Caged Warmth

Three harrowing days at a women's minimum-security prison!


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  1. I thought Chained Heat was a documentary?

  2. Peter, why did you censor out all the lesbian sex that took place in between these scenes?

    1. You gotta join the pay site for that.

      1. hummmm…womens’ prison pay porn site is just one step on the slippery slope into privatization just like…somalia

        1. If you actually want to know about the relationship between libertarian theory and Somalia I suggest you read this :

          1. I would like to know about the relationship between libertarian theory and roads. Where’s the mises institute on that?

            1. It would be wrong to think that everyone at the LvMI has a single position on the subject but Walter Block has written on the subject quite a bit


    2. I read through three whole blocks before I determined that there wouldn’t be any hot pussy eating scenes. So disappointed.

  3. tl;dr

    in fact, didn’t even try.

    1. it’s good, don’t be foolish.

    2. Seriously, I miss Peter Bagge’s comics in Reason. They make the Friday Funnies all the more disappointing.

      1. the odd thing is that I saw a henry payne outside of the friday funnies, and it was actually decent.

  4. When I worked as a librarian in a community college I met a guy who lived in New York City. He spent some time homeless and when it got really cold he deliberately waited for a cop to be nearby and threw a rock at a window. At least he would not freeze to death ? and he would get a meal. This is truly symbolic for the choices lots of people make with the state. But in his case I could not blame the guy. Anyhow the title of your work reminded me of that.

    Great cartoon. You are the most informative and insightful cartoonist working today. You have a genre all your own.

  5. Subjecting inmates (and the citizenry in general) to more Michael Jackson is just monstrous.

  6. Three harrowing days at a women’s minimum-security prison!

    There’s no mention of his buttcheeks being pinched to the point of bleeding… Hmmm…

  7. “With its small size and benign architecture, this facility could easily be mistaken for an elementary school (if you ignore the razor wires, that is.)”

    Huh? You mean there are elementary schools with no razor wires, out there somewhere???

    1. Could be a few.. But I’m not talking. They have spies everywhere!

    2. You fuckin’ joke but here in Orange County, Florida they just rebuilt a high school (West Orange High) which looks EXACTLY like a county prison minus the razor wire and guard towers!

      1. oh no good sir, twas not in jest at all.

        The parallel’s between state prisons and schools are most precise you see.

      2. Old Salt,

        I work at West Orange High School. It doesn’t look anything like a county prison. In fact, it looks just like any of the new high schools being built here… because they’re all using the same plans. Now, if you’re talking about the architecture itself being ugly, then I can see your point, but don’t exaggerate.

  8. Great job, P-Bagg — funny and insightful.

    I have many user friends (many in and out of rehab/workhouse) who think that legalization of drugs is a crazy idea. Most of them (nearly all) are Believers in the Church and State.

    1. Me too, and I’ve heard people with gambling problems say the same. They’re basically children, except they WANT their parents to set the rules for them.

      1. Well, it’s sad to say, but when your parents weren’t around (mentally or physically) in the first place, it’s easy to want a substitute. I think that’s the greatest problem libertarianism has to overcome as a mass movement. You can’t force people to grow up at gunpoint.

  9. I love this stuff. Singing, dancing, sky daddy platitudes, alternate life style do-gooders, and an artistic expressionist twit thrown in for good measure.

    Well Done Sir and Madaam! Your professionalism in purposely humiliating these women is a testament! A testament I say! To successfully fleecing the taxpayers of cash and these women of dignity and hope!

    Well played my good sir.

    1. BTW you did film the shame extravaganza right?

      Still can bring tears to your eyes eh?

      Is my disgust getting through? I sure hope so.

  10. One of the things I like best about Bagge is he’s not afraid to address the things that make him uncomfortable about his own libertarianism. As a libertarian myself, I know that the stock answers are never perfect, and you have to think about them, and try to understand why they are (or if they are) right. And if they are not, what other libertarian principles can be used to craft a solution to the problem?

    1. there are no libertarian solutions for free-market collusion & other anti-competitive practices

      1. Actually there are. In a true free market there are no barriers to start up companies entering the marketplace. If companies “collude” to the point it is a disadvantage for customers new companies can form to compete.

        Microsoft is today used as an example of collusion in the marketplace but they are using patent laws ? a creation of the state. An increasing number of free market thinkers are arguing against the very concept of “IP”.

      2. Please explain why the Prisoner’s Dilemma is stable at always cooperating.

      3. Re: OO,

        there are no libertarian solutions for free-market collusion & other anti-competitive practices

        “When I sell at the same price as my competition, it’s collusion. If I sell below my competitor’s price, it’s predatory pricing. If I sell above my competitor’s price, it’s price gouging.”

        In other words, double-asshole here is not saying anything we have not heard from the economics illiterate and intellectually-challenged (“leftist boobs” to be more succinct.)

        1. i tried to understand that, but then i farted & felt all better.

          1. I heard once that 7-11 and AM/PM sold potato chips that were made in the same factory…


        2. And don’t forget: if they have no competition, they’re a monopoly!

      4. free-market collusion

        Is that the socialist name for a business partnership….or did OO drift off into the land of oxymoron.

    2. …or uncomfortable about anything else, AFAICT. Bagge’s the best they’ve ever had — better than Randall Hylkema, better than Terry Colon — and this is even while they still have Terry Colon!

      Even his most memorable stuff in Reason touches only tangentially on libertarianism (which is fine with me): the medi-pot lawyer’s terrifying driving (“I’ve got the right of way, buddy!”), Darklady’s box lunch (“Ooo, cookies!”), the monorail cycle (to Seattle Mariner games, coming back vomiting the beer), Christian music’s vague lyrics (“Well, you know….”) — but “It’s still the devil’s music!” “Take smelly plant with you!” “sweet old bird…until she’s had a few” And does he seem to be making himself look younger now?

  11. That was really good.

    1. Precisely. Bagge’s work is terrific.

  12. This is not at all like that movie I saw on Cinemax.

    1. Mine had a better title.

  13. I would like to see Bagge illustrate some Balko articles. A little heart punch to go with the nut punch.

  14. RE: Mission Creep Corrections Center

    I think the artist misspelled ‘Creep’.

    1. Damn fine catch Sir!

  15. Another nice one from Bagge. His stuff has always been one of the highlights of the print edition.

  16. luv your stuff Peter.

  17. Always appreciate the honesty of Peter Bagge’s comics.

  18. Her mom was a crack whore so you won’t write a letter of recommendation????

    Fuck man I don’t give a shit if you support ending the drug war or not…you are an asshole and deserve no solace.

    1. Not only that, but her father smelt of elderberries.

  19. Great piece.

  20. From the title, I expected better pictures. But that’s me.

  21. I can’t feel sorry for these women. While I’m sure they have it rough, I feel worse for those who have it rougher. You know, their victims.

    Non violent drug offenders, used to pull the heartstrings. I get that. But actual thieves, robbers, etc? I don’t care why you did it lady. And no I’m not going to hire you, and I don’t care if it makes you “fall back into old habits”.

    If someone stole my jewelry, because I committed the terrible crime of trying to sell my house, I doubt I’d look upon these women with as soft an eye as the author has.

    1. Agreed. I think this comic was for the people who think that criminal justice is supposed to help criminals as opposed to those who think it’s for keeping them away from the rest of society.

      I just hope the arts program wasn’t taxpayer funded.

  22. Cartoon sad is even sadder than plain old word-sad.

  23. Caged Warmth, interesting…

    1. Doesn’t really have the same ring to it as Caged Heat.

  24. I’m a retired Prison Chaplain. At the female minimum security prison we had no fences or razor wire. We never had an escape. We relied on volunteers for programming. That means we had those evil, horrible, degenerates called Christians doing all sorts of programming. We also had Mormons, Jehovah Witness, and Muslim volunteers. All programs were clearly labeled. Secular programs did occur, but the volunteers seemed to lack ongoing motivation. There was no pressure by the institution to participate in any Religious program. The institutions faith based program was multi-faith, with a lot of emphasis on tolerance.
    On another subject. Most lesbian activity was opportunistic. Most of these women would rather be in a heterosexual situation, but only have woman to be with in a female institution.
    By the way: the only ones I saw taking these women in and getting them jobs were Christians and Mormons. The author needs to examine his soul- he will not risk anything, but he damns those who are willing to put it on the line. Also note: not all guards are happy with Christianity- some single out Christian volunteers for special scrutiny.

  25. Gee, why don’t you ask the Koch brothers if they’ll donate their precious money to women’s prisons? I’m sure they’ll pitch in.

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  28. I came for the title, I stayed for the Bagge. Great stuff as always from PB.

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