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Idea of War on Salt is Clearly Republican Fearmongering


Both Mother Jones and Media Matters find it darkly telling that Fox News and the Daily Caller have expressed worries over a potential War on Salt, provoked by the FDA's recent pledge to further look into the matter of health and sodium intake.

The Mother Jones blog—headlined "The War on Salt is the New Death Panels"—is mostly just scornful of the supposed fearmongering at work here. Whoever is in charge of their twitter even further goaded the official Fox News account in this tweet.

Here is Media Matters' highlighted quote of the Fox News exchange, with the full video at the link.

BRIAN KILMEADE (co-host): I know you know the war on terror is going on, and you've accepted that. Can you accept the war on salt? It's official.


[T]here is an official war on salt, despite recent studies that show that salt really isn't that bad for you.

CARLSON: So the FDA has opened up now a formal inquiry into salt reduction, so what is that going to mean? Will we now see that you can't eat salt in your own home, potentially? I mean, you know, they've already done that with smoking, et cetera. Not really sure. The interesting thing is, some people are actually told to eat more salt—like me. Eat more salt, your blood pressure is too low. So, you know, you can't really just apply this across the board for everyone.

KILMEADE: Right. Well, there's a new study that shows, they did a study, and they showed—studied people over long term, 3,700 people. They showed over time, cardiovascular death rate was highest among those with less salt. Can you please put that in before we start a war on salt? 

DOOCY: So the thing is, the science is not settled, and yet, the government has a bee in their bonnet. They want us to stop eating so much salt and sugar and stuff like that. The food police are rearing their head now that they have called for public comments on how to achieve salt reduction across the country. Goodie.

Yes, the tone is ominous, the phrasing is slightly weird. But why all the left-wing fearmongering over the dangers of right-wing food police fearmongering? 

Mother Jones' final words:

Keep in mind that even if the FDA came out with rules, it wouldn't be deploying salt cops to your local Big Boy to confiscate all the salt shakers. It would merely be setting guidelines about the amount of salt in processed, packaged foods—the kind of foods where people unknowingly consume all kinds of sodium currently…

Fox's use of the "science isn't settled argument" when it comes to salt. Sound familiar? In this case, the network managed to find one study that contradicts the vast majority of scientific research that indicates excessive salt intake is unhealthy, and then used it to create the impression that the conclusion is somehow controversial. It's something that Fox does regularly when the subject is climate change, too. And just like in that example, it's entirely false.

Ha ha ha. Armed agents of the government being deployed to prohibit consumer choices! Someone has been reading too much

It's not even whether these writers have heard about incidents like armed raids against sellers of raw milk, the last several decades of the drug war, or even this fellow named Michael Bloomberg. The not-so-subtle thesis of both these articles is that the moment something is proven or suggested to be harmful by enough experts, to resist heavy-handed regulations (or to fear them) is to be anti-science. 

Reason dispatches from the salty front lines. Reason on why mandating nutritional labeling doesn't magically turn us into Iron Men. on the federal fight against the raw milk peril. 


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  1. When I question whether or not science should be government-funded, I always turn to examples like these for guidance. I’d be willing to bet that the vast majority of American taxpayers desire (or at least don’t mind) government-funding for science. But I’m always aware that no matter what gets accomplished, there’s always some government thug that’ll use science as a rational for enslaving people.

    1. *rationale

      stupid government-funded education

      1. Government funding of science is stupid because it can only be one of two things:

        1. The public supports the science, in which case they can send their checks directly to the researchers and skip all the graft and waste the govt injects operating as the middle man.

        2. The public does not support the science their taxes are paying for, in which case we do not have a government which operates with consent of the governed.

        1. and same goes for welfare and foreign aid and anything else the govt does which simply amounts to sending out checks.

        2. I go for 1.

          I’m not calling the American people stupid. It’s probably more likely the system has become so commonly accepted that people just passively allow it to exist.

        3. Can you imagine the commercials on TV….

          …come, support research into “The Female Orgasm; myth or magic?”

          1. Depending on what they eventually publish, I could see that getting a LOT of support.

    2. There’s also the fact that it politicizes people into desiring funding for their particular science.

      See the pink ribbon bullies for an example. There are lots of diseases that have worse prognoses than the one the pink ribbon bullies fight, diseases for which people might not recognize the symptoms. Yet suggest there be less funding for pink ribbon awareness and people will think you’re inhuman.

  2. The food police have a single head? I think there’s a war on making sense.

    1. Please, don’t think… you’re not being paid to think.

      1. If he were, he’d be making minimum wage.

        1. Abolish minimum wage.

  3. I had a client who sold alternative healthcare products. The FTC brought him to court and took over a million from his company. Government regulations in the name of health are not idle threats.

    1. We’re here to prevent that from happening in the future: . Affordable clinical trials to substantiate that your product really does what you say it does.

  4. These nimrods might want to read what the right-wing, fear-mongering
    Scientific American says about the War on Salt.

    1. It is only right-wing when Fox news covers it.

    2. Plus I think media matters writers are kept in sensory deprivation chambers and armed only a with a full library of Marxist works and 24 hours of Fox news pumped intravenously directly to their brains.

      You have to admit this modified Ludovico technique does produce entertaining results.

    3. “Nimrod” is a hunter. You can look it up, as they say. I, too, thought “nimrod” was another word for “idiot.” Apparently, Bugs Bunny cartoons have made quite an impact on us baby boomers.

      Please don’t take this as a jab. I just find the whole nimrod thing fascinating.

      1. The fuck you say?…The fuck YOU say, motherfucker?!

      2. It was 80s slang.

      3. What a maroon. What a ignoranimus!

        1. Don’t forget imbecile and long-eared galloot.

          1. Long-eared galloot

            You are showing your age with that one, Doc. Nice to see you back.

        2. What a terr-er-er-a-goon-de-ay.

      4. I thought Nimrod was a an X-men robot Villain and future descendant of the sentinels.

      5. Calvin once called someone a “grade-A nimrod” in one of the strips. I LOL’d.

        1. Did it lose its comedic value when you found out he was talking about Ted Nugent, and it was a factually accurate statement?

          1. The Nuge is more of a grade-A nutbar rather than a nimrod, I’d say.

      6. Nimrod (Hebrew: ????????, Modern Nimrod Tiberian Nimr?? Aramaic: ?????? Arabic: ??????) is, according to the Book of Genesis and Books of Chronicles, the son of Cush and great-grandson of Noah and the king of Shinar. He is depicted in the Tanakh as a man of power in the earth, and a mighty hunter. Extra-Biblical traditions associating him with the Tower of Babel led to his reputation as a king who was rebellious against YHWH. Several Mesopotamian ruins were given Nimrod’s name by 8th century Arabs[1] (see Nimrud).

        1. I withdraw my earlier Ted Nugent reference.

          Nimrod sounds more like….STEVE SMITH!!!

      7. bugs bunny called people “maroons”. considering the origin of that word, it’s not exactly pc

        1. I always thought it was his way of pronouncing “moron” to make it pc at the time.

  5. so a cold war general worrying about contamination of American precious fluids by out side forces in 1964….

    When did Mother Jones become an arm of the establishment?

    1. Round about the same time that the Village Voice “alt” weeklies did, I reckon.

    2. I wonder how MoJo would feel about government-sponsored ads instructing the people who they should vote for, or what religion they should follow? But apparently this kind of hectoring is different, because it’s about health, and only stupid Republicans could disagree with it.

  6. I wonder when Mother Jones will advocate to keep their laws off my body.

    1. Was that laws or claws?

      1. Keep your claws outta my craw!

        1. Read ^^this^^ in Engrish and it gets confusing.

          1. Not “Craw”, “C?aw”!

            1. You have my gratitude.

    2. Ya know, back in 2000, when Gore was running for President, I wanted to stand up at one of those MTV question periods, and say, “Mr. Gore, if a woman has an expectation of privacy when considering aborting a fetus, why shouldn’t she have an expectation of privacy when she sticks a joint in her mouth?”

      1. The anti-cigarette pricks/prickettes need to answer the same question.

    3. Meh. Bodies are for hookers and fat people.

      1. “I’m Al Gore. And these are my Vice Presidential Action Rangers! A group of top nerds who’s sole duty it is to prevent disruptions in the space-time continuum.”

        1. Civil Defense Van: Thank you all for coming. It is my pleasure to present the host of the Kyoto global warming conference. The inventor of the environment, and first emperor of the moon, Al Gore!

          Al Gore: I have ridden the mighty moon worm!

          [Crowd cheers]

          Fry: Good for him.

      2. “I remember my body. Flabby, pasty skin, riddled with phlebitis – a good republican body. God, I loved it.”

    4. Your body, my choice!

      1. Well that about sums it up, well done.

  7. Remember when joe would try to convince us Media Matters was a non-partisan organization.

    Good times.

    1. joe made many, many, many disingenuous and outright stoopidly outlandish claims. I wonder if he is a puddle of jello post full metal fetal position right now as a result of witnessing the disaster his saviour is.

      1. Denying reality for partisan reasons was never a problem for joe. I’m sure he’s just fine, making excuses for Obama faster and furious-er than Warty chasing down a pregnant woman for dinner.

      2. He’s a party guy first. He’ll latch on to the next party torch carrier.

      3. Nah, that’s what the doublethink is for.

  8. The new death panels? I gotta tell you, I thought that was a valid criticism. Somebody decides who lives and who dies in socialized medicine.

    What’s odd about government action against salt is that I believe the medical opinion on salt has switched considerably away from SALT KILLS! in recent years.

    1. Criticizing Death Panels are the new McCarthyism.

    2. It has Pro L. But we can’t ruin a perfectly good, all encompassing behavior narrative here.

      There are, of course, medical conditions where the careful monitoring of NaCL intake should be observed, most notably essential HTN (hypertension); but, by in large, the consumption of iodized salt will not kill you. In fact, for some people with the condition of hyponatremia (low serum levels of sodium) extra salt is desireable.

      1. There’s a doctor in the house!

        1. What the fuck does a doctor know? He isn’t in the business of forging public policy.

          1. Science is too important to be left in the hands of scientists.

        2. I’m no doctor, but I am a physiologist, and I agree with GM. Unless you are salt-sensitive and have hypertension, or if you have renal disease, you’re body will get rid of any excess.

      2. i marshalled a ultramarathon where a guy died of that. too much water, not enough electrolytes (sodium potassium etc.) and he died.

    3. According to one of my BILs who is in fact a doctor, if you have high blood pressure you can maybe help it by eating bland food for the rest of your life, but you can definitely help it by taking a pill.

      Other than that there’s nothing to worry about from enjoying salt.

    4. Just like a lot of this nonsense, people still think eggs and coffee are bad for you. The harm lasts for decades. Too much caffeine before bed is bad since it makes you sleep less and have restless sleep, but other than that, coffee is actually very healthy for most people. And eggs are like the perfect food, given that they are meant to contain everything a bird needs to grow and develop.

  9. “”It would merely be setting guidelines about the amount of salt in processed, packaged foods?the kind of foods where people unknowingly consume all kinds of sodium currently…””

    Here’s an idea, companies can sell reduced sodium versions of their products.

    Oh wait, that started decades ago.

    1. But it lacks the added flavor of compulsion.

      1. I love the smell of compulsion in the morning. It smells like righteousness.

    2. And people tended to eschew those products because they tasted like [insert whatever vomit inducing imagery you wish]. Fact is, people like the taste of salt. It’s quite vital to maintaining the level of fluid/electrolyte balance necessary for proper neural function.

      1. I picture you, Groovus, as a younger version of Doc Cottle.

        1. Stupid Sugarfree…grumblegrumble.


    3. … where people unknowingly consume all kinds of sodium…

      Fucking nutritional information boxes, how do they work?

  10. Keep in mind that even if the FDA came out with rules, it wouldn’t be deploying salt cops to your local Big Boy to confiscate all the salt shakers. It would merely be setting guidelines about the amount of salt in processed, packaged foods?the kind of foods where people unknowingly consume all kinds of sodium currently…

    “So even if the science for it is bad, don’t worry – your government will not impose itself that much on your decisions, just a little! Just a tad, nothing to worry about!”

    The creepiness is strong on these ones…

  11. Just ask those who try to sell or even just simply consume raw milk if the government uses armed raids.

    Because they do.…..raids.html

    1. Is breastfeeding next? That’s about as raw as it gets.

      1. kind of ironic that you mentioned that. there are people who make cheese out of breast milk

        and in many locales, the govt. does NOT approve. it’s a total black market.

  12. Is it just me, or is government becoming more like that needy ex-girlfriend that won’t stop stalking you?

    1. This is a very good analogy. Consider it stolen.

    2. Don’t worry, I’m just going to film you in that restaurant with your new girlfriend, just a little bit. You won’t even know I’m there. You won’t even see me hiding in your hedges, waiting for you to bring her home with you, and you won’t even know I’m hacking into your email and voice mail. It’s not like I’m going to stop you from dating her or anything.

  13. Both Mother Jones and Media Matters

    See, there’s yer problem, right there.

    1. Well, yeah. The numb acceptance of partisan hypocrisy is setting in, but I’m young yet. I still have hopes that these people can at least be consistent.

      1. But they are, Lucy. They consistently defer to Top Men to make decisions for them…and everybody else in the process.

        1. When We say “jump”, you better bend over.

  14. rethugs dont like sceince salt si bad everone know that so is globed warning the foming winnguts thnk teh bible is nly think we need

      1. Sopors, probably, methaqualung. And broken ship quay.

    1. Seriously: just because you feel better doesn’t mean you can stop taking them.

    2. My olfactory warning sensors have alerted me to excessive levels of flatulence. Did one of you meat bags lose control of your double anus? Not cool! Srsly.


  15. Will we now see that you can’t eat salt in your own home, potentially? I mean, you know, they’ve already done that with smoking, et cetera.

    Since when do Republicans not care about what people do in the privacy of their homes?

  16. The Mother Jones claim that it will only end up setting guidelines for prepackaged foods is disingenuous at best. There are already guidelines established that set levels for “low sodium” or “reduced sodium” for prepackaged foods, and the salt content in all prepackaged foods must be disclosed on the packaging.

    No, this is a veiled attack on restaurants and how they prepare the foods that people want. It is merely a continuation of the idiotic policies where restaurants have to list the calories for items on their menus. The next step will be the grams of fat for each item, then the disclosures will turn to directives.

    Baby steps work for the statist assholes too.

    1. And what the Na-control folk will conveniently forget while they’re telling the restaurant how to cook, is that putting salt on the food after it is cooked is NOT the same as adding it during preparation. In fact, one frequently has to add more salt post cooking. But, they know best!

  17. Keep in mind that even if the FDA came out with rules, it wouldn’t be deploying salt cops to your local Big Boy to confiscate all the salt shakers. It would merely be setting guidelines about the amount of salt in processed, packaged foods?the kind of foods where people unknowingly consume all kinds of sodium currently.

    Ah, so the salt cops will merely be sent to the factory where the food is packaged. I don’t see it, so it doesn’t happen.

    As for the “unknowing” line, if Americans don’t know how much sodium is in the packaged food they eat, it’s because they don’t care enough to look at the flerking label on the side of the package.

    1. exactly, i may be in the minority here, in that i have no problem with mandated labeling

      but it ENDS THERE.

      people are responsible for what shit they shove down their throats.


      and the idea of the war on salt is entirely reasonable, considering that san francisco actually banned HAPPY FUCKING MEALS FOR FUCK’S SAKE!!!

      if i ever go there, i want to bring a few dozen happy meals and start selling them on a street corner. i’d probably get busted much faster for that, than selling crack

      1. but it ENDS THERE.

        Gosh, you’d think that, but it never does. Funny that.

        You’d also think that you would have learned that lesson by now.

        1. spare me the slippery slope arguments/fallacies.

          i admit that i am not a libertarian purist ™ in that i am not offended by mandatory labeling of basic foodstuffs at the grocery store

          i draw a bright line between labeling, that ADDS information w/o limiting choice, … and… limiting choice

  18. The question is:

    Is the Republican war on the anti-science Democratic war on Republican fearmongering just Republican fearmongering?

    Is the Democratic war on the anti-science Republican war on Democratic fearmongering just Democratic fearmongering?

    1. Go fuck yourself, retard. There is no “war on science.”. That is a bullshit meme perpetrated by the advocates for state control just to marginalize those who would oppose their agenda.

      I point you to Exhibit A: Global. Fucking. Warming.

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  19. Is the term fearmongering only useful for fearmongering?

    1. I think we’ve reached that point, yes.

      1. Except when I use it to critique liberals who are using it to critique conservatives who they believe are fearmongering. Obviously.

        1. Both Teams do it, Lucy.

          Unfortunately, I should add.

        2. Fearmonger!

        3. tm;df (too meta; didn’t follow)

  20. Here’s a test for the FDA: why don’t the ant-sodium crowd go completely salt free for a southern summer. Then, we can check their mortality as compared to a control group of average rednecks and see which group has more cases of heatstroke etc.

    These dudes aren’t worth their salt!

  21. In case anyone was wondering, Terra Nova sucks.

    1. I had no illusions it would be anything else.

      Spielberg had his day. Long ago.

      1. I was more worried about Brannon Braga’s involvement, who I still harbor grudges against from back in his STTNG days (forget his Voyager episodes! barf).

        1. Having endured the run of Flash Forward, I can tell you that Braga is still only capable of generating bland, unimaginative, milquetoast drama.

      2. I mean, seriously? What did these carnosaurs eat before the humans came? They seem very single minded about eating people, even if they have to get shot and bang their heads against armored cars in the process.

        1. Did the supposed genius girl just say that the stars in the sky have changed because the universe expanded in the subsequent 85 million years?

          The stars we can see are all in the same galaxy as us, dumbass. They change positions because of the sun rotating around the galactic center.

        2. dude that is the least of the shows problems.

          The human race can fucking time travel yet somehow can’t solve a pollution problem or overpopulation which mind you both have already been “solved” a couple of decades ago.

          1. Watching the West coast feed right now. I swear to God I want that whiny little bitch teenage son to be mauled by a raptor.

            And yeah, if you can create enough energy to open a fissure in the space-time continumn, surely you could create generation ships a la “Firefly”.

            1. And yeah, if you can create enough energy to open a fissure in the space-time continumn, surely you could create generation ships a la “Firefly”.

              You forgot the space part of that fissure in space-time.

              85 million years ago the earth was not where it is today not only does the fissure travel through time it must also travel through space….why the fuck not use it to travel anywhere/anywhen in the galaxy?

              1. I missed the first 15 minutes (and almost all the rest and have no intention of watching it in the future) so maybe this was covered: how is it that they can’t go “back to the future” but the future knows that the time-traveling works?

                1. Good point, I don’t think they covered how information is sent back to the future. The fact that it’s another time stream precludes the possibility of leaving something there to be found later like the telegram and DeLorean in Back to the Future part III.

          2. And why did they travel back to the time of the dinosaurs instead of the Permian when there was nothing bigger than a Dimetrodon living on land?

      3. Speaking of has-been directors…

        The Star Wars BluRays. W. T. F.

        It’s like he figures out what the fans hated the most about the prequels and shoves it into ROTJ. In 2004 it was Jar Jar’s “weesa fwee!” during the celebration scene at the end, now the infamous “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!” when DV kills the Emperor?

        1. Actually when you think about it, someone always yells “NOOOOO” in Star Wars.

          Episode 1: Obi-Wan after Qui-gon is stabbed.
          Episode 2: Anakin after Padme falls from the heliocopter
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          And now Episode 6.

          1. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

          2. I yell “NOOOOOO” whenever I learn there’s going to be another episode, and when my wife asks me if I want to go see it.

      4. It’s been downhill since Duel.

    2. the whole genre hit its peak with Reign of Fire.

      wtf are distopian time traveling dinosaurs compared to a battle between Dragons and Apache war-copters?

      1. One is based on science, the other is not.

        1. you gotta say it like that guy from the thomas dolby video… for extra effect… “SCIENCE!!!”

        2. One is based on science, the other is not.

          To be honest Reign of Fire is the most science based of the two.

    3. Luckily for me I determined that without watching it.

    4. It sucks so bad that we need a term for “science fiction” that is science-free.

  22. They go to take away that can of awesome french fry seasoning salt on the table at Red Robin, they will get a fork in the back of their hands, I’m sayin’.

    Oh wait. The waitress never brought my fork.

    1. Oh wait. The waitress never brought my fork.

      You must be at an airport Red Robin.

      1. Yep. Plastic spoon.

  23. It would merely be setting guidelines about the amount of salt in processed, packaged foods?the kind of foods where people unknowingly consume all kinds of sodium currently…

    It would merely be? IT WOULD MERELY BE? Please, Mother Jones, could just merely suck my cock. Only merely.

    If the food processors didn’t comply with these mere regulations, they’ll god damn salt storm troopers sticking live guns in people’s faces. Fuck you Mother.

    1. *Could you merely. Today is a bad day. No alcohol.

  24. Dammit, I tried to go over to MotherJones and read some but my eyes started bleeding.

  25. My wife and I carry salt, pepper, and tabasco in the car. We bring it in every restaurant we visit.

    1. You do know that Tabasco is crap hot sauce? All heat, no flavor. Try Louisiana brand hot sauce and you’ll never go back.

      1. oh jesus. here we go. more food flame warring.

        personally, i find tabasco has plenty o flavor.

      2. I wouldn’t say crap so much as the other part you said–more heat, less flavor. I like a variety of hot sauces (I use a lot of it), but my standard at home is Cholula.

      3. Oddly enough, people in Louisiana generally seem to prefer Crystal.

        1. i don’t eat tabasco because of it’s looosyana cred. i eat it because it tastes good. so do roasted jalapenos, smoked jalapenos (aka chipotle), habaneros, etc etc

          i also fucking love siracha.

          it’s not like one has to like tabasco to the exclusion of other sauces

  26. An aside: I just returned from vacationing in Poland. We had the tremendous opportunity of visiting the Wieliczka salt mine (which I highly recommend). One of the most striking moments of our tour happened when our guide, a woman speaking in a very get-pesky-moose-and-squirrel inflected English proudly emphasised that Poland has never utilized slave labor and that all salt miners worked voluntarily and were paid handsomely. It nearly brought a tear to this proud Polish expat’s eye.

    Anyway, carry on.

  27. Rawmilk is a public health risk due to being vector for bacteria. Salt is hardly comparable.

    1. public health risk

      Those words don’t mean what you think they do.

    2. What about water? Could that be a vector for bacteria? Jesus knows that dihydrogen oxide kills thousands. IT needs to be fucking regulated god damn it.

  28. There is no war on salt.

    1. We have always been at war with salt.

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  30. Gary Taubes was all over the bad science of salt a long time ago.

  31. Low sodium ham tears of widows and orphans.

  32. The actions the public health activists took against smoking shows why people are foolish to be concerned about salt regulations.

    Non smoking sections were mandated as the anti smoking public health activists wanted and that was the end of it.

    Wait What???

    Baylor Health Systems won’t hire nicotine users

    Baylor Health Care System officials have decided that beginning on Jan. 1, it won’t hire anyone who uses nicotine, including doctors and hospital volunteers.

    The Dallas Morning News reported that the hospital cited the detrimental effects of smoking in its decision.

    New applicants after Jan. 1 will be screened for nicotine from cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, gum and even patches, the Morning News reported.

  33. Get ALL your facts straight. There are MORE peer-reviewed meta-analyses cautioning against population-wide salt reduction than for salt-reduction. You have a great, but totally misplaced, trust in the medical establishment – the same establishment that fostered in the obesity crisis with their unfounded recommendations and the same medical establishment that condemned a generation of women to hormone replacement therapy with disastrous results. If the media would do their job properly, these disasters would not occur.

    There is not a country in the world that consumes the low salt levels that are being recommended and if you can find just one such country, please publish it along with their longevity. The looming salt reduction disaster is not due to politics, it will be the result of simple biology and will clearly demonstrate what happens when do-gooders feel their ideology can trump human physiology.

    Don’t forget to publish the name of one country that consumes the low levels of salt recommended and if you can’t, be honest enough and have the courage to describe this whole salt reduction program what it is ? a massive trial on 300 million Americans serving as the lab rats, without their knowledge or consent.

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