Van Jones Forces Innocent Children to Advocate Infrastructure Spending, Oppose Corporate Personhood on YouTube


It's election season! Time to exploit children for political gain!

Today's entry: This video from Rebuild the Dream, the new organization of former Obama green jobs czar and 9/11 truther Van Jones, in which cute kids mouth bizarrely sophisticated talking points, including words and phrases they almost certainly don't understand, such as "infrastructure," "living wage," and "tax brackets."

A charming tyke with a speech impediment implores viewers to "remove the cap on the social security tax." Another gal with a ponytail wants to "close the revolving door between Washington and high priced lobbyists."

Then the grand finale: A serious child looks into the camera and says "we gotta stop letting corporations be recognized as people. We're the people, they're not!" Then all the kids say "yay!," wave American flags, and start to dance. Seriously.

Excuse me, I have to go kill myself. 

But not before I watch this classic video!:

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  1. That cute kid is deaf, cut him some slack…

  2. Stupid Kids. Shut up and pay my pension, bitches.

    1. I laughed my ass off! Well played, sir.

  3. Another gal with a ponytail wants to “close the revolving door between Washington and high priced lobbyists.”

    Deranged racist Obama-hater!

    1. So, isn’t Van Jones now a high priced lobbyist who walked through the revolving door in Washington?

      1. He’s relegated to the door next to it that doesn’t revolve. You know, racism and such.

    2. Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom…to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

      1. Congress shall make no law…

        Is that something old? ‘Cause it sounds really, really… you know… old.

  4. This has been floating around some of the Facebook groups for a couple days.

    Hitler would be proud.

    1. You know who else would have indoctrinated childr. . . oh, never mind.

  5. And if you don’t agree…we’ll grow up and smash you.

    1. Shouldn’t this be called Contract ON the American Dream?

  6. …in which cute kids mouth bizarrely sophisticated talking points, including words and phrases they almost certainly don’t understand, such as “infrastructure,” “living wage,” and “tax brackets.”

    Can someone with the guts to watch the video let me know if any of the kids talk about TEH EXTERNALITIES!?!

    1. This video is an externality. Can’t we just give the liberal socialism so they’ll stop? After watching this video, I’m beginning to think, “Could it be worse?”

  7. American Juche – the latest in unreality TV!

  8. This is one of my favorite videos on these internets.

  9. #10. Support our WarPig President Obama’s ugly, bloody, violent wars. Bombing innocent children in remote foreign countries makes America more SECURE.

    1. ReasonTV guys: Please include this in your remake.

    2. “11. When I grow-up, I want to pay 75% of my income to service the debt!”

      1. Why so greedy? I don’t mind paying a little more…

      2. No prepubscent child has ever had a political opinion worth hearing.

        1. Has Tim Geitner hit puberty yet?

  10. I am old enough (50) to remember when the left had genuine artistic talent. Seems like a long time ago.

  11. Print more money! When every kid can have an Xbox, we all win!

    1. YEAH!!!!!!!!1

    2. But we’ll have to do an across-the-board ban of M-rated games in order to keep them out of the hands of teh childrenz.

  12. Were these children payed to say these things?
    or are the part of Van Jones’ “Young Vounteers” paramilitary organization?
    How much is Van Jones getting payed for his glorious leadership?

    I’m just asking questions.

    1. cute little uniforms with red bandanas. They need to wait until teen age before they are armed. Coming soon to your neighborhood, and you better let them in….

    2. Re: Bardas Phocas,

      Were these children payed to say these things?

      Not quite… They were paid.

      1. No, obviously none of them are wearing payos.

  13. If this doesn’t induce vomiting in the most jaded liberal-progressive…..

    1. “If this doesn’t induce vomiting in the most jaded liberal-progressive…..”

      Ever see what the local teacher’s union does with the CHILDRUN when there’s the least threat to the teachers’ benes?

      1. Hell, half of the words uttered to journalists at anti-nuke rallies have been uttered by children under 6 yrs. old.


  15. High tech Hitler Youth, imo.

    1. Getting trained to smash, loot and inform on family and neighbors.

      1. **sniff** The poor little Pavliks!!

        1. Made a great corpse for fucking.

    2. High tech Hitler Youth, imo

      Worse – high tech Hitler emo Youth.

  16. …just like every other advanced country.

    This phrase reminds me of infomercials where a product name is repeated loudly, incessantly and with such unrelenting enthusiasm that the viewer is left with no other choice but to either break down and purchase the product or force pencils into their auditory canals, though more typically opting for the latter.

    1. MAGIC JACK!!!

          1. Sham-wow!

            1. “HeadOn, apply directly to the forehead”

            2. You’re gonna love my nuts.

              1. “Hello, MSNBC? Fab idea for the next new ad for my show…!”

  17. Chilren make the BEST useful idiots. Extra useful and extra idiot.

  18. Is that MC Hammer in the background at the end?

    1. wait. wrong MC. I think it’s Young MC.

      1. It may be MC Escher.

        1. Or perhaps it’s Mayor MC Cheese.

        2. You guys are way off base. That is clearly DJ E-Z Rock.

          1. Then where’s the other one? We all know that it takes two to make a thing go right.

            1. He’s “outta sight.”

              1. He shoots, he scores!

  19. It’s pretty incomplete without the che’ tshirts.

  20. “Van Jones Forces…”

    Forces, Katherine? Really? Like in child slavery?

    Or is that phrasing a touch hysterical?

    1. OK, enlists.

    2. See, I was thinking that it was really their hipster douchebag parents that forced them to do this.

      1. That seems like a safe bet.

      2. … and proud of it!

        1. This is both the scary part, and the reassuring part. On the one hand, it’s so fucking creepy that parents rope their kids into this stuff. Is nothing sacred?

          On the other hand, hip douchester parents are total wuss bags, and their kids will be total wuss bags, so we never have to fear a forceful uprising.

    3. Chinny Chin Chin|8.12.11 @ 12:24PM|#
      “Van Jones Forces…”

      Forces, Katherine? Really? Like in child slavery?

      Or is that phrasing a touch hysterical?

      According to traditional liberal legal orthodoxy, none of those children are of the Age Of Consent, and any and all participation in political activities would be technically defined as Coersion, so the phrasing isn’t necessarily inappropriate. But I suppose it would be more accurate to say they were forced by their sicko parents to be political puppets.

      1. The important part here is that we ignore the children being used as propaganda tools in favor of nitpicking a word the Katherine used that may not fit Chinny Chin Chin’s definition perfectly. Really, that’s all that matters, right?

        1. Pedantry is Paramount.

          1. Technically right is the best kind of right.

          2. It depends on what the definition of “is” is.

          3. Pedantry is Paramount.
            Paramount is a movie studio.
            Pedantry is therefore a movie studio …

            … damn, I thought that was going somewhere.

    4. Or is that phrasing a touch hysterical?


      1. +1 for you. Well done.

    5. i think it’s called hyperbole.


  21. Are these not the same people who derided companies marketing to kids?

    1. It’s cool when we do it.

      1. Besides, propaganda-making is more noble than marketing.

    2. Loving Uncle Sam has nothing but the childrens’ best interests at heart. Love The Fatherland.

      1. fatherland? sexist.

        1. Agreed. The left loves the Motherland.

          1. More like the non-gender-specific Parentland.

    3. The video was clearly aimed at adults, not children.

  22. Another gal with a ponytail wants to “close the revolving door between Washington and high priced lobbyists.”

    Well, yeah. Now that Van Jones can list a cushy White House gig on his resume, time to lock that door!

    1. Serious question: How do you close a revolving door? Aren’t revolving doors technically always closed as a major feature of their design?

      1. I would purely love to see some reporter ask that at a press conference after some goo-goo uses the phrase.

      2. They usually have bolts that go into the floor and ceiling to lock them in place.

        It’s not really a revolving door, it’s more of an Escher escalator to nowhere but up one’s own ass.

        1. There’s a difference between locked and closed.

          Consider the example of a chastity belt and a vagina.

          1. Pictures or it didn’t happen.

      3. One should, in all seriousness, stop a revolving door if you wish to prevent entry or egress through it.

        1. Typically, entry or egress is accomplished through doorways, not through doors.

      4. It’s not a revolving door it’s a positive displacement pump for human beings.

      5. The other flaw in the analogy is that it could lock or close (or whatever) with the lobbyists on the Washington side.

        1. Wouldn’t it be even better to lock the revolving door at the moment they were halfway in and halfway out? The we could just leave them in there!

  23. I’m really surprised that these kids didn’t just bust out with Stalinist nicknames for Obama at the end: All hail the Mountain Eagle, the Genius of Mankind, the Commander of all Proletarians and the Captain of the Revolution! Yeeeeaaaah! *waves flag*

    1. The Hidden Muslim……..nevermind

      1. He’s an Islamacommunist.

        Don’t laugh, someone called me that for posting a David Duke video on the Lavon Incident.

        I think it was this one:

    2. To be fair, the video does cut off just before Uncle Barry makes candy rain down from the air vents.

  24. The logical, inevitable follow-up to this, sadly.

  25. This is reprehensible.

    Look here for some more examples of the same.

    1. I’ll take your word for it.

  26. Then the grand finale: A serious child looks into the camera and says “we gotta stop letting corporations be recognized as people. We’re the people, they’re not!” Then all the kids say “yay!,” wave American flags, and start to dance. Seriously.



    [::and AGAIN::]

    1. Children aren’t people.

      1. I’m a person

      2. They are, however, Soylent Green.

  27. including words and phrases they almost certainly don’t understand, such as “infrastructure,” “living wage,” and “tax brackets.”

    And this would make them different from, say, Al Franken or Patty Murray how again, precisely…?

    1. They are children and don’t know better?


        1. but it they did it for a shitty salary they must do it out of love, right Matt?

        2. but it they did it for a shitty salary they must do it out of love, right Matt?


    2. “And this would make them different from, say, Al Franken or Patty Murray how again, precisely…?”

      The folks you mention are old enough that they have no excuse for their ignorance.

      1. They do to. They’re barely functional imbeciles and those are hard things.

  28. But we have to listen to the children because they’re so super smart and their innocence has not yet been destroyed by teh corporashuns! Also, it’s for the children.


    2. Hey, when I was that age I certainly understood about infrastructure and tax brackets. “Living Wage” not so much, but I’m not sure I understand it now, either. I mean, the people making any wages are alive, aren’t they?

      But admittedly, at least half these kids have obviously been coached.

      Also, at that age I understood quite well that corporations are people.

      1. I mean, the people making any wages are alive, aren’t they?

        You don’t understand me at all.

      2. Unliving wage make Zombie Jim sad. Cost of BRAAAIINS up 73%.

  29. Jezebel bitched up a storm over kids in a pro-Bachmann video.

    I’ll post their condemnation of this video when they cover it.

    [infinite crickets]

    1. FTC:
      Why do people always say this when they see kids making political statements? Children aren’t puppets — they have the ability to speak and think for themselves, and it’s possible for them to have their own opinions about politics.


      1. It’s also possible for them to do differential calculus.

        It’s not fucking likely, but it’s possible.

      2. Politics are boaring. I want my MTV!


      *typical Jezebel response

    3. What I love about the comments is the assumption that everyone who is conservative/not a liberal democrat is that way because they never evolved past their parents’ way of thought.

      Of course, by this logic, Jezebel never evolved past college.

  30. This reminds me of that South Park episode wen Mr. Tweak used the kids to demonize the evil corporate coffee giant Harbucks. The whole time, the kids had no fucking clue what they were really endorsing and they were just basically doing what was expected/demanded of them.

    1. I’ll see your Tweak’s Coffee and raise you the Eric Cartman exploitation by Rob Reiner and the anti-smoking lobby.

      1. Yeah…that’s probably more spot on since it was some lobby trying to get some bullshit done in the name of the children, instead of one business trying to use the government to fuck another business.

    2. wen = when

  31. Fuck the kids. I mean, don’t actually fuck them, but, you know, fuck ’em.

    1. No, no. You were right the first time.


        1. Bunk, damn it.

          1. Depends on just how violently he typically faps.


            2. He doesn’t fap. He rapes his own hand. And sometimes, his prehensile tale.

          2. No. STEVE SMITH has a bunker. His neighbors complained about the noise his raping made.

            1. Masturbation voyeurs judge that the best sound balance is usually to be heard from within large concrete bunkers some thirty-seven miles away from the cave, whilst STEVE SMITH beats his forest meat by remote control from within a heavily insulated spaceship which stays in orbit around the planet – or more frequently around a completely different planet.

  32. This is like a north korean hostage video…please adopt policies that will guarantee I have no future…

  33. Why did you pick a black kid putting their hands up like they are under arrest for the screencap?


    1. Those are clearly jazz hands, homophobe.

      1. Great, so now we’re arguing whether they’re the hands of a felon or an entertainer.

        This is just too raciss for me.

        1. Being both is fairly common.

    2. He seems to be the only one with any sense. He clearly is not buying the arguments about taxes.

  34. Aren’t revolving doors technically always closed as a major feature of their design?

    The lobbyists go in…

    The lobbyists go out…

    You can’t explain it.

    1. My stock answer when people criticize what I do is “stop regulating every aspect of the industry and my power will go away. Failing that, my clients have a right to petition the government for the redress of grievances.”

      1. ^^^True. If you want the corruption out of Washington, get the power out of Washington.

    1. Hey squirrels, they’re called apostrophes.

      1. & apos ; – without spaces = ‘

        1. For URLs you need %27. It doesn’t work either way, though.

          1. Yeah, that was meant a tech dweeb joke.

            1. That Sting song sure sucked

  35. And then people are perplexed why American children produce some of the lowest school results in world. Then they get perplexed why a business would rather have immigrant workers.

    1. Instead of one of these poor things that reaches working age whining and complaining about everything on the job. Being on the Obama Welfare Roll is easier.

  36. I’m waiting for the free cruise ship vacation.

  37. Van Jones is a mack daddy. He pimps white children AND black children.

  38. “close the revolving door between Washington and high priced lobbyists.”

    With this I have to ask, is Van Jones an Obama supporter?

    1. Puppetmaster would be more appropriate.

  39. Then all the kids say “yay!,” wave American flags, and start to dance. Seriously.

    I thought liberals were supposed to be better at the art of filmmaking and entertainment. I can never unsee that.

  40. Would it be racist to speculate on former President Obama’s most likely career path?

    1. Only if you bring up the unemployment rate of African Americans.

    2. former President Obama’s most likely career path?

      All you need to do is read The Book of Revelation. Question is: is he the Messiah or the Antichrist?

      1. Well we all know Jesus was really a black man, so, duh!

        1. Having been to the middle east, I can assure you that HaySoos was not black.

    3. Something suitably dignified, as befitting his overall job performance in the White House.

      Something involving high, stacked heels with live goldfish in them, I’m thinking.

    4. He will be writing a THIRD autobiography detailing how mean everyone in the US and around the world were to him during his term as Emperor of Earth. Then, like everyone else in Illinois, he’ll flee before the giant mutant rat hordes. Then he will write a FORTH autobiography.

      1. “Then he will write a FORTH autobiography.”

        Autobiography is a strange use for FORTH.

        1. I’m sure an autobiography of FORTH would be more interesting than Mr Obama’s.

          It’s been around longer and dammit, it’s done a lot of good!

    5. Typically, failed dictators end up as mutilated corpses.

  41. The really scary thing is that Van Jones knows how scary this is.

    1. The fuck is a Crudader?

      1. Kind of like a Crawdader.

        1. Holy moley, Rags!  I misspelled my own name!

          1. Great news, boss! That automatically qualifies you for an editorial position at Media Matters!

  42. I was a libertarian, but gosh, those kids are so adorable. And that stuff about corporations not being people… very compelling. Can’t we just nationalize a few industries, for the children?

  43. It’s just horrible when Sarah Palin uses her kids as political props /stupid fucking liberal tools

  44. Creating a generation of synchophantic Marxoids one child at a time.

    1. Good thing super-libertarian and savior of capitalism George Soros gave them millions of dollars.

    2. No, in groups.

  45. If only I’d have lived to see this.

    1. +10

  46. We could solve all of these problems with another Hands Across America. It’s that simple.

      1. …if only

  47. Does this count as child pornography? Cause I’m sure there are some lefties who fap to infrastructure talk.

  48. I think the ancient Romans used to show this video in the vomitoriums.

    1. In a theater or stadium, esp. ancient, a passageway leading to and from the seating?

      1. This term is still in use, usually shortened to “vom”.

  49. If Wall Street pays a teensy-tiny fee on every trade they make, we could raise more than $100 billion every year.


    No, it would push trading activities offshore, and there would be offsetting losses in tax revenue as trading volume and capital gains fell, not to mention its distortionary effects. There’s a reason almost no economist (except Stiglitz, I guess) is pushing this idea.

    1. Pretty hilarious that they’re basically promoting the use of the Office Space algorithm to raise cash.

  50. I so posted the first video days ago….…..nt_2450261

    I’m now flexing in front of a mirror, because I am that kool off line and online…

  51. The Van Jones as Skeletor meme jumped the shark about a year ago. Find some new material.

    1. Van Jones as Evil-Lyn?

  52. When a kid says this shit, the ideas sound even stupider than when MATT DAMON says them.

    1. Kids are stupid. They want cookies for breakfast and think Justin Bieber has talent. I’ll be fucked if I’m going to let any of these little shits tell me what’s what.

      1. Kids are stupid.

        Sir! Sir! Do you have a newsletter of some kind I could subscribe to?

    2. Please do not compare me to the sorry, mouth-breathing likes of Matt Damon. I do have my pride, after all.



    MM, MM, MM



  54. I guess this is why President Obama doesn’t let his cabinet officials be in videos more often. They are easily mistaken for 8 years olds.

  55. …what kind of low-life parent would allow a child to participate in this kind of sick theater. Maybe the same parent that feels somehow superior to a Jerry Springer Show guest.

  56. These kids will grow up and riot just like the punks in the U.K. and other parts of Europe.

    Poor brainwashed li’l minions.

    1. Smashing windows for Obama!

      1. Right now, it’s “Smashing Windows for Labour”, but it’ll happen here soon enough.

      2. What about smashing pumpkins, dammit!!!!??????

      3. Broken windows! Stimulus!!

        I finally understand!!! The riots in London were a clever attempt to get the economy going again by creating demand!!!! Everybody wins!!!!!

    2. Nah,
      They’ll rebel and vote for the other gang of stooges.

  57. Tax Wall Street just “A TEENSY TINY BIT”


  58. My only explanation is that perhaps the children are a metaphor for those who would ACTUALLY make these arguments.

    1. Ignorant and petulant?

  59. Hey, I think it’s great. We should just re-release it so it closes with: “Progressivism: suited for childlike minds.”

  60. This man came to my school, where I had the opportunity to interview him several times, to collect information for an article I wrote for the conservative claremont independent. Hes pretty tolerable in person and sort of intelligent. Its impossible to talk to him though, without getting the feeling that he is profoundly self-absorbed and somewhat manipulative. I also wouldnt recommend taking his views on economics too seriously.

  61. Will somebody write a paragraph or two explaining what leftists think will happen once they get rid of this awful “corporate personhood” thing that seems to have crawled up their butts in recent years? Do they expect Apple to be run as a sole proprietorship? Is it just something that would allow more lawsuits? What?

    1. Not Apple … corporations!

  62. This video is nowhere near as disturbing as Coutney Cox cooing into the camera:
    “I pledge allegiance to Barack Obama”

  63. This video is nowhere near as disturbing as Courtney Cox cooing into the camera:
    “I pledge allegiance to Barack Obama”

    1. I actually preferred “Coutney.”

  64. … and, right on cue:

    REALITY: Emergency decree: Italy delivers tough austerity measures


  65. Close the revolving door between Washington and kindergarten!

  66. I know when I’m sitting around talking about complex public policy issues with well heeled and educated adults I never make a decision until I hear from the children

  67. This is just as bad as taking them into the shadows and having their way with them. These evil misopeds are screwing these kids all to hell fiscally and then forcing them to say that they like it, and want more. Sicko. They may as well put them in front of a camera and tell them to say, “Please Mr. Progressive, give me another 46,000 dollars of debt to pay so you can play while my future goes up in smoke.”

    1. LOL, so true. What are these kids going to do with infrastructure? Bridges that don’t collapse? Commies. The invisible hand will hold up the bridges.

  68. People like Van Jones give kids AK47s. Sick.

  69. Could this be construed as being in violation of the child labor laws? …… Or political child abuse?

    1. Sure–yeah. That’s right. LOL. What a bunch of loonies.

      1. Thanks for your comment. It epitomizes the trouble with Liberals. Not one iota of rationality in your comment. Your comment would be more appropriate on the playground at your school. But it shows your TRYING to pretend to be adult!

  70. Holy shit! This is just too much to believe. The use of children to communicate meaningless political bull shit is just plain shameful!

    1. Why are you letting your child post on this website?

      1. Your parents certainly seem to be pretty open-minded about it.

  71. Well… they probably understand the policies as mush as the average voter so…

  72. “Excuse me, I have to go kill myself.”

    Now you’re part of the solution!

    It’s a shame Miss Mangoo-Wad becomes deranged when she sees people having fun that doesn’t involve sucking Koch.

  73. LOL — I love the title. And I really hate Van, knowing him personally. But kids are smarter than many adults. So, stop assuming that they don’t understand.

    1. The last 50 years with that idea as a cornerstone–that youth=wisdom–is a big reason why we’re as fucked as we are now.

  74. And then you have those of low character who can’t get past base, gutter, sexual innuendo as a “tool” to attack the messenger..

  75. You know, there are a number of topics that kids are capable of understanding and advocating germanely for at least one side.

    Using kids to proffer “abortion is wrong,” or “help the poor,” or “no more bombs,” etc, is certainly crass but is not child abuse (or audience abuse). The children understand what they’re saying, even if they don’t grasp all the implications (much like their parents).

    This? This is child abuse, and rhetorical cowardice to boot. Dems love them some human shields.

    1. LOL – child abuse? What a nut. These topics are not really hard to understand. I guess you were in the dumb class at school.

  76. OK — these look like middle-school kids — almost high school (number 5). When I was in middle school, I was writing term papers about politics and doing Algebra. Miss Mangu — just because you’re dumb, it doesn’t mean everyone is.

  77. How can the children be smarter than adults, when it’s adults that teach the kids? Most of the children are, necessarily, products of the public school system which is run by public union teachers. Sorry….I don’t buy the premise that children are smarter than adults. They’ve had NO experience in the adult world! Of course I’m speaking of ‘non-Liberal’ adults, (as there are no Liberal adults. Grown Liberals are only chronologically challenged children themselves).

  78. So…no discussion about the corporate personhood stuff?

    Most of the discussion sounds like…little kida arguing or something.

    Where are the adults in this nation, anyway?

  79. I’m sure when the topic of discussion moves to “corporate personhood stuff” that the discussion will be about IT. Now the discussion is about the unconscionable use of children to promote a ‘one sided’ POLITICAL agenda. Be patient and hope someone brings the “corporate personhood stuff” subject up for discussion. Or start a blog yourself with the “corporate personhood stuff” as the subject. I’ve no doubt the discussion about it would be robust as well! I would participate. I don’t know that most of the discussion sounds like “little kida”,(?, obvious typo), arguing or something though. That’s kind of vague! As for “the adults” in this nation, we’re on these threads everyday! We DO have to contend with the, (ever diminishing) Liberals and their childish verbal antics. But, since they are a rich source of humor, we “humor” them!

  80. Van Jones and his Communist pals are sure scarey. Haven’t we fought a couple of wars against them.

    Kill a Communist, save a tree. Of course the last part doesn’t make sense.

  81. Yea, I’m sure Van Jones put a gun to the kids’ heads and “forced” them to do this.

    Why is it when the right raises their kids to believe what their parents believe, that’s just fine — but when the left does it, it’s “indoctrination?”

  82. Sigh. Why can’t Liberals get past irrational obfuscation in ANYTHING? Once again…. The topic is about the unconscionable use of children in a, (‘one sided’), political ad! It has nothing to do with the parent’s teachings! If one believes that this political ad, (which is what it IS), WASN’T ‘scripted, rehearsed and directed’………… Well…. There’s nothing to discuss.

  83. Mao, Fidel and the pork belly pig with the mohawk from North Korea would all be proud of Obama. It’s scary when teachers are actually smiling while directing this indoctrination.

    1. Reading the sudden influx of moronicity above your post, mike, shows how many people agree with said indoctrination.

  84. HI this site is really great and this post
    Van Jones Forces Innocent Children to Advocate Infrastructure Spending, Oppose Corporate Personhood on YouTube
    was really nice. thank you!

  85. Corporations aren’t people? Gah! Ridiculous.

    OK, go kill yourself.

  86. “we gotta stop letting corporations be recognized as people. We’re the people, they’re not!”

    No, you are not. Many of you are fetuses that should have been aborted sooner.

  87. I’m doing my part, too!

  88. Given that the mental age of the typical liberal is not significantly greater than that of these children, I don’t see the issue.

  89. “And give immigrants a clear path to become citizens.”

    Yay, 20 million more Democrats! What could go wrong?

  90. My gosh, how frightening. We’re in the mix of the fight, alright. What a blatant socialist ploy. Please, Libertarians, support the Tea Partier Repubs. I can’t think of any other way at the moment.

  91. Anyone who can rationally reason a corporation to have “personhood” is mentally ill. Now you don’t have to go kill yourself.

    and very likely the cause of such warped reasoning by left-tards in the first place.

    jump heretic


  92. Ah, these are paid models. Like in all ads. What’s the big deal?

    Even if they’re scripted, people will pay closer attention to cute kids than they will to policy wonks. And they should pay attention, these talking points offer an excellent roadmap to a better America.

  93. That’s some twisted shit.

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