Louisiana Outlaws Use of Cash at Goodwill, Flea Markets


As of this summer—in the hallowed name of theft prevention –Louisianians can no longer use cash in any transactions which involve used goods. Though it seems to have taken several months for business owners and everyone else to notice the new law, here is the motivation for House Bill 195, straight from the government horse's mouth (via klfy.com):

The law states those who buy or sell second hand goods are prohibited from using cash. State representative Rickey Hardy co-authored the bill.

Hardy says, "they give a check or a cashiers money order, or electronic one of those three mechanisms is used."

Hardy says the bill is targeted at criminals who steal anything from copper to televisions, and sell them for a quick buck. Having a paper trail will make it easier for law enforcement.

"It's a mechanism to be used so the police department has something to go on and have a lead," explains Hardy.

Classically sketchy pawn shops are exempt from this ban on cash (though they must also keep records), but not your friendly neighborhood Good Will or rummage sale.

As Lawyer Thad D. Ackel put it at sott.net:

The broad scope of this definition can essentially encompass everyone; from your local flea market vendors and buyers to a housewife purchasing goods on ebay or craigslist, to a group of guys trading baseball cards, they could all be considered secondhand dealers. Lawmakers in Louisiana have effectively banned its citizens from freely using United States legal tender. 

The law goes further to require secondhand dealers to turn over a valuable business asset, namely, their business' proprietary client information. For every transaction a secondhand dealer must obtain the seller's personal information such as their name, address, driver's license number and the license plate number of the vehicle in which the goods were delivered. They must also make a detailed description of the item(s) purchased and submit this with the personal identification information of every transaction to the local policing authorities through electronic daily reports. If a seller cannot or refuses to produce to the secondhand dealer any of the required forms of identification, the secondhand dealer is prohibited from completing the transaction. 

The rest of the rant/blog here. 

Reason on currency. Peter Suderman on how the government is also involved in your debit card transactions.

(Hat tip: commenter and poet laureate, sloopyinca.)


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  1. Wow. That is stupid.

    Goodwill’s about the only place I use cash because I don’t want them paying card fees.

    1. I’m outraged by what happens in Louisiana.
      I may not sleep tonight.

      1. Slaver.

      2. Well I am outraged that Louisiana allows any transactions without an RFID implanted in the brainstem. It’s freakin’ anarchy.

        1. Don’t give ’em any ideas!

  2. Well this is going to last all of 10 seconds when challenged in a court.

    And sloopy never did come through on the beer deal we talked about a few months ago, so FUCK his hat-tip.

    1. Jim, you magnificent bastard. E-mail me and i’ll get it in the mail. I’ve had it in the garage for months, but frankly forgot all about you since the name-change.

      1. You son of a bitch! We’ll get it going by email, and I’ll send you some cash.

        1. I’ve got some Ninkasi Spring Reign from Eugene, OR on your way. I’m dangerously low on the good Firestone. Gotta get back down to Paso Robles.

          You’ll like this, though. Good stuff.

          1. Know all ye who read these comments, that sloopyinca is one of the most kind-hearted, generous, intelligent, handsome, well-endowed, men to have ever walked the planet.

            Friend to animals, hero to the oppressed, bringer of earthly delights, arbiter of succession, and adjudicator of disputes, let none besmirch his name lest they find themselves at the mercy of God’s wrath.

            1. Kind of like the Lawgiver but for humans?

            2. This comment, all by itself, is a thing of beauty. I salute you Mr. Gojira and hereby award you accolades as wordsmith of the day.

      2. That’s odd. Not only no “beloved” but no reference to the fact that you are a commenter.

        1. I noticed that as well. At least they didn’t call him “sloppyinca.”

          1. Hannnng on, Sloppy, Sloppy hang on? Please.

        2. Lucy is apparently a bit parsimonious with the adjectives.

          1. Maybe she doesn’t have access to the Commenter Database? Seems sexist, if you ask me.

            1. Lucky for him, he isn’t “beloved,” something seemingly reserved for only for ne’er-do-wells and human medical testing subjects.

          2. Thankths for the thour perthimmonths, pal.

  3. I am a vendor. I have just given you an ipod, and you now owe me a debt of $50. Remind me again how the state of Louisiana has any say on how this debt is settled?

    1. “This note is legal tender for all debts public and private”

      1. Thank you, I was wondering how long it would take someone to get this up here.

        1. Did they mention Wampum? A collapsing State needs to consider Wampum!

          Evil cityState blahblah THX economisticism blahblah phlogiston theorum #1138.

          1. Phlogiston? Weak. Luminiferous ether is where it’s at, man.

            1. Yeah, but you have to put the ‘a’ on aether.

          2. I heard they take wampum at gamboling casinos.

            1. That wampum is just a shell game.

    2. Remind me again how the state of Louisiana has any say on how this debt is settled?

      We have a fuck of a lot of say in how every debt in this nation is settled.

  4. Beloved commenter sloppyinca?

    1. What is with you people today? You’re particularly narcissistic.

      1. It’s called a “running gag”, Lucy.

        And we’re not narcissistic, we’re megalomaniacal. Except for Jim. He’s gamboliacal.

        1. Fair enough. Proceed.

          1. You were right the first time, Lucy.

            1. “Hat tip: desperate mongoloid blogwhore rectal.”

              1. Swing and miss.

                1. Hurt that no one invited you to the last party, rectal? We’re sorry if you’re universally reviled. Oh, wait, no we’re not.

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                1. Don’t you think that’s better? Change is good, ProL. Like rebooting Star Trek, right?

                  1. You green-blooded knob-gobbler.

                  2. No, I do not. And you are well aware of my opinion of Star Wars Trek Academy.

                2. You were just moving out of the Dune references when I started reading this site. I miss it : (.

                  I constantly talk about breeding Calvin Johnson with some super-smart scientist chick in order to produce the kwisatz haderach, and nobody gets it.

                  Fun note: when I put “kwis” into google to find the correct spelling, the second suggestion that came up was, “kwisatz haderach obama”.

                  1. I haven’t completely stopped making Dune references. For instance, I still occasionally note that Nick is the God Editor of Reason, who took the sandcows as his skin.

                    Also, the Kwittheshitz Hadenough business wasn’t all that long ago.

                  2. All Dune references disappeared into an unknown universe after the “quittheshits hadenough” incident.

                    1. Damn you PL, damn you to hell!

                    2. [Nods to gorillas, who spray juris imprudent with a fire hose.]

                    3. I suggest you hide like the desert mouse, Pro’L Dib; I flunked the Supreme Conditioning and you’re all out of poison snoopers.

                      It’s time for the stone burners and I grow impatient with ye.

                    4. Hey, doc. Here, put your hand in this box.

                    5. Hey, doc. Here, put your hand in this box.

                      Yeah, like I’m falling for that one again!

                      Goodwill should trade in melange and Pundi rice and eschew currency.

                    6. I suggest you hide like the desert mouse, Pro’L Dib; I flunked the Supreme Conditioning and you’re all out of poison snoopers.

                      It’s time for the stone burners and I grow impatient with ye.

                    7. My secret name for commenting on sites that require registration is “Usul”. It means, “the douche at the base of the pillar”.

            3. It’s all running gags.

              It’s the only exercise we get.

            4. It’s running gags all the way down.

              1. Gags within gags within gags.

                1. Gags within gags within gags.

                  I see you survived your “encounter” with the Good Baron and lived to tell the tale.

                  1. Gagfla, the destraction.

                    1. Crap. Trying again: Gagfla, the distraction.

                    2. Oh, I thought you were trying to say, “Gagfla, the destruction“.

                  2. Bungalow #6, no pressure.

                    1. The gagophony is deafening.

                    2. I was the one who made references to the Dune film. Only after I read the absolutely phenomenal first book (less than a year ago), did I see how many ways the movie was disappointing.

                      Still, Sting will always be Feyd-Rautha, dammit.

                    3. We could start using this for references:


                      I watched every episode, but I was but a wee podling in those days.

                    4. I must seek that show out on DVD. I am uninitiated.

                    5. Just re-watched that on DVD. Still pretty funny.

                    6. I was going for the REALLY obscure sci-fi reference material…

        2. My goal in life is to make a comment using that word every single day either spoken or on the internet.

      2. That’s easy for you to say. You get a byline, and a bio page, and probably a salary.

        For those of us on the outside looking in, a little recognition is all we can hope for, and all that sustains us. We’ve already made hat-tipping a right, now we our rights extended to include adjectives.

        We are the 99% of H&R commenters!

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          (Send help.)

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            1. We’re libertarians narcissists. Admitting it is the first step to wellness.

              1. Right, “Epi”?

              2. Free Lucy? That’s great news. I was getting so tired of women who charge.

            2. We’re libertarians. What financial incentive is there for us to “send help”?

              This. And any help we do provide should somehow involve monocles.

              1. And any help we do STEVE SMITH provide[s] should somehow will involve monocles manacles.

                BTW, Lucy, have you been briefed and warned of the STEVE SMITH?

                I, OTOH, voluntarily agree to a tax deductible, charitable contribution.

                I would think Lucy would qualify as a worthy cause, though this Picard business is troublesome.

                1. I would think Lucy would qualify as a worthy cause, though this Picard business is troublesome.

                  Dude, cut her some slack. She’s, like, all of 12 years old. How is she supposed to know anything about classic TV?

                  1. . How is she supposed to know anything about classic TV?

                    Like all libertarians, both real and fake, she can study up.

                    1. TSNSTAAFL:

                      There is no such thing as a free Lucy.

                      Oh, it’s “free Lucy” as in “freedom”! My brain is full tonight, sorry, not think so goodly.

        2. I took out $300,000 dollars in loans to go to Commenter Finishing School.

          I am the 99% of H&R commenters!

          1. Yeah. Because you’re so fat.

        3. Speak for yourself, Hugh. I’m a paid commenter.

          1. How do I get the Kochs to pay me to advocate policies I know are bad?

            1. Watch NOVA wearing these glasses.

              1. “I came here to kick ass and listen to Carl Sagan, and Carl Sagan is dead.”

                1. Put on the glasses.

                  1. Not this year.

                    1. I prefer the contacts. They don’t give me a headache after wearing them for a few hours.

                    2. It’s like a drug. Wearing these glasses gets you high, but you come down hard.

                    3. I don’t want to fight you.

                      *fights for next forty minutes*


    2. Is “beloved” anything like “whacking material”?

  5. Hat tip: sloopyinca

    “Hat tip: imbecilic defenestrator sloopyinca.”

      1. There’s a poster named Epi on reason.
        Who comments regardless of season.
        Now he can’t get no dates.
        So he sits home and ‘bates.
        Even using his left hand is treason.

        1. Awesome. I love it. Do NutraSweet!

          1. SugarFree spends his day in the stacks.
            Injecting insulin and smoking his crack.
            His bloodstream is junk.
            And he lives like a monk.
            After this one, I’m watching my back.

            1. Ohhhhh snap!

            2. If only I could hat tip you again.

          2. There once was a poster named Free
            Whose posts Lil’ Lucy did see
            They reeked of blown sheep
            Like his Saccharin Man Meat
            And “ZOMG!” Lil’ Lucy did flee

            Reason, moar Steigerwald articles, STAT!

            That is all.

        2. There’s A poster named Epi on reason
          Who comments regardless of season.
          Now He can’t get no dates.
          So He sits home and ‘bates.
          Even Using his left hand is treason.

          You’re welcome.

          1. Rectal the fucking pedant.
            Has a love life that is rather scant.
            We all hate her guts,
            Cause she’s fucking nuts.
            And has the writing skills of a plant.

            1. And has the writing skills of a plant.

              Are you referring to that bizarre plant erotica fiction that Epi wrote about rather?

              1. We pay good money for plant erotica. Also, furries.

            2. sloopyinca|12.25.10 @ 3:21PM|# First, bob, I believe there was consent on Mary’s part. Second, those of us believe that God lives all around us and in each of our hearts, challenging us to be better men and women. Yes, we do believe their son gave his life for our sins and did come back to life after three days. I believe there were stories attesting to the resurrection penned by multiple non-believers and skeptics as well as his followers.
              And, yes, we believe that if you accept that Jesus died for your sins, your salvation is guaranteed.
              I guess I fail to understand your need to ridicule Christianity. I can’t find your rants in the archives where you belittle Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Neo-Paganism, Scientology, Unitarianism, and the like.
              Oh, I get it. You just need to be a hater.
              FYI, the true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the gifts we have been given and to spend time with those we love. Some of us watch some basketball, some of us try to play with the toys we bought our kids. Some of us play golf. Some of us get drunk. (I usually end up doing all four.) Oh, and I’m able to celebrate it without infringing on your liberty, so fuck off and have a Merry Christmas.

              and fuck your god

              1. Fuck your blog, rather. It is terrible.

                1. Art, how can you be mean? We are both just artists 🙁

  6. At least it wasn’t “sloppyinca.” He hates that.

    1. Then he should stay out The Valley.

    2. He hates it because it’s true.

    3. Huh. And here I thought “sloopyinca” was the typo.

    4. “no, I can’t see her again, after I gave her a sloppy inca.”

  7. So cash is no longer legal tender? I’m confused

    1. That’s gambol! But gambol quite right.
      The gambol is inherent in gamboling.

          1. SLOTH LOVE CHUNK!


  8. Another law to file under “presumed guilty until proven innocent.”

  9. I’d have to noodle on this a while, but I’m pretty sure states have no say in what currency can be accepted when the currency was issued by the United States.

    1. The implication seems to be nobody noticed this is a law now. I wonder how long it will take for someone to challenge it.

      1. Or care.

      2. I doubt they’d fight a legal challenge, as it would go straight to federal court, and they’d almost certainly lose.

        1. This all goes to my suggestion that the Supremes be required to get off their lazy asses and certify the constitutionality of all legislation before it can be enacted. I call it my 9-9-9 Plan.

          1. I’ve been thinking that among the Censor’s other vast, ungovernment powers, I would add the ability to review enacted laws for constitutionality on a regular basis.

          2. You sure you want to do that?

            That will cement even more the notion that Socio-Marxo’s wealth redistribution schemes can only win in the courts and making Marshall eternal judicial wet dream a reality: A judical “democracy”, henceforth, portmanteau Judocracy. And I don’t mean of the Kato variety.

            1. Which is why we need the Censorial branch and not some black-robed lawyers doing it.

              1. I thought that in the end, the vox populi was the Censorial branch?

                1. The populus has been vox-inated to believe otherwise, except when the pilfering of others’ money is involved and/or furthering the eco-theological religion and Censoring a counter-narrative is primum.

      3. Wait a minute, if this is a law doesn’t that mean Jindal signed it?

        1. That was my first thought too. I’m hoping this was attached to some other piece of legislation so my respect for Jindal (what little I have for politicians in general) doesn’t drop some more.

    2. I’d have to noodle on this a while, but I’m pretty sure states have no say in what currency can be accepted when the currency was issued by the United States.

      Legal Eagles: Is there any historical precedent about states or other locales essentially banning the federal currency? I’m guessing something leading up to the war b’tween the states?

      1. I don’t believe that there was a federal currency before the Civil War. In fact, it was Lincoln who “created” federal currency to fund the war efforts, if I am not mistaken. Before Legal Tender Laws, there was the era of “Free Banking”, where banks could, and did, issue their own notes. Along with the Legal Tender Laws was a tax on all private bank notes, of 10%, IIRC.

        I’d have to go back and check Rothbard’s History of Money and Banking, but I’m feeling lazy right now.

  10. The Shat sings Queen

    1. Canada’s greatest gift to the United States.

      1. I liked the idea someone had on here earlier this year, where we change the constitution so that he can be elected president, and he also simultaneously wins election as premier in Canada.

        He spends alternating days there and here as Premier Shatner and President Kirk (I see America as wanting the more kick-ass version).

        1. That sounds like something I said, but maybe I just thought it.

        2. It’s called a Prime Minister here.

          1. Although if he could also be Premier of every province whilst being Prime Minister and President? That would be kick ass.

          2. Pfft, Prime Minister, Premier, what the fuck ever. As if anyone gives a shit about how they do things in America Jr.


          3. Shatner rejected the idea that he would be Governor-General but was okay with becoming Prime Minister. I remember talking about that.

      2. “How can you do a spoken word version of a rap song?”

  11. First I have heard of this…..

    Ricky Hardy can go fuck himself. He probably will…we are having an election saturday.

    I dont know about Ricky’s cash, but mine says ‘legal tender for all debts public and private’
    I will continue to use the stuff and store owners will continue to take it. Really Rickster, go fuck yourself.

    1. It seems the primary blame lies with Clif Richardson from Baton Rouge. Ugh….I love this state but our legislators certainly take first place for unmitigated stupidity. Cliffy can go fuck himself too.

      1. Cliff Richard has a son in the Louisiana legislature?

  12. My thrift store would begin selling brand new, original, manufactured on site mathematical artwork, said artwork would have numbers printed on it. This artwork is otherwise known as a handwritten receipt in the remaining 49 states and is normally provided free of charge. In my Louisiana Thrift store, this is the new product I would sell for cash. Along with each piece of artwork sold, would be a free gift whose value was closely related to the cost of said original artwork and proven of interest to the purchaser of my art. There, I fixed it. Isn’t that what the government intended, a test of my problem solving skills?

    1. You sir…are a genius!

    2. They would simply regulate what is considered “art.”

      Now, if you threw in some interpretive dance and tasteful nudity…

    3. Whoa… worthy of Lazarus Long himself!

    4. Jim,
      In one of the books regarding the post WWII US economy, there’s the story of the car dealer’s dog.
      Since auto prices were ‘fixed’, the guy would sell you the car for the ‘fixed’ price, but you also had to buy his dog at a negotiated price.
      Somehow the dog always showed up in time for the next transaction.
      See how ‘fixed’ prices work?

    5. Ah, but that would be a tying contract.

      1. Bravo, Jim A. Bravo.

        1. Ahh, a legacy of WWII-era price and production controls, an era that people like Tony revere because some socialist fucktard with polio was president during some of it.

  13. If you are a LA Congresscritter can you still keep cash in your freezer?

    1. Only during national disasters.

  14. What do you want to bet this guy stays up and night wondering how drugs still exist since they’ve been illegal so long?

    If this law wouldn’t just be universally ignored it would just create a new job for middlemen; retirees would become bank account having middlemen between the Chamber of Commerce members and the petty thieves.

  15. Warty said it earlier. This has been the best comment day in a long time.

    1. Did White Idiot finally get banned? His nonsense seemed to disappear late this morning, and then all was right with the commenting.

      1. Gambol? *sad voice* Gambol.

        1. Hodor! Hodor!

      2. Rectal’s been busy rectaling, but she hasn’t been doing much White Indianing today. I’m not sure which is better.

        1. Wait, they’re not the same person. No way. Please?

          1. All signs point to yes.

            1. I’ll give a donation to Reason, if you can prove it

              Epiranoia is delusional as usual; Warty is just….I’ll have to invent a word

            2. Dunno.
              WI’s cherry-picking is the sign of a very dedicated whacko; the links to fringe ‘historians’, the (non-contexted) quotes pulled from a whole lot of sources, the ‘clever’ rejoinders, etc. A real depth to that particular delusion.
              Rectal, OTOH, doesn’t seem to have devoted any real effort to his/her trolling; simplistic posts similar to shithead’s efforts.

              1. Because I’m a masochist, I’ve read millions of WI posts, and based upon my observations I would respectfully disagree with your assessment, sevo.

                WI only has about 5 sources that he constantly copy and pastes from, and if you visit the website from which he gets his info you’ll see that he usually quotes a quote from the very first page. Furthermore, his rejoinders maybe number in the low 1’s, and again they are mostly copied and pasted verbatim over and over again ad nauseum.

                I think that the thing behind the WI persona has a word file with all of his posts already written, and when it wants to get its jollies it comes here to copy and paste. This is the reason, I hypothesize, that we see this person more on front page linked stories than on h & r features, especially liveblogging events. In those times the conversation moves too fast for it and it doesn’t have enough time to throw its feces and also take a step back to admire its handiwork.

                WI has basically admitted that it’s an act and the aim is to inflame and annoy. Anyone seeking honest debate or conversation with such a person only feeds into that all the more.

                If you talk to it then you’re part of the problem.

                1. No shit, it’s obviously some liberal douche who thinks he’s really clever. In his mind pointing that we live in civilization exposes our hypocrisy. Why anybody thinks that he actually believes in hunting and gathering is beyond me.

                  At least that is what I would put my money on if I were a gamboling man.

                  1. “Why anybody thinks that he actually believes in hunting and gathering is beyond me.”
                    Please, Apatheist, do NOT respond to any supposed ‘point’ made by WI.
                    It provides food for vermin which means we’ll get vermin shit.

                    1. That’s what I’m saying, it seems obvious to me that he is trolling and yet some people try to point out the error of his positions. There is no point in that when they aren’t his actual positions.

                2. “If you talk to it then you’re part of the problem.”
                  ABSOLUTELY agree, and I got OM to finally stop troll-feeding this morning. WI was/is posting here only for attention.
                  But having not read (not “ignored”) many of WI’s posts, I hadn’t realized they were as repetitive as you mention.
                  I stand corrected.

                3. cap l is dead on, and just another example of it being rectal. It’s her schtick.

    2. If only I had time to fish the web for good hat tip articles. Sadly, I don’t. I’ll never be anything here.

  16. Instead of several replies:
    should take care of it

    1. Did a stupid whore say something stupid, guys? All signs point to yes.

      1. All signs gambol to yes.

        1. Where do whores gambol?

          1. Where blogpimps fear to tread.

        2. I will permit it to gambol over me and through me.
          And when it has gamboled past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
          Where the fear has gamboled there will be nothing.
          Only I will remain.

          1. Excellent.

          2. And they said Dune references were dead.

  17. Does this law extend to drug dealers?

    1. I dunno ’bout you, but I like all my drugs to be brand-spankin’-new. Some wise guy tries to sell me some used drugs, he’s cruisin’ for a bruisin’.


      1. Very folksy. Are you runnin’ for pubic office?

        1. “public”! Preview…friend, etc.

          1. Freudian slip?

      2. he’s cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

        Do you sound anything like the chick who uses that phrase on the end of Money? That would be so hot.

      3. I’ve know drug dealers to take “used” items in exchange for drugs. Particularly, gold jewelry. Apparently, this law applies to both sides of the transaction.

  18. Oh, and the headline is misleading.
    I was curious as to why outlaws in LA were using cash in only two locations.

  19. Proof, once again, that a special kind of stupid exists in Louisiana.

    1. As an anarchist living amongst the intentionally ignorant here in Louisiana, amen to that !

  20. Can I pay in Heineken?

  21. There’s been talk of a “cashless society” in Europe for about 20 years now. They keep saying its going to happen.

  22. Never happen in the UK; barkeeps don’t like credit cards and you’re pretty much guaranteed the service cold shoulder.

    1. ^^^’Twas in response to Whipple.

      User error.

      1. On an unrelated note, I’m glad the English adapted decimal currency. In the age of pre-decimal currency, I would’ve been begging those English barkeeps to let me use a credit card.

  23. So I still get cash for my deposit at the sperm bank?

    1. Take your pick of rejoinders: “Shit was so cash!”, or “Dat’s da Money Shot!”

  24. Anybody else watching the World Series? The tard behind the booth is absolutely astounded by infrared technology.

  25. Congratulations You Won!

    Congratulations, Reason, I’m now using ad blocker. How could you not know random noise in your advertisements annoys people?

    1. What are these “ads” you speak of?

  26. All this means is that we’ll have to buy used jeans on the black market.

    You never know, it could be a good thing. Maybe they’ll throw in a free 20 sack with our jeans.

  27. [State representative] Hardy says the bill is targeted at criminals who steal anything from copper to televisions, and sell them for a quick buck.

    Yeah, right.

    If a seller cannot or refuses to produce to the secondhand dealer any of the required forms of identification, the secondhand dealer is prohibited from completing the transaction.

    I don’t know how many times we as Libertarians and free market advocates have to say this: These laws are never ever written for their stated purpose but to limit the competition of the politically well-connected:

    “Classically sketchy pawn shops are exempt from this ban on cash (though they must also keep records)”

  28. Outlawing cash sales is a prerequisite for implementing the “fair” tax or 9-9-9.

  29. File this law under “F” for

    Fucking ignore

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  31. reason???why???reason…so perfect

  32. What you did there, Lucy. I see it.

  33. Stupid law. Jindal disappoints me. There are so many things wrong with it.

    One easy way around it is to sell brand new “tickets” for cash, then exchange the tickets for the item.

  34. I live in New Orleans and had never even heard of this. I guess that this is a perfect example of what some in the legislature think that they should be doing when people aren’t paying attention. Think of how many businesses in the French Quarter that this law could shut down. The used bookstores, antique stores, curio shops will all be in trouble if this law is as draconian as it appears to be. If Bobby Jindal actually signed this law, I’m a little disappointed.

  35. How unconstitutional is this?! “This note is legal tender for all debts public and private”

  36. I guess we will just have to use bitcoins.

  37. the link to the rant leads to some other pretty sketchy/lulzy articles.

    1. Yeah, I got that impression. But the bolded point still stands.

  38. I have spoken to Rickey Hardey, one of the state reps responsible for this blatantly unconstitutional “law.” He has NO concept of the rule of law or the currency laws of this country. NONE.

  39. I’m imagining a group of people who don’t have bank accounts or credit cards. They’re poor, and so they tend to shop at used goods places like Goodwill or flea markets, since they can’t afford new. And now they can’t even do that.

    Way to go, Louisiana.

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