Drug War

Buy Illegal Drugs Anonymously on the Internet. Finally. UPDATED: Too Good to be True


It's about time someone figured out how to sell and buy illegal drugs online. It's sad that the Internet is so good at sex and so bad at drugs, no?

Enter Silk Road, an eBay-style site with seller rankings that sits at an obscure URL within an anonymizing network populated by geek and political dissidents that accepts only anonymous digital currency.

Sellers feel comfortable openly trading hardcore drugs because the real identities of those involved in Silk Road transactions are utterly obscured. If the authorities wanted to ID Silk Road's users with computer forensics, they'd have nowhere to look. TOR masks a user's tracks on the site. The site urges sellers to "creatively disguise" their shipments and vacuum seal any drugs that could be detected through smell. As for transactions, Silk Road doesn't accept credit cards, PayPal , or any other form of payment that can be traced or blocked. The only money good here is Bitcoins.

As luck might have it, reason.tv released a video about Bitcoin, the digital crypto-currency just this afternoon. How handy.

And who is behind this wonderful webtastic innovation? Libertarians, of course.

Silk Road's administrator cites the anarcho-libertarian philosophy of Agorism. "The state is the primary source of violence, oppression, theft and all forms of coercion," Silk Road wrote to us. "Stop funding the state with your tax dollars and direct your productive energies into the black market."

Mark, the LSD buyer, had similar views. "I'm a libertarian anarchist and I believe that anything that's not violent should not be criminalized," he said.

The weak point in the otherwise anonymous system is that sellers have to mail the drugs to a physical place. Which means buyers have to disclose where they live (or some building they frequent), since USPS doesn't deliver to "the knot in the old oak tree on the corner."

Law enforcement officials tend to be fairly slow to dig into this sort of thing, and they'd have to go after individual buyers—which is annoying and fiddly—rather than big time sellers who have more robust anonymity. Plus, fake DEA-run sellers would probably not have very good user ratings if they answer requests for LSD with SWAT teams. But those reputational mechanisms alone aren't likely to keep the feds out forever. 

Bonus reading: Will Bitcoin realize the shattered dreams of PayPal?

Via SugarFree.

UPDATE: Just got this note from Jeff Garzik of the Bitcoin "core dev team":

With bitcoin, every transaction is written to a globally public log,
and the lineage of each coin is fully traceable from transaction to

Further, if Silk Road truly permits deposits on their site, that makes
it even easier for law enforcement to locate the "hub" of

Attempting major illicit transactions with bitcoin, given existing
statistical analysis techniques deployed in the field by law
enforcement, is pretty damned dumb.  🙂

Oh well.

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  1. Cheese it. The cops are watching.

  2. Ahh it has never gone away. until a few years ago it was open and rampant. i used to get pharm grade pure lsd,x,coke,etc. not to mention MOM’s have been in ops since the 70’s

  3. This is my kind of website. I may have to try it out.

    1. The idea that someone is going to fedex a few 8ths of shrooms to somewhere that I have access to their mail ….eh, doesn’t seem worth it.

      And forget having somebody mail cocaine. THat’s just asking for trouble (even if trouble is the postal po po intercepting and destroying your goods).

      But by all means, try it out and let us know. It is a cool idea in concept…

      1. I would think that a good test would be some prescription opiates (not too many, though, so you’re not over a “distribution” limit) or salvia (since it’s still legal many places), or some Valium (since they don’t care that much about benzos).

        1. That is the makings of a nice weekend at home the Epi.

          1. Yes, I do like the Valium idea in particular.

            1. I would suggest having a good defense lawyer on speed dial before making any illegal buys like this — or maybe tattooing the lawyer’s number on your body, since you might not have time to dial your cell phone during a SWAT raid.

              1. The 71 bullet holes left after a SWAT raid might make it a little difficult to read a tattoo.

      2. I knew a guy that was getting weed shipped to him from Cali via FedEx. The cops intercepted it, and posed as the driver. They arrested him when he accepted the package. However, they didn’t wait for him to open it. His defense was that he thought he was getting a free TV, because it was in a TV box. He beat the charge.

        1. Usually they hold the package and call you to come pick it up, which requires affirming that it is yours.

    2. Come now, you’re “Mark.” You can tell us, your fellow commenters and narcotics agents.

      1. I don’t do acid any more, Dave…I mean ProL.

        1. Dave’s not here.

  4. Ugh, libertarians, seriously — stop making my job harder. I’m here to protect you.

      1. HEY! It’s my job to protect financial consumers, well, it will be, soon. I’ll get right on it my first day.

    1. Hey, it’s my job to protect consumers from financial shenanigans….well, it will be, soon. I’ll be on it my first day on the job.

    2. HEY! It’s my job to protect financial consumers, well, it will be, soon. I’ll get right on it my first day.

    3. HEY! It’s my job to protect financial consumers, well, it will be, soon. I’ll get right on it my first day.

  5. “Via Sugarfree”

    You’re not beloved, tireless, tiresome, frequent…I would think you could at least get a “THE” before your name.

    “Via The Sugarfree” Sounds better to me, anyway.

    1. “Of NutraSweet”


      “Emanating from The NutraSweet”

      1. True. I emanate, like, all the time.

        1. NutraSweet is bullshit.

          Us pancreas-deficient twat-monkies have moved on: Splenda (Sucralose); Stevia; Acesulfame K; hell, even Saccharine is better.

          Fucking NutraSweet/Equal is an abomination.

      2. “This fell out of SugarFree”

        1. “This oozed out of The NutraSweet”

          1. “Look what SugarFree made! Who’s a big boy? SugarFree is! SugarFree!”


      1. You can even have your own theme song. And it is an automatic Godwin too since the Nazis loved Richard Strauss and Nitzche.


        1. Nah. Can’t be sweatin’ my boy Freddie. I’d have The Butthole Surfers write me something special. Lot of atonal, grinding guitar.

      2. That’s a good one. Procured through osmosis from SugarFree would be nice, too.

        I’m still holding out for Homeric epithets if Hit & Run ever decides to credit me in any way whatsoever. Well, that and cash.

        1. Good luck. Warty is still waiting on his royalty check for coining STFULW.

          1. I’ll accept some sort of commission, based on incremental sales derived from my comments. I figure that’s worth $100 – $200K a year.

            How about just “SugarFreed”?

        2. If Hit & Run ever decides to credit me in any way whatsoever

          I think we’ve found a use for Bitcoins.

      3. Via SugarFree.

        Jesus, he is going to be gloating until the next presidential election. I don’t think there is enough bandwidth for all the gloating.

        1. It’s not really about bandwidth. It’s about well-developed wrangling instincts, a firm but gentle grasp, and a good thick pair of work gloves. With SugarFree’s training, he can do it for hours without getting fatigued or bit and…

          oh, wait, you said gloating, with an l. NVM

          1. I thought he limited his habits to sheep. But I guess any short 4-legged mammal will do.

            1. This is my fourth hat-tip. I gloat infinity.

          2. @ Hugh: Threadwinner!

  6. State to shut this down in 3…2…1…

  7. Off Topic, but it’s cool. It’s an app that lets people input where they have just paid a bribe.

    e.g, May 24, 2011, 2:51 a.m.
    3015 Grand Ave, Miami, FL 33133, USA, United States
    Business/Private Sector
    75 EUR
    What happened
    Made to pay $100 (~75 euro) to get a fake ID back from a bouncer at Fat Tuesday.


    1. Bribing a bouncer is not newsworthy, or even useful information. Any nightclub bouncer will be glad to take your money to give you back your own possessions which they stole at the club entrance.

      1. I found the $100,000 bribe in DC interesting.

        June 1, 2011, 7:08 p.m.
        Washington D.C., DC 20097, USA, United States
        Public offices
        100000 USD
        What happened
        Unless you’re a gigantic corporation, don’t expect to get much from these guys.

        1. That is a much more interesting bribe than the example provided in the first post!

  8. I can’t wait to make tons of bitcoin selling oregano and tic tacs to you chumps!

    1. No kidding.

      I never received my order, what was the customer service number again?

      What’s the value of a bitcoin. Drugs have value. Trading drugs for bitcoins seems pretty stupid if you can’t pay your bills, buy a car, a house, or restock your supply of drugs once you sell out.

      Maybe it’s just me become the old man on the poorch, cause I don’t get it.

      1. You can sell bitcoins for USD currently going at $9.95 apiece.

    2. That’s what the anonymous customer reviews are for…

      1. but your reviewing anonymous sellers. How the hell does that work? Some guy ripped me off, don’t go to that guy because he might rip you off too?


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    1. I think HTS was a little less anti-JOOOZ, but good spoof.

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      1. Hercule doesn’t want his Jewish State stepped on. The last Jewish State he scored was cut with baby laxative and he pissed like a racehorse for a week.

  11. Plus, fake DEA-run sellers would probably not have very good user ratings if they answer requests for LSD with SWAT teams.

    They’d probably wait until they had scores of regular buyers and then call the SWAT teams.

    1. That wouldn’t work. they could never prove it was you that ordered it. Unless they caught you with the drugs months later, they wouldn’t have a case. The DEA doesn’t want users. They want sellers. So they would be more likely to pose as buyers and then try to track down the sellers.

      1. “AWWWWK! It’s a living.”

      2. So, the way to fuck over drug-statist politicians is to anonymously mail them illegal drugs and then anonymously alert the cops?

        Or would they have the defense, “Hey, I didn’t order those!”

        1. HA. That’s neat idea. Either that defense works, so anybody can use it, or it doesn’t work, so we can get ALL THE WASHINGTON MOTHERFUCKERS IN JAIL!

          1. Either that defense works, so anybody can use it

            You’re new at this game, huh?

            1. Not really. I guess I was feeling misguidedly optimistic…

              1. They key is to be an insufferable asshole. I teach a class…

  12. Theoretically speaking it would be interesting to see the effects of this site on Bitcoin. The biggest obstacle to the widespread use of bitcoins is their lack of perceived value (outside of certain circles).

    An anonymous source of drugs could be the “killer app” bitcoin needs. Unfortunately this gives the feds double the incentive to squash this site.

  13. Anyone else notice that “obscure URL” ends in an index page at .onion?

    1. .onion is used for addresses in the TOR network

      1. The Onion Router

  14. Couldn’t they make a bunch of fake DEA user accounts to give the fake DEA seller accounts a high rating? Businesses pull this all the time with Yelp.

  15. I’m thinking HERCULE didn’t need this thread to know of the website.

    1. Did someone spoofing him immediately draw him to post here? That’s either impressive or disturbing. Or both.

  16. Re: The update:

    Each bitcoins’ lineage is “fully traceable” back to… what?

    Are they logged to individual owners? Me no understand.

    1. I don’t know but it sounds fucking stupid to have a currency with a built-in auditing system. No wonder this shit was designed by nerds.

      1. They’re probably trying to prevent counterfeiting. It’s a bit useless to have a currency that can’t be inflated by creating it out of thin air when it can be easily counterfeited.

        Makes it piss poor for black market transactions, though.

        1. A bit useless.


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    1. The Special Relationship = Favoritism for the PURE JEWISH STATE

      I thought The Special Relationship = Sugarfree + Warty.

      1. Rather + Episiarch.

  18. If you think the President can’t declare war, then you should think Bitcoin can’t “coin money”. The authority of both are under Article 1 section 8 of the US Constitution.

  19. You need to have specific software loaded on your computer, to access the site.

    Using Tor protects you against a common form of Internet surveillance known as “traffic analysis.” Traffic analysis can be used to infer who is talking to whom over a public network. Knowing the source and destination of your Internet traffic allows others to track your behavior and interests. This can impact your checkbook if, for example, an e-commerce site uses price discrimination based on your country or institution of origin. It can even threaten your job and physical safety by revealing who and where you are. For example, if you’re travelling abroad and you connect to your employer’s computers to check or send mail, you can inadvertently reveal your national origin and professional affiliation to anyone observing the network, even if the connection is encrypted.

  20. Your post (#2316878) has been marked as spam by a third-party spam filter. If this is a mistake, please email webmaster@reason.com.

    1. WYF?

  21. So i downloaded the bitcoin client and it is showing no connections…

    pretty fucking lame for a p2p network.

  22. These objections raised by Jeff Garzik are nothing but a move to save face and make it look like bitcoin doesn’t support ‘illegal’ uses.

    Bitcoins are completely anonymous, so long as nobody tries to withdraw them or use them with their name attached. And they can be laundered, not as easily as paper money, but it is still possible to create plausible deniability very easily.

    1. Right. Anonymity is a feature of Bitcoins. The public log makes them traceable, but only through the network. If precautions are taken, they can’t be linked to an individual.

      OTOH he’s right that Silk Road’s escrow accounts provide a “hub” for the FEDs to attack. But even there all you risk is losing what’s in your account.

      I think the site and it’s administrators are the weak link. It should be easy for the FEDs to shut it down like they did on-line poker. And for drug trafficking, they can and will apprehend people in foreign lands.

      1. If Silk Road creates a separate bitcoin address for each transaction as I believe they do, it would be impossible to track it. They wouldn’t have one single address for people to send coins to, as it is simple to create many bitcoin ‘purses’.

  23. With bitcoin, every transaction is written to a globally public log,
    and the lineage of each coin is fully traceable from transaction to

    If this is true, then Jeff Garzik of the Bitcoin “core dev team” needs to make sure Bit Coin places this front and center on their website and in their FAQs. They have to know that pretty much everything written by the growing number of Bitcoin advocates stresses the anonymity and freedom from government interference as a fundamental advantage to using Bitcoin. Now here comes Jeff to tell us wait, it’s all easily and publicly traceable so none of that is true? What gives? Failure to disclose this up front when all the Bitcoin zealots are trying to sell everyone on it’s anonymity is essentially fraud.

    Bottom line: If it’s true that any government can easily trace Bitcoin usage then Bitcoin needs to be completely upfront and squelch all this nonsense about anonymity being spread by the Bitcoin community. It’s utterly unfair and dishonest to look the other way and allow this misconception, if that’s what it is, to continue to be spread around the internet.

  24. Those guys make a lot of sense dude. Wow.


  25. lol ive been buying dilaudid off silk road and the like for years. no news move along.

  26. So maybe it’s better to risk getting shot at next time you need to go to the hood to get the good shit. Or just sitting there mopping why it’s taking Jake the dealer an extra hour to knock on your door? But isn’t that part of the appeal of getting high? Never knowing if the good shit will safely make it in your hands? Then again there’s another option too- JUST DON’T DO DRUGS.


  27. Bitcoin devs obviously don’t know what a fucking mix is. Bitcoin itself isnt anonymous but when you use a mix with it its provably anonymous based off the laws of math. Nice try at public relations though…

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  30. So I read the article, watched the video, and started “mining” in a virtual machine on my quad core. But I still have no idea why a seller would accept BitCoins as payment. Can someone try to clarify that for me? And before you try to tell me how Dollars are backed by nothing, remember than I can go to Amazon and buy just about anything I want with Dollars.

    1. you can go to Silk Road and buy any drugs you want with BitCoins

  31. anonymize your coins

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  34. Yes, bitcoins can be traced. However there are several services that will “tumble” your coins in a laundering type process. For a fee, of course. That is what kills you with bitcoins is all of the fees associated with acquiring them and converting them.

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