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FBI Investigating LA County Jails for Reports of Deputy Involved Inmate Beatings


The LA Times wrote this weekend that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is probing LA County jails for cases of misconduct by deputies, including inmate beatings. From the Times:

Federal authorities are investigating allegations of inmate beatings and other misconduct by deputies in Los Angeles County jails, with FBI agents going so far as to sneak a cellphone to an inmate to get reports from inside, according to law enforcement sources.

Federal officials declined to discuss details of their probes in the largest jail system in the nation. The lockups are already under federal court oversight for overcrowding and poor conditions and are due to absorb thousands of offenders who previously would have been housed in state prisons.

The jails have been plagued with problems over the last decade, including inmate riots, killings, antiquated facilities, huge settlements and even the formation of a gang-like deputies clique. Inmate accusations of beatings are common within the many facilities that make up the department's jail system, but most are unsubstantiated.

Just south of LA, the Orange County jail has had its own share of misconduct over the past decade. Reason TV looked at the fatal beating of inmate Michael Patrick Lass at the mens central jail in the piece, You're Killing Me! Was a police-related jailhouse death an accident or a homicide?.

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  1. Well maybe people should do the crime if they can’t do the time.

    Teh law is teh law!

  2. If you read use of force studies you would realize that police cannot be expected to exercise discretion and avoid lethal force when their sensibilities are offended. Also, these officers appear to have followed protocol.

    Nothing to see here. Move along.


  4. Private jails could keep this sort of shit quiet.

    1. Why keep it quiet when the government can get away with it in broad delight?

      STFU, you cunt.

        1. I liked delight better. It was sort of more accurate.

          And don’t respond seriously to Edward. It just gives him masturbation material.

      1. RC’s Iron Law applied here, freudian slips are not mere typos, they are indicative of actual feelings.

  5. Deputy involved inmate beatings in LA county jails? What else would anyone expect after turning that part of the state into an extension of northern Mexico?

  6. I would murder all six of those deputies if that was my son

  7. Standard MO for every person arrested…as soon as you know you’re going down start to scream, lay down beg loudly “Stop you’re hurting me, stop hitting me, help, someone please help.” Make sure to duplicate efforts at booking. Then, advise your Public Defender you were victimized and it’s on tape and your charge will either be dismissed or reduced. This is standard for every petty or major criminal arrested in the U.S.

    1. He probably gave himself a heart attack to frame those poor cops for his murder.

      Fuck off, scum.

    2. I agree, what really pisses me off is when inmates grab a baton from a guard and beat their own head in with it

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