Dept. of Education SWAT Raid Update: Not for a Student Loan, DoE Says


Just received an e-mail from Department of Education Deputy Press Secretary Daren Briscoe in regards to this morning's news that a SWAT team was sent to execute a warrant on the estranged husband of a student-loan defaulter. Briscoe sends along this statement from Press Secretary Justin Hamilton:

Yesterday, the Depart of Education's office of inspector general executed a search warrant at Stockton California residence with the presence of local law enforcement authorities.

While it was reported in local media that the search was related to a defaulted student loan, that is incorrect. This is related to a criminal investigation. The Inspector General's Office does not execute search warrants for late loan payments.

Because this is an ongoing criminal investigation, we can't comment on the specifics of the case. We can say that the OIG's office conducts about 30-35 search warrants a year on issues such as bribery, fraud, and embezzlement of federal student aid funds.

All further questions on this issue should be directed to the Department of Education's Inspector General's Office.

This will certainly come as a relief to Millenial deadbeats, but the notion that "bribery, fraud, and embezzlement of federal student aid funds" is all it takes to get a paramilitary squad to bang down your door at 6 a.m, handcuff you in your boxers, and throw your three pre-teen children into the back seat of a squad car, all in the service of a warrant aimed at someone who no longer lives in your home, is frankly every bit as terrifying.

Unless and until we hear that this "criminal investigation" involves some kind of imminent threat of violence, there will be no margin of excuse for it, only new opportunities for bureaucrats and commentators to demonstrate that they are perfectly content living in and even contributing to a police state.

UPDATE: News10 ABC reports that it was the DoE, not Stocktown SWAT, doing the heavy lifting here:

A U.S. government official confirmed for News10 Wednesday morning federal agents with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), not local S.W.A.T., served the search warrant. […]

He went on to say OIG is a semi-independent branch of the U.S. Department of Education that executes warrants for criminal offenses such as student aid fraud and embezzlement of federal aid. […]

The Stockton Police Department said it was asked by federal agents to provide one officer and one patrol car just for a police presence when carrying out the search warrant.

Police officers did not participate in breaking Wright's door, handcuffing him, or searching his home.

NEXT: Prison Math

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252 responses to “Dept. of Education SWAT Raid Update: Not for a Student Loan, DoE Says

  1. Do you think Darren reads the comments also? Hey Darren fuck you and your goons.

    1. Which Darren? Sargent or York?

      1. I mean Durwood.

        1. What this country is sorely lacking right now is Agnes Moorehead. With some Endora-level insults, this nation could find its way again.

          1. I'm all for Moorehead. Isn't everybody?

          2. We should also enlist the Great Gazoo, just to be on the safe side. You can't ever have too many smug, magical creatures around.

            1. Don't be making fun of Agnes Moorehead. She was the warden in Caged, one of the great women's prison movies of all time.

  2. Can we just agree that nothing the Department of Education does warrants a SWAT team in any way, shape, or form?

    1. Sandy, why do you support truancy? Is it because you hate the children?

      1. Is it because you hate the children?


    2. Can we just agree that nothing the DOE does warrants the existence of the DOE?

      Especially this ...

      1. Seriously, merge it back into the Department of Treasury and get rid of all those test creating bureaucrats

        1. Better yet, the Dept of Defense. Conscription is an appropriate solution to default.

        2. Merge it into the Commerce Department - then get rid of the whole thing.

      2. "Jose Guerena Killed: Arizona Cops Shoot Former Marine In Botched Pot Raid "


    3. I can't wait for the Environmental Protection Agency Flying Squad to make its debut. Wetland abusers, beware!

      Shortly after will the be the FTC Rangers to enter the fray, to protect the weak and punish the vague lablers and those who would abuse the "organic" certification.

      1. 1. DoE is the Department of Energy, the Department of Education is ED (rarely EdD). Bureaucratesse is a tough Dialect for non-natives, but I am sure the mistake had bureaucrats rolling on the (carpeted) floor.

        EPA has and has had for quite some time (about 20 years) had teams in the Criminal Investigation Division who are SWAT teams and, yes they do carry automatic weapons (real ones not news-speak semi-auto pretending to be auto). I am not aware of any FTC SWAT teams, but I am sure if they need a SWAT team they could borrow one from the Department of the Treasury which has several different SWAT teams and police forces.

        About 10 years ago someone came out with a list of the 200 or so paramilitary forces which belonged to government departments & agencies. It might be worthwhile for someone to look again, it is not an issue when the trustworthy party which would never abuse it's power controls the government, but it creeps up with the GOP takes over (60 minutes had an article about EPA SWAT teams early in the Bush presidency).

        1. More commonly USDE rather than just "ED". But, yes, DoE = Energy. Every time.

        2. it is not an issue when the trustworthy party which would never abuse it's power controls the government,

          That's supposed to be a joke - right?

        3. It crept up because a couple of these agencies got their SWAT team powers in the aftermath of 9/11 (not in the PATRIOT Act, in some separate bills). Including, IIRC, Ed.

    4. I agree. In the unlikely case where there is a heavily armed band of student loan and Pell Grant fraudsters, they could probably get some other agency to loan them some goons.

    5. Unless it's a raid on the DoEd itself, that is.

    6. The Department of Education doesn't have a SWAT team, it just has a team of officials that execute warrants using special weaponry and tactics.

  3. Now, we wouldn't use the SWAT team to go after student loans. That'd be silly.

    But to not use them to go after non-violent criminal offenders? Do you want officers to be able to go home to their families or not? Frickin' anarchists.

  4. Nice entry in the question-begging Olympics, there, Daren.

    So, we don't need to wonder why the fuck the DOE needs a SWAT team to serve warrants on defaulted loans.

    Rather, its a totally different issue: Why the fuck does the DOE need a SWAT team to serve warrants in bribery, fraud, and embezzlement cases.

    1. It is like calling up a local paper to complain that they reported you ran over a Korean family with a Toyota Camry, when in fact you ran over the Korean family with a Honda Accord.

      1. I mean, if it was a Hyundai they'd be getting their just desserts.

    2. Big ups for correct usage of "begging the question."

      1. One of the most misused phrases on the internet. I second the compliments offered

    3. They need a swat team because suspects might flush evidence of bribery, fraud and embezzlement down the toilet.

    4. Better question: Why the fuck does anybody need the DOE? With or without SWAT teams.

      This would be the jump the shark for the USG if such a thing were possible. Unfortunately, nothing -- absolutely nothing -- is too absurd for the USG. Kafka eat your heart out.

      1. When did the DOE become a law enforcement agency again?

        1. Every government agency eventually becomes a law enforcement agency. Then they gain FOP protection and can never have their budget cut or their workforce reduced, or else you hate America and want 9/11 to happen again.

  5. Unless and until we hear that this "criminal investigation" involves some kind of imminent threat of violence, there will be no margin of excuse for it, only new opportunities for bureaucrats and commentators to demonstrate that they are perfectly content living in and even contributing to a police state.

    Like government bureaucrats need an excuse to contribute to the police state...

  6. I suppose this makes the action minutely less outrageous, but I still fail to see how it's ever okay to use force to deliver a warrant related to a non-violent crime. If you need to prevent destruction of evidence, wait until they leave the house and *then* perform the search. This is not rocket science.

    The accused are supposed to be *presumed innocent* and it is entirely improper to use this kind of force against innocent people. I don't care how much more difficult or inconvenient or dangerous this makes your job: figure out another way.

    1. Aw...come on. Did you watch the video?! Look at the dangerous hood the guy lives in...and that crack house they had to infiltrate. That little 3-man posse he had for protection looked pretty tough. And, well, he is black...

  7. Im ready to go entirely the other direction:

    ALL warrants, including those in the kind of hostage situations that initially led to the creation of SWAT teams, should be served by a cop ringing the doorbell and waiting patiently.


    If that means a few dead warrant servers, so be it. You have to break a few eggs to make the omelette of freedom.

    1. Well actually I'm not sure the original reason SWAT teams were created at all was to respond to warrants. If there is a hostage situation they don't call up a judge to fill out some paperwork, right?

      So in that case the "original justification" isn't even an excuse to be using SWAT teams for any warrant.

      1. Correct. They were not initially created for warrant service. That just became the only available excuse to deploy them often enough to keep the budget line item.

        1. Which is bullshit. I doubt there are enough bombings to justify bomb squads, but they still fucking have them, and somehow they manage to keep them sharp.

          But fucking with untermensch is fun and less risky, so...

      2. Good point. Once hostages are taken it really isnt a warrant situation anymore.

      3. Yep - Hostage situations, big bank robbery type shoot-outs, and terrorists were the main reason for SWATs. Warrants are busy work to justify their existence.

        Police used to do actual, you know, police work when dealing with regular criminals. Follow a guy - arrest him at work or on the street - then search his stuff. Now they just show up like the NKVD.

        1. "Follow a guy - arrest him at work or on the street - then search his stuff."

          In just about every fucked up SWAT raid/warrant service we read about here, doing just that would have eliminated all of the problems (well except for the fact that people can get arrested for possessing or selling drugs) and would not have inhibited the investigation in any way.

          1. Yep. David Karesh went jogging every other day and made weekly grocery runs.

    2. If that means a few dead warrant servers, so be it.

      You're a humanitarian, then. Is it just the overzealous warrant servers that you'd like to see killed, or law enforcement officers in general?

      1. I dont want to see anyone killed. It would save a number of cops lives doing it this way.

        Not to mention dogs and random innocents.

        But, I acknowledge the reality that while it would save lives overall, it might shift a few of the deaths around.

        1. Note: while that sounds like a utilitarian argument, it isnt, I favor this approach to protect the rights of the servee, whether guilty or innocent. Especially the wrong address servees since cops cant read numbers on building too good.

          But, it does have a nice secondary effect of saving lives too.

          1. Agreed. The servers have some expectation of risk in their job, which is not inherently decreased by kicking in the doors and executing warrants "kinetically".

        2. Every time a SWAT team is deployed there is the possibility they will kill someone due to an accident or mistake. The only way to reduce the probability is to reduce the number of times they're deployed.

    3. If that means a few dead warrant servers, so be it.

      You're a humanitarian, then. Would you like to see just the overzealous warrant-servers killed, or law enforcement officers in general?

      1. I didn't do that.

        1. Especially stupid comments are posted twice by the blog software.

          1. You speak from experience.

            1. Yes, the experience of seeing many snivelers like you come to this blog with an uncontrollable urge to display their ignorance.

              1. I always figured that cops got paid more because there was a chance of getting hurt. Also why they have guns.

          2. You speak from experience.

            1. Bonus for the squirrels!

      2. If we can send men to die at Normandy to protect the Constitution, we can tell cops they don't get to assume that people who have never been convicted of a violent felony are dangerous enough to warrant a no-knock SWAT raid.

        The SAFEST thing for law enforcement personnel would be to just immediately bomb the address of any warrant with a Predator drone. But the safety of law enforcement personnel isn't the most important concern.

        1. Now there is a fine idea. We are going to up our budget - maybe get some cash from the next stimulus.

        2. "The SAFEST thing for law enforcement personnel would be to just immediately bomb the address of any warrant with a Predator drone. But the safety of law enforcement personnel isn't the most important concern."

          That's what the SEAL Team 6 and its SWAT wannabees are for.

    4. The original purpose of the SWAT teams was to prevent dead hostages, not dead warrant servers.

      It's also pretty revolting to see a libertarian pushing the omelettes and eggs.

      1. I think that the point is that being a police officer is an inherently dangerous job. If you want the job, you need to accept the risks, not transfer the risks to the subjects of your investigation.

    5. We'll be seein' ya real soon.

  8. Ah, come on! You're not somebody in the government unless you have your own SWAT team! And once you've got it you have to use it! You don't want DoE to lose prestige, do you? Think of the childrun!!!

    1. So does the Census Bureau have a SWAT team?

      1. You better believe it! Don't fill out that census form, we'll be busting your door down, shooting your dog, violating your wife, molesting your kids, and giving you broken bones and plenty of bruises.

        1. So the CenSWAT's job is to make sure that if the data doesn't match reality, then reality will be made to match the data?

          1. Every government agency's job is to make reality match the data.

    2. Gotta justify that budget, $30,000 for machine guns in the Ed budget is probably gonna stand out.

  9. I owe a couple of bucks for overdue library books, maybe I'm go pay them before they send over a SWAT team.

    1. See how effective we are?

      1. You've got nothing on us. RAMPAGE!

        1. The Canadian Football League has a SWAT team? Wow.

        2. you should be ashamed of those books you read-rubbish . Look in before you look out. We made the SWAT team so the SWAT team could make us...your underwear is not clean.

    2. Yeah, ya think that's funny - well, about a year ago at a teeny tiny library in a one stoplight town in backwoods PA, I watched one of the local Rambos huffing and puffing about going to kick someone's door in over a $10 late fee that an unemployed single mother of two had owed for some paperbacks for a couple of months. He was ready to call his other two yokel buddies, mount up, and go bust in on the book debtor, and all the librarian (library and police station shared the same single municipal building) had to do was say the word. And Dempsey Dipstick wasn't kidding, either. Fortunately the librarian completely understood she was dealing with a retarded Barney Fife, and told him to go back to his desk and stop eavesdropping on their bitching about library fines. . .

      1. Well, it was the only other book they had, wasn't it?

        I found some overdue library books in Daddy's waiting room (doc office) from the Parkchester branch of the NYPL. Left by patients, presumably, or their kids. Told him I'd just take them back there. He said I shouldn't, that it'd just make trouble. I went over there with them anyway, dropped them on the desk, they started yelling at me to come back, presumably questioning where I got them, but I high tailed it out of there.

  10. I hope Radley is making headway over at Huffpost. But I think it would have been better had he gone somewhere like the Weekly Standard, to change the minds that cause these kinds of things.

    1. He's got a story up today about videotaping cops

      1. I wish he would link that on his blog instead of making me wade through the mess that is that site.

        1. I use his twitter page -- he links to all his stuff there.


        2. He did. And I almost made fun of you for referring to the Agitator as "the mess that is that site," until I realized you were (correctly) referring to HuffPo.

          1. Reading it now, it does look like I was referring to The Agitator...oopsie! I did mean PuffHo. He must have just posted the PuffHo link cause I was just on the Agitator 10 minutes ago. Shame on me for not compulsively refreshing!

    2. Nice try. Both the DOE and Pima Co. Sheriff's department are run by Democrats.

    3. Redstate.com actually has a pretty good post linking to Reason. Its commenters are to a person appalled. They also had some diaries that were critical of the IN Court decision. It's less the cops thing that gets conservatives than 1) ignorance that this use of SWAT is widespread, and 2) a belief that drug addicts/users (same difference for them) are essentially inhuman others.

    4. ooh deep cuts. Very wise words.

  11. I say again: I really couldn't give a shit if she robbed the Bursar's Office at gunpoint, this is completely in excusable.


    There is NO REASON WHATSOEVER for the DoE Inspector General's office to have anything but accountants and secretaries on the payroll. What the fuck do they think the FBI and Secret Service are for?

  12. Oh! Phew! I feel so much better now knowing it was for bribery, embezzlement or fraud!

    So when is a federal SWAT team gonna raid Congress and the White House?

    1. We made a gallant attempt.

      1. Too soon!

    2. They stopped by there after burning some crops for a sandwich (obey the munchies) to have some fun eaves dropping on civilian call/emails. I wonder what happened to Black-water? Must be busy in a meeting about the incoming food crisis and how they split our families up ...hard work being evil.

  13. I like how the spokesdrone seems to think this makes it better/more acceptable.

    1. Oh! It was for fraud! Well, that makes the escalation to violence all better then!

      1. same as the war we are in now, could have been taken care of legally sparing lives and money. But I guess if people were held accountable instead of there being some other motive for this mess.
        (COUGH MONEY)
        Act first then forget what to ask next...KILL!

        1. lest we forget the SWAT team killing one of our own Marines who willingly gave his life to just be gunned down by the people he works for...all is fair in war.

          "Jose Guerena Killed: Arizona Cops Shoot Former Marine In Botched Pot Raid "


  14. So, even if it is some kind of ongoing criminal investigation, what the hell is the Dept. of Education doing being involved in an ongoing criminal investigation? Didn't know they had a law enforcement arm...

  15. Interestingly, the original story has been scrubbed from the news site.

    1. They have an update, which I've linked to in an update to this post.

    2. "Jose Guerena Killed: Arizona Cops Shoot Former Marine In Botched Pot Raid "


  16. I'll definitely be watching Morning Joe tomorrow, because I am absolutely certain Daren Briscoe will be on. Eugene Robinson will tear him a new asshole.

  17. And once again, I can sadly imagine going home, telling my (standard-issue GOP) friends about this latest outrage, only to have them tell me, "Well, they could have avoided this whole situation by not committing a crime."

    1. Wow, really? I am a republican, and most of my friends are also, and I can't think of a one of them that would be anything but outraged by this. A couple of them are even law-enforcement types. Maybe it's time to find some real republicans.

      1. I went to NRO and found this link

        a few idiotic comments, but most are against this type of warrant 'execution' - especially coming from the DoE. Now if the DoE was working with the FBI who in turn got a warrant and then proceeded in a civil manner...

        1. Bullshit.

          If this were a Team Red led DoED, and they had SWAT teamed a liberal student group for defrauding student funds, many Team Red drones would be all for it.

      2. *shrugs* Can't explain it, they just have an authoritarian miudset. I'd blame it on being in the military, but I was, too, and didn't come out like that. They believe absolute order is the single most important thing in civilization, and everything else can take a back seat. I've given up arguing with them.

        1. For a great example, see the post right beneath this one by L4F (formerly Greg Smith).

        2. The military is a great thing, Jim, we are a free country because of them, or did you not learn about George Washington during basic training?

          The police are also a great thing, ever seen the movie "Do the Right Thing"? The reason that poor white pizzeria owner got his store burned down is because 1. He had no gun. 2. Cops aren't welcomed in black areas.

          See? With no authority, there's no freedom, then it becomes the law of the strong, like Mad Max.

          1. Corrupt and overbearing authority is even worse. Don't you watch westerns? This theme is commonly dealt with.

          2. "The police are also a great thing"


    2. I think you need some new friends.

    3. Or having formerly been married to someone that committed a crime.

  18. Student loan fraud and student loan embezzlement boils down to "Your loans are delinquent and we think you lied to us when you took them out".

    So, yeah, it's still about delinquent loans.


    1. Guess it kinda depends on what kind of change you were hoping for...

  20. Well, people need to pay their student loans. Bribery, fraud and embezzlement aren't nice either. Perhaps SWAT raids are a bit too much, but CRIME is CRIME and instead of focusing on the cops I'd rather focus on the CRIMINALS and what they did.

    Google "debtor's prison" and see how we used to deal with the criminal scum.


    1. So those that helped out fugitive slaves deserved to be punished? Every crime should be treated the same, right?

      1. I mean, legislators are omniscient, and every law they make is moral and should be prosecuted to the full extent, right? How the fuck can you even have the word libertarian in your blog name without your head exploding from the massive cognitive dissonance?

        1. Whatever you anarchist, go protest the G8 summit or something.

          1. Anarchist? Don't get pissy just because I pointed out that you bow down to your "leaders" without question.

            1. I question them all the time, haven't you heard me referring to Obama as a "Marxist Mulatto."

              In fact, everyone I respect has to earned my respect. For example, cops earn my respect because they put their lives in danger for society. What did the "victim" of the SWAT team do to earn my respect?

      2. That is correct.
        When Jim Crow was the law there was nothing wrong with beating the crap out of blacks for using facilities designated for whites because it was the law.
        Only when the law changed did it become wrong, because it was the law.
        The law is the law.

        1. Oh yeah? And now without Jim Crowd there's nothing wrong with firing the president of Harvard because he dared to suggest that maybe women aren't good in science. Same shit, different day.

          1. Yes, the law required that he be fired. And then, to humiliate him even further, the law forced him to become an adviser to President Obama.

            Never stop huffing glue, man. You're too entertaining this way, and there aren't enough brain cells left to make it worth your while.

      3. Oh great, we're playing the race card now. Yipee!

    2. You're fucking retarded.

      1. We don't use that word anymore. We prefer, "you're fucking developmentally delayed."

      2. Ooooh I'm so scared, Rahm Emanuel just insulted me. Thanks for the compliment.

    3. Google "debtor's prison" and see how we used to deal with the criminal scum.

      Bankruptcy for none, prison for all...that'll solve the problem.

      1. I have a friend with a very popular blog, he makes $150,000 a year with it. He no longer pays his mortgage because he bought with 3% down and doesn't think his property is worth the mortgage payments. He's been living there for free. Now, why do you think that is? It's because there's no PUNISHMENT. If you want people to follow the laws, you have to punish them when they don't.

        Otherwise you get the scum of society defaulting on their loans, acquiring too much credit card debt, and doing all kinds of dangerous things while someone else pays the bills.

        Do libertarians not like personal responsibility anymore? Is self-reliance not popular now?


        1. So SWAT teams for delinquent homeowners now, too?

        2. "I have a friend...scum of society..."

          Yep, sounds about right.

    4. Coffee Talk topic:
      Libertarians for Freedom are neither libertarian nor for freedom. Discuss.

      1. Depends on what you mean by "freedom".

        Some define "freedom" as being free from silly things like choices and responsibility. That's what rules are for. When there are rules handed down for every activity and every situation, there is no need to be troubled with choices. Nor are you responsible for your actions because you were simply following the rules. You only become responsible when you disobey, in which case you should expect to be visited by people who have proven themselves to follow the rules with such zeal that the rule-makers have rewarded them with the power to commit great acts of violence.

        That is "freedom".

        1. For the record I do oppose red tape and believe in the smallest government possible.

          The problem with you people is you like criminals too much. You blame the lenders rather than the people who took the loans. Like the liberals, you no longer believe in personal responsibility, it's always someone else's fault.

          Well, I refuse to feel sorry for some defaulter who didn't keep up with his responsibilities. I watch Suze Orman, I see how people buy what they like and not what they need. I see how they want to go on vacation even when they owe money to everyone. Just because it's not a violent crime doesn't mean nobody's getting hurt. The lenders are getting hurt, and they have rights.

          1. Basically, you're just a jackass without a clue.

            1. ^^^^
              What he said

          2. I think the problem with you is that you come off like a former republican who left because they were too nice to poor people. Unfortunately libertarianism means more than not using government to subsidize stupidity.

            Let's get back to the root issue: you apparently support the DoE possessing a SWAT team and the use of it against the family of a fellow citizen merely accused of a non-violent crime. Like others have said, you apparently have no idea what libertarianism means.

            1. I've read two books by John Stossel, I visit reason.com everyday, I subscribe to the magazine. So yes, I have an idea of what libertarianism is. Besides, if I come off like a Republican, others come off like a Democrat.

              Getting back to the issue, maybe using the SWAT team was a bad idea, but you know what? I don't care. Non-violent and violent criminals are scum, they deserve what they get. I'm so sick of the liberal mentality of "poor criminals, we must be nice to them." Screw that! I'm a law-abiding citizen, I behave myself, and that's why SWAT Teams won't be breaking down my door.

              I'm all for freedom until you steal from me or my company, then I want you to get f-cked.

    5. "libertarians" "freedom"

      I don't think those words mean what you think they mean.

      1. Very funny. Why don't you read Liberal Fascism by Goldberg and see the striking similarities between communism and fascism? I'm a politically incorrect libertarian, I was gonna take that label but it wasn't available on blogger.

      2. Very funny. Why don't you read Reason Magazine and see the striking similarities between Republicans and Democrats? I'm a blogwhoring dumbass, I was gonna take that label but it wasn't available on blogger. Some dipshit named Gregory Smith had already taken it.

        1. I actually subscribe to Reason magazine. The last issue looked like it was written by defense attorneys and the ABA.

    6. I think a better url may be:


      1. bageldickers, you mean.

    7. When the cops act this way, they are CRIMINALS.

    8. I'm curious how the thoughtless troll feels about the drug war then. The LAW is the LAW, right?

      PS: Effective arguments don't generally have to resort to circular definitions.

      1. Damn this is a long sub-thread.

  21. Uh, 'millennial deadbeats?' You can't be serious. That has to be the dumbest description.

    1. I think he's just saying that because us Gen X types all managed to either pay off or default on our student loans before the law was changed to bring back feudal debt peonage for this one category of debt.

  22. Maybe he flushed his toilet.

    "He's flushing! We're going in!!!"

  23. Just another administrative agency out of control under Obama. "Change we can believe in" apparently means molesting granny at the airport and having men with shotguns at your door to collect your bills.


    1. +1 for calling him out again, I was too lazy to do it yesterday

      +1 for continuing to fight the oppression of threaded comments. Saty strong!

      1. "Saty strong!"

        I think you mean 'stay storng'.

        1. No, he meant he had Thai for lunch.

  25. The updates/revisions keep a-comin'. Now it seems that an Avon Lady got a little too aggressive trying to sell Tahitian Holiday Eau de Toilette Spray.

  26. "OIG is a semi-independent branch of the U.S. Department of Education that executes warrants for criminal offenses such as student aid fraud and embezzlement of federal aid."

    Grammar cops?

    1. student aid fraud
      embezzlement of federal aid

      Which one requires the SWAT team then?

      1. Soiunds like they need an investigator or PI - to find the actual address of the suspect.

        Glad I put fake addresses on all my loans.

    2. You rang?

      Yeah, I'm pretty sure they've got a "that" instead of a "which", there, and they are short at least one comma.

      That what you had in mind?

  27. We need to have tougher requirements for "no knock warrants" and the use of SWAT teams, regardless of the particulars of this incident. There's no reason for police to require such tactics on a regular basis.

    1. Or at all.

  28. The Stockton Police Department said it was asked by federal agents to provide one officer and one patrol car just for a police presence when carrying out the search warrant.

    Police officers did not participate in breaking Wright's door, handcuffing him, or searching his home.

    In other words, the motive behind the raid was so reprehensible, not even the local P.D. wanted in on the action.

    1. and yet they still sent a one cop and car.

      1. professional courtesy

      2. They probably sat in the squad car, waiting to see if the family had any dogs.

    2. If I was police chief of Stockton, I would have arrested the DoE "agents" for impersonating officers of the law.

      1. We have a ^Winner^!

    3. No "drug" proceeds to get a share of after the arrest.

  29. Which leaves me wondering why the police presence was there at all. Certainly not to protect the DoE goons or take anybody into custody - that seems to have happened without the locals even having to set down their coffee mugs.

    1. Routine.

      Federal warrant on own turf, let's go observe the service.

      Hell, if you warn me in advance of where the next no-knock warrant in MY town will be served, I'll go watch out of morbid curiosity alone.

      1. Plus you could provide evidence.

      2. Pull out a camera, and we'll taser your ass. Then we'll pummel your face until you are badly bruised. Then while you're in jail, we'll get a no-knock warrant on your house, beat your wife, murder your pets, and terrorize your children. YOU WILL RESPECT OUR AUTHORITEH!!

        1. But if we already know you're going to do some objectionable, stupid shit, we can take care to more surreptitiously film you.

    2. In case things went awry and 911 got called reporting an intruder in the house and shootings?

      1. bite you in the ass.

        I was only responsible for the 2nd of his double postings.

        1. I hereby apologize to "Wow."

  30. Which list is shorter, government agencies with law enforcement arms or those without?

    1. I'd be shocked if there was a Cabinet-level department that doesn't own a law enforcement agency.

  31. The other issue in the story is what judge signed off on this raid. It looks like from the news story that the DoEd. issued this itself.

  32. morning federal agents with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

    This gets more fucked up by the minute. So we have federal agents that aren't even the IRS, FBI or Secret Service that are breaking down people's doors? This is a total clusterfuck. Stop giving these people guns and battering rams.

    Suddenly I'm picturing Lesly Knope taking down a local Pawnee Community College Embezzlement ring. 10 dead.

    1. Ron Swanson would plant claymores.

    2. Not to mention USDA which goes after the Amish Mob.

  33. Who knew that the DOE had their own fucking paramilitary?

    Does every federal department have one?

    1. Just wait until the Dept. of Energy starts no-knocking because of incandescent bulb use.

      1. I can't watt.

        1. Too late to switch?
          Impedance of justice?
          Resistance to power?
          Ohm my god?

      2. Actually DOE has their own very competent CI group with law enforcement authorities... this is because DOE has authority on all things related to nuclear power and all its tangential issues. But please - hate on CFLs (I know I do.)

        1. Good point, they don't just do nuclear power generation, they also deal with nuclear weapons and the associated security issues. Slightly more serious shit that student loans (though they should still borrow someone else's jackboots and just supply the specialists)

    2. More importantly why doesn't my local school district have a SWAT team? My kids deserve the best.

      1. They probably do. But they go by the title of "Resource Officer".

    3. Does every federal department have one?

      File a FOIA request to find out. Just don't come crying to Reason when you're front door is ricocheting around your foyer after your information is delivered.

      1. I think the reason is something like this:

        Dept. of Education: Dear FBI, we have evidence for a conspiracy to defraud one of our student aid program. Please come down on them like a ton of bricks.

        FBI: dear Education Dept: we'll get around to it as soon as we're not busy on things like locating this 8 year old who is producing new child porn, and tracking a serial killer whose crossed state boundaries and used a national forest to stash the bodies, stuff like that.

        Dept of Education: dear Congress: the FBI won't lend us a SWAT team for these ALL IMPORTANT CASES. WAHHHHHH! Can we have our own? Please? Can we?

  34. Education Department buying 27 shotguns
    By Valerie Strauss
    Why is the Education Department purchasing 27 Remington Brand Model 870 police 12-gauge shotguns (all new, no re-manufactured products, thank you)?

    The guns are to replace old firearms used by Education's Office of Inspector General, which is the law enforcement arm of the department.

    Here's a statement from the office in response to a question about why need 27 shotguns with a 14-inch barrels:

    "The Office of Inspector General is the law enforcement arm of the U.S. Department of Education and is responsible for the detection of waste, fraud, abuse, and other criminal activity involving Federal education funds, programs, and operations. As such, OIG operates with full statutory law enforcement authority, which includes conducting search warrants, making arrests, and carrying firearms. The acquisition of these firearms is necessary to replace older and mechanically malfunctioning firearms, and in compliance with Federal procurement requirements. For more information on OIG's law enforcement authority, please visit their Web site at : http://www.ed.gov/oig"


    1. i think we all know the surest, simplest way to get rid of wastefraudabuseclichepricewaterhousecoopers at Ed.

  35. Police officers did not participate in breaking Wright's door, handcuffing him, or searching his home.

    And it was killing them.

  36. Of course the DoE needs a swat team! Doesn't everyone?

    And then we can dress them up in spiffy black uniforms with sharp collars... maybe some tall boots. And I think I saw some really spiffy hats in a World War II doc once we could get for them, what were those guys called... SS or something...

    Everyone involved in this CF should be drawn and quartered in a public square. More reason we need to simply disband the Department of Education.

    1. Maybe they could go retro and use the original Hugo Boss design.

  37. How much training could these OIG cops actually have in breaking down doors and executing these warrants?

    1. Not sure how much "training" they had, but I bet they were absolutely itching for a chance to try it "for real."

  38. My nuts hurt.

  39. ...and throw your three pre-teen children into the back seat of a squad car...

    No child left behind.

    1. thread winner

    2. Preteen children? You mean Future Student Loan Defaulters were treated to a Scared Straight program free of charge!

  40. I don't know all the facts of the case, and it seems absurd to use a SWAT team to go after a student loan violator.

    But it's just possible that this wasn't just some individual defaulting on students loans, but possibly a gang running a crime ring setting up fake students to apply for loans. In that case, it wouldn't be totally unreasonable to think that said crime ring might be both engaged in other criminal activities, and heavily armed.

    1. Of course then the real question is "Why isn't this being run by the FBI?"

      It's idiotic for the DoE to even have an "office of the inspector general". All criminal investigations should be handled by law enforcement agencies.

    2. I think there is still the major problem of what the hell the DOE is doing running the thing? It's just flabbergasting to me that the DOE has SWAT teams. The ways in which such a thing is wrong are too many to count.

      The moment a raid _really_ justifies a SWAT team, the DOE should have been back-benched on the case a long time ago.

      1. Oh, I guess we forgot to tell you, but the partiot act authorized each government agency to let us know what they need and how much to budget for to be prepared for any eventuality pertaining to possible terrorists connections.

        1. You're the fucking gift that keeps on giving. Your third season has really jumped the shark, though.

  41. Don't just get mad, write your Senators and Congressman. Demand defunding or at least congressional investigation and shaming.

    Get in the habit of venting to them - it could actually make a difference.

  42. MNG, Neu Mejican, Chad, & Tony are still absent, I see.

    1. Does that distress you? Would you like to talk about it?

      1. No, but since they are always justifying Government Bureaucrats, I would like to see them explain how the DoE even needs warrant powers, let alone a SWAT team.

        I get a perverse joy out of watching people justify the unjustifiable.

  43. Minor nitpick, it's Stockton, not Stocktown.

    On topic: The SWAT team was absolutely required, because... um... hmmm... trust me, it just was.

    1. UPDATE: News10 ABC reports that it was the DoE, not Stocktown SWAT, doing the heavy lifting here: A U.S. government official confirmed for News10 Wednesday morning federal agents with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), not local S.W.A.T., served the search warrant.

      Reading is fundamental. Stay tuned for further developments.

      1. Pussy is still annoyingly passive-aggressive. News at five.

  44. If part of the story was wrong, maybe it was all wrong. That is, maybe the SWAT team wasn't a SWAT team after all.

    1. Girls Scouts looking to sell cookies maybe?

  45. It would be totally awesome if the Natl Endowment for the Arts has a SWAT team.

    "Shut the fuck up, mime, face on the ground now! We know you're a fraud!"

    1. Well, if PBS had a SWAT team, Pledge Nights would take a lot less time.

  46. Some really nasty orginized crime types are behind most of the big time schemes on federal education loans and Medicare fraud. Walking up to the door and politely saying "excuse me sir, may we come in? We have a warrant" is a good way to get killed or at least have all your evidencxe destroyed.

    1. Sure, but a little bit of surveillance/homework should be required before letting SWAT loose on some poor bystander and his three little kids. There is no excuse for this raid... none.

    2. At the VERY bare-minimum least, they got the wrong address and traumatized a family unnecessarily.

      And there's still the question -- why does the Dept of Ed have guns? Why not at least report the issue to the FBI and have them deal with it? The more federal agencies you arm and allow to use deadly force, the less accountability you will have. Why not streamline law enforcement?

      But unless they had compelling evidence that this woman was armed and dangerous or some kind of crime boss, this was extremely excessive.

    3. Wow, I've never seen a badge inserted that deep.

  47. The Office of the Inspector General is for internal investigations, not for external affairs. There should be no SWAT assigned to an internal investigation division.

  48. The people who order and carry out these excessive SWAT raids should be exposed for public ridicule. Their wives and children should feel ashamed that they're married to and/or offspring of such scumbags who get off on terrorizing law abiding citizens under the cloak of government authority. Their children should be mocked and bullied on the playground, and their wives should be shunned by the community. These people are animals and barbarians.

    1. Okay I take back the part about their children being bullied. But I'm angry. And yes their offspring should know exactly what kind of creeps fathered them, and hopefully never seek to follow in their parents footsteps.

  49. I guess they should feel blessed that they don't live in Tucson, where SWAT teams fired 70+ rounds into the dangerous fathers in their underwear.

  50. I'm sorry, even many animals don't kill, torture, and bully fellow members of their species. But somehow human governments think it's okay.

    1. It isn't just okay, it is our very reason for existance!

  51. Time for a violent overthrow of the fascist federal government then?

  52. Police officers did not participate in breaking Wright's door, handcuffing him, or searching his home.

    They "Just followed orders."

  53. For those who may not know, most executive departments and agencies have Inspector Generals. The IG's office is a combination of auditors and criminal investigators. The criminal investigators are federal agents and receive the same initial training as other federal law enforcement.

  54. Also, curse you Matt Welch for propagating the DoE as Education misnomer.

    the US Dept. of Education = USDE.
    DOE, DoE = Dept. of Energy

    Its semantics, but it matters.

    1. "Its semantics, but it matters." [DoE v. DOE v. USDE] "....misnomer."

      A few years ago a scientist (that works as public-school-teacher) told me that we need to invest in research to convert sunlight into energy. I personally don't think sunlight can be converted into energy, but that kind of progressive/green talk is common in the public school system and/or at the Department of Energy.

      If it really matters, maybe we could start a new department called 'The Department of Matter' for physicists that believe that sunlight IS energy, but that might confuse the Department of Education, which could lead to another SWAT team.

  55. It's not appropriate for the Dept of Ed to go crashing in with a "no knock" warrant.

    They have legal rememdies at their disposal. Even the local police are saying "hey, they only asked us for a car and an officer". . . . .they want nothing to do with this stupidity.

    You cannot have an unaccountable innocuous department crashing into homes with shotguns. . . . nothing the Dept of Ed does justifies this.

    If it was another "criminal violation" - then that becomes a "criminal" situation to be turned over to other Law Enforcement Agencies, not the Dept of Education.

    This is insane man. . . .welcome to Obama world. Gestapoville. . . .

    Still want Obama in charge of your student loans, your home mortgages, your health care?

    This isn't your "parent's" democrat party/government anymore. This has now become an overgrown parasitical power hungry federal government.

    And they won't hesitate to use a jack boot on your throat, and a smash n crash warrant. . . .with shotguns.

    This, my friends, is how Hugo Chavez behaves. This is how Stalin, Hitler, et al started. "Justifying" the use of terrifying force. . .think about it.

    A deparment of education. . . getting a "no knock" warrant and using shotguns. . . .what's wrong with this picture?

  56. If I were the republicans - I would demand immediate hearings, and subpoena every single paper they have that supported this action - and demand to know who gave this order and why it was not turned over to other law enforcement agencies.

    This is beyond reason. And now they're hiding behind "ongoing investigation" excuses.

    Immediately demand a hearing - and a justification for the Dept of Ed's behavior - and then, seek to repeal their authority for such actions.

    You cannot have innocuous agencies engaging in this type of activity. . .obtaining dangerous violent "permission" without oversight. They're not a law enforcement agency - they don't need their own "authority" to do this.

    Demand to know who gave them the warrant also.

    Abuse of power - and immediately revoke their authority to engage in such behavior.

  57. While the Stockton police may not have been involved in breaking down the door, they sat watching while FedPig did so, and watched for hours while a man and his children who were NOT listed in the warrant were held against their will.

    The only good pig is a dead pig.

  58. Senator Rand Paul is on the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) committee.

    If he still wants to eliminate the Department of Education he probably will want to investigate this.

  59. "Jose Guerena Killed: Arizona Cops Shoot Former Marine In Botched Pot Raid "


  60. my heart leapt to my throat as I read this "OVER SENSATIONALIZED- and obviously NON-FACT FILLED article-if you use unreseearched -one-sided info to sell your magazine, are you really any different from the cruption you claim to be warning US about. Get YOUR facts straight before you report incidents such as these.

  61. "We can say that the OIG's office conducts about 30-35 search warrants a year on issues such as bribery, fraud, and embezzlement of federal student aid funds."

    Sounds like the OIG is tyranny in puberty.

    A search warrant execution for "fraud" or "embezzlement" alone would not require a military-style raid and violent detention of house occupants. If the warrant does not cite or reference a verifiable reason why violent resistance to the search would be expected, than I agree that legal action should be taken against the judge or police. There needs to be demonstrable evidence for (cautious) use of force in raids.

    If a case against this kind of abuse of police power on fraudulent grounds cannot be made legally, then local law enforcement will be increasingly seen as a partisan Gestapo doing the arbitrary bidding of a hostile government. Soon all politicians who support this kind of tyranny will need bodyguards. Do you think people of principle will take this kind of abuse forever? Think again.

  62. What gets me is this -

    "Police officers did not participate in breaking Wright's door, handcuffing him, or searching his home."

    No, the police officer involved just stood by and watched it happen. Don't they have to give an oath to uphold the Constitution? Aren't they supposed to protect and serve? Did the cop at the scene have no misgivings, watching this go down?

    Do they actually wonder why we don't trust them?

  63. Holy Sh*t! The DOE has it's very own SWAT team? I guess it's hard to blame them for setting up the branch, as they'll no doubt have more people abusing the system as loan amounts get bigger, and more people defaulting as those increasingly expensive educations become more and more useless...

  64. Wow, this is a dangerous precedent. If someone flouts ObamaCare and fails to purchase health insurance, could he expect the Department of HHS to order a SWAT raid to force a kidney donation for failing to honor his obligation?

  65. yeah unless it's a raid on the DoEd itself, that is.

  66. maybe students should pay their student loans....try not payin taxes and see what happens

  67. Briscoe, is full of shit!!!!

  68. UH HU, first it was the DOE' own SWAT team, then a SWAT team used by the DOE to get a loan payed. Now it was a SWAT Team used to investigate aallegations of a crime made by (allegation) DOE...amazing.

  69. I think the Swat is necessary to enforce the rules. they are excellent

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