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Radio: Cavanaugh Waxes Solyndrical with Fresno's Inga Barks, Tonight


Just in from Jay Carney: He's actually pointing at the crane.

Reason Senior Editor Tim Cavanaugh will discuss the expanding story of the Solyndra bankruptcy tonight with KMJ radio's Inga Barks. 


Why does the Obama Administration now have three different agencies investigating Solyndra when the House Republicans were doing a fine job all on their own? 

Did everyone really know that the job-happy American job-creating All-American Solyndra plant full of American jobs in Fremont, California couldn't work? 

How many other Solyndras are out there? 

Would we be paying even more right now if the House Republicans had not exposed Solyndra? 

In China the government runs not only the green energy industry but the reporting on the green energy industry, so you never have to hear about companies like Solyndra. So if we were more like China we'd solve this problem. Why can't everybody see that logic

Time and place

8:00 PM Pacific time (11:00 PM Eastern) 

Tune your crystal set to KMJ in beautiful Fresno, California: 580AM or 105.9FM, or listen live online at KMJ's site on the international cybertubes.