Reason Morning Links: Debt-Cutting Super Committee Is Super Stuck, Cook County Pols Call for Pot Decriminalization, Congress Declares War on the Internet


  • Atlantic Wire: "With less than a month to go before the deadline to produce a debt deal, it appears that the Congressional deficit-reduction committee is nowhere close to a deal."
  • Cook County commissioner and Chicago aldermen propose decriminalizing small amounts of pot in Chicago and surrounding towns. 
  • GigaOm: "The Stop Online Piracy Act would give governments and private corporations unprecedented powers to remove websites from the internet on the flimsiest of grounds, and would force internet service providers to play the role of copyright police."
  • Eight congress critters now calling for Attorney General Eric Holder's resignation. 
  • President Obama breaks his pledge not to accept money from lobbyists to the tune of $5 million in campaign donations. 
  • Occupy evictions in San Diego and (soon) London
  • D.C. cops rob two legal head shops. 
  • Catholic liturgy to undergo huge change, sparking fears of "ritual whiplash."

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