible #2 if only to push ESPN away from business as usual.

            2. Maybe, but the Wide World of Sports killed anything ESPN showed. We’re talking about a sports network that ran a contract with a professional wrestling company, for gods sake.

              And these days, it’s just one-note nonsense. I can’t take the Top Ten Plays seriously because they usually show the so-called “coolest” plays, not the ones that actually affected the outcome of the games. MLB season is “RED SOX-YANKEES!!!!” hype all season long, and Sportscenter’s devolved into something that middle school teenagers and a couple of chimps would produce.

      1. That is just fucking hilarious.

      2. Gold!

        “Sonny Bono Ski Academy > Tebow”

    1. Tebow meme > Tebow

      1. The ranks of America’s poorest poor have climbed to a record high — 1 in 15 people — spread widely across metropolitan areas as the housing bust pushed many inner-city poor into suburbs and other outlying places and shriveled jobs and income.


        1. Poor people > Tebow

          1. Yeah, my bad, this was supposed to be posted stand alone below the Tebow thread, not as a reply

            1. MNG < Tebow

              1. Now THAT’S just cruel.

        2. The ranks of America’s poorest poor have climbed to a record high — 1 in 15 people — spread widely across metropolitan areas as the housing bust pushed many inner-city poor into suburbs and other outlying places and shriveled jobs and income. < Tebow

        3. Lazy mofo’s > Tebow

          1. Do you really think all very poor people are “lazy mofos?” I mean, I don’t have some romantic notion of the poor, many of them are surely terrible decision makers, but all of them?

            1. C’mon, I’m just poking fun. One of the best parts of these boards is the irreverence, at least for me.

              No, of course not MNG. No doubt some of it is just laziness, some of it is bad decision making/planning, some of it is just genetic (as in, not having the necessary abilities to improve your situation), and some of it is circumstance too (I’m guessing its easier to lift yourself out of poverty if you live where there’s work).

              I don’t think it’s any one of those things but certainly a combination. I do think that if you are of average intelligence, or even a bit less, and willing to work, then you can improve your station. Not saying its easy but it can be done – if you want to. I also think a dynamic, growing economy also helps tremendously and not everyone has that either.

              1. “I do think that if you are of average intelligence, or even a bit less, and willing to work, then you can improve your station.”

                I would agree with this if you added “able” beside “willing” as I would guess some people fall into poverty due to illness or whatever, though even some portion of that could be connected to bad decision making…

                1. Largely due to my age bracket, I’m friends with a ton of people that are best characterized as working poor. They are, nearly without exception, terrible with money. I have no idea how a single person with no bills besides car insurance and the $600ish per month for rent and utilities that works 40 hours a week at $15 per can be broke, but that sums up the majority of my townie friends.

                  I imagine it gets worse the lower down the line you get; based on what I see from acquaintances that I know have it worse I’d be willing to bet on it.

                  1. I have no idea how a single person with no bills besides car insurance and the $600ish per month for rent and utilities that works 40 hours a week at $15 per can be broke, but that sums up the majority of my townie friends.

                    Who knew Pabst runs could be so expensive?

  31. Being a Gator, I’m a Tebow fan. On religion, I have none, and don’t care. Yet, I find it weird that people make fun of the guy. He talks the talk, but he walks the walk.

    On another note, the OWSers are hosed. You can’t camp out for more than a month and not become a stinkfest. I know this from my army days. They should have cut this off after two weeks.

    1. Imagine if he were a Mulsim or a Hindu. ESPN would be bending over backwards to cheer him on. Who cares what he is?

      1. Agreed. The guy just wants to try to live by his beliefs. WTF is so terrible about that?

        1. Or even if he didn’t and was the world’s largest hypocrite, what difference does that make on the field? I don’t know Tebow. I don’t have pal around with him. I just have to watch him on the field. So the only honesty he owes me is an honest competition. So unless you tell me he is cheating or not giving his best effort, I really don’t care who he is or how he acts off the field.

          1. Honestly, I think it’s backlash to overexposure from his days at Florida. Hey, the dude was great there, and it’s hard to knock his achievements. But the media often made it sound like the Tim Tebow Show, which isn’t his fault. To get exposure for his charity, he did participate in some shit like taking them to the Philippines to lop off foreskins and other shit, which is slightly his fault even if it’s for a good cause.

            I also got tired of the, “Tim Tebow just wins!” stories that always seem to accompany athletes the media refuses to analyze or critically evaluate. Again, not his fault per se…

            BUT, and here is the big but, I hate any athlete the media shoves down my throat as the greatest thing since Mom and sliced bread.

            To wit, I am sure that Derek Jeter is a nice guy and someone I should hold no ill will towards. But after getting it shoved down my throat, day after day, how great this guy was, especially given that I lived in the area, I really grew to hate the guy.

            Just like I hate the Cowboys with all that America’s Team bullshit.

            So, yeah, it’s mostly the media’s fault, but the guy as a media persona (and not a human being) irks the shit out of me.

            1. You know hwy I hate Tim Tebow? Because you don’t cry on national television for anything less than your wife or kids dying. ANYTHING. Man up, you crying little bitch.

              1. Whatever, Reggie White used to cry all of the time. So have other people.

                1. And they need to man up, too. It’s a fucking football game. Have some perspective and don’t be such a sniveling pussy.

            2. I am exactly the same way. That is why I didn’t like Tebow in college and like him now. In the NFL they are trying to shove the idea that he can never succeed down my throat. That annoys me as much as the hype the gave him in college. I don’t like to be told what to think.

              And I don’t begrudge legitimately great players getting praise. So the Jeter thing never bothered me. He earned it.

              1. They hate Tebow because they believe he should have been aborted. He reminds women who have had abortions (and promote abortion) what their aborted kid might have been.

            3. I am sure that Derek Jeter is a nice guy and someone I should hold no ill will towards. But after getting it shoved down my throat, day after day, how great this guy was, especially given that I lived in the area, I really grew to hate the guy.

              This goes for me too. I loath Jeter and the Yankees just because I’m sick of having them in my face every. damn. day.

              1. It guess you notice it more if you don’t like the team. I think the Red Sox are shoved down the country’s throat. It seems like every baseball writer is from New England and a Red Sox fan. I get so sick of hearing about them and their stupid fans.

                Yeah, you hear a lot about the Yankees. Having the must successful franchise in professional sports over a century will do that.

                1. Dude, Mets fan in CT growing up. We get all the Yankees shit AND all the Red Sox shit. And now, because ESPN is always playing their games, I can’t escape them even though I’m about 2500 miles away.

                  God, ESPN is the fucking worst.

                  1. Mets have the best commentators. I learn a lot about the game listening to Darling and Hernandez.

                    1. Also, you got to love that Hernandez sounds like every time he starts to tell a story, it’s going to include, “So me and the Coach are neck deep in broads….”

                      And every time he starts a story Darling sounds like he’s in the booth, going, “Shit, shit, shit be ready to cut his mic.”

                      I think Seinfeld may have been more accurate in its depiction of him than you realize.

                2. Red Sox band wagon got a little lighter in September. That said, the fact that they were able to win two WS after, what 87 years?, and force one of the greatest chokes down the throats the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS won them a lot of admirers. So many that the Sox are now the second most hated team in MLB.

                  1. So what, the Cubs haven’t won a World Series in a hundred years. The White Sox until 2006 hadn’t won one since 1917, which last I looked was a year before 1918. So it took them 87 years to win one. BFD. There are lots of other suffering franchises. It is just that their fans don’t whine as much.

                    1. Well I just wonder if the Red Sox recent success, along with some smaller market teams, gives hope to fans in other cities like Chicago. Just sayin’.

              2. I hate the Yankees for much the same reason. You hear about them so much.

                Sure they’ve done quite well, but they’ve bought much of that success. Given their money I think they are actually underachievers. Screw ’em says I.

                1. They have only had really big salaries in the last 8 years, when ironically they haven’t done as well. They did not have the highest payroll in 1998 when they had the best team of the post expansion era.

                  And before free agency, you couldn’t buy teams like you can now. So they have hardly under achieved. And it is not like they are the only team with a lot of money. John Henry, the owner of the Red Sox could buy and sell the Steinbreners out of petty cash. Hell for a long time Disney owned the Angels. And the Mets play in the same market and inherited the fans of two teams (the Giants and Dodgers), yet the Mets still suck.

                  1. That may have something to do with the fact that the Wilpons are terrible owners who get consistently bad GMs. And now have no money maybe apparenttly.

                    1. Maybe the Maddoff trustee will do a better job of running the team.

                    2. Wilpons are awful as owners. I like the new GM, but it could be a few years before the MEts are contenders again.

                  2. “And before free agency, you couldn’t buy teams like you can now. So they have hardly under achieved.”

                    Well, you could buy them, you just couldn’t buy much from other teams, but I get what you are saying…

                    “They have only had really big salaries in the last 8 years”

                    I don’t think that is true. I think they have historically had a larger than average payroll, right?

                    1. Depends on the year. They did not have the highest payroll in baseball until 1999. They have always been in the top five. But they were not number one until 1999. And they were not significantly above the rest until the mid 00s. For examply in 03, they were about 25% higher than the next highest team. But, they haven’t had a lot of success in the 00s. They were more successful in the 1990s when their salaries were more in line with the rest of the league.

                      Baseball has always been out of whack competitively. There are only a few franchises who were ever financially stable enough to compete on a year to year basis (Yankees, Cardinals, Dodgers, Giants, Tigers) and that is about it. The rest of the teams have had the occasional run (the Reds in the 70s the As in the late 20s and early 70s or Cubs pre 1945). But no one has been consistently good over decades outside of those teams. And the Giants went 56 years between World titles. The other teams would end up going broke and selling off their players after a few years of good teams.

                      But within the handful of teams that actually have been competetive for most of the history of baseball, the Yankees stand alone. No one can match their sustained excellence even though a few other teams like the Dodgers and Cardinals had the ability to compete with them the entire time.

                    2. But as you admit they have consistently been either the top paid team or one of the top paid team, always far above the average for the league. Given that I’m much less impressed with their admitted history of success..

                    3. Baseball has always been out of whack competitively.

                      Competitive balance generally has more to do with schedule than payroll. Follow this series, it’s really interesting stuff.

                      Winning with a lot of money and long term contracts poses its own set of problems, you have to really know the players your getting lest you turn into the early-00’s Mets, Orioles, or Rangers.

                    4. I talking more historically KDN. In the 20th Century the Yankees won 25 titles, the Cardinals won 10, the Dodgers won 6, the Giants won 6 and the As won 9. That is 56 out of 100 championships going to five teams. Meanwhile, the Phillies won one, the White Sox two, the Cubs two, the Senators/Rangers one, the Indians one, the Braves two, the Reds three, the Browns/Oriels three. That is a big disparity between the haves and the have nots.

                    5. Senators / Twins, and it’s 3; the second Senators became the Rangers. Point taken, though.I think it’s funny that the A’s have been so successful despite being a cash strapped feeder team for most of their existence and in each location. The Rays are probably gonna gun for that role this century.

                    6. With the exception of the rediculously over praised Billy Bean years, the As are either great or horrible. They are never just okay. They were great in the early 00s, the late 20s, early 70s and late 80s and absolutely horrible every time in between. Some people say the late 20s As with Lefty Grove and Jimmy Fox were better than the Ruth Gerig Yankees. But they sold off the team after three straight penants and two world series championships.

                    7. That is 56 out of 100 championships going to five teams. […] That is a big disparity between the haves and the have nots.

                      Occupy MLB!

                    8. “That is a big disparity between the haves and the have nots.”

                      OCCUPY COOPERSTOWN!!!

                    9. The Tigers were a laughing stock for the better part of a decade, and didn’t they set the modern era record for losses like 6 years ago?

                      When people say “Baseball has a competitive imbalance” what they mean to say is “The AL East has a competitive imbalance”. I think the Pirates are the only non AL-East team which has failed to make the playoffs since the current 6 division and wild card set-up came into being.

                      MLB has an incredible balance to teams competing for the postseason. You just wouldn’t know it from watching ESPN.

                    10. Pirates, Royals, ExpoNats, Jays. There’s the list. And you can make a case of terrible ownership and management being the culprit for all 4. The problem with baseball is that you know early when your team is out of it, so there’s 3 months of worthless games.

                    11. Recent vintage Toronto would probably be competitive in any other division. They just have the misfortune of 17 games each against the Yankee, Red Sox, and Rays.

                      The other three really have just been horribly managed, although I remember the Royals having a brief period of competency in the early 2000s.

      2. And if someone made fun of his prayer rug or something, holy shit!

    2. the OWSers are ought to be hosed


    3. Yeah, but if everybody around you stinks just as bad, you don’t notice as much. It’s the poor showered proles walking past OWS that are getting stinkbombed.

    4. I like the kid. So what if he’s more religious than most of us like? He seems like a genuinely decent person, and he gives a crap about what he does.

      Yes, I went to UF, but I’ve disliked athletes from there plenty of times. And, as much as I liked the two titles under Meyer, I hate, hate, hate the spread offense.

      I think he’s got some work to do, but I also don’t think he’s quite as bad as he’s being made out to be. The problem for him–besides an awful offense and his need to improve his game–is Cam Newton, who isn’t having the learning curve.

      1. “He seems like a genuinely decent person, and he gives a crap about what he does.”

        That’s my take on him.

        I can understand hating his overexposure and the hyperbole around him (Tebow just wins) noted above. But hating on him because of his lifestyle? That’s wrong.

      2. I’m totally with you. Gators I hate? The entire coaching staff in 1980, and the defensive back field that let “Run Lindsey Run”…run.

      3. Don’t worry, I’m sure President Tebow will look back at all this and have a good laugh someday.

        1. No, more like Tebow the First, by the Grace of God, of the United States of America King, Defender of the Faith

    5. I don’t see why Tebow is being singled out for religiosity.

      It seems like every other player in the NFL and MLB prefaces every postgame interview with thanking Jesus for cheating the other team out of victory. I roll my eyes at it, but I expect it now so it never surprises me.

      There’s a prayer circle after every NFL game.

      Tebow’s religious fervor is nothing particular special in that context.

      1. Hell, Kurt Warner was just as upfront about his religion as Tebow, but he never got mocked for it.

        Deadspin primarily started the meme because, culturally speaking, they can’t help themselves. The Gawker sites have never exactly been known for restrained, insightful commentary; hell, they’re the ones who started the whole image of Denver’s original starting QB, Kyle Orton, as a neckbearded freak.

  32. “A federal appeals court has ruled that the FCC acted improperly when it imposed a half-million dollar fine on CBS for broadcasting an image of Janet Jackson’s exposed nipple for a fraction of a second during the 2004 Super Bowl. ”

    I have never understood why anyone considers a part of the body intended for the purpose of feeding young children obscene.

    Does anyone consider a baby bottle obscene?

    1. It’s because it excites sexual excitement PIRS. Sexual excitement can cause quite a ruckus dude, it probably should’nt be paraded…

      1. How has the entire country of Brazil managed to survive then. HOW!?!

        I am pro boobs on TV.

        No fat checks though and no saggy ones.

        1. No fat checks? Fuck you, SugarFree gots to get paid, motherfucker.

          1. Fat checks bounce. Lethally.

          2. joez law?

            1. RC’z Law.

    2. because boobs are so much awesomer than baby bottles. Just try motorboating two baby bottles. Its just painful.

    3. Reminds me of something a friend form Venezuela once told me. Disneyworld is like tits. Made for babies, but adults love them too. I have never understood why titties are not America’s most beloved natural treasures.

      1. richard thompson’s finest work is dedicated to this:

    4. It’s not obscene. The standard for broadcast doesn’t require something be obscene. It’s merely indecent.

    5. Does anyone consider a baby bottle obscene?

      You are unfamiliar with the concept of wet nursing?

    6. Does anyone consider a baby bottle obscene?

      You’ve obviously never seen Warty with one.

      1. In some cultures, a baby bottle nipple is considered the only appropriate way to drain off gunt-sweat. Warty understands the waters he swims in.

  33. ah, I’m late again – another Thursday meeting.

    anyways – a very nice article on cash, money and moola:

    The Death of Money

    Even though some members of the Fed itself aren’t sure that hyper-liquidity will restore the U.S. economy to health, there’s one thing we can be pretty confident of: America and the rest of the world will pay a price for it. If recent history is any guide, hyper-liquidity will lead to another bust in asset prices and another downturn in the economy. All the while, the credibility and standing of the United States as the leader and standard-bearer of the global financial system will come under a serious and sustained challenge unlike any it has known since its postwar rise. In short, this is a policy of uncertain economic benefit, but of a predictable and steep cost.

  34. Even though the “fleeting obscenity” in the headline isn’t accurate, either in connection with the opinion or legally (a flash of a breast isn’t legally obscene), I like the term. In fact, for any lurkers who intend to cautiously, hesitantly attempt their first comment, I recommend they use Fleeting Obscenity as their cognomen.

    1. What if the rest of us just try to be fleetingly obscene? As opposed to the more sustained obscenity we usually produce?

    2. tit. nipple. nnnn-nipple.

  35. Christian Student Beaten to Death for Wearing Cross

    Arab Spring, Egyptian edition: a 17 year old Christian in a high school in Mallawi was ordered by his teacher to cover up a tattoo of a cross on his wrist. True to his faith, he refused to do so and instead exposed a crucifix that he wore around his neck. He was then beaten to death by his teacher and two Muslim students.

    1. Ah, more of that “religion of peace” I keep hearing so much about lately; at least the student wasn’t a French humorist. Sign me up! Meh.

    2. I’d take that more seriously if Malawi were spelled correctly.

  36. Campaign 2012: Welcome to the slugfest

    Forget hope and change. President Obama’s reelection campaign is going to be based on fear and loathing: fear of what a Republican takeover would mean, and loathing of whomever the Republican nominee turns out to be.

    Of course the Obama campaign will attempt to present the affirmative case for his reelection, citing legislative achievements, foreign policy successes and the current flurry of executive actions. But his strategists have clearly concluded that selling the president will not be enough, and the contours of the ugly months ahead are becoming increasingly apparent.

    1. The problem is that it’s going to be pretty damn hard for them to paint Romney as the typical scary right wing extremist if he does happen to win the nomination.

      This guy got elected in Massachusetts for crying out loud. If he won, he would probably be the most liberal republican to ever be in the White House.

  37. Will Barack Obama betray Britain again over the Falklands?

    The Obama administration has slapped Britain in the face over the Falklands on a number of previous occasions, most notably when Hillary Clinton held a joint press conference with Cristina Kirchner in Buenos Aires, backing Argentina’s call for UN-brokered negotiations over the sovereignty of the Islands ? a position that is completely unacceptable to London as well as the vast majority of Falkland Islanders, who wish to remain British. On past evidence, there is little reason to think this won’t be the case again when Barack Obama meets with Kirchner in France this week. The White House has already previewed the meeting with the following statement by Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser for communications, who made it clear that Washington wishes “to cooperate with Argentina on issues in the hemisphere”.

    1. Falklands 2: Electric Bugaloo?

      But seriously, it Breaking 2: Electric Bugaloo the most referenced film you’ve never seen? And all because it had a crazy title and it rhymed.

      1. I think it has the highest reference to viewing ratio of any film except possibly Citizen Kane. And Citizen Kane has a 60 year headstart.

    2. Strategic sheep farming…

  38. Fed downgrades growth forecasts, sees high unemployment for years ahead

    The Federal Reserve sharply downgraded its projections for the U.S. economy Wednesday, warning that weak growth and high unemployment will be the norm for years.

    The Fed expects that the unemployment rate will be around 8.6 percent at the end of next year, down only slightly from 9.1 percent today, and will still be between 6.8 percent and 7.7 percent in late 2014. In their June forecast, Fed officials said joblessness would come down faster, to around 8 percent by the end of 2012, when the next presidential election will take place.

    1. The Fed’s being optimistic. I ask various people who claim “things will get better, they always do!” where exactly the jobs are going to come from, and every time I get a blank stare or evasion.

  39. President Obama’s reelection campaign is going to be based on…loathing of whomever the Republican nominee turns out to be.

    Well, it makes sense to do that when your opponent will be doing most of the work…

    1. So you’re thinking it’s a Romney nomination, then?

    2. And you have not a single popular accomplishment to point to.

      1. Now see, that’s not true and I suspect you not only know it but are concerned about it. Under any administration the OBL killing, the Iraq pullout and the Libya thing (as it now stands) are going to play popularly.

        The funny thing imo is that this seems to be all our Nobel peace winning President has to offer…

        1. He’s got a year to go, at which time most Americans will forget how much they worried about OBL, the Iraq pullout still has the potential to become a PR disaster along with Libya and Americans will still be jobless and angry.

          I think “none of the above” stands its best chance of winning ever. Only “fuck you all” comes close.

          1. Oh sure. Look at how much good the Iraq War I bump did for Bush I a year later…Very few campaigns are won on foreign policy alone (maybe the Bush-Kerry one?).

            1. Bin Ladin doesn’t do him a bit of good. It is not like eveyone doesn’t know or think a Republican President wouldn’t have done the same thing. And the Iraq war hasn’t affected a single election. If pulling out of Iraq got you votes, John Kerry would have won in 2004. And the other problem is that we are still in Afghanistan and he promised to be out of Iraq in a year.

              And oh in case you missed it, Obama really does have the worst economic record since Hoover. The election is about the economy. The rest is just noise.

              1. “It is not like eveyone doesn’t know or think a Republican President wouldn’t have done the same thing.”

                You get credit and blame for stuff that happens under your administration. OBL was the most sought after villian of this nation and it was under Obama he was brought down. He deserves and is going to get some credit for that.

                “If pulling out of Iraq got you votes, John Kerry would have won in 2004.”

                We are seven years and more war-weary now John, and if you remember Kerry was quite the fence-sitter on Iraq. But hey, be my guest, by all means push your party to suggest we stay in Iraq longer. Please, please do so.

                1. MNG, no one serves in Iraq or is affected by Iraq but the .001% of the country that serves in the military. It is a non issue to most people. Sad but true. But the country only gets angry and votes on was where there is a draft.

                  Sure “we got out of Iraq” appeals to people like you. But you would vote for him anyway. Among the vast a poltical parts of the country, it doesn’t mean anything. And it certainly doesn’t mean as much as unemployment and inflation.

                  We are in a depression and Obama owns it. Absent a world war, no foreign policy issue is going to outweigh the economy.

            2. I think alot of people bought in to the thought that Iraq qould be a disaster (which it still became) if a Democrat against the war got put in charge more than any Bush bump.

              If Obama was serious about cynically exploiting that type of fear, he’ll need to get us involved in a really important war pretty soon opposed by the republicans.

              As it stands, i think this will be pretty close to a toss-up between the douche and the turd sandwich.

    3. The current batch is easy to loath.

    4. Sometimes you remind me of Bob Beckel from “The FIve”. BTW, this is far from an insult. While I disagree with him quite often he usually tries to be fair. I think you have much in common with hom.

      1. …and funny

        1. Yes, he is funny. He adds a lot to the show.

      2. If I were Obama’s campaign manager I would
        1. Push the foriegn policy things I cited above
        2. Keep reminding people “I inherited this mess, and while things are not better I am working to make them so while my opponent will not”
        3. Point to loathesome aspects of my opponent

        If I were the manager of the GOP campaign it would be easier. I’d take every regular jobs report and just slap my nominee’s name on the top and hand it out…

        1. Unless the Republican nominee is a HUGE hawk I think foreign policy could actually hurt Obama. People are sick of more than a decade of constant war. So far Obama has gotten us into even more conflicts. We are still in all of the places Bush got us into. Uganda might be next on the menu.

          1. Dude, the average person on the street does not see us as having gotten “into a conflict” regarding Libya because no soliders were stationed or harmed. I most here oppose that action, some on principle some not, but that is how people judge this kind of thing usually.

            The average person will see 1. pictures of Gaddafi dead and Libyans jubilant but no US flag draped caskets coming home and 2. troops returning from Iraq to hugs and picnics and they are going to say “those are good things.”

            1. And when Iraq plunges into chaos…

              1. Gimlet,

                At what point after our involvement did Iraq suddenly plunge OUT of chaos????

            2. MNG,

              People tend to be more well informed on this than in the past. More people are getting their news from the Internet than ever before. And those who are the most informed in this way tend to be the most passionate about showing up at the voting booth on election day.

        2. 1. Push the foriegn policy things I cited above.

          Sure, why not. Gives him something positive to say.

          Although Libya and Egypt could well turn into traps for him. Egypt, because Christians are being ethnically cleansed by the army, and the Muslim Brotherhood is going to do very well in the elections. Libya, because the Repub nominee can beat him up with the Constitutionality thing, and I wouldn’t bet against a massive rad-Muslim clusterfuck there, either.

          2. Keep reminding people “I inherited this mess, and while things are not better I am working to make them so while my opponent will not”

          Whining doesn’t sound like a winning message to me.

          3. Point to loathesome aspects of my opponent

          While this will be outsourced, I think it will be the bulk of his campaign. Going negative can move a percentage points, but if the economy continues to bottom bounce, I don’t think it will be enough.

          1. “Libya, because the Repub nominee can beat him up with the Constitutionality thing”

            With the GOP history of hating on the WPA and pushing the “unitary Executive” I doubt they can play that card. But even if so the public cares little for what they see as arcane matters of separation of powers stuff.

            1. “With the GOP history of hating on the WPA and pushing the “unitary Executive” I doubt they can play that card.”

              With the GOP history of actually getting Congressional authorization for wars, unlike the Dems who have now ignored Congress twice, they can play it. But again, no one is going to care either way. You really think “I bombed Libya” is going to help? Do you think anyone in America gave a fuck or even knew Kadafi was still in power?

              And yeah he can claim “I inherited a mess” and the Republicans can point to how much worse things are now than they were in 09 and say “sure you did and you made it worse”.

              Worst record since Hoover MNG. You can’t run on that. All you can do is lie and run on social issues and fear. That is it. It is his only option.

            2. The way I see it, if Obama loses any significant percentage of his primary constituents–blacks and college students–either through third party votes or simply not showing up, he’s going to get beat. I’m not sure the foreign policy angle will help him all that much because, even after pulling out of Iraq, we’re still getting involved in conflicts we have no business sticking our nose in, plus people are still coming home from Afghanistan in body bags. If the huge post-Gulf War 1 bounce didn’t help Bush, I can’t see how Bin Laden and Iraq will really help Obama all that much.

              Ultimately, it’s going to come down to whether people are working, and I doubt at this point that independents are going to be swayed by the “I inherited this mess!” argument. No one will dispute that he came into a bad situation, but he made things worse by promising the stimulus would be an effective bridge to the recovery, and that hasn’t happened.

        3. Sure and they will forget all about the effective 15% unemployment rate, inflation and the trillion and a half dollar deficit we are running.

          You can’t honestly believe that people are going to vote on Libya and Iraq.

  40. Cain And Jackson: A Tale Of 2 Black Front-Runners

    To blunt whispers of Jackson infidelity, his wife, Jackie, warned Life magazine: “I don’t believe in examining sheets. That’s a violation of privacy. If my husband has committed adultery, he better not tell me. And you better not go digging into it because I’m trying to raise a family and won’t let you be the one to destroy my family.”

    Whether the media feared being accused of racism or whether it feared Jackie, there were no “establishment media” stories on Jackson’s alleged sexcapades. That is, until years later, when Jackson admitted fathering a child with a staffer to whom he paid money for a house and who received monthly payments.

    1. Is it any wonder why the Junior Jackson turned out the way he did?

    2. Perhaps the caucasian front-runners pay for their GF’s abortions

      1. No, see “Edwards, John”.

        1. Young says that Edwards asked him for help persuading Hunter to have an abortion. Young writes that Hunter believed the baby to be “some kind of golden child, the reincarnated spirit of a Buddhist monk who was going to help save the world.”

          Read more: http://projects.newsobserver.c…..z1cgw1FWdR

    3. Meh, of course adultery is no big deal for Democratic nominees, according to soc-cons those guys are free love propnents anyway so they are just putting their beliefs into practice 😉

      1. Sexual harassment is no big deal. It is a joke to most people. After Clinton stayed in the White House, the argument was settled.

        1. I read, “After Clinton sprayed in the White House…”

            1. Every President worth his ambition has to have at least rubbed one out in the OO, if not done the nasty right on the desk. These guys get off on symbols of power; fucking in that room would be their ne plus ultra

  41. really a good article – especially the part about the non-examination of candidates b/c of journalists’ white liberal guilt . . .and the ability of the less-scrutinized to manipulate that lowered scrutiny to get away with things.

  42. A “fleeting” indecency? WTF is a fleeting indecency? To think that you have to go to a top tier law school to think of this stupid shit. So, if I say “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck,” would that be a non-fleeting indecency.

    What about a very short sex scene, would that be OK. MNG is known by all the girls as a “3 pump chump.” Sou wouldn’t any of his sex scenes be fleeting?

    And I never got his obscene vs. indecent stupidity. IMHO, DWTS, American Idol, Survival bunghole USA, all that shit is obscene. So what?

    Indecent? So like is someone does’t wear matching socks. That isn’t very descent. But does it rise to a 1at amendment issue.

    1. Troy|11.3.11 @ 10:21AM|#

      A “fleeting” indecency? WTF is a fleeting indecency?

      Sort of like how Tyler Durden would insert stills from porn movies in PG-reels. 1/24th-of-a-second-porn = fleeting indecency.

  43. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvs…..make-.html

    Megan Fox is still hot.

    1. Way too skinny dude.

      1. Perhaps this is more to your liking?


    2. I’m not attracted to dead eyes, plastic looking faces and mental retardation. Pass.

      1. You’d still fuck her if you had a chance.
        Come on.

        1. Even if I weren’t engaged I still wouldn’t because I have a strict personal rule against sex outside of a committed relationship. I want more for the exchange of my body than simply sex and that includes intelligence, a down-to-earth personality and loyalty. Attractiveness is important but only a factor and I still don’t think Meghan Fox is attractive by celebrity standards so if I am going to oggle somebody there are much better choices.

          1. What a boring life you must lead.

            1. It’s worked out so far. Being an introvert, what I find boring is likely different from you. I would say your life is pretty boring if the only excitement you can find is in the sack with a stranger but whatever floats your boat. Besides, limiting the number of sexual partners =/= limiting the amount of sex.

              1. Not bad. You’ve deduced that I am an extrovert and the only thing exciting in my life is promiscuous sex.

                Wow, you’re amazing.

                How many fingers am I holding up?

                1. If it isn’t 11, you’re doing it wrong.

                2. Wait so you’re allowed to make assumptions about my life but I’m not allowed to do so about yours? Chill out man.

                  12? You’ve got two extra thumbs.

    3. +420. Yes, she is welcome by my fire anytime.

  44. Come on, headlines =

    Freddie Mac asks for $6B in aid



    1. but, Freddie and Fannie are okay, because the lawsuit is against someone else!!! At least that’s O-idiOt’s tripe.

      1. neither freddie nor fannie mandated malfeasence & misrepresentation by BoA & JP morgan.

  45. “Why Does He Prefer Porn Over Me?”

    Porn should be a tool of last resort for guys, or used as an enhancement for some couples. It is not a good sign when it is the first choice for a guy. All signs suggest that your sex life is in some serious trouble and you may want to consult a professional marriage counselor or sex therapist. Good luck.

    1. All signs suggest that your sex life is in some serious trouble and you may want to consult a professional marriage counselor or sex therapist your guy thought you were a fine piece of ass until he got to see your “shining” personality, and decided that phone porn was better than sleeping with you. Good luck.


    2. you may want to consult a professional marriage counselor or sex therapist.

      Excellent advice – if your goal is divorce.

    3. I read an article a few months ago that talked about how women were starting to “act like pornstars” in bed because they saw how it turned their guys on.

      The funniest part of that article was the utter cluelessness to the fact that a woman who’s enthusiastic in bed, at least acts like she’s enjoying herself, and doesn’t lay there like a dead fish is ALWAYS going to be more of a turn-on to her guy.

      1. Better still if they are actually enjoying themselves rather than acting like it. Porn has it’s purpose but a sex manual it is not.

  46. I am apoplectic about the SEVERE LACK OF A HAT TIP!!!! For once, in over 4 years of active participation, I contribute something of value and it gets included in the MLs AND THEN NOTHING ELSE HAPPENED!

    i am disapoint.

    Riggs, cop commenter killers!!

    p.s. standard cancel my subscription, it was better with postrel, and for a magazine called reason.

  47. So, the ECB is cutting its rate. After missing its inflation target for about 50 of the past 60 months…while inflation and unemployment are rising in tandem across much of Euroland, particularly Italy. Have fun with that.

    1. Wonder if they’ll claim national security or some other BS as to why they cannot comment.

      1. nah, just tell issa to eat shite.

        1. I hope they take your brilliant advice. The coverup almost always causes more problems than the crime itself.

    1. He must have woken up this morning with a horse’s head in his bed

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  51. And, besides, I thought “negro” nipples where just fine to show on TV – I mean, they’re not really, completely human like the rest of us, right? Sometimes you see that disclaimer on the nature channels about “indigenous” nudity. Which is code for folks who are “the white man’s burden” I guess. And who remembers when Shaka Zulu was on TV back in the 70’s. Man, they had tons of practically naked “women of color” on that, some of them genuine babes with Playboy quality boobage. I guess that could slide because, mainly, it was the pre-religious right era and because it was historical. I seriously doubt they would ever show that on regular TV now. One step forward, 80 steps back.

    And swearing too. I remember when they showed Saving Private Ryan on regular TV uncut. They let all the “mother fuckers” and “Cock suckers” and regular old “fuckers” and “assholes” and the rest slide on that because it was “serious” entertainment. In any other context, you’re looking a million dollar fines. It’s all completely, fucking absurd and managed by people who are absurd.

    Here’s something truly absurd I saw once on some reality/medical show. Some woman was having breast reduction surgery and in the process they had to dissect the nipple from the breast and put it off to the side so they moved the blur to cover the nipple which was not even part of the breast at the time. I don’t know, are we defined by our stupidity or by the smart things we somehow manage to do?

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