Kelly Thomas

UPDATED: One of the Fullerton Cops Who Beat Kelly Thomas Into a Coma Had a History of Violence


CNN reports that one of the Fullerton, California, police officers involved in the senseless beating of homeless man man Kelly Thomas, who died days later when he was declared brain dead and taken off life support, has roughed up suspects before. 

According to the report, the unnamed officer was writing a ticket to a motorist when he had some sort of verbal interaction with a nearby pedestrian named Edward Miguel Quinonez. The officer told Quinonez to mind his own business, and Quinonez replied that a cop had killed his father. The Fullerton officer then accused Quinonez of being drunk, handcuffed him, and slammed his head into a wall. According to CNN, "a blood test later showed that Quinonez had no alcohol in his system at the time of the arrest." 

Quinonez is suing the Fullerton PD. His lawyer is none other than Garo Mardirossian–the same attorney representing Thomas's family. Mardirossian told CNN that a third complainant was roughed up by the same officer, and is also filing suit against the Fullerton PD. The Fullerton PD declined to comment. 

CNN's description of an officer with a track record of roughing up suspects fits that of an officer involved in Kelly Thomas's beating: Jay Cicinelli. Someone claiming to have ties to the Fullerton PD called in to the John and Ken Show on KFI AM last month and alleged that other officers were "turned off by how [Cicinelli] bragged about the beating and many officers have not been happy with his 'heavy-handed tactics' from before the incident."

More on Kelly Thomas here.

Update: Kim Albanese, who's been in touch with the Thomas family, sent me the following email regarding the CNN story: 

Jay Cicinelli is believed to be the officer who did the most damage to Kelly (and who the anonymous informant was referencing when he said there was bragging in the locker room the next day). But… it was Kenton Hampton that was discussed today as having a history of violence, and who the 3rd victim named.

Witnesses of Kelly's beating say Hampton stepped in to handcuff Kelly while Cicinelli was beating him, and got sprayed with so much blood that he had to step back and couldn't put the cuffs on him.

There are witness reports that two officers did most of the beating, but I'm not sure if Hampton is the second or not (though it appears likely). He was definitely there.

Here are some links to articles with news clippings about  Hampton:

You can search the rest of the Friends For Fullerton site for stories about Kelly, including Officer Cicinelli and all the other authorities and politicians involved in his death or coverup.

Also, here's a link to the youtube video that catches Hampton on camera at another excessive force incident. He's the black officer that pushes the guy recording this.

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  1. Friends for Fullerton’s Future has been reporting this for 2 months.

    1. Jay Cicinelli is also likely to be brain damaged, as he has had a bullet pass through his head before. People pulled strings to get him hired at FPD.

      1. Like a modern Phineas Gage?

      2. Someone should finish the job.

  2. I’m curious – what if the cop has a history of Tasing his stepton, threatening to kill the governor’s father, and drinking on the job?

    If the governor of California, and the governor’s father, had reported these incidents, would Reason staffers be criticizing the governor’s “lapse of judgment?”

    1. I tried but couldn’t make sense of your comment. Some more context might help.

      1. From the Palin thread. My complaint about Palin’s critics, who think she did something wrong for complaining about her brother-in-law, a rogue cop who behaved as described.

        Sorry, I’ll wait until the next Palin thread to discuss her.

        1. What in the fuck?

        2. How about we never discuss her at all?

          1. Discuss who?

          2. Is it sad that I want her in incredibly strage and exciting ways?

      2. Sarah Palin

        1. The greatest happiness he’d ever found
          Was making Russian children glad
          And children lived in Leningrad


          1. Dude, that’s profound.

    2. all i can say to this comment is SAY What and huh

  3. Isn’t it about time to send Mr. Cicinelli away on a multi-decade vacation to a supermax prison? Yep, I think it is!

    1. Kelly Thomas was beaten by more than Cininelli.

      1. I was also accounting for the previous assaults he committed.

        And yeah, whoever participated in the murder of Kelly Thomas (apart from Cicinelli) also deserves bars, no question.

        1. Bars seems lenient. They should at least get tased multiple times and kicked in the face repeatedly first.

  4. Why do you keep insisting on saying the cops beat him into a coma? The cops beat him to death.

    1. A beating occurred, a coma happened at some point after, and a death followed.



    3. An excess of caution.

      1. I’ve never heard that anyone involved with this fucks sheep.

        1. I hear differently. Someone told me a friend of theirs told them he saw Jay Cicinelli fucking sheep. Me? I have no idea.

          1. I will never forget that thread…nor will i forget Warty getting the smackdown by Welch for that thread. Internet Awesomeness all around, except of course for the subject of that thread who some have said might have involvment with ovine.

            1. It wasn’t just me.

              “A number of small commenters”

              See? Plurals.

              1. Yes, it wasn’t just you, but I remember your ‘disappeared’ comments being the prime target.

                It was like watching a conspiracy in real time.

            2. It must have been difficult for Matt to threaten a regular with banning for calling a scumbag what he was. I blame the lawyers, which means I blame ProL.

              1. I find myself blaming ProL for a lot of random things that go wrong in my life.

                He has yet to answer for any of them.

              2. Proxying pays well.

    4. I don’t understand why they don’t just say the pigs murdered him, since it’s obviously true.

      1. No one was murdered until investigators file an official report stating that a homicide took place. YOU WEREN’T THERE. You will wait until police detectives and federal agents – who also were not there – tell you what happened. Then you can call it murder. Or, alternately, a justified use of force.

        People are presumed innocent until they are found guilty. That’s why in this country we never put people behind bars until they are convicted.

        1. People are presumed innocent until they are found guilty.

          In a court of law sure…i suppport that.

          But what about opinion? or public opinion or in the media?

          Why can’;t we trash tak\lk why can’t we call murder murder?

          Also i can say OJ murdered his wife and got away with it.

          murdered is not an exclusive word that can only be used in the context of the law which is often simply factully wrong.

          The pigs murdered him. What the courts say about it afterwords is irrelevant. The only thing the law will answer is whether or not the pigs get away with murder.

          1. It’s fairly obvious the man was murdered by police working under the color of law. It’s highly doubtful that, if you and four of your friends gang beat a man to death, the media would be using soft language to describe the killing. But news people are in bed with law enforcement because they need the access. They’re not going to say it.

            Consider it a triumph that anyone is still even talking about Kelly Thomas’ death.

        2. You do not know what was going through the minds of the officers involved, and as such are in no possition to question their actions. It was an unquestionably justifiable Terry stop, as per their union guidelines. The worst that should happen to them is that they be suspended with pay during the investigation, and if let go, receive a health severance package, since the failure was obviously with the department policies and not with the officers themselves.

            1. Annoyed that the end sarcasim tag isn’t working

  5. Remember, dunphy tells us that the Fullerton incident is, indeed, an isolated occurence.

    How did he phrase it?

    I think he wrote something to the effect, “rare” but they take place “way too often”.

    1. MOST, but FAR FROM ALL.

    2. This IS an isolated incident. How many people are actually killed by the police in Fullerton (or in the entire state) under similar circumstances?

      I fear a strike from a rogue cop as much as I fear being kidnapped by a Mexican cartel member in Arizona. OR getting raped or attacked by a hate crime. Or getting killed in a terrorist attack. I’m assured of this by libertarians who often debunk fearmongering by the statists.

      The cops who beat up Rodney King sure looked guility to me, but that incident produced two wrongs when the angry mobs incited a riot. You gain nothing by engaging in mob sentiments.

      Punish the individual cops responsible and reform the police union that allows a cyclops to work (now watch the lefties come ot the cops’ defense).

      1. The problem is not that this happens all the time. The problem is that it’s almost never punished when it does happen. Cops are above the law. That breeds contempt, rightfully so.
        The “good cops” still end up being enablers.

      2. Murders are isolated incidents too.

        1. except when they are en mass.

          1. Fuck, I am NOT going to Mass anymore!

  6. …alleged that other officers were “turned off by how [Cicinelli] bragged about the beating and many officers have not been happy with his ‘heavy-handed tactics’ from before the incident.”

    It would have been better for Thomas, the city of Fullerton and the Fullerton PD if this had been addressed at some time before the incident.

    On the other hand, I hope they’re not trying to portray Cicinelli (or whoever the unnamed officer in question is) as the lone cause of Thomas’ death. Witness accounts suggest otherwise. And the above quote suggests a systemic problem for which accountability must be had.

    1. Police officers are civilians that are granted a few express and strictly defined powers for the purposes of skull-fucking perpetrators of violence and fraud. If they overstep the pretty fucking obvious boundaries of just authority, they must lose all power and expect the rightfully violent responses they SHOULD receive from the victims of their despotism.

      THAT is the only way police can be legitimate. Until our system is repaired to reflect that, it’ll breed entire generations of power-abusing thugs. It’s that simple.

      I have a life I don’t want to lose, I’m sad to say, so I won’t be emptying my magazine into the next cop that tries to beat the shit out of me. I guess I’m somewhat cowardly.

    2. …other officers were “turned off by how [Cicinelli] bragged about the beating and many officers have not been happy with his ‘heavy-handed tactics’ from before the incident.”

      It often seems like the cop omerta is stronger than the mafia’s.

      1. They rely on each other and I get that. They need to back each other up when on duty.

        But from a purely self-serving and cynical perspective, they have to see having unrestrained and unprofessional colleagues is starting to actually come back at police in a negative way. They need to get together as a profession and decide it’s not a sin to weed out the bad actors among the ranks. And we need to continue to make certain they understand it’s better for them to come to that conclusion sooner rather than later.

        1. “;starting to come back”

          again, with this reason meme like this is some new trend and it’s getting worse.

          imo and ime cops are FAR LESS likely to tolerate bad cops these days than in the past.

          it’s the exact opposite of the reasonoid line

          the blue wall of silence still exists, to SOME extent, but it’s nothing like back in the day. ask ANY old timer.

          the reality is, again – contra the reasonoid beliefs- that cops are less likely to use excessive force, and more likely to be held accountable for it than in the past.

          1. You’ve advocated (in the past) cameras being used by and on police. Do you think the ubiquity of recording devices is why police are more likely to be held accountable for misconduct now than in the past?

          2. To tell you the truth, the old timers are the ones who seem less eager to mess with people as an arbitrary show of authority. When I talk to them, they give off a vibe of just wanting to get through the day without incident, not want to needlessly escalate encounters, and having a mindset that interactions with the public are transactions necessitated by their job and not reasons to take personal affront.

            The younger ones I have discussions with are militarized, fuck yeah!, everyone’s a dirtbag who needs a good head caving in, all-about-the-job types. Maybe the old timers were like that when they were younger and grew the fuck up, I don’t know. Or, maybe the law enforcement personnel I interact with often are atypical.

            Anyway, I think the proliferation of recording devices, as Art suggests, definitely means it’s coming back at police more. Youtube has spawned a level of outrage that verbal or written descriptions of bad encounters never could.

    3. It was a justifiable Terry stop. Anything that happened afterwards was just due to lack of training provided by the Fullerton police department and as such the individual officers should not be help accountable.

  7. Show me a cop who doesn’t have a history of violence.

    Now, that would be a story!

  8. I can’t stand looking at that picture. It needs to be splashed all over the internet and people need to see it, I understand that, but still.

    1. I just looked at it close enough to realize he was white. Jesus titty-fucking Christ.

  9. So Cicinelli will be the fall guy for the department? I wonder if they have made arrangements to take care of his family while he’s in jail if he falls on his sword for the rest of the boys in blue.

    1. I hope some crackpot left-anarchist castrates the fucker with a Swiss Army Knife on his way home. If it’s going to end with the Police Fall Guy Scenario ™, we might as well introduce him to pain of the sort he afforded his victims.

      1. If vigilante justice for bad guys (or crazy or unpopular guys) is OK, then police brutality becomes largely justifiable. How often do cops brutalize popular, well-off, impeccably respectable, sane guys? The victims usually have some kind of problem, or at the very least that spin can be applied.

        1. So brutalizing guys with problems is okey-dokey. Good to see that you have things in perspective. Hey, wait, do you have any problems? The cops want to have a word with you.

          1. brutalizing guys for any reason is not ok

            i just wanted to state that “for the record”

            1. Word up, dunphy.

              1. Ii thought it was clear that I was replying to the claim that “we might as well introduce [the cop] to pain of the sort he afforded his victims.” I simply showed that such logic would justify police brutality.

                I am, however, concerned by Episiarch’s claim that “brutalizing guys with problems is okey-dokey.” I’m sorry that he supports brutality. (by the way, that’s a joke).

            2. “brutalizing guys in not OK, but illegal Terry Stops ™ that end in death are.”

        2. It’s not a matter of how often police brutilize people, keep in mind that “only” 1 in 40,000 or so police encounters end in deaths, but how police must fear interacting with the public. Crime rates, and officers deaths may be down but officers need millitary support vehicles and weapons to protect themselves. After all look what happened in L.A. that one time when bank robbers had body armor.

  10. if he falls on his sword for the rest of the boys in blue

    I didn’t know they made swords out of paid administrative leave these days, but I guess if the checks are sharp enough, he can still claim martyrdom.

    1. +100

    2. “”if he falls on his sword for the rest of the boys in blue””

      Like this guy tried?…..DZnRpjfmfN

    3. Papercuts can sting like a bitch.

  11. They should release the man who shot Jay Cicinelli, I bet Jay provoked him.

  12. The man who shot Jay Cicinelli has been in prison for 15 years and he didnt kill Jay. Its time to release the man who shot and switch places with killer Jay Cicinelli.

  13. Blah blah blah.

  14. blah blah blah what, is the true.

  15. This isn’t typical, right dunphy? Most cops aren’t tough guys looking to assert themselves.

    1. What is wrong with Dunphy is that he thinks typical or a-typical matter.

      It does not. What does matter is do cops who cross the line get punished and do their victims receive justice.

      The answer so far has been no. Anything Dunphy pushes beyond this clear point is hand waving meant to distract.

      1. actually, that’s been my point several times. i want cops punished who do bad shit


        regardless of HOW common it is – it’s still wrong when it happens.

        i fucking HATE bullies.

        1. “And by bullies I mean, cops who don’t immediately claim Terry stop.”

  16. Can’t we just say beat him to death…

    Why beat into a coma?

    maybe death coma could work.

    “Beat him into a death coma”…i like it.

  17. Put Jay Cicinelli in prison and have him use the mans pillow who shot him.

  18. OT:…..51873?mt=8

    Holy shit?!?!

    Is it Anti-Semitic for me to think this app is awesome?

    1. They already killed that app, I think. Saw the headline late last night.

      But yes, yes you are an anti-Semite. Clearly.

  19. threadjack- but HYOOOGE PROPS TO ORIN KERR.

    contrary to the reason meme that govt. never voluntarily gives up power, they did in this case. based on (largely) kerr’s FInE WORK…../#comments

    great job. btw, this is the law referenced in the recent reason article about using a false name on facebook, etc. being a felony under the law …

    1. The government didn’t give up power. They’re still trying to give themselves MORE power, they just aren’t going to give themselves quite as much.

      1. no. it’s understandable you misunderstand it 🙂 cause it’s confusing

        the law is already in place.

        it has been used to prosecute people e.g. the lori drew case.

        the PROPOSAL was to up it to a felony

        NOW, this revision is shit that was previously illegal under the law is now NOT illegal

        so, yes. they are giving up power

        1. They’re still upping it to a felony; they just prevented it from being abused even more than it already is. And that’s ONLY if the amendment survives.

    2. Of course, the fact that it’s out of Committee doesn’t mean it has passed into law. DOJ may target this provision along the way, and there are still a number of hurdles to pass. But this is a very promising step.

      Being a cynic about our government rarely means you’re wrong. I have a feeling that we haven’t heard the last of this (also, they are still expanding the law anyway).

    3. Awesome, they have reduced to charges to the point where it will be better for the average person to just plead guilty than fght the charges in court. Whoo Hoooo??????????

  20. Here’s the local news attempting to whip up some anti-gun hysteria: Cleveland officials search for answers after another shooting outside nightclub

    Jackson said it’s not his intention to stop law-abiding citizens from buying or owning guns.
    “There just should be rules to the game,” he said. “The unwillingness to allow for some local control, and how do we manage guns on a local level, that is the real issue here.”

    Yes, there are no rules whatsoever. You fucking idiot.

    Bonus is-he-trolling-or-is-he-a-fucking-moron comments follow.

    unionburp September 16, 2011 at 6:52PM
    Until such time that the 2nd Amendment Guns Right waco’s show some willingness to allow smart, focused gun check laws and gun ownership laws to exist, more and more of this will happen. And perhaps one day, that gun you love so much will be pulled from your cold dead hands. Do I even need to start talking about automatic rifles and cop killer bullets? Come on clowns. Enough is enough.

    1. “unionburp”? Hmm…moron union stooge or very funny troll; hard to tell.

      It was you, wasn’t it. You had another of your “episodes” that you can’t remember.

      1. I remember all my episodes, whether I want to or not. And I never want to.

        1. All of your episodes wouldn’t work in the present day, with everybody having cell phones and all.

          1. thank GOD they did not have cell phone cameras and shit back in the day!

            1. Dude, half of the episodes of Seinfeld could have been instantly resolved had the characters possessed cell phones.

    2. unionburp:

      The nineties called, they want their cop killer bullets back.

      Automatic rifles? Yeah everybody’s got one of those. Everybody with a federal license and $15k to buy one that is.

      Fuck, I need fifteen thousand extra dollars.

      1. You don’t need an FFL to buy Title II firearms. And there are many available for considerably less than $15k.

        1. If you’re interested try here:

          It’s a search engine for the various NFA buy/sell boards. You can still get plenty of machineguns for less than $10k.

        2. Still need an NFA tax stamp, though. Luckily, they’re “only” $200…

          1. Unless you’re in Los Zetas, then you get a pass…

            1. Yeah, and they illegal ones cost a lot less than we law-abiding folks have to pay for a properly registered one.

    3. I wonder if the details in this story are as accurate as they were for the “Spy bar shooting” story.

  21. Kim Albanese! A reliable source! Where did she get the facts she sent the reporter? Been in touch with the Thomas family? Of course she has! Presides over a facebook group like a fucking nazi and her facts are truth, not! She is in this for her own recognition. Another sicko trying to cash in on this poor mans death.

    1. Facts are facts, Erin, and if you had watched the CNN report today with Thomas family attorney Garo Mardirossia, you would know that Hampton was the officer named by the 3rd victim, and not Cicinelli. I had no idea that Mike Riggs was going to publicly post the email I sent him when I corrected his reporting. And how, exactly, am I “cashing in?” The group I monitor on facebook includes most all of Kelly’s family members as administrators, including his father, mother, and sister. I am only one of many that monitor that site. Recognition? I seek justice for Kelly and his family. I’m sorry you are so filled with hate and anger. It would be better directed towards the real enemies… Kelly’s killers. Unless your goal is to tear apart the movement and cause dissent? I hear you’re very good at that.

    2. Wow Erin, what a nasty and hateful thing to say about someone who has such a pure heart and has been a tremendous asset to our group. And the fact that you bring up the word recognition is laughable. Never once did that thought ever cross my mind. Since you think you know it all, how about you start your own group with the one or two others that have left that feel they are higher up on the pyramid than everyone else. We are all in this together out of respect for the Thomas family and most importantly Kelly. Take your hateful attitude elsewhere.

    3. @Erin Cashing in? Nazi? Really? The sources are right there in front of you. You seem to have some anger management issues. Unless you have a real argument, take your toxins someplace else, like maybe a therapist, where maybe you can learn some respect. You’re wasting everyone’s time.

    4. WOW and this from the woman who cusses people out at the rallies/protests!!! The J4K group has its facts straight-when Kim & I started the group it was with the goal of getting this atrocity media/press attention and of course JUSTICE-never was it for any other reason-we dont think that way. Being a close friend of Kim’s, I will say your a LIAR- straight out….JUSTICE FOR KELLY THOMAS & FAMILY!!! go buck a fuzzard Erin….

  22. Reason really really needs to stop posting that goddamned picture.

  23. Just surfed YouTube for ‘police brutality’….just czech id oud…..I also noted that another recent article about this subject had 44% sad about this and 44% furious with 11% intrigued. The details about Fullerton are awful but this is everybody’s problem. The dog is wagging the tail. The thin blue line was meant to serve and protect not to control the ‘sheeple’.

  24. You fucking commie hippies! Love it or leave it! We shoulda nuked all them gooks in Nam. Thank God for our heroes in blue. One less mental defect walking around. If you don’t want your dog shot or your grandmother massacred stop living next door to drug addicts. That mental defect must have been doing something wrong or he wouldn’t be dead now. Kickin’ ass. That’s what being cop’s all about! USA!!!

  25. Hey Reason staffers, I really want to read these articles, but I’m so squeamish that I’ve been skipping them because of the photo. I know the point is to show the extent of the violence that these thugs used. I’d just like to be able to actually read your coverage of this atrocity.

    1. Heather – if you don’t want to wait:

      With Firefox, you can go to Tools > Options > Content > (uncheck) Load Picture Automatically

      With Internet Explorer, it’s Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > (scroll down to the “Multimedia” section and uncheck) Show pictures.

    2. But Heather, without the disgusting, sensationalist photo, the sensationalist story loses its gory impact. We like pictures. Reading is hard.

  26. Man I never even thought about it like that before. It does make a lot of sense.

  27. Spoiler tag the picture, tards.

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