'The Worst Attributes of Meth, Coke, PCP, LSD, and Ecstasy'


On Saturday The New York Times finally noticed the quasi-legal speed substitutes sold as "bath salts," just in time to fan the hysteria before these products are completely banned. Under the headline "An Alarming New Stimulant, Legal in Many States," Abby Goodnough and Kate Zezima report that "bath salts," which contain stimulants such as methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) and mephedrone (a.k.a. 4-methylmethcathinone), make people "so agitated, violent and psychotic that a small army of medical workers [are] needed to hold them down." Other examples that Goodnough and Zezima offer to illustrate the drugs' effects: "a man in Indiana who climbed a roadside flagpole and jumped into traffic, a man in Pennsylvania who broke into a monastery and stabbed a priest, and a woman in West Virginia who scratched herself 'to pieces' over several days because she thought there was something under her skin." They also quote the Pottsville, Pennsylvania, police chief, who recalls "two instances in particular where they were acting out in a very violent manner and they were Tasered and it had no effect." He says "one was only a small female, but it took four officers to hold her down, along with two orderlies."

Goodnough and Zezima liken "bath salts"—which remain legal (though not for human consumption) in a dozen states and have not yet been banned by the federal government—to PCP. The comparison is apt, but not in the way they think. In the 1970s and '80s PCP (phencyclidine) was widely reputed to transform ordinary, mild-mannered people into raging Incredible Hulks with superhuman strength who were amazingly resistant to police restraint. (Similar things were said about cocaine in the early 20th century, marijuana in the 1920s and '30s, and crack in the 1980s and '90s.) But in a 1988 review of 350 journal articles on PCP in humans, the psychiatrist Martin Brecher and his colleagues found scant evidence for "the assumption that [PCP] provokes violent behavior in humans with predictable regularity." Writing in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, Brecher et al. noted that high doses of PCP can produce "severe agitation and hyperactivity," coupled with "cognitive disorganization, disorientation, hallucinations, and paranoia." Combined with the drug's anesthetic effect, which makes users less sensitive to pain and therefore harder to restrain, such acute reactions contributed to PCP's scary reputation. Yet in their search of the literature, Brecher and his coauthors found only three documented cases in which people under the influence of PCP alone had committed acts of violence. They also noted that between 1959 and 1965, when PCP was tested as a human anesthetic, it was given to hundreds of patients, but "not a single case of violence was reported." They concluded that "PCP does not live up to its reputation as a violence-inducing drug."

The point is not that no one ever behaves in the manner described by Goodnough and Zezima after snorting, injecting, or smoking "bath salts." But it should be obvious that such reactions are far from typical; otherwise why would anyone be interested in using these products? Why would they have "grown quickly in popularity" after they "started turning up regularly in the United States last year"? It may be true, as a couple of Goodnough and Zezima's sources suggest, that "bath salts" are inferior to other drugs with which they compete. "If you take the worst attributes of meth, coke, PCP, LSD and ecstasy and put them together," says the director of the Louisiana Poison Center, "that's what we're seeing sometimes." The director of the Northern New England Poison Center concurs. "If you gave me a list of drugs that I wouldn't want to touch," she says, "this would be at the top." If so, why do we have drug laws that push people toward more dangerous, less predictable ways of altering their consciousness?

Previous coverage of the panic over imitation speed here and here.

[Thanks to Max Minkoff for the tip.]

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  2. They also noted that between 1959 and 1965, when PCP was tested as a human anesthetic, it was given to hundreds of patients, but “not a single case of violence was reported.” They concluded that “PCP does not live up to its reputation as a violence-inducing drug.”

    But just a little time after that, that’s when the Earth was hit with massive doses of cosmic rays which turned humans into PCP-intolerant monsters, so of course it was banned.

    Government saves the day yet again – imagine that.

    1. Didn’t you know that PCP is made from angels? We mere humans cannot handle it.

      My favorite Hollywood take on drugs:…

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    2. RIP Lexi

      There seems to be more than one BBW Porn Lexi.

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        The first post on here was actually a story about bestiality under a spoof handle that shall not be named, but was removed.

        This is why we can’t have nice things.

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            1. Damn. You didn’t cut’n’paste it anywhere, did you?

            2. I read it. It was teh awsum

  4. “they were Tasered and it had no effect”

    Now that is some outright bullshit right there. The response to a tasering is involuntary due to the polarization of the neurons. I don’t care if you’re high on gamma radiation, you get tasered, you fall down.

    1. Cops can’t bring themselves to say “I missed.”

  5. re-enforces the axiom to never take drugs which some scuz can make in a dirty bathtub. pretty much leaves organics

    1. What about LSD? The diathelymide is syntheric, but the Lsyrgic acid is pure moldy organicness.

      1. well, close. LSa is natural. LSD-25 is a semisynthetic. it does not occur naturally, it is synthed, from LSA. IMHO and experince LSD X pyslo, thc,etc are really ok and fine if used responsably. i personally will never touch crack or any injectable. but have tried most others, and can say, the negatives are far outweighed by the positives if done in moderation. there is not 1 person that i know of who has tried LSD and stil thinks the same, it mellows you and allows you to see more than just the surface. most if not all pyschonauts i know share this trait. that is the real resson they are banned, knowledge of a different way is dangerous to the goverment.

  6. “Do you do drugs?”

    “Oh sure! I do heroin, and… potpourri, and… weegees…”

  7. Pieces like these always make me imagine the glorious, pure, consistent highs we could get from legal, commercial drugs.


  8. The pressure to place new bans on drugs is outpacing the rate of legalization. *Sigh*

  9. the first time I did PCP I was 16 and reading too much HP Lovecraft and at a carnival. I thought I pissed off the elder gods and were after me so I went on the Gravitron hoping they wouldn’t find me in the crowd. I vomited a lot that night.

    1. What ever happened to the gravitron? I haven’t seen one in years

      1. They are calling it the Devil’s Hole at Fantasy Island.…..ideId=1576

        Not really like the orginal, true Devil’s Hole.

        1. Dude, you’re ruining a perfectly good childhood memory of a Bermuda Aquarium


    2. Whew, and here I had been thinking I was the only one that had happened to.

    3. Everything about this story is awesome.

      1. Except the tastes that were probably involved.

      2. I knew a guy that generated the same effects by drinking a 5th of root beer schnapps in about 20 minutes and passing out in a bathtub. He started screaming in language of the Old Ones. The only thing we could make out was “DON’T GO NEAR’D THE WEIRD BEARD!” It was generally assumed he was referring to me, although I will note that he too had a beard.

        That was also the night I learned it was possible to vomit straight up in the air.

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          And what precisely differentiates a hillbilly bigfoot from, say, the (presumably more urbane) west-coast variant?

          1. KY Bigfoot has a number of broken refrigerators in his front yard.

            1. I got some “what the fuck is that weirdo up to now?” looks from cube-neighbors when I laughed at that.

          2. It likes tractor pulls.

            1. And shops at Wal-Mart!

    4. Are you interested in selling the movie rights to this story?

    1. You may have seen this next comic at the store.

  10. “They also noted that between 1959 and 1965, when PCP was tested as a human anesthetic, it was given to hundreds of patients, but “not a single case of violence was reported.”

    You know, there might be some difference between a medicinally useful dose of PCP and a recreationally useful dose, just saying.

    1. The “recreationally useful” dose is lower.

    2. My assumption is the doctors used a high end brand of rat poison in the manufacturing process. It’s the pottom shelf stuff that causes all the problems. We all know from 7th grade drug awareness training that pcp is chock full of rat poison and steve smith dingleberries.

  11. “They also noted that between 1959 and 1965, when PCP was tested as a human anesthetic, it was given to hundreds of patients, but “not a single case of violence was reported.”

    You know, there might be some difference between a medicinally useful dose of PCP and a recreationally useful dose, just saying.

    1. Mea Culpa, but I am not how I double posted.

      1. It was the finger-twitches from your Bath Salts withdrawal..

    2. The first time I took it, I was hoping for superhuman powers to take out leagues of cops but I threw a block party instead. PCP tends to make me highly extroverted.

      1. Never tried PCP myself. Of all the various and sundry adventures I’ve had in the drug world, that is the one thing I will always kinda wish I had a rendevous with.

        1. PCP is not much fun. It causes an extreme disconnect from your feelings, good and bad. I imagine if your life is truly a pain-filled shithole it’d be a nice escape for a few hours, but I prefer the things that amplify sensations and give access to thoughts that you didn’t know you had, like mushrooms.

          1. but I prefer the things that amplify sensations and give access to thoughts that you didn’t know you had, like mushrooms.

            Blech. Hippies and their mushroom puke factory shit yourself mother nature lovin’ purity test excuse for getting high as a means to get in touch with your feelings instead of getting high.

            The more synthetic the experience the better.

  12. Aren’t we, as a nation, still recovering from the jenkem epidemic?

  13. This is why I stick to weed.

  14. I’m sorry, but i had my moral panic 4 days ago when the story actually ran.

    Since then, I’ve gotten over it.

    FWIW, I think there should be a rule that journalists writing these stories *as a rule* should have to =

    a) actually go out and find said product being sold,


    b) do some.

    THEN right about it.

    Can we have a MORAL PANIC: GREATST HITS 2011 article? “Best of” the last couple years? I think Meth, Bath Salts, Salvia, Child Porn/InternetChildAbuse, Sexting, all have to at least make the cut. And I’m pretty sure I’m missing some of the better tunes…

    Oh, before you get excited…yes, there’s already multiple bands named “Moral Panic”

    1. Are GMOs and Cell phone brain cancer moral panics, or just panics?

      1. The GMO one is a moral panic, the cell phone brain cancer and vaccine=autisim are just panics.

        Morel Panic strikes me as a good name for a band. You have an obvious logo and everything. Use it with my blessings, since I’m debating between Dissolving Lesions and Plutocracy of Hypocrisy for my next musical venture.

        1. OK, makes sense…

          I’ll add: Rainbow parties, color-coded snap bands/silly bands, “hook-up” culture, and “Synthetic THC”

          1. Back in the 90s, my moral panic would’ve been seeing fat people on TV.

          2. Oh Yeah!! Rainbow Parties is a total winner. AND also an awesome band name. In fact I’d name the entire compilation after that one:

            Rainbow Parties: The Best of Moral Panic, 2000-2011

            How about Porn Addiction? I’m not sure anyone ‘panicked’ about it… but it did make it into a congressional hearing! That’s street-cred for moral panic…,2933,139062,00.html

            I don’t even know what the referenced color-coded shit is… I apparently have not been panicking enough. Or watching tv for the last decade.

            1. Sex addiction.

            2. If that’s the case with the street cred add ‘juicing’ athletes to the mix (somehow the way too obvious ‘roid problem amongst the boys in blue never got much attention. Saw one report in total in the early oughts).

              1. There was a mini-panic about steroids in high schools, but that might have been in the 90s. As was the heyday of Road Rage.

                1. Cyber-stalking

                  “Officer! OMG! My ex-boyfriend I didn’t defriend is reading my public Facebook posts! Eek!”

                  1. “BLACKOUT IN A CAN”

                    Keep em coming!

                    1. OK top of the list so far…

                      – [Every Non-Existent Drug ‘Epidemic’ since Crack]
                      – Social Networks As Magnets for Child Rapists
                      – Sexting
                      – GMOs killing teh planet
                      – Gay Marriage is a precursor to the abandonment of all traditional(tm) human values, and will precipitate a Satyricon-like descent into anarchy, pedophilia, rape, and libertarianism
                      – Vaccines–>Autism?
                      – Rainbow Parties!!
                      – The CPAC has Been Overridden By A Pro-Muslim Agenda!! Sharia Law Looms!!
                      – Harry Potter/Goosebumps–>Occultism?
                      – A whole range of indignity over something to do with Mexicans (e.g. See, Lou Dobbs, Leprousy, crime wave on the border, being forced to watch telemundo)
                      – FourLoko and everything remotely like it except of course Mikes Hard Lemonade which is cute and fluffy and healthy and probably bribed their congressperson years in advance like all the others should have
                      – Menthol Cigarettes are a form of Blacksploitation
                      – Forget it, all flavored tobacco is designed to exploit the poor, minorities, and suck children into pinapple-blunt-wrapper addiction…
                      -OMG the Libbruls in NY are letting a mosque-ish kinda thing that isn’t really a mosque but gosh darn it sure is pretty muslim sounding be built *within a mile* of Ground Zero, the hallowed ground which all Americans should cry themselves to sleep thinking about every night, while in the daytime referring to NYC as “jew-york” or “the mecca of American shitholes” “ridden by catholic immigrant scum”…but NOOOOOOOO, don’t you DARE mess with even the Memory of The Great Hole Which Remains Unfilled because NY state government is full of corrupt crony @(*#$ and….. sorry, I can’t even finish this one… it just links to a million other stupid-beyond-comprehension things…

                      I know not all of these are “moral” panics in the strictest sense…or even a loose sense, but they do at least share a facet of Heavy-Duty Stupid.

                      Any suggestions for a proper list of Greatest Moral Panics of the last decade are appreciated.

                    2. Date Rape — was not easy being a jock on campus in the late 80’s early oughts, brother.

                    3. Can we replace the generic “Date Rape” with “ROOFIE PANIC!!”??

                      And ‘roids, yeah, forgot the ‘roids.

                    4. GILMORE, you’ve done a service to Mankind? with that list right there.

                      Fucking AWESOME. Thanks

                    5. ooooh!!

                      ELIMINATIONIST RHETORIC!

                      Defitely competing with Rainbow Parties for top-seed.

                    6. OOh!

                      – Plan B – aka, “The Abortion Pill”

                      The more I think about it, ‘panics’ represent much of what constitutes News in the mainstream media. It sells shit. The longer they can drag it out, the better.

                      I note that Plan B is readily available, and we haven’t yet seen the forecast epidemic of underage unprotected sex. Which is kind of disappointing.

                    7. Two good examples. At the same time that the AMA and others were talking about the terrible harm done by steroids (which they still claimed didn’t enhance performance). The WHO was conducting studies of giving men Testosterone injections as birth control and those studies showed no ill effects in liver, cholesterol, etc. (it will screw up your hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis however)

                      GHB got caught up in the same BS as roofies and was made a schedule 1 drug even though it had been used medically for years (since the early 60’s) in Europe. Reading some of the old GHB research articles a recurring theme is large safety profile of the drug. It used to be sold by the tub full in health food stores as a sleep aid until someone took a little less and had a good time.

                      DEA official slogan: If it’s fun, it must be made schedule one.


                    8. Or, in the classic Allie G quote:

                      – “”So’s these is Class A drugs, yeah? Does Class A absolutely guarantee they’s is the best quality?””

                      @2:21 here =

      2. SugarFree|7.20.11 @ 12:54PM|#
        Are GMOs and Cell phone brain cancer moral panics, or just panics?

        I think those are more “long-term delusions”

        Meaning, the Cell Phone Brain Cancer thing has been around since cell phones existed, and no amount of evidence to the contrary dispels the suspicion of it… sort of like how your parents told you not to sit close to the TV. GMOs, same deal really, even though the same people panicking probably eat the crap every day.

        I am not doing a good job deliniating the distiction properly…but I do think there is one.

        Little help? Bueller?

    2. I’m pretty sure child porn has been given Moral Panic Emeritus status (since it has qualified for the list every year for the past 25 years) and thus it is no longer eligible for consideration so as to give other moral panics an opportunity.

      1. I agree, the Moral Panic Hall of Fame already has some legends in there…

        Do they still have warning labels on CDs? Wait… on Digital Downloads? Is rock music played backwards sending Satanic Messages? @#($ it = forwards now!?? Are comic books corrupting the youth? Have dentists finally cracked the Meth-Mouth epidemic? Hasn’t Crime been rising NONSTOP since the 1950s, when every Man was Straight, and Every Woman Chaste, didn’t demand to have a job and have abortions, and all kids played Cowboys and Indians and didn’t confuse themselves with all that revisionist history about how Maybe We *Shouldn’t* Have Killed All the Indians and Taken Their Shit?….

        Yeah, the legends shouldn’t be on the list, but there’s always new and improved updates on the classics.

        I mean, Porn Cartoons are kind of a hybrid social-mores-destroying phenomenon. Strangely not as effective as each on their own. But now you can download the stuff *directly into your brain* via the intertubes…which, like Television, is destroying children’s respect for parents and their elders and authority and….

        Oh, p.s. = If you’ve never seen all the Brass Eye episodes….?? OMG!!!! Greatest Television Ever.


        from “Paedogeddon”…

        From “Drugs”…

  15. “a man in Indiana who climbed a roadside flagpole and jumped into traffic, a man in Pennsylvania who broke into a monastery and stabbed a priest, and a woman in West Virginia who scratched herself ‘to pieces’ over several days because she thought there was something under her skin.”

    This all sounds terrible. But do bath salts cause white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes? That’s how you get a substance banned.

    1. The negroid brain, with its fewer folds is wholly unsuited to the type of intelligent work required in modern societies. On the other hand, the musculature of the negro physique makes him amply suited to simple, repetitive field work and domestic servitude. The more capable among their race may also rise to positions of factory and manufacturing work. The negro is entirely happy in these positions and unlikely to become uppity or difficult.
      It is the rise of the service economy and the growth of the first kind of jobs, with the decline of the latter type of work, coupled with the idea that he is capable of rising to a higher position, a cruel myth fed to him by do-gooder liberals, that has led to idleness for the negro. He has failed in his attempts to better his position and, angry that he was lied to, has lashed out by prodigiously taking to crime and becoming accustomed to living off welfare handouts.
      I would argue that the solution is not to hate the negro, but rather to understand his plight. One cannot expect miracles from him, just as one cannot expect a dog to perform surgery or design a building. But you would not hate the dog for that. Like a dog, the negro merely needs to be guided and trained to channel his abilities into socially useful functions.

      1. RACIST!!!! I think.

        1. Normally I’d say it’s a spoof, but click on Slap’s name and it takes you to A3P’s website. A3P is a front for white nationalists.

      2. Back, foul 4channer! Back!

        Back into the depths of your stepfather’s basement!

        The power of Christ compels you!

    2. that’s jazz-playin negros to u cracker

  16. Where’s the one about the guy pulling out his own eyeballs? Can’t have a drug panic without deoculation.

    1. Now he is on the outside looking in.

    2. Or the guy that peeled off his own face and fed it to his dogs

  17. Pretty scary stuff indeed dude. WOw.

  18. We desperately need NIH funding for an in depth study of “panic addiction”.

  19. We also need to ban:
    -Keyboard cleaner

    1. Damn, that and a roomful of womenz sounds like a PARR TAYYY!!!

    2. Poppy seeds!

  20. What it really shows is what a POS the Times is.

  21. ‘The Worst Attributes of Meth, Coke, PCP, LSD, and Ecstasy’

    Has no one already made the joke=

    “……Bad effects? Huh?”

    If not: there.

  22. If so, why do we have drug laws that push people toward more dangerous, less predictable ways of altering their consciousness?

    We must destroy them to save them. How else can we show them how precious they are to us?

  23. Including MDMA in that list of “bad” drugs shows that they don’t have a clue what they are talking about. Street Ecstasy can be dangerous because it’s very likely not MDMA, but of course that’s caused by prohibition. I’ll go so far as to say MDMA helped save my marriage. We spent a few months seeing a therapist which helped a little, but two nights of sitting on the front porch under the influence of MDMA and we cleared up years worth of crap (and ditched the therapist). I would say the pharmaceutical industry will fight with all it has to keep MDMA from ever being available as actual medicine, just like they will fight against legalized marijuana.

    I also can’t imagine anyone taking MDMA (alone) of even contemplating a violent action, much less actually being violent.

    1. It’s the closest experience I’ve had to an actual “wonderdrug.”

      Good molly is unrivaled as far as euphoria and social connection goes. Of course, you’ll ocassionally get a bad batch that makes you geek out and chew up your cheeks, but like you said…prohibition

  24. Working in an ER, I can vouch that the people who come in having used bath salts are seriously “messed up.” Some, but not all of them need restrained. Indeed, it has almost become a joke that patients with altered mental status, psychosis, or hallucinations are all doing bath salts these days.

    What % of users are having these effects? I don’t know. What I do know is that the author asks why users might be turning to this drug over others if it has a high rate of dangerous side effects. The answer, I think is legality.

    1. it’s also something different. Druggies like a new product.

      Having rubbed elbows with some Serious chemical abusers in my time, my view is drug users who end up in ERs would end up there for pretty much any reason. Either they’re trainwrecks, hypochondriachs, people with no sense of quantity, or they got something other than what they thought they were getting.

  25. Weird. I tried some mephedrone last week. I didn’t realize it was part of the whole “bath salts” scare.

    Kind of like amphetamines meets weak ecstacy. Speed that makes you fuzzy brained and eventually tired. The only real bad short term side effects are the burny taste and the horrendous dehydration.

  26. Oh, and the word is, since rumors of it going schedule one have hit, the prices are already doubling, it’s getting stepped on big time, and it’s being sold as other drugs.

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