City Regulations Scare Away Haunted House


The youthful entrepreneurial spirit suffered another setback at the hands of regulators this Halloween season, as Fremont, California has ordered teenager Christopher Stelle to destroy his homegrown haunted house.

KGO-TV reports:

According to the citation, Stelle is in violation of two city codes. It's an improper use of land and the temporary haunted house was built without a permit.

For two months they've been assembling a haunted house which is situated between two different residences. But following receipt of the citation from the city of Fremont, they've been ordered to take the whole thing down in six days. They're hoping for a reprieve.

Perhaps an invitation-only policy would satiate the city:

Fremont does grant permits for temporary backyard structures—usually tents—for limited-invitation events such as weddings, but not for a haunted house that is open to the general public, [Planning Manager Barbara] Meerjans said.

The family does not charge admission, though they do give donations received through the attraction to charities and volunteer organizations.

Part of an ongoing saga of the man bringing young entrepreneurs down.