Reason Morning Links: Federal Court Declares Janet Jackson's Wardrobe Malfunction a "Fleeting Obscenity," Obama Considered Bailing Out Solyndra, New Study Finds Not All College Kids Drink Themselves to Death


  • Ars Technica on Janet Jackson's notorious Nipple Bowl super slip: "A federal appeals court has ruled that the FCC acted improperly when it imposed a half-million dollar fine on CBS for broadcasting an image of Janet Jackson's exposed nipple for a fraction of a second during the 2004 Super Bowl. The court ruled that the broadcast was legal under the FCC's then-current policy of allowing 'fleeting' indecency on the airwaves, and that it was unfair of the FCC to change the policy retroactively."
  • WaPo advances the Solyndra saga: "Days before a solar panel maker collapsed, the Obama administration considered a bailout that would have provided an infusion of cash and made the federal government a part-owner of the company."
  • The most wanted man in Mexico made Forbes' "most powerful" list; the most (nominally) powerful man in Mexico did not.
  • Police are investigating the Texas monster family court judge who was caught on tape whipping his daughter for using the Internet.  
  • Police and Oakland Occupiers clashed last night. 
  • College kids: Not all of them are drinking themselves to death! 

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