Dollar Creating a Libertarian "Wall-E" with "Silver Circle" Director Pasha Roberts


Tough question: How do you create a libertarian Wall-E, an animated film that packs a wallop of a message?

Tougher question: How do you create a film about monetary policy and still get the kids to watch it?

If you're Silver Circle auteur Pasha Roberts, you frame your animated feature within a larger science fiction story of "tyranny, explosions, monetary mayhem, romance and rebels." And you go easy on the lecturing. As Roberts explains, "There is no 78-page John Galt speech."

Reason's Nick Gillespie sat down with Roberts at FreedomFest 2011 to talk about Silver Circle and the political and technological developments that inspired it. 

Held each July in Las Vegas, FreedomFest is attended by around 2,000 libertarians and advocates of limited government. spoke with over two dozen speakers and attendees and will be releasing interviews over the coming weeks. For an ever-growing playlist, go here now.

Approx. 2:50 min

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  1. Make The Incredibles?

    1. The Incredibles 3: The Bernanke Strikes!

      1. Behold, the [dollar] Underminer!

    2. The Incredibles is libertarian? I didn’t realize opposition to optional, private-sector-marketed human augmentation was a typical libertarian position.

      1. Well, there was that whole bit about the villian using it to deprive others of life, liberty, and property.

        1. I know, most Hollywood output is pretty pro-murderous-villainy, those pinko commie bastards.

          1. Who in the what now?

  2. As Roberts explains, “There is no 78-page John Galt speech.”

    Yes there is. I read it myself!

    Not all at once though. Took me three sessions. That book is a cure for insomnia.

    1. Objectivist’s Bible, huh?

  3. I’m in that! Or animation based on my movements anyway.

    1. Interesting. I assume this had a limited budget, so the cost of motion capture must have come down quite a bit. If so, might this be the leading edge of a new wave of indie animation? Because that would be cool.

  4. Bullshit, make it about a pig that befriends a spider…That will get the kids excited!

  5. Maybe John Popola and Russ Roberts might be interested?

  6. @Pro Liberate: +1

    BTW, wasn’t the message of Wall-E how awesome it will be when technology effectively solves scarcity? Who TF is going to go back to back-breaking labor on devastated Earth when they could stay on that starship where robots provide for every conceivable pleasure?

    1. See, I saw the Captain’s victory over the machines as a triumph for human rights/liberty. And, I saw Wall-E and EVA’s growth as examples of how human spirit can overcome basic programming, even in non-humans. I guess everybody can see their own thing.

  7. Tougher question: How do you create a film about monetary policy and still get the kids to watch it?

    You make The Wizard of Oz.

  8. Captain Money Planet

    “Individual Rights!”
    “Sustainable Fiscal Policy On A Decades-Long Timescale!”

    1. Sure, and let’s buy back the Braves while we’re at it.

    2. and his weakness . . . regulation!

      1. Lil Warty: “Oh, no! O.B.A.M.A. is killing Captain Money Planet with his Qualitative Easing Ray!”

        O.B.A.M.A.: “Die on INFLATION, Captain Money Planet!”

        This stuff just plain writes itself.

        1. ? Captain Money Planet, is a hero, gonna reduce inflation down to zero ?

          1. We’re hte goldeneers and you can be one too.
            Because saving the currency is the thing to do.
            inflating and denominating is not the way.
            Here what Captain Money Planet got to say!

            “SOUND MONEY IS YOURS!”

            1. ? Full Lyrics thanks to above snippets. ?

              “Individual Rights!”
              “Sustainable Fiscal Policy On A Decades-Long Timescale!”
              “Volunteerism.. er.. Heart!”

              GO PLANET!

              By your powers combined I am Captain Money Planet!

              Captain Money Planet, is a hero,
              gonna reduce inflation down to zero.
              He’s our bias personified,
              And he’s deregulating the people’s side

              Captain Money Planet, is a hero,
              gonna reduce inflation down to zero.
              Gonna help him put asunder,
              Bad guys who endorse legal loot and plunder.

              “Thank you for paying for this, Captain Money Planet!”

              We’re the goldeneers,
              You can be one too!
              ‘Cause using sound money is the thing to do,
              inflating and denominating is not the way,
              Here what Captain Money Planet got to say!

              “SOUND MONEY IS YOURS!”

    3. “What kind of lame power is Heart, anyway?”

  9. At least this movie can’t be as bad as Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 was, right? Right?

    1. I visited the web site, and the animation looks like it could run off an Xbox. Not promising. 🙁

  10. Wouldn’t it be apeshit amazing if the Pixar staff turned out to be rabid libertarian types and made their best movie yet with a libertarian message? But what would it be about?

    1. i liked titan a.e. a little…except for the whole matt damon part.

      1. Titan AE was good, but I honestly can’t watch it nowadays without being distracted by the fact that Matt Damon voices the main protagonist, I agree

        1. great guys, way to ruin Titan A.E for me…

  11. I went to the site and watched the little trailer. Looks like they have Obama sexually harassing some chick. I guess he’s still working for the guv’mnt in 2019.

  12. Actually, I thought “Wall-E” was pretty libertarian. The environmental message was really just a backdrop for the real story, which is defying your “programming” and learning how to fix the problems you’ve caused instead of expecting some faceless authority figure (or machine, in this case) direct your life.

    The ending might come off as a bit collectivist, but it could also be seen as an example of spontaneous order.

    1. Also, clearly the condition of Earth in the movie was a significant warning against the abuse of eminent domain authority.

      1. I thought the cruise ship was a perfect unintentional analogy to over bearing paternalism.

  13. This looks more “Reboot” than “Wall-E”. :-/

    1. Bahhhhahahahahahaha!!! So true!

      1. What is it with people thinking the motherfucking toonshader defaults look good?! No excuses.

  14. liberrarian cartoon? iron giant. gubmint has no right to keep me from owning my big ass robot.

  15. gay. I’d rather watch scanner darkly

  16. 35 posts and nothing from episarch critiquing the animation and cinematography? His router must be down.

  17. I think we’ll be ok… us libertarians have LOTR after all.

    1. yeah, no blacks in the movie

  18. You’re not going to get anyone’s attention with that animation(kids or other. Other than the “polluting the planet” angle I didn’t real find Wall-E to be overly leftest. I thought the idea of humans being fat and lazy and letting the power structure take care of their every need was a bigger message than the pollution angle. Anyway Wall-E’s art was beautiful this looks like bad Youtube animation. Sorry.

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