Wishing Will Not Make Solyndra Go Away


Sgt. Schultz sees nothing.

As the disappearance of half a billion taxpayer dollars in the Solyndra bankruptcy continues to draw public outrage and bipartisan congressional attention, deniers are pretending they can't see the basic outlines of the story

In the Times of New York, columnist Joseph Nocera says there's nothing to see here because the FBI investigation of Solyndra (which, like the investigations by the Departments of Energy and Treasury, was initiated by President Obama's executive branch, not by the congressional Republicans Nocera talks about) probably won't result in any convictions of Solyndra executives: 

If Brian Harrison and W. G. Stover, the two Solyndra executives whotook the Fifth Amendment at a Congressional hearing on Friday, ever spend a day in jail, I'll stand on my head in Times Square.

It's not going to happen, for one simple reason: neither they, nor anyone else connected with Solyndra, have done anything remotely criminal. The company's recent bankruptcy — which the Republicans are now rabidly "investigating" because Solyndra had the misfortune to receive a $535 million federally guaranteed loan from the Obama administration — was largely brought on by a stunning collapse in the price of solar panels over the past year or so.

Meanwhile, Grist writer David Roberts gives his own version of the Sgt. Schultz defense in an interview with Salon: 

What is the basic Republican narrative in this case, and what exactly is being alleged about the Obama administration?

As is typical in these kind of faux scandals, it can be hard to tell exactly what is being alleged. There's just a lot of sort of sturm und drang and hand-waving going on. But if you drill down, basically what Republicans are saying is that it was knowable that this company was in trouble and had a terrible business model but because it was politically connected, Obama officials leaned on the Department of Energy to rush through the approval for the loan guarantee. The broader charge is, "This is what you get for propping up the kinds of energy that are dependent on subsidies. This is what you get when the federal government mixes itself up with specific funding decisions and picking winners and losers and so on."

Neither of these columns really merits a refutation, but since it's an overcast day:

Joseph Nocera isn't sure he sees anything either, but he knows he wants to eat it.

Nocera sets up a straw man and then dares to say it's full of straw. Nobody was talking about criminal activity until Eric Holder's Department of Justice, Steven Chu's Department of Energy and Timothy Geithner's Department of the Treasury started tearing through Solyndra's files. It's extremely suspicious that the executive branch has taken such a hot interest in a company none of its highest officials have been briefed on or even claim to remember—an interest that is conveniently timed to interfere with a very productive congressional investigation. Yesterday this interference bore its first fruit as Harrison and Stover used the FBI investigation as a pretext for their refusal to testify. Nocera doesn't even know what story he's opining about, let alone what the story means.

Roberts' declaring the issue a "faux scandal" out of the gate doesn't invite much response beyond pointing out that the English language has a perfectly good word, "fake," that you can use in place of "faux." In fact, if you "drill down" you don't find Republicans "saying" Solyndra's poor market prospects were "knowable." They're trying to figure out how much of it was known when the Obama Administration committed $535 million of your money to the company. So far, they have been trying to find it out without cooperation from President Obama, Energy Secretary Chu, top advisor Valerie Jarrett, former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel or anybody from DoE or Office of Management and Budget who was actually involved in the loan. 

Despite these handicaps, the investigation by Rep. Fred Upton (R-Michigan) has already provided immense public service. In fact, the House investigation that began in February may have been instrumental in bringing Solyndra's problems to light and preventing the company from burning through another $469 million in public funds. (Certainly the feverish and strange behavior of the DoE this past spring and summer indicates how the administration has been playing catch-up with the congressional probe.) 

In a more sober piece for Time, Brian Walsh explains why the Solyndra story continues to grow even while Nocera and Robertson say it's fading away. Among other things, the knowability Robertson scoffs at was not as unknowable as all that: 

Solyndra's solar modules didn't use silicon—and a couple of years ago, when the loan guarantees were being considered, silicon prices were high and the company's business model might have seemed sound. Silicon prices fell sharply, and suddenly Solyndra was at a major competitive disadvantage—a turn of events that led directly to its collapse.

Unlucky, perhaps, but [investment banker Michael] Butler believes Energy officials should have seen it coming. "Most market people thought that silicon prices were going to fall," he says. "This was not a hard call."

The unpredictable collapse of silicon prices is a fairly recent effort at Solyndra denial. It is no more persuasive than previous attempts to blame Bush and blame The Chinese. But at least it's an effort. Deniers like Nocera and Robertson aren't even trying. 

Update: I didn't follow the whole when-will-MSNBC-say-"Solyndra" too closely, but it looks like the Lean Forward newsnet has finally bent over and accepted the news. First order of business: Resurrecting the 12-days-discredited claim that President Bush is the one who made the loan. 

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  1. TEAM BLUE has to circle the wagons to protect their failed, lying, not-delivering-on-promises president who will most likely not win re-election. Because, after all, he’s on their TEAM, and that’s all that fucking matters to them.

    1. Yeeeeeeup.

    2. “…who will most likely not win re-election…”

      Not if we can help it.

    3. Nonsense. Everyone knows the iron logic of putting the State in charge of everything means there will be public scurtiny and public accountability.

      I actually laughed when I wrote that.

      1. +1
        I don’t understand the argument of Solyndra not anticipating silicon prices better when the government predicted nearly to the day of when Solyndra would run out of money though. Seems to me the silicon prices shouldn’t matter if YOU HAVE NO CAPITAL.

        1. Yes, why would falling Si prices be a bad thing if Si is one of your raw materials?

          1. Solyndra didn’t use Si, its competitors did. So falling Si prices made replacements for its stupid product more affordable.

        2. “Solyndra’s solar modules didn’t use silicon?and a couple of years ago, when the loan guarantees were being considered, silicon prices were high and the company’s business model might have seemed sound…. a turn of events that led directly to its collapse.”

          Wow! Interesting, but it doesn’t pass the laugh test!
          The Bush admin/DOE turned Solyndra down in part due to their business plan that had Solyndra building a “widget” for $6.00 and selling that “widget” for $3.00.

          The Bush Admin correctly noted that this will not work and turned Solyndra down cold Jan. 9 2009, before the price of Silicon prices fell sharply.

          The Obama admin with the same people at DOE, the same Solyndra business plan, along with outside analysis told Obama this is a bad idea to loan Solyndra any money.
          In fact the government bean counters told Obama, with the loan Solyndra would go bankrupt Sep. 2011.

          They went bankrupt, not because of China they went bankrupt because they were stupid.

          We lost over ? BILLION dollars because Obama was stupid.

          “Solyndra didn’t have enough big commercial customers to create the necessary economies of scale.”

          That’s a big red flag saying “Danger, Will Robinson!” “Danger, Will Robinson!”

          Lets recap from here, okay?
          They make a “widget” for $6.00 and sell that “widget” for $3.00, and They had no customers!
          Ding! BAD Mojo!

          This is a real good indication you will not get a ROI (Return on Investment), you would be a moron to invest your own money on a company like this.

          BTW, have you noticed I haven’t said anything about the product Solyndra made? That’s because the product is irrelevant. Doesn’t matter what the product is, the same realities apply,
          Make a “widget” for $6.00 and selling that “widget” for $3.00, and They had no customers is a bad risk.

          1. They make a “widget” for $6.00 and sell that “widget” for $3.00, and They had no customers!

            Eerily reminiscent of the dotcom bubble in a lot of ways.

            1. Eerily reminiscent of the dotcom bubble in a lot of ways.

              Or the Walmart model. But the Walmart model takes decades to payoff, it’s a slow progression.

              1. Walmart? you mean Wald’mart…
                the store that shall not be shopped?

          2. “We lost over ? BILLION dollars because Obama was stupid.”

            We lost over 8 TRILLION in stock market, house equity and reserve equity because Bush was stupid.

      2. That part only works if the State is unencumbered by sa scrutinous oversight process like, say, elections. Then it’s totally free to oversee itself in the most appropriate and efficient way.

  2. There’s a lot of information flying around here, but for me, the question of whether this is a genuine scandal can only be answered by focusing on one issue: the February 2011 restructuring of Solyndra’s debt. Did the Dept of Energy give up its rights to repayment as an irresponsible and incompetent last effort to save the firm, or did it do so as part of something that could properly be called public corruption? That decision, which took place at a point where any unbiased observer with access to Solyndra’s books could’ve seen the company was on life support, is the real scandal.

    1. If they allowed Kaiser to be put ahead of the public they broke the law.

    2. Solyndra wouldn’t get another $75 million ‘infusion’ in the debt restructure deal unless the Evil Greedy Capitalists putting up the $75 mil were first in line at bankruptcy court. So back of the bus for DOE.

      I’m sure the Obama Boys were thinking of GM when they did that, knowing they could just change it later and stiff all the creditors and give Solyndra to the UAW or whatever.

  3. What the fuck is a Solyndra?

    1. Seriously, what is cancer?

      1. Heart of Archness was really fantastic. I can’t wait for next season.

        also, DANGER ZONE!

        1. Way to eschew traditional gender roles, pirates

          Can’t wait for part 3, is Woodhouse ever gonna show up?

      2. Oh my God, and rice!

    2. Well the panels were made up of modules that were long, black, and cylindrical!

      That was ALL I needed to know that it was well worth the investment!

      1. awesome spoof?

        1. It’s hard to tell anymore.

          1. Bend Over.

            1. No, dude, don’t take my pants off!

    3. The “old” Tesla.

    4. “DUH!

      I actually have no idea.”

      “No shit”

  4. A Solyndra is a massive taxpayer-funded payoff to Team Blue supporters. And now we’re looking at another government shutdown because Team Blue won’t give up those damn subsidies.

    1. Solyndra sounds like a venereal disease.

      1. A hippie or ghetto girl’s invented first name.

        1. Don’t you be makin’ fun of my chile’s name, mutherfucker.

  5. Solyndra? Who cares?

    That’s just a distraction from the real issues:

    – whether or not Bush’s Nat. Guard service entitles him to disclaim the title of Chickenhawk.
    – Trig’s real birth mother. I mean, his real real birth mother. No, no, not the woman who pretended to give birth, but the really real one.
    – Mark Foley’s email address book. For cryin’ out loud, he was emailing pages with a Juno address. That is so 1996.

    Plus, if only the right people were in charge, Solyndra wouldn’t have failed.

    1. It is amazing how much power the press has, isn’t it? I think there are 3-4 other ‘green’ companies that got huge expedited loans, as well as ‘operation fast and furious’ and ignoring the WPR in Libya. Now I understand how the feds got away with Waco in the nineties – the press wasn’t outraged, therefore the public shouldn’t be.

    2. Do you ever make a different comment, Mz. Cow?

      All you ever do is fucking whine about Geedub and Palin’s treatment by the big scary media.

      Cry me a fucking river.

      1. Don’t cry for me asshole. Only an ideological skunk would deny the leftist hate-obsession with everything Palin.

        It is one of the top five reasons why independents have shifted away from the left.

        Palin actually took-on the republican establishment in Alaska. She helped reform the corrupt politics of her own party at the risk of her own career. But that doesn’t matter to a bunch of leftist ninnies who see any female conservative as an existential threat.

        The Palin hate makes the left look really, really small.

        1. Jeezus lady, you sure showed me you’re no sniveling sycophant!

          Do you need a tissue? Your mascara is running, and you look like a damn raccoon.

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                1. I can’t hear you through the sobbing. You really need to pull yourself together, this is getting pathetic.

                  1. Cap L, I don’t recall you attracting the crazy back in the day. What gives?

                    1. I don’t know. Some people go nuts when their heroes aren’t properly worshiped by others.

                      See: Obama, Barack and Palin, Sarah

    3. Plus, if only the right people were in charge, Solyndra wouldn’t have failed.

      Right. And if only the right people were in government, we could all be living in the days of wine and roses.

  6. Does Joe Nocera foam at the mouth when writing?

  7. If Obama hadn’t launched an executive branch investigation, you guys would be nipping at his heels for that too. It’s incredible, in the middle of a terrible recession, with three wars going on, and big revenue problems for the government, that you would not give our leader the benefit of the doubt. America needs good leadership, not nitpicking from the peanut gallery. And good leadership requires good followership.


      1. Leave Obama alone! JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE!


        1. Dude, your mascara’s running…

          1. That’s guyliner, asshole!

            Also, if mustard is a real member of the voting public I really have to take a closer look at seasteading.

        2. Zod, I need a link to THIS youturd video!


        Yeah yeah, DRINK!, etc…

    2. “America needs good leadership…”

      That’s why we’re “nitpicking”.

    3. “and big revenue problems for the government”

      Check your facts. Revenues are near all-time highs. The government has no revenue problem whatsoever.

      1. “government has no revenue problem?” so it is taking in enough revenue? i can’t tell if you are joking… or a goofy lib or a goofy conservative. with a 15t debt, we have a revenue problem. the question is how do we create the prosperity necessary to make the debt manageable. do we redistribute the pie or make it larger?

        1. No asshole we have a spending problem. When your wife maxes out four credit cards on Hubble figurines from the home shopping network, you dont have a revenue problem. You need to cut up the fucking credit cards andtake her name off the bank account.

          1. Hubble figurines? Cute little Teutonic children looking at a giant space telescope?

        2. so it is taking in enough revenue?

          Why, what did you mean by “enough”?

          1. notice cali never did say “fair”…

    4. “And good leadership requires good followership.”

      Damn right, so stop asking so many damn questions about what we do with all your money, peons!

    5. Very nicely done parody. You had me going until “good leadership requires good followership” but that gave the game away.

    6. Hail, Hinkle!

    7. America needs good leadership

      So Ron Paul can count on your vote?

    8. good leadership requires good followership

      *golf clap*

    9. I actually work in the executive branch, and I have actually appeared on the Hill to talk about what I do. It’s part of Congress’s job to ensure the executive is doing the legislature’s bidding well, and it’s part of the executive’s job to be responsive to that oversight. Good oversight helps maintain good leadership, for all that that’s worth.

    10. Nitpicking? A half billion dollars is one hell of big nit.

    11. “with three wars going on”

      Yes, Obama inherited the Libya war from Bush.

      And it’s Bush’s fault that the other two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is going on. It’s simply a coincidence that Afghanistan is called the “graveyard of empires;” that’s just fearmongering.

      “a terrible recession”

      Which means it’s all the more urgent that we fight three wars, because we have money to spare!

    12. “If Obama hadn’t launched an executive branch investigation, you guys would be nipping at his heels for that too.”

      Considering Obama and his admin are targets of this investigation, his launch of an executive branch investigation appears to be an attempt to bury the case. This requires an Independent Counsel.

      “It’s incredible, in the middle of a terrible recession”

      Actually the recession ended June 2009, according to Obama.

      “and big revenue problems for the government”

      There is no “revenue problem”. The Government has taken in more money this year than last. This has been true for decades. The problem is when your revenue increases by 5% and your spending increases by 20% your gonna have a problem.
      No matter how much money you give congress they will spend it above and beyond what was given.
      Look at California as an example.

      “that you would not give our leader the benefit of the doubt.”

      Blahhh OMG that’s a good one ROFLMAO!
      I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I doubt he is competent, I doubt he is honest, I doubt he has a clue!

      “America needs good leadership, not nitpicking from the peanut gallery”

      We the People are not the “peanut gallery”, if that’s what Obama thinks he should resign immediately!

      “And good leadership requires good followership.”

      You got to be kidding right? Obama has no leadership skills at all!
      He even stated his “leadership” is to lead from behind! How T/F do you follow someone who is leading from the rear of the pack?

  8. 1 kW/m^2 on a clear sunny day at the equator will be the undoing of all solar energy efforts, legitimate or bludgeoned. The stuff is simply too diffuse to use as a primary energy source, and for most other uses.

    1. Maybe Obama should be loaning money to Dyson sphere companies.

      1. Maybe you should hurl yourself off a bridge.

        Strike the maybe.

      2. I love those vacuums!!

        1. Of course knowing him, they’d screw up and build it around Venus’ orbit.

          1. It would certainly be cheaper that way.

          2. The next government jobs program: NASA will build giant solar satellites around Venus, beam the power back here, and then beam it down to distribution stations well away from populated areas.

            Better than the “… uh …” that NASA’s doing now, and all that “infrastructure” and “green jobs” (snark) ****.

    2. It makes a lot of sense when you’re powering systems that A – are remote, B – consume low power and C – are not life-critical. Like the stoopid “advisory” speed limit signs they’ve installed along highways here.

      Anyone that uses solar tech exclusively as it stands now will spend a lot of time shivering in the dark.

      1. Solar power powers the entire world, silly. Oil and coal are just leftover batteries from old solar power that we dig up.

        Life on earth got along just fine for billions of years before Homo americanus came along and needed to drive SUVs and watch American Idol and sitcoms into the wee hours of the morning.

        1. Right, and you are more than welcome to install solar panels on your house, cut yourself off of the power grid and spend a lot of time shivering in the dark, just like things were back in the good old days

          1. I would, if you guys hadn’t poisoned the soil with your industrial solvents, screwed up the water cycle with your greenhouse effect and sulfur pollution, and driven all the animals away except for invasive species.

            1. If you fuck a girl during her period, is that like putting mustard and ketchup on a weiner?

              1. Only if you do both holes and she takes laxatives.

            2. C’mon. You can do a better spoof.

          2. Also, you could add the qualifier “no homo” if you got off the grid

        2. Well the reason oil is so great is not because it started with solar energy but because it was highly pressurized for millions of years.

        3. No, we’re all living off the remnants of the big bang. THE ENERGY OF THE UNIVERSE IS A NON-RENEWABLE RESOURCE. We need to find renewable sources of energy.

        4. feel free to move into your solar powered mud hut. Don’t forget to stop using anything created by modern man as it is all evil.

    3. I don’t know whar planet you live on, but here in Earth, the maximum insolation anywhere at the surface is about 0.3 W/m^2. So the problem is 3X worse than even you feared.

      1. Sorry, 0.3 kW/m^2.

      2. you forgot about maximum 25% conversion, transmission inefficiencies, half the day being night, etc.

    4. Well, we’re going to end up using solar power indirectly, I bet, perhaps through advanced biofuels. The nice thing about them is that their solar panels have a tendency to replicate themselves.

      The sun is an awesome source of energy; the government should just step back and let the market figure out how to use it.

      1. not necessarily, there is always nukular and geothermal (secretly, also nukular). Or, you could steal the sun’s magic and go balls out with fusion. The happenin’ stuff in fusion is going on not with statist boondoggles like ITER but in small scale (even DIY) labs.

  9. He’s right, this is a fake scandal. Things like this go on everyday, yet no one calls it a scandal until the payments go to a company that goes bankrupt. WTF is wrong with this picture?

    1. Your extra chromosome?

      1. I agree. This didn’t happen.

      2. And anyway Bush did it.

    2. Are we arguing for fewer scandal labels or for more?

      1. I’m simply pointing out that corporate welfare that could be deemed as scandalous as Solyndra goes on every day right under our noses and is now a norm.

        1. Apparently the American press and people will abide everything but the government’s hand-picked winners losing.

    3. Only failed crony capitalism is worthy of our attention.

  10. Herman Cain won P5. WTF?

    1. They really like $9 pizza down there.

    2. He spent the week kissing FL GOP delegate ass.

      1. Yes. And he was also the “not Perry” protest vote-getter.

    3. He wants to be the first black president.

      1. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. I hope Cain wins the nomination just so I can put a sign out on my lawn that says: “Vote out whitey.”

    4. Obviously they meant to vote for Buchanan.

  11. Resurrecting the 12-days-discredited claim that President Bush is the one who made the loan.

    It’s worse than simply wrong that President Bush didn’t make the loan. He specifically denied the loan to Solyndra. IOW, he did his due diligence and decided it was a bad investment. Obama, made the loan despite it already being determined it was a bad investment.

    1. His due diligence probably consisted of calling up Halliburton and his old Texas oil buddies, and asking how dangerous green energy was to their profits.

      1. Wow! And when he found out it wasn’t at all dangerous to their profits, why didn’t he grant the loan, musty?

        1. It was and is. This is just a temporary artifact of the industrial global economy heading back into the doldrums with reactionaries standing athwart recovery yelling Stop in Europe and America. Once that transient phase is gone and we start running out of silicon, we’re going to wish Solyndra was still around.

          1. I’m hoarding silicon!

          2. Don’t laugh guys, he’s right. In the past decade we’ve gone from a limitless supply of silicon to a nearly limitless supply.

            The era of peak silicon is nearing.

            1. However the era of silicone peaks is in full swing.

            2. The earth is more than 1/3 silicon. There is plenty of silicon. However, it does cost a lot of energy to turn sand into pure silicon wafers.

              A big problem with Solyndra is that they were allowed to lobby. Companies seeking gov’t loan guarantees are supposed to be prohibited from lobbying, but these clowns spent 1.8 million doing so. And their backers made a boatload of campaign contributions to The Great Obama.

              1. Mmmmm….silicon wafers!

          3. Musturd, here’s the response you deserve.

            1. BP, your linky no worky.

              1. It was just a GG Allin song with a lot of obscenity. (Like there are any other kinds).

            2. My Reasonable just shows a blank YouTube window with a 0:00 clip spooled up. I thought you had found a blank clip on YouTube – it was actually kind of appropriate.

          4. The whole peak whatever and tragedy of the commons bullshit is to the point of being laughable. Technology variable, how the fuck does it work?

          5. lol, do you really think Halliburton gives one flying fuck about solar energy? If it were feasible Halliburton themselves would be popping out solar panels and wind turbines for profit. Nobody gives a shit where the energy comes from as long as providing it is profitable.

            1. what? Halliburton doesn’t give a fuck about anything unless it comes with federal dollars attached to it.

              1. You realize a big part of Halliburton’s business is oilfield services, right?

          6. Once that transient phase is gone and we start running out of silicon …

            The earths crust is 27.7% silicon.

            1. That’s silica, not silicon.

              1. No, it’s silicon, much of which is found as silica. It’s the most common element on Earth aside from oxygen. The entire idea of peak silicon is retarded. The “peaks” that people worry about with regard to silicon are related to computing power, not abundance.

                This internet encyclopedia site I found

                1. There’s silicon in silica in the same sense there’s chlorine “in” rock salt. You don’t chlorinate your pool’s water with rock salt, do you?

                  1. That’s silica, not silicon.

                    There’s silicon in silica in the same sense there’s chlorine “in” rock salt. You don’t chlorinate your pool’s water with rock salt, do you?

                    Can’t tell if troll or just really stupid.

                    1. Can’t tell if troll or just really stupid.


                  2. Like a ton of things, silicon is refined. The main source is silica and other silicon compounds. Silica is just SiO2, which means around half the molecular mass of the Earth’s silica deposits is silicon.

                    Silicon is commercially prepared by the reaction of high-purity silica with wood, charcoal, and coal, in an electric arc furnace using carbon electrodes. At temperatures over 1,900 ?C (3,450 ?F), the carbon reduces the silica to silicon according to the following chemical equation:
                    SiO2 + 2 C ? Si + 2 CO

                    Pure silicon (>99.9%) can be extracted directly from solid silica or other silicon compounds by molten salt electrolysis. This method, known from 1854 (see also FFC Cambridge Process) has the potential to directly produce solar grade silicon without any CO2 emission and at much lower energy consumption.

                    1. SiO2 + 2 C ? Si + 2 CO

                      You mean even when we create solar panels we make greenhouse gases?

                  3. You don’t chlorinate your pool’s water with rock salt, do you?

                    I do.

              2. mustard|9.24.11 @ 11:44PM|#
                “That’s silica, not silicon.”

                AHHHH Silica is made FROM Silicon!

                Do you think when they drill for oil it comes up naturally as regular unleaded gas?
                Do you also believe tress grow as 2×4, 4×4, 6×4, plywood? Have you ever seen the plywood forest?

                Seriously, are you an idiot?

          7. musterd
            “Once that transient phase is gone and we start running out of silicon, we’re going to wish Solyndra was still around.”

            WoW! What ya mixing wit yur koolaid? Does it have a worm at the bottom?

            Silicon symbol Si and atomic number 14.
            Silicon is the 8th most common element in the universe

            On Earth (that’s our planet musterd) silicon is the second most abundant element making up 27.7% of the crust by mass.

            Did ya get that mustard? Silicon is found naturally in “SAND” like the “SAND” at a beach, like the “SAND” in the desert, its also found naturally in a thing called “DIRT”.

            Apparently Obama and Solyndra bet over $? BILLION$ taxpayer dollars that the world would run short of SAND and DIRT!

      2. Obviously not that dangerous considering the story you’re (stoopidly) commenting on.

      3. His due diligence probably consisted of calling up Halliburton and his old Texas oil buddies, and asking how dangerous green energy was to their profits.

        From the well-chronicled fate of Solyndra, their answer was “not very.”

      4. His due diligence probably consisted of calling up Halliburton and his old Texas oil buddies, and asking how dangerous green energy was to their profits.

        this “reasoning” is probably the exact due diligence Obama, Jarrett, and Chu did. Gorelick was probably involved somehow too.

  12. “As is typical in these kind of faux scandals, it can be hard to tell exactly what is being alleged.”

    The accused always try to turn the accusation into something it’s not–as if criminal activity were the problem?!

    My accusation is that the government has no business making investments in private companies–that it will almost always do a rotten job of it.

    Show me someone who says otherwise, and I’ll show you someone who thinks the reason I’m complaining about this mess is just because I’m out to get Obama.

    No question, I love exposing Obama as the moron he is–because his policies were and are stupid. I couldn’t care less if Solyndra was guilty of anything criminal–that’s completely beside the point.

    The point is that the Obama Administration using my future paychecks as if he were my porfolio manger?! Is an believably stupid thing for a president to think he can do. …and if the Obama Administration doesn’t understand the problem with that–and tries to spin this as if my complaints were about alleged criminal activity?

    Then the Obama Administration is too incompetent to be in the White House.

    1. Exactly. The scandal isn’t that it was criminal, but that it should be.

    2. My accusation is that the government has no business making investments in private companies–that it will almost always do a rotten job of it.

      Right! The governemnt should stick to developing failed technologies, like proximity detectors, so that little Japanese girls can become Mad Scientists

      1. I immediately clicked away once I noticed that her hair obscured her face. I know where this is going.

        1. No, it was just the ELP song.

        2. You were expecting a tentacle rape scene, weren’t you?

          Sick bastard!

  13. “I am not a crook.”

    1. Who cares if they are crooks?

      They government shouldn’t be “investing” my future paychecks anyway.

      Whether they were crooks is completely beside the point.

  14. Solyndra sounds like the name of a women’s sexual stimulation machine, like Sybian, or some such shit. Maybe Michelle made him do it!

    1. Wait, Sybian is for women?

      Crap. That happens to me when I try to buy hats, too.

      1. You can try hooking up a fleshlight to it

    2. Never attribute to malice what can just as easily be explained by impotence.

  15. Can we also just comment on how fucked up that the big, gets-media-attention scandal of the Obama administration is the one about paying off your campaign contributors with government money and not the one where we sent guns to Mexico that may have killed hundreds, if not thousands, of Mexicans?

    1. This is the distraction….

      1. Don’t dare mention Barry’s illegal, secret killer-drone bases in Africa and Asia….there are terrorists literally EVERYWHERE…let’s just concentrate on solar panel SNAFUs.

    2. guns don’t kill. people kill.

    3. AU, come on, George Bush didn’t care about black people. Barry doesn’t care about brown people. I’m sure Le Mitt will get into office and not care about red people, no matter what the Book of Mormon says about them.

  16. Will this be Obama Rama Lamma Lamma Ding Dong’s Whitewatergate?

    1. Well I thought it was all going to be something about getting a sunburned dick. But I probably don’t understand.

      1. Am referring to Clinton’s “issues” before Monica Blewclintonski blew into Slick Willie’s life.

  17. Solyndra deniers!

    I like it.

  18. Only in the CFL can you win by missing a Field Goal

  19. The Johnson campaign and biblical allusions don’t mix.

    While Johnson said he has “no intention” to run for president again, his senior adviser, Evan Twede, who’s worked with Johnson since his surprise victory in the 1994 New Mexico governor’s race, stressed that the 58-year-old triathlete is hoping to turn himself into the libertarian banner carrier for the long run.

    “Ron Paul is 76 years old, this is wearing him out,” Twede said. “A lot of people will see that Ron is a fantastic prophet, and he’ll need an Aaron at some point. I think that’s the way it’s going to go.”

    Aaron of course was Moses’ brother; Moses wasn’t primarily a prophet, and it was Joshua who succeeded Moses, not Aaron. Or maybe he’s thinking of Elijah putting his mantle on Elisha? Who knows.

    1. Aaron will give us the golden calf.
      don’t you see?

      1. They had to grind it up and drink it afterward, iirc.

        1. And that’s how Goldschl?ger was born.

          1. Odd, I don’t remember umlauts from Hebrew school.

  20. Herman Fucking Cain Beat Ron Paul in the Florida straw poll. In fact the racist pig fucker Paul came in fifth HAHAhahahahahahahahaha!

    1. Max, sweetie? Get off the computer, your father needs to “check his portfolio”.

    2. And I hate that nigger Cain.

  21. Paging barfman…

    Presidential putting pals: Obama, Clinton golf

    President Barack Obama was joined by former President Bill Clinton on the golf course Saturday, in a friendly contest of first duffers who’ve known the pressures of office and the joys of relieving them on the links.

    The two teed off on a cloudy afternoon at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington and finished up just over four hours later.

    On the first hole, photographers got a brief glimpse of the two: Obama in khakis and a dark golf shirt, Clinton in black slacks and bright red shirt.

    The foursome included Obama’s chief of staff, William Daley, and longtime Clinton adviser Doug Band.

    1. All in their solar-powered golf carts, I’m sure.

    2. Compare and contrast:

      The president will need black turnout to match its historic 2008 levels if he’s to have a shot at winning a second term, and Saturday’s speech was a chance to speak directly to inner-city concerns.


      But Obama said blacks know all too well from the civil rights struggle that the fight for what is right is never easy.

      “Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes,” he said, his voice rising as applause and cheers mounted. “Shake it off. Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin’. We are going to press on. We have work to do.”

      Yep, BO has work to do all right — a tee time with the other first black president, where I doubt he’ll be leaving off his “g”s. I don’t know if they let you wear marching shoes on the green though.

      1. This is so LOL. Compare and contrast:

        “Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes,”

        “Shake it off. Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin’.

        Way to send a mixed message, there, Barry. What the hell would people be marching for unless it was to complain about something?

        And what exactly would they be complaining about? The fact that more people are on food stamps than ever before?

  22. Watching the GOP debate “parody” on SNL is pretty sad. Alec Baldwin as Rick Perry?

    1. As for Michelle Bachmann, it looks like they’re just re-using the Palin jokes from 2008.

    2. Watching the GOP debate “parody” on SNL is pretty sad. Alec Baldwin as Rick Perry?


      1. You’re in no position to talk, considering what slithered out of your belly.

        1. He was adopted

          1. That’s even worse. That means you chose him.

            1. She was drunk.

    3. And a guy who looks nothing like Ron Paul and sounds like he’s doing Barney Fife answers a question about whether, if he were president, he would save puppies from a burning building by saying no, the constitution doesn’t authorize him to do so. Fuck off, SNL.

  23. Honestly, I’m hoping there’s something criminal going on here. Not because I have some ax to grind with Barry O & the Donkeys, but because corruption is something I can understand.

    On the other hand, thinking it’s a good idea that handing out government guarantees — that is, accepting only downside — to a company with a highly speculative business model predicated on a massive price increase in one of Earth’s most abundant element, then letting other investors skip to the head of the line as the company zipped along toward collapse? I just can’t understand how people that fucking stupid exists, much less how they came into a position of authority.

    1. I also can’t grammar.

      1. You have my sympathies.

    2. Good point. At least when venture capitalists invest in a risky business, they expect to be rewarded handsomely if they guess right.

      1. And it’s also their own fucking money they lose, or money somebody willing gave them to invest on their behalf.

    3. I just can’t understand how people that… stupid exists, much less how they came into a position of authority.

      It’s called “democracy”.

      1. I lol’d.

    4. Honestly, I’m hoping there’s something criminal going on here.

      You’ve Been Hit By
      You’ve Been Struck By
      A Smooth Criminal

  24. Dr. capital l:

    If the media did the job it laughably pretends to do, half the population would laugh at these following notions. Yet, the well-educated and wealthy among us believe:

    Small govt. = fascism
    Rich people have an endless supply of wealth
    Government is benevolent
    Corporations are inherently evil
    The environment is more important than people
    Govt. creates prosperity
    CEOs create poverty

    I could go on. But go on, dude, have a conversation with a neighbor, friend or co-worker. Heed the stupidity and then ask where they got that fucking insipid idea…..

    1. Progressives don’t think *all* corporations are evil. After all, there’s the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which operates in the public interest and fully deserves government funding.

    2. Wow. I don’t like to insult people, but that is the most idiotic statement I’ve ever heard.

      Hey, Cow Pie, start here:…..lation.pdf

    3. Unions created the middle class.
      Without govt regulation everyone in industrialized societies would also be working in sweat shops.
      People are born into the jobs they have and owning the businesses they run.
      The system is rigged so only white people can succeed. corollary: asian people don’t exist.

  25. Federal loan guarantees, like state and local bond issues, always sound like a painless way to get something people want, until it’s time to pay the piper….

  26. [ SOS ] Complaint with IBM China CSR on Centennial

    IBM Advised to Treat its People with Humanism in China

    Tragedy of Labor Rights Repression in IBM China

  27. Wishing won’t, but the MSM will make it go away.

    With the NY Times publishing that the Solyndra scandal is “phony”, this will be the new track. Blame the Republican’s for playing “politics” and ignore everything else…..especially the facts.

  28. We have a man in the Oval Office – a MARXIST – who has BLOOD on his hands, and we’re spending time on a Chump Change GRAFT charge?
    Fast and Furious was DESIGNED to get High Powered Weapons in to the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartels, in the HOPE that they would KILL as many Men, Women, and CHILDREN, as possible.
    So he could get tougher, more restrictive, GUN LAWS passed.
    As a Dedicated MARXIST, he seeks to achieve his objectives, by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. If that means a bunch DEAD KIDS? So be it. There are always CASUALTIES, in War.
    Remember what he said, almost 2 YEARS ago. He said, when responding to calls for more Border Security: “Most of these weapons being used in Mexico, were purchased right here, and then brought in to Mexico..
    Yea. They were bought by HIM, and HE brought them down to Mexico.
    THIS is what we should be concentrating on.
    There is a MURDERER in the Oval Office.
    And he needs to be held accountable.

    1. Um. Wow. All the legitimate grievances and you go with the conspiracy angle. CAPS as well.

    2. Surprised there was no mention of chemtrails in a post that CAPSy.

      1. You’d have to add brackets, too. [CHEMTRAILS], [LIZARD PEOPLE], etc.

        1. The RED SOX have failed in their bid to obtain the pennant, going 5-17 in SEPTEMBER. While there is gnashing of MASSHOLE teeth, they avoid the conclusion that there are those who choose the success of the teams [UMPIRE].

          1. Haha, nice. There actually should be a sports columnist who uses Herc’s style.

    3. I agree 100%. When will everyone wake up to this phony, dangerous community organizer?? His rhetoric, tone and attitude is becoming more and more angry and desperate.Can’t wait to kick him out on his thug a**.

    4. There’s a lot more evidence of Obama and his inner circle’s direct involvement in Solyndra than in F&F (though in both cases, the DoJ’s “investigation” seems suspiciously like a “cover-up”).

    5. Wait, it’s a code.


      Never mind, still doesn’t make sense.

    6. ADVERTIZING ? In Economic hard times

      [Day’s of Wine and Rose’s are gone]

      Now, we grew up in an era of when things such as purchasing on layaway was almost if not the accepted method of purchasing those items that one could not possibly afford if not purchased by the layaway method, the concept of credit cards and high interest rates was not even in the cards and a housewife had a budget provided by the husband and heaven held her if she could not make the household work within that budget. Well, we are now seeing that the concept of the layaway programs are now returning in the modern world wide economic downturn, but much more has to be done by the media to generate sales of their products. The Day’s of Wine and Rose’s are over, the economic good times have ended, and if companies continue to advertise as if the good times are still in vogue many will join those that have already gone into bankruptcy.

      [Selling it]

      It is time to revisit the days of yesteryear, what goes around comes around, things that were done in the past have a way of once again becoming the new waves of the future or present but with a twist, such as cargo pants, cut at the knees are nothing more than the [1950’s] [G.I.] Government Issue Cargo Pants of the American [G.I.]. So, what has this got to do with advertizing, it is time for the actors and so called stars have too start hawking products not only in commercials, during their own shows but within the shows themselves, in economic hard times it is suicide not to hard sell the products that support programming. Products must have their labels front and center, both visually and verbally by those who are getting paid by companies to support their living. It should not be just get me a coffee, it should be get me a Starbuck’s, it should not be left up to the viewer to look a vehicle and just happen to see its make and model, as an actor points out the options that make it better or have a value added feature, the make and model must be verbally said. Actors, Writers, Producers, within the industry have to get off their high horses and start getting down with the new reality, they must understand that they are going to have to become pitch men, get out their and sell it baby, it’s no longer going to sell itself. These are hard times and it take a hard sell to overcome the competition, and beyond just the product a method that will allow the public to purchase it beyond high interest credit, buy now go bankrupt later.


      1. HERC’S BACK!

        1. He sensed a kindred [SOUL].

          I’m disappointed though. Not enough [caps] and BRACKETTS.

      2. Wine and Rose’s = worst cocktail evar

        1. Yup, Boone’s Farm, Wild Irish Rose and real rose petals. It’s terrible.

  29. Obama promised that the EPA would have doubled the cost of electricity by now.

    If he had kept his promise, our solar panels would be kinda, almost competitive (with a lot more tax credits).

    1. Do you have a source for that? Because it would explain a lot of why Texas is included in CSAPR for no goddamn reason.

      Not that covering Hudspeth County in solar panels would do that much for us, but it’s the intentions that count, I guess.

      1. He made it pretty clear he wanted to bankrupt the coal industry:

        So, if somebody wants to build a coal plant, they can ? it’s just that it will bankrupt them, because they are going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted. – Barack Obama, January 2008

      2. Do you have a source for that?

        Here ya go.

        Speaking in San Francisco Obama says
        “… under my plan electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket…”

  30. Solyndra first applied for a federal loan during the Bush administration.

    Government officials though that it was likely the price of solar panel would drop and that Solyndra would not be a viable business if that happened.

    Bush denied the loan.

    Obama gave them 500 million dollars because:
    – He is dumber than G. W. Bush, or
    – He was paying back a crony who had contributed large sums of money to his campaign with our tax dollars

    Those are the only two possibilities.

    1. No, Luke, there is another Sky…walk…er.

      The two possibilities are not mutually exclusive.

    2. It was probably Bush’s underlings who did the math and denied the loan, with little involvement from Bush himself. I can’t see George W Bush staying up till 2AM crunching numbers in the White House basement.

      Of course, in the Obama admin, it looks like there was quite a bit of involvement from the top.

      1. Budget numbers are crunched at the kitchen table, at least by real Americans*.

        *in these tough economic times

  31. Soy bean farmers in South America cut down remainder of rain forest.

    But, hey, it’s renewable.

    1. Soybeans were already one of the most common crops around the world before anyone outside a hippie commune had heard of tofu.

  32. I can charge your laptop and power one low-wattage light bulb.

    If you want to power your house, you need to buy $40,000 worth of me, and pray that the sun always shines.

  33. Obama wishes for Solyndra to disappear.

    1. Six words? That’s worse than haiku.

      1. Don’t say the word “haiku” in a Reason thread unless you are prepared to face the consequences.

  34. Why do commentators keep fixing the damage at $535 million? Taxpayers will also foot the bill for up to 2 years of unemployment for 1100 workers– an easy $50 million more. In addition, we have the hilarious prospect of spending tax money to retrain these former green/solar workers in some other industry, to prepare them for other sorts of “jobs of the future”.

    1. Heck, don’t forget to add in the deadweight costs of taxes. Plus, more Americans have died falling off roofs installing solar panels than have ever died from nuclear power!

      1. If I were running for POTUS right now, I would have this as my energy policy:

        Nuclear. Thorium research, because it’s *even safer*.

        Google will now take your questions.

    2. most of them will probably be able to get jobs. They aren’t in finance or construction…
      And especially since when your company goes belly up like that you don’t get the employer half, so their unemployment compensation won’t go very far in the bay area.

      I’m sure the investigations will run up a ton of expenses though.

  35. rious are his undoing. He is dangerous.
    Has anyone LISTENED to his rhetoric lately, and tone????
    2012 can’t come soon enough!!!!

    1. Nobody could be worse than Bush-I mean Obama.

    1. “It’s the Ace of Spades, ya blithy git!”

    2. How many more rich, ivy league educated statist assholes full of down home hokum must we endure?

      1. At least one more.

        1. Make that two.

          1. Not without me snookums! We’re a twofer, remember? (chuckle chuckle)

            That one never gets old!

  36. 16% black unemployment is simply unacceptable! We could easily reach 25% or more, if you slackers would only work harder to re-elect me!

  37. Obummer the 57 state resident and his food stamp democrat party are going to own this just like our credit downgrade (lower than France) and the zero jobs added.
    This guy is a cancer on our country that needs to be removed
    Thank God for the tea party

  38. I understand that the fucking assholes at solyndra were selling the panels for $3.00 and they cost $6.00 to manufacture. Brilliant,make it up in volume.

    1. But it is Green technology. that makes it okay. Yes, these people are really that stupid.

  39. The pig fucker racist Ron Paul came in fifth in the Florida straw poll! Eat your hearts out, libertoid assholes!

    1. Damn, now he won’t get the nomination. Go ahead and hang it up, Ron. It’s ovah!

  40. Sorry to go off-topic, but can someone tell me how to search the comment archives to find my old comments? When I use google (or the built-in search in the reason archives, which seems to also be google?) to search for “MattJ”, mostly what I get are comments from before 2009 by a guy who went by the handle “Matt J”.

    Thanks in advance…

    1. It might help if you can remember some of your comments and add part of that to the search box. Otherwise that’s a lot of digging.

    2. If you put quotation marks around the string it won’t insert spaces. ie, search for


      1. Well, it worked, but it was disappointing. It doesn’t find more than just a couple of my posts, unfortunately.

        1. It usually directs you to posts where your name was in the text. You gotta remember some of what you typed, because that’s how it searches.

  41. but seriously, fuck the Eagles

  42. Sorry to go off-topic

    “You’re not from around here, are you?”

    1. Yeah, right? Especially on a weekend post.

    2. You would think that, if you searched the archives for my posts.

  43. From those rabid anti-police nutjobs at the Associated Press:

    Despite the circumstances, legal experts were skeptical Ramos would be convicted of the murder charge. They could recall few examples of such a charge ever sticking in court.

    “It is very rare for a police officer to be charged criminally for the use of excessive force,” said Lorie Fridell, an associate professor of criminology at the University of South Florida. “You have to remember these officers are walking a fine line in their use of force. They need to use enough force to effectuate their protection in taking a person into custody. But if their judgment is wrong, they are facing allegations of abuse.”

    In California, former transit agency officer Johannes Mehserle was initially charged with murder for fatally shooting Oscar Grant on an Oakland train station platform on New Year’s Day in 2009. Multiple passengers on the train videotaped the killing, which sparked riots in the city.

    Mehserle said he mistakenly fired his handgun instead of his Taser. A jury eventually convicted him of involuntary manslaughter and he served a year in jail.

    1. which was the correct verdict. as even cop critic radley balko pointed out.

      1. I don’t think anyone questions whether the verdict was right, it’s the charge that’s debatable.

        Considering “civilians” are subject to summary execution for pulling anything the same color as a gun out of their pockets when cops are nearby, it’s kind of strange that cops are held to a lower standard as far as pocket object identification.

        1. no, the verdict FOR involuntary manslaughter was correct. there’s this pesky little thing in law called INTENT.

          1. So, explain to me how Plaxico Burress intended to discharge his firearm and injure nobody other than himself, resulting in him spending considerably longer in jail than Mehserle, who allegedly accidentally discharged his gun resulting in the death of another person.

            Fuck yourself, dunphy. You are a disingenuous piece of fucking filth that always supports the double standard that results in lighter sentences or lack of charges altogether for your scumbag brethren.

            As usual, DIAF, you fuck.

            1. Plaxico Burress’ sentence was a joke. Considering he shot himself (a deterrent against carrying recklessly), I don’t see why the court felt the need to make some sort of example of him with a lengthy sentence.

              1. Remember that LA Cop that shot himself by accident at a school in the spring and caused them shut down several city blocks? Wonder when his 2 year mandatory sentence is gonna be handed down. Hey dunphy, answer that, fuckface.

      2. And since Tasers don’t have a safety, that means that assuming his story is correct, he’s walking around with a loaded firearm on his leg with the safety off.

        1. tulpa, it’s really so consistent with the reasonoids that you opine on stuff you know nothing about.

          yes, tasers have safeties.

          1. tulpa, it’s really so consistent with the reasonoids that you opine on stuff you know nothing about.

            Low blow, man. Low blow.

          2. Is the safety located in the same place as the one on the Sig Sauer that Mehersele used?

            That would be quite a koinky-dink.

        2. Most cops carry Glocks, which don’t have the kind of safety you are thinking about. A Glock fires when you pull the trigger, somewhat like a revolver does.

          A TASER feels nothing like a Glock in the hand, the balance is different, the weight is different, the sights are different. Confusing the two would be like getting into a Civic instead of a Mustang and not being able to tell which was which.

          No, either he drew his gun on purpose, or he’s so panicky and stupid confronted with a man lying face down on the ground that he’s better off removed from the gene pool for the improvement of the human race.

          1. Did a little research, found the gun BART cops or at least Johannes Mehserle carry is a Sig P226, which is not the exact same design as a Glock, but does also lack an external manual safety. The 226 can be loaded, placed in battery, then the decocking lever can be activated, allowing the weapon to be carried safely, but ready to fire simply by pulling the trigger. The Taser has a manual safety that must be disengaged prior to firing the dart.

            BTW a Taser weighs 7.2 oz, an unloaded P226 weighs 34 oz. Yet another blatant difference between the two that makes the “I got confused” storyline hard to swallow for me.

            1. Yeah, firearms are usually a bit heavier than tasers. Maybe BART cops get a different type of taser than I’ve held, too, but they don’t really seem to handle the same, either. I suppose it’s a moot point.

              It’s pretty obvious that the cop was either malicious, or as you say, Britt, panicking.

              1. again, this was ENDLESSLY hashed over. it’s pretty obvious that he had NO intent to shoot the person (with a gun) which is what the jury, and balko , and I correctly concluded.

                again, the issues about weight, feel, etc. are wonderful in controlled situations, but in panicked, flight or fight adrenaline fueled response modes, fine motor control, sensation etc. are NOT the same.

                this , again, has been endlessly demonstrated by UOF force science studies, as well as the experience of ANYBODY who has ever been in such a situation, myself included.

                again, a # of factors could have diminished the possibility of this happening, to include training issues.

                also, as stated way back in regards to the original incident, in MY opinion, it was a mistake to make the new gen tasers look, fire, and feel (somewhat) like a real gun

                even if requested (and it was), there are very good reasons to have it significantly distinguishable

                1. Except being calm under pressure is supposed to be what a cop is good at. They’re supposed to be clear headed in stressful situations, not panicky and prone to making errors with with weapons.

                2. Oh, OK…thanks for bearing with me. I didn’t have internet access at the time and missed almost all of it. I’m sure people already made the point that it’s dumb to issue cops tasers that look and feel like firearms, then.

            2. Wait, so that means he didn’t notice that his Taser was suddenly missing a safety.

              1. Yeah, dunphy already acknowledged that the officer’s training and/or composure under stress were less than ideal.

        3. That’s the way it supposed to be done. Cocked, locked and ready to rock. I have a friend who carries, but expects to be able to rack the slide should the time come for him to defend his life with his Glock. I tell him it is DESIGNED to be carried with one in the pipe, that little thingy in the trigger is the only “safety,” and that’s on purpose.

          But he still insists on carrying that gun with an empty chamber. He might as well be carrying a toy gun. He better hope the sight of it is scary enough on its own, because without a chambered round, that’s all it’s really good for. Certainly, cops know this as well as anyone. If you’re going to carry a weapon around, it ought to be ready to go. When milliseconds count, engaging a safety or racking a slide is going to take far too much time, dangerous, deadly time that you just don’t have.

          So, yeah, if he were still serving as a police officer, he’d be doing just that, “walking around with a loaded firearm on his leg with the safety off.” Or, more accurately, a weapon that does not actually include a manual safety in its design. Like all the other cops. Like so many folks who carry concealed weapons, too.

          1. If you actually practice using your firearm before crunch time comes, it takes less time to deactivate the safety than it does to remove the weapon from your holster and aim it.

          2. But he still insists on carrying that gun with an empty chamber. He might as well be carrying a toy gun.

            Not every situation where you would have to use the weapon is going to develop so fast that you don’t have time to chamber a round. So it’s going a mite too far to say the gun is useless if it has an empty chamber.

            I do agree that there are some situations where you won’t have time to pull the slide, but it’s a non-obvious decision. It’s imaginable that having a chambered round could cause trouble if you slip and fall while drawing the weapon or some goofy thing like that.

        4. I hate you Tulpa, because of Week 1 of FFL, but you are absolutely correct in bringing this up. Total disregard for the safety of those around him, but hey, he was only held (mildly) accountable by a jury because the prosecutor didn’t push hard enough for a stiffer penalty.

          And dunphy, just because Balko thinks it was right doesn’t mean it is. He’s not Jesus Christ. He is occasionally wrong, and this is one of those times. Are you so fucking stupid that you think we just nod our heads at everything he says and lick his boots?

        5. I hate you Tulpa, because of Week 1 of FFL, but you are absolutely correct in bringing this up. Total disregard for the safety of those around him, but hey, he was only held (mildly) accountable by a jury because the prosecutor didn’t push hard enough for a stiffer penalty.

          And dunphy, just because Balko thinks it was right doesn’t mean it is. He’s not Jesus Christ. He is occasionally wrong, and this is one of those times. Are you so fucking stupid that you think we just nod our heads at everything he says and lick his boots?

    2. I agree about there being a fine line between necessary force to corral a suspect and excessive force, but in this case the abuse was so far across the line that that line of argument is laughable.

  44. Ramos’ attorney, John Barnett, has disputed the district attorney’s account of the confrontation with Thomas. He says when his client snapped on a pair of latex gloves and made a threat, he was using a subtle type of force to get a suspect to comply.

    “It was an attempt by the officer to use words not force to get the suspect to do what he’s supposed to do,” Barnett said.

    Silly me; I thought it was sadistic thuggery, when it was really PROFESSIONALISM.

    1. Barnett is an ignorant jack hole.…..o-20110922

      1. from the article you link to… a point i have made several times…

        (on recordings of officers…)
        “Although the technology most frequently helps exonerate officers accused of misconduct or provides evidence during a trial, police observers say, the Fullerton case is a somewhat rare and dramatic illustration of how officers’ self-surveillance can serve as a powerful check on police”

        1. My point is that the officer’s own recording device damns him.

          Fortunately, there is no way for the a-hole defense attorney to spin it a he said-she said way.

          I heard Kelley Thomas’s dad in a radio interview say that the cops also had a streaming video device on them that recorded the whole incident, but have not been able to find verify that through a media source.

          1. and it’s a good point. and good it helps damn him

            again, this is why i am for recordings, by cops and others. they help exonerate innocent officers (a point made in my quote and that this happens far more than helping to incriminate them) and convict bad officers.


            and in the former case, it can also help convict those who go as far as to make a criminally false complaint against a cop – iow not just unjustified, but provably contrived.

  45. Traitorous backstabbers aiding and abetting the WAR ON COPS!

    Barnett said the decision to file charges in the case would have a chilling effect on the way police officers perform their duties.

    “Police officers who risk their lives daily because of violence directed at them on the streets now have to be concerned with being charged in the courtroom for simply performing their duties,” Barnett said.

    How can any reasonable person believe cops should be held responsible for their actions?

    1. Yes, ‘simply performing their duties’. I guess under the circumstances he’s representing Ramos, it probably behooves Barnett to start slinging sophistry.

      1. he’s an attorney who is advocating for a position. ANYTHING he says, needs to be taken with that grain of salt.

        that holds true with defense attorneys, attorneys advocating for (alleged) victims of police misconduct, and prosecutors in a charged case.

        attorney’s job in these cases is to advocate *a* side.

        they should alwways be looked at as such.

        1. Oh, I do. I get it. I can’t really get mad at an attorney for using fallacies or cliches if that helps him do his job.

          1. hence the utility of the chewbacca defense

  46. So what if Solyndra didn’t turn a profit? Profits are a way of robbing the workers of the their labor. In order to build a truly Green economy, and I mean Green in the full philosophical sense of a sustainable planat and community, we need busnesses that are built and run on a non-profit worker cooperative basis. IMO, the government should turn the Solyndra factory over to it’s workers, like they did in Argentina after the collapse of the neoliberal government there in 1999. The workers can build and market these solar panels themselves. Also, residents of California should be required to buy locally produced solar panels. No more Chinese imports. Furthermore, the elements required to produce the panels should be obtained from locally owned cooperatively run mining operations, which will produce more jobs for California residents.

    The only way to a truly sustainable green future is by basing the economy on non-profit, locally owned worker cooperatives. Purchasing non-locally produced goods only permits the system to offload it’s externalities into China or other parts of the world. We can’t be buting parts produced using energy from polluting coal power plants. We have to create a closed system that deals with it’s own externalities internally, on the basis of economic justice (no profits!).

    1. “The only way to a truly sustainable green future is by basing the economy on non-profit, locally owned worker cooperatives.”

      How long did it take between planting and harvesting the computer crop?
      What a stupid shit.

    2. Either these spoofs are getting better, or this article was linked somewhere… odd.

      1. or this article was linked somewhere

        That would be me.

        FB Group: The Asylum for Intelligent Radical Discussion

      2. Organic Girl was around here a couple of years ago. I’m surprised she’s back. Either that, or someone stole the tag.

        Would explain some of the crazy stuff I saw upthread of this, if she was too timid to go all out.

    3. IMO, the government should turn the Solyndra factory over to it’s workers,

      Hmm? You mean like they did with GM? They stole stock from the rightful shareholders and gave it to the unions. The original shareholders didn’t even get a shitty 10 cents on the dollar.

      Sorry, Mary Moon, that shit don’t fly. Perhaps you would like some Soysage, instead.

    4. No. See the problem is, the creditors want their money back. I’m sure the US government is not the only creditor. Even if the government is the only bondholder, I’m sure there are vendors that didn’t get paid. They are creditors, too. What happens in a bankruptcy/liquidation is the assets are seized and auctioned or sold with the proceeds going, first, to the creditors, and any remaining funds go to the shareholders. The workers go to the unemployment line.

      Marx and Engels never really understood the concept of “risk” or “time preference”.

      1. That’s Mr Whipple!!!

        1. Whipple Smash!

        2. Whipple Smash!

      2. Creditors and investors should just adopt union tactics and start wrecking property when it’s clear the government is just going to seize it. Let the workers build their own factories and companies from the ground up, if they dare.

  47. the verdict FOR involuntary manslaughter was correct. there’s this pesky little thing in law called INTENT.

    Yes, of course. And if a civilian had unintentionally run over Mehserle with his car, he could certainly have expected a one year sentence.

    1. depends on the circ’s. are you denying that in vehicular manslaughter cases, “civilians” have gotten sentences (served) of a year?

      here’s a hint. it’s not uncommon. for a person with NO priors, vehicle manslaughter can and does result in such sentences.

      here’s what one defense attorney website has to say abou tit.

      iow, as usual the “this cop sentence is way light” meme is stupid…

      Vehicular manslaughter can be charged as a misdemeanor (minor crime with a maximum punishment of a year in county jail or only a fine) or a felony punishable by a term in state prison, depending on the circumstances. Gross negligence or driving a few miles over the speed limit might be charged as misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter, but drunk driving resulting in a fatality is most likely treated as felony vehicular manslaughter. Death of a passenger, including a loved one or friend, can be vehicular manslaughter if caused by illegal driving.

      The consequences for a conviction on a vehicular manslaughter charge can range from imprisonment, probation or parole, loss of driving privileges, steep fines, or other punishment. A vehicular manslaughter sentence will vary on the severity of the damages caused by the accident.

      Sentencing for vehicular manslaughter will be determined by several factors relating to the criminal history of the convicted and other sociological factors. Prior convictions or similar convictions for vehicular manslaughter, being currently of probation or parole are all criminal history factors that can weigh on the sentence for vehicular manslaughter. Sociological factors such as the attitude of the community and court toward this type of crime, amount of media attention on the case, extenuating circumstances, and whether or not the accident was drug or alcohol related can affect the sentencing for a vehicular manslaughter case.

      Your defense for a vehicular manslaughter case can mean the difference between a suspended sentence and a lengthy jail term. Defenses for a vehicular manslaughter charge range from a not at fault or lack of negligence defense, insufficient evidence, factual innocence, or other defenses depending on the details of the case. Before choosing a defense you should have already chosen an experienced vehicular manslaughter attorney.

      An experienced vehicular manslaughter attorney can help you with the early preparation of your case, including legal research and defense strategy. Your vehicular manslaughter attorney can interview witnesses, the police, and the prosecutor to minimize or even have the case eliminated. An attorney can also help reduce bail requirements, negotiate alternatives such as counseling instead of a jail sentence, and even have the case dismissed. If you are being charged with vehicular manslaughter you can’t afford to take this case on your own or with a public defender for that matter. You need an experienced vehicular manslaughter attorney, and you needed one yesterday.

      If you are interested in learning more about vehicular manslaughter, please contact us to speak with a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney who can assess your case to determine how best to protect and maximize your legal interests.
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      1. you want examples?

        A movie and television music editor was sentenced last week to just one year in jail and five years of probation after killing a 72-year-old man in a 2009 drunk driving accident, despite the victim’s family pushing for a harsher punishment. The Los Angeles Times reports that the sentencing of editor Mark Skillingberg came after a no contest plea to a charge of vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence.

        Skillingberg’s accident took place when he was reportedly driving at about 20 miles above the posted speed limit with a blood alcohol level that was twice the legal limit in California. If Skillingberg completes his probation without incident, then the felony conviction will eventually be reduced to a misdemeanor and expunged from his record.
        So how exactly was the defendant able to get away with not going to prison and likely avoid a felony that sticks to the permanent record? To begin with, Skillingberg had no criminal record prior to the 2009 drunk driving accident. The sentence in this case was part of a plea agreement, in which the district attorney’s office said there “would likely reach the same result” if the case were to go to trial. A probation report also concluded that Skillingberg was not a danger to the community and that he would be able to learn from his experience.…..-case.html

        he wasn’t a cop/. so, as usual what you ASSUME is… wrong

        1. He was a movie producer in LA. I don’t know what disgusts me more about LA cops and courts, the way they fuck over the little people or the way they fawn over celebrities and ensure they aren’t inconvenienced by the little people stepping out in front of their car while they’re hurrying home after last call.

          1. right. so FIRST it was the allegation that only a cop would get such a sweetheart deal, now when i post evidence that refutes that, it’s “well cops, and hollywood bigwigs”

            so do i now need to post articles to the numerous cases where it wasn’t a hollywood bigwig OR a cop?


            here’s another


            again, one of the MOST important factors, and one usually ignored by the reason ignorati is the defendant’s RECORD.

            iow, it is not at all unusual for first time offenders to get what many consider “light” sentences.

            conversely, people with loooong fucked up records can get substantially more time on ANY crime once convicted. these are usually the cases cherry picked to “prove” draconian sentencing.

          2. He wasn’t a movie producer. He was a music editor.


            Doesn’t look to me like he would have a lot of clout.

            1. Look, I’m just cynical maybe, but from what I see LA is a company town to a large degree.

              Look at all the celebrities who get busted for possession charge after possession charge and get probation and rehab versus the way multiple possession charges get treated. I mean, how much of LA’s tax revenue comes from the entertainment business? I don’t think it’s all that far fetched to assert that the city government has a vested interest in keeping the golden goose perched comfortably inside the city limits.

              1. *versus the way multiple possession charges get treated if you’re not connected, rich, or famous.

  48. Especially if he had already hit him once, and then backed over him “accidentally” as he was “checking to see if he was okay”.

  49. Hey, look everybody- Waffles is back.

  50. Solyndra
    25 September 2011
    Obama pushes “Green Jobs”.
    Solyndra borrows $535,000,000 (1/2 billion) guaranteed by US Gov’t for Green Jobs.
    Solyndra goes bankrupt. Gov’t must repay $535,000,000.
    Solyndra execs use 5th amendment protection. What protection do taxpayers get?
    “Change We Can Believe”. I believe!!! I think I now understand. I get it.
    “Change We Can Believe” means mass unemployment and Dems raiding the US Treasury on the way out.
    See you on 6 November 2012.
    My projections are Electoral College vote: Dems 228 GOP 310.
    Tom Johnson
    Largo, FL, USA
    Republican & Tea Party member
    God Bless Reagan
    God Bless America
    see 2012 Electoral College Vote Projection

  51. The US Returns to Center-Right Roots
    03 August 2011
    The US has returned politically to its center-right roots.
    Recall that in the Nov 2010 election, the Democrats lost 63 US House seats and the Republicans gained those same 63 US House seats. It’s not that the Democrats lost 63 US House seats and the Republicans gained zero, for a total political change of only 63 seats. The total shift in political representation was a Democratic loss of 63 seats and a Republican gain of 63 seats for a total political shift of 126. Before the 2010 election, the Democrats had a huge majority in the US House and, after the election, Republicans have a huge majority in the US House. Add in the similar change in the US Senate, in US Governorships, and the huge 700+ change in state houses, and what you witnessed in the 2010 election was a massive change in political and/or economic philosophical allegiance, the US returned to its center-right roots. That US return to its center-right roots resulted in, at the ballot box, a corresponding massive rejection by the voting US public of Democratic policies of “Spend and then Tax” (Tax & Spend), deficit spending, over regulation, communist-styled, centrally-planned health care, and “Shovel-Ready Stimulus” program that was not “shovel-ready”, did not stimulate, and did NOT create jobs. All that the Republicans promised was to reduce the rate of increase of spending and to get the US budget under control – a Tea Party idea.
    The fact that the “Left” (Marxists, communists, socialists, progressives, liberal Democrats) does not want to acknowledge the Left’s losses, is no surprise to me. The Left still may not realize how big and lasting the Left’s losses are.
    We on the Right and in the Center must remember the last election, what we, the Center-Right, stand for, and, most importantly, we must not become complacent. We must continue the battle against the Left by controlling spending, re-visiting and re-legislating job and investment killing burdensome financial regulations, and repealing Obamacare.
    Under Republican Governor Rick Perry, Texas has created 37% of the jobs in the entire USA in the last decade. From June 2009 to June 2010, Texas created 49.9% of all jobs in the USA.
    The US has returned politically to its center-right roots. Just Say No to the Left.
    Tom Johnson
    Republican & Tea Party member
    Largo, FL, USA
    God Bless Reagan
    God Bless America

    1. Hey, look, a TEAM RED dipshit-bot!

  52. Nice bob-and-weave, Fosdick; what are the chances a civilian found guilty of mowing down a cop accidentally, without intent, getting a one year sentence?

    The guy Mehserle murdered was already on the ground and no threat to him.

    1. there was no bob and weave. the reasoid ignorati i responded to implied that one year sentence for involuntary manslaughter, in this particular case – vehicular – would not receive a one year sentence. i explained that this happens plent o times, and not when cops are involved.


      as usual, the false claims are made, and i refute them.

      mehserle murdered NO ONE. balko, i, and the jury all agree. it was INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER.

      the fact that you use the term “murdered” doesn’t make it so, and runs contrary to evidence, court determination and common sense, as explained by balko and me.


  53. Solyndra

    “After we got the loan guarantee, they were just spending money left and right,” said former Solyndra engineer Lindsey Eastburn. “Because we were doing well, nobody cared. Because of that infusion of money, it made people sloppy.”

    Solyndra’s ability to secure federal backing also made the company eager for more assistance, interviews and records show. Company executives ramped up their Washington lobbying efforts, hiring a former Senate aide to work with the White House and the Energy Department. Within a week of getting a loan guarantee commitment from the Energy Department, Solyndra applied for another, worth $400 million. It never won final approval.

    Addiction is an ugly thing.

    1. wrong again…


      an appeal to authority would be something along the lines of “it’s correct because Balko says so. he knows his shit.”

      or “i am telling you this is correct. believe me, i know about UOF”

      what i am saying is that WHY it is proper to find as involuntary manslaughter HAS ALREADY BEEN EXPLAINED extensively. Balko explained it in his article. i also did in numerous posts.

      it references what has already been addressed, NOT saying to agree with it BECAUASE of who said it.

      thus, it is not an appeal to authority.


  54. as explained by balko and me.

    Appeal to authority.


    1. wrong again…


      an appeal to authority would be something along the lines of “it’s correct because Balko says so. he knows his shit.”

      or “i am telling you this is correct. believe me, i know about UOF”

      what i am saying is that WHY it is proper to find as involuntary manslaughter HAS ALREADY BEEN EXPLAINED extensively. Balko explained it in his article. i also did in numerous posts.

      it references what has already been addressed, NOT saying to agree with it BECAUASE of who said it.

      thus, it is not an appeal to authority.


  55. The problem is having ANY loan guarantee for a private business. Look, to get this guarantee (or a straight loan) in the private market, Solyndra, like any other startup, would ave had to promise to pay back (through ownership stake) twice the amount loaned. Why because it was inherently risky with a 50% chance of not paying its debts.
    So, by giving a 500M guarantee to a business 50% likely to go bankrupt, you effectively gave them 250M gift. (exact numbers can vary based on your estimate of default, but noone claimed solyndra was a ‘safe’ bet)

    1. Now there is a case for absolutely genuine police brutality. We have enough problems without these fuckbags showing up.

    2. One day, a trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Adam Sarzen, a decade or so older than many of the protesters, came to Zuccotti Park seemingly just to shake his head. “Look at these kids, sitting here with their Apple computers,” he said. “Apple, one of the biggest monopolies in the world. It trades at $400 a share. Do they even know that?”

      Pretty much. I fear for the state of our counterculture.

      1. They are comically stupid. There used to be such a thing as communism. And while it was the most vile ideology ever created, it was an ideology. It was internally consistent. And its adherents while fanatical and murderous understood their own ideology and tried to live by it. No more. These people are not even smart enough to be Nazis or Communist. They are just fucking baboons. They know nothing. They understand even less. Tragic comic stupidity.

        1. But like, postmodernism is sooooo intellectual and stuff, man.

        2. I thought the same thing. What the hell do these people want? If you’re protesting and can’t even name what it is you hope to achieve then you’re involved in little more than a fashion show.

          say what you want about the tenets of communism, dude, at least it’s an ethos

          1. can’t even name what it is you hope to achieve then you’re involved in little more than a fashion show.

            Welcome to “postmodernism”

            1. So,

              postmodernism = CORPARASHUNS! – coherence


              1. No,.
                It’s more the GIMMMEEEE wailings of a pre linguistic infant.

          2. “What the hell do these people want?”

            To get free shit without having to do anything for anyone else. For a group of people opposed to “greed”, their worldview is essentially pure selfishness as ideology.

            The charitable but foolish say: Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.

            The wiser, more hard-assed, but still charitable say: Teach a man to fish, feed him for life.

            The communists say: Steal his pole and catch your own fish for life, and kill him if that bourgeois pig puts up a fight.

            These dipshits say: Kill him, steal his fish, and feed yourself for a day. As for tomorrow, we’re all dead in the long run.

        3. It’s turned into some fucked up blend of Marxist Economics and neo-Keynesian Economics.

          They really are clueless when it comes to business, finance and economics.

          See: Ellen Brown.

        4. They are comically stupid. There used to be such a thing as communism. And while it was the most vile ideology ever created, it was an ideology. It was internally consistent.

          Parasitism does not require an *ideology* to function.

      2. Trespassers Corp trades at $500 a share.

        There’s only like four shares though.

      3. Apple has a monopoly in what? Apple products?

        1. I think he meant “corporation”, but yes, I would think a trader would be more careful with his words…

        2. You don’t understand, man! These youth are buying Apple products. Which is like, bad and stuff.

        3. Well, there’s certainly some hyperbole there, but you know what he means. People who think they’re fighting the capitalism while indulging in products made by giant, intensely capitalistic companies are incorrigible idiots. It’s truly a triumph of marketing, like Che Guevara hoodies on Amazon.

          And yes, he should have cited Apple’s $375b valuation, not their share price, but he’s a trader, so he’d know share prices but not market cap offhand. (He might also know that they’re the world’s largest by market cap, or that they forced a rebalancing of the NASDAQ 100 when they came to constitute over 20% of it by weight, but share price is the first thing that comes to mind.)

          1. You raise a good point, but I already question the protestors’ devotion to their cause if they’re on Facebook when they’re supposed to be protesting.

        1. Apparently they love peanut butter. This is what it used to look like.

    3. Some said they were fighting the legal doctrine of corporate personhood; others, not fully understanding what that meant, believed it meant corporations paid no taxes whatsoever. Others came to voice concerns about the death penalty, the drug war, the environment.

      “I want to get rid of the combustion engine,” John McKibben, an activist from Vermont, declared as his primary ambition.

      Someone needs to tell the NYPD of the most effective way of getting rid of hippies.

      1. You know, when I first read that he wanted to get rid of the combustion engine, I thought he was speaking metaphorically. You know, like the system causing our economy’s repeated blow-ups.

        It’s much stupider now that I use reading comprehension.

      2. Maybe he feels nuclear-heated steam turbines haven’t been given enough credit.

      3. It’s the hungry alley cat syndrome.

        If you feed them, they will come, and piss all other your property.

        Stop feeding them, and they go elsewhere, eventually to be eaten by coyotes.

        Problem solved.

        1. So you’re saying they should ship in some hungry coyotes and set them loose on the hippies. Works for me.

      4. Did he travel from Vermont to NYC without the help of an internal combustion engine? If so, great, but if not, he should STFU.

        1. If he traveled by horseback at a galloping pace, then I would grudgingly respect him.


      In other news, the Seahawks are ahead of the Cardinals right now, and I’m waiting to see how they will manage to screw this up.

      1. The Seahawks are so bad they apparently failed to screw up their lead. Ha ha, they’re so bad they can’t even properly lose to the Cardinals!

    5. I thought someone linked to this earlier in the week. Fairly amusing.

  56. Ladies and Gentleman, your post racial President…..28905.html

    I guess Obama has decided that absolutely no good whatsoever on any level is to come of his Presidency.

    1. “It gets folks discouraged. I know. I listen to some of y’all,” Obama told an audience of some 3,000 in a darkened Washington convention center.


  57. Did a little research, found the gun BART cops or at least Johannes Mehserle carry is a Sig P226, which is not the exact same design as a Glock, but does also lack an external manual safety. The 226 can be loaded, placed in battery, then the decocking lever can be activated, allowing the weapon to be carried safely, but ready to fire simply by pulling the trigger.

    As the owner of a Sig (P6), I will add this. You have to REALLY MEAN IT when you fire the first round; the double action trigger pull is much longer and heavier than in single action.

    1. I’d expect that in stressful circumstances one might not notice the difference in force necessary to pull the trigger.

      The safety difference between the Taser and the Sig is harder to explain away though. I think you would notice that your Taser was suddenly missing its safety before pulling the trigger.

  58. Ms. Tikka had taken off all but her cotton underwear and was dancing on the north side of Zuccotti Park, facing Liberty Street, just west of Broadway.

    But were they FAIR TRADE cotton panties?

    (Inquiring minds, and all…)

  59. Lots of Obama donors connected to Solyndra.


    This month, an influential committee of 19 scientists and academics described yet another concern: that the authorities, including the European Union, had gotten their math wrong and were overestimating the potential for bioenergy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    The Scientific Committee of the European Environment Agency said the Union had committed a “serious accounting error” by failing to measure how much additional carbon dioxide was absorbed by existing fields, forests and grasslands, compared with that absorbed by energy crops.

    “The potential consequences of this bioenergy accounting error are immense,” the committee wrote.

    Wait, whut?

  61. Attack of the zombie economist!


    “Christina Romer?! I thought you were dead.”

    More fundamentally, the program wouldn’t just create jobs. Consider the proposed $140 billion for roads, bridges, school repair and teachers. Jobs are, in a sense, a side benefit. What we’re really getting is better infrastructure and more education for our children.

    And ponies.

    1. “Then there’s the $245 billion in tax cuts. That money doesn’t disappear. It goes to households that can spend it on goods and services, and to businesses that can spend it on research and development and new machines”

      How is that consistent with this?

      ” Rising gas prices… have crimped household purchases, effectively preventing the payroll tax cut passed last December from raising consumer spending.”

      If gas prices go up then consumer spending % spent on gas goes up but consumer spending can stay the same. That money doesn’t disappear.

      1. That money doesn’t disappear.

        It goes to bad guys.

  62. Green-ron or Solar-gate? Take your pick.

    1. Either, as long as someone takes their pick to the rockpile.

    2. Solynd Green-ron-gate

  63. it’s pretty obvious that he had NO intent to shoot the person (with a gun)

    The video doesn’t make that obvious at all.

    The video shows him pulling the gun and shooting it, which to me at least creates a presumption of intent. I am entitled to assume you “intend” to do complex motor tasks that I see you do. If you walk a tightrope between two skyscrapers, I don’t have to interview you to know you “intended” to do it. If you want to claim you were sleepwalking, you better be plenty fucking convincing or I’m not buying it.

    If I walk into your house right now, pull a gun out of my pocket, point it at you and shoot it, it really would be extraordinarily comical and sad for me to claim I didn’t intend to shoot you.

    What happened here is that this cop made up some nonsense about not intending to shoot his victim and reaching for his taser, and because he’s a cop brain-dead jurors accepted his specious and absurd claim.

    But hey, he’s entitled to a jury trial just like everybody else. The jurors made an error, but juries make errors for other people too.

  64. They actually should hope it involves something criminal, because then they can have someone to blame the failure on. The alternative, that flushing 535M down the toilet is just what you have to expect when the government gets into these things, is actually quite worse.

  65. Quite bluntly, when the facts are on your side, hammer the facts. If the facts are not on your side, start throwing bullshit and hope enough people are stupid enough to believe you.

    As with all scandals out of Washington, it’s the cover up that’s most intriguing.

    Anyone willing to take a bet that Holder’s DOJ won’t find any “criminal wrongdoing”?

    1. “Anyone willing to take a bet that Holder’s DOJ won’t find any “criminal wrongdoing”?”

      Is pushing a questionable $.5Bn guarantee for a photo op criminal, or just outright stupid?
      Or both?

  66. Link dump: IMF may need a bailout

    World is ending comment:

    If anyone thinks this chaos will be fixed by the political process, they live in a dream world. We lost the opportunity to fix this madness about 75 years ago. We have allowed the failure of socialism to be retried and retested. We have become too comfortable in our private worlds and have ignored the unchecked rise of irresponsible behavior both by the poor and the elite. The following facts will not change.
    1. We have raised a culture/world of sheeple
    2. We are capeable of a very few producing more food than is needed by the world.
    3. Technology has greatly decreased the need for manual labor.
    4. Too many workers, not enough jobs. Like too many dogs and cats.
    5. War is too precise and too clean. No more horror.
    STANDBY… the world correction is coming to a city near you.

    Winning comment:

    There is an inescapable cause and effect relationship between ruined, bankrupt economies and their spending policies. The lesson here is that the collectivist vision of the left doesn’t work.

    The true evil, however, lies in the fact that the collectivists in the US , Europe, and elsewhere aren’t interested in paying attention to the lessons of history. That would mean that they and their huge egos would have to admit that they have been wrong all along. We all know that admission will never come. They will hold onto power and play out this charade until the entire world economy collapses.

    Once again these neurotic malcontents on the left are leaving nothing but destruction in their wake. Like the spoiled children that they are, they will a point finger at everyone but themselves for this very predictable predicament.

  67. What did the president know and when did he know it? Barrock Sancho Panza should never in a perfect world ever have been elected. He clearly isn’t competant in ANY manner. And here we are economic dispair with nuclear terrorists in the horizon. Of course, that may be the only way to help us with the joblessness with this loser in office.

    1. Barrock Sancho Panza

      Also, RACIST

      1. Wait, the terrorists are in the horizon? That is frightening.

  68. Well, it’s good we have the NFL football happening how. There are no problems when we can watch the NFL football.

    Also, Detroit Lions 3-0. Therefore, End Times Watch started. Stay tuned.

    Off tae bed. Well, as soon as Picksboog/Indian-a-Polis is over.


    1. Buffalo’s 3-0 too. Are you ready for the Lake Erie Super Bowl?

      1. Heck, Cleveland’s 2-1. The pessimist in me doesn’t expect it to last, but still…

        1. I would just like to point out that my fantasy team combined for 45 yards rushing.

          I’m also waiting for Jacksonville to realize they have a tight end. That is all.

          1. “Have you ever realized that you have a tight end?”

            1. Fucking character code transcription!

          2. “Have you ever realized that you have a tight end?”

  69. Go Raiders, Go!

    Go somewhere else.

  70. Thanks for providing such nice, valuable, amazing and informative post

  71. I know nothing! Nothing! Nothing!

  72. Bush spent 300 million on just sending out a check to taxpayers (not including the actual amount tax rebate amount). That’s 1/3 BILLION dollars!

    There is a monopoly on energy. Something has to be done. If this didn’t work it is another step. Anyone that wants to leave the future of USA energy in the hands of Texas morons better get ready for WWIII.

    1. Actually all that money was borrowed, so the interest on it is much more. For fun i looked at news about this and it turns out people knew right away that the Bush rebate checks were going to be over 51 BILLION + the 1/2 BILLION just to send out, ALL OF WHICH HAD TO BE BORROWED AND IMMEDIATELY INCREASED THE SURPLUS BUSH RECEIVED FROM CLINTON. Nice way to start a presidency.

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