Mandatory Panic Buttons Proposed for NY Hotel Chambermaids


never trust a man with an open collar

This is certainly a reasonable and proportionate response to a single high-profile (alleged) penis-chasing incident:

The alleged rape of a hotel maid in Manhattan has prompted one local leader to introduce a bill in Albany to protect the employees from on-the-job assaults.

[Assmeblyman Rory Lancman (D-Queens)], who is Chair of the Assembly Subcommittee on Workplace Safety, says the bill would require hotels to provide staff with electronic alert devises that can alert hotel security in an emergency. The devices would act like a "panic" button- much like "life alert."

Generally laws like this one are named after a victim of the crime they are designed to prevent. But since we're not supposed to know her name, we'll have to call it Dominique's Law.

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  1. New York City: Come for the bed bugs, stay for the rape allegations.

  2. Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get this penis out of my ass!!!!

    1. Dammit, that made me chuckle – now I have to admit I’m a bad person.

      1. See? That’s why you didn’t get Raptured last weekend!

    2. Help, I’ve fallen and he got it up!

    3. Help I’ve fallen

      The accuser’s past sexual history has no bearing on the credibility of her testimony.

  3. Recent polls indicate that 60% of the French public believe the whole thing is a set-up.

    France is having their OJ moment.

  4. Statistics show that hotel chambermaids in NYC have a 123% chance of being raped, or of being the object of an attempted rape, at some point in their careers.

    Nymphos only need apply.

  5. Too bad Jose Guerena didn’t have a device like that.

  6. Irin Carmon, a blogger at Jezebel, addressed Jacob Weisberg, editorin-chief of the Slate Group, on Twitter: “Why did you/Slate France choose to publicize the alleged rape victim’s name?”

    I don’t know, Irin. Why did you choose to publicize the alleged rapist’s name?

    1. I’ve never understood the reasoning behind keeping victims of sexual assaults anonymous.

      First off, both partys’ — accuser and accused — identities should be either anonymous or of public record, not just the name of the accused.

      I’m guessing that there are only a few whackjobs who believe that a sex crime is the fault of the victim, but that shouldn’t be of any psychological torment upon third parties or the general public.

      1. I’m fine with keeping the identity of both persons secret until after the trial, but if we as a society insist upon knowing the name of the accused, then simple justice requires the identification of the accuser as well.

  7. Thanks assembly Lancman, but there already is a button that a maid can push when threatened. Though its the first step in a two step process, it will stop the creep 99% of the time, before she is raped. Unlike what you propose, which will not immediately stop the rape, and will not even guarentee help will arrive at all.
    Here is the method.
    First, press safety button to off.
    Second, squeeze trigger.
    There done.

    1. No, no. Fighting back only encourages violence, sillyhead.

      1. It can, especially when dealing with small handguns that can have a hard time immediately incapacitating someone.
        So there should be a third step after squeeze trigger: Run the hell away.

        1. Or keep firing until it’s empty, then use the gun as a club to beat them with.

    2. Safety button?

      1. I had in mind a snub nose .38.
        It may only have six rounds, but the possibility of jamming is practical nill, compared to the 9mm Glock 26.
        Granted the Glock 26 doesn’t jam much either, but it still jams more then a snub, and in that situation, when seconds (milliseconds?)count….

        1. Why not just train chambermaids the way we do with SWAT officers and use the tactics as well. And if no one responds within 15 seconds of the first knock of “housekeeping” we can assume there is a rapist inside.

          1. That wouldn’t work. Chambermaids would actually have to repair any damage they caused.

          2. The guests’ dogs would get shot.

    3. it is NY – Where the citizens are free from violence because the cops are the ones with the guns. No need to worry if you are outnumbered or your assailant is stronger or bigger – the cops are always minutes away when seconds count.

  8. Fooking Canadians:

    It looked huge. I always thought beavers would be smaller,” Keizer told CBC News on Thursday.…

    1. “All the beavers I’ve ever seen have been in water, so you only ever see pieces of them; like, you don’t get to see the whole beaver.”

      joke overload
      going into shutdown mode

      1. …”because there’s a wild beaver walking through town, heading your way.”

        The stuff that dreams are made of.

    2. The beaver was spotted Monday evening wandering around a residential neighbourhood, along a busy street, through a graveyard and golf course, all the while escorted by an N.W.T. Environment and Natural Resources officer.

      I’ve seen beavers in and out of the water, in daylight, and artificial light. My recollection is that they can be in various sizes, and there are color variations. I’ve seen them singly and in groups. I have heard that in some areas they commonly escorted by a politician or by a police officer, and I know the Canadian Mounties wear beaver fur hats (or used to) in the winter, but this is the first time I’ve heard of one escorted by an Environment and Natural Resources officer. Nice to see that Natural Resources officers are getting some of that action as well.

      1. You’ve seen a whole group of beavers at once?


  9. And telescreens in private homes would significantly reduce rates of child abuse, too ….

    1. Working on it. One thing at a time.

  10. I’ve been thinking about the same sort of thing–only some kind of life alert to protect us from weirdos who work for the government.

    I got the idea when they installed bullet-proof glass in the post office I usually go to. I can only assume they put it up to try to protect the general public should one of their employees “go postal”.

    Maybe we should all wear life alert buttons? We can push them if some TSA agent gropes our children at the airport! We can push them if some wild west SWAT team swoops in on our house by accident and shoots our dog!

    I had a cop almost kill me by making a left turn in front of my bike the other day. I pulled up to ask him if he didn’t see me or if he was trying to kill me on purpose, and his response?

    I could have used a life alert button right there!

    1. Actually that’s not a bad idea. Just put a special automatic 911 button on your phone. So you don’t even have to dial 911.

  11. Generally laws like this one are named after a victim of the crime they are designed to prevent. But since we’re not supposed to know her name, we’ll have to call it ‘s Law.

    In fairness to Dominique, he’s going to need one in prison

  12. Boy, if only we had a law against rape, it would never be an issue.

    1. There would be a deterrent factor.

      Raping somebody with a panic button is like mugging somebody with a gun.

      It’s not a bad idea; it’s just a stupid law.

      Hoteliers and others implement smart things all the time without government intervention–and there’s no government coercion needed here.

    2. It shouldn’t need to be said too that raping the cleaning lady isn’t exactly a spreading epidemic–as far as I know anyway.


        It is in Muslim countries

  13. If she can’t reach the door, how is she gonna reach the panic button?

    Guess who will pay the cost of these buttons, by the way? It won’t be the hotels.

    In related news, they confirmed DSK’s sperm on the woman’s dress.

    1. Was it a blue dress?

  14. But since we’re not supposed to know her name…

    It’s Nafissatou Diallo.…..ou-diallo/

    1. why reprint her name you shit

      1. Why not? She’s the (alleged) victim of a crime.

        1. Because she has a right to privacy, and a family. This is exactly why most woman will NEVER report rapes, or attempted rapes.

          1. The accused should have equal rights to privacy also.

            It’s just been that, until recently, our puritanical society assigns fault or ‘dirtiness’ to victims of sex crimes and, I think, that we’ve moved beyond that way of thought.
            There are more intagibles involved on why most woman won’t report a rape: the social standing of the accused and the disruption of the accuser’s life being just two examples.

            I don’t equate the victim of a rape with anything other than being the victim of a serious crime.

            Contemporary women in America are pretty tough and have the law to back them up.

            1. let me know when you grow a vagina

              1. Couldn’t you just as easily be accused of prejudice? The odds that a woman will be accused of rape, falsely or otherwise, are probably even lower than the odds that a man will be a a victim of rape.

            2. Well put.

              1. Addressed to Mongo, of course.

                1. Of course, a dick will side with a dick.
                  Do you know women who have been raped are discriminated by insurers?

                  1. [citation needed]

                    1. A spokesman for the main industry trade group says insurers don’t discriminate against sexual assault victims, but that anyone taking HIV drugs is considered “in treatment for HIV, period,” and may be denied coverage. Frustrated doctors say that’s not medically sound. “What are we supposed to tell women now?” said one nurse “Well, I guess you have a choice?you can risk your health insurance or you can risk AIDS. Go ahead and choose.


    2. Can you get a picture of Arnold’s bastard? I heard he looks like a “brown Schwarzenegger”.

  15. never trust a man with an open collar

    Anglo women and their buttoned collars.
    Racism, straight up.


      Matt Welch wears an open collar + Matt Welch speaks french + Matt Welch stays in hotels = Matt Welch is a rapist

      1. holy shit! Matt welch has a french wife. Matt Welch is a pseudonym for Dominique Strauss-Kahn!

        1. why reprint his name you shit

          1. for the same reason cowards like you hide behind handles

            – be a man

            1. I knew it! You’re Dan Rather!

              1. I’d admit it, if I was.
                So, no, I am not Dan Rather

                1. neither am I male, 500 lbs, a whore,….

                  1. So “rather” is a handle? Why are you hiding behind it?

                    1. rather crazy than libertarian (RCTL) is a handle but my email is real
                      I use the same name and don’t go ‘nomad’ like some. I don’t have several personalities on this site either.

                      I’d wager, I am more libertarian than most of the pseudo-freedom advocates here.

  16. Wouldn’t rape whistles be cheaper?

  17. Hotel maids cannot be weak, most have to change the sheets on mattresses weighing up to 300 pounds ten times daily. It is almost impossible that 62 year old dominique could move one of those heavy mattresses an inch. In a wrestling contest between DSK and his six foot tall African maid I would bet my life savings on her flipping him in ten-seconds. Those that dream he was strong enough to hold her down while he was getting a BJ are masturbating or determined to send a fragile old man to prison.

    1. Ah, the “I’m a fucking pussy, how I could I possibly rape anyone?” defense. Haven’t seen that one in a while.

      1. What i don’t understand if he was such a wimp and she was such a bad ass why would she be having sex with him voluntarily?

        Anyway this whole thing is idiotic…

        She did eventually did strike back and pushed him against a sharp edge of a desk which left a mark and it did allow her to get away.

        So you are right Morris she is a bad ass and he is a wimp.

        So along with a sore back that she gave him to stop his assault he will also get a nice long prison term for sexual assault.

    2. Oh French people! With your whacky conspiracy theories and tendency to spread your legs the first time some blonde haired, blue eyed German comes along! When will you ever learn?

    3. “He’s 62, so he must be frail and near death.” Right, being 62 means you’re weak and helpless, like that other famous 62-year-old basket case, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also, bonus racist points for assuming that because the maid is African, she’s a burly six-footer. This is so good it’s got to be a troll.

  18. Sooo…

    I read that he hit on the hotel checkin woman when he checked in got turned down then later hit on a different woman at the hotel when he called the front desk and was turned.

    then the maid turned him down but he raped anyway.

    then after he fled the crime scene and boarded a plane he told a stewardess that she had a nice ass….

    and then he was arrested.

    This guys is class act.

  19. Emergency, on-job alert devices already exist. They’re called “phones.”

    1. I’ll let you use the phone if you order chinese food for me.

      Asshole remark of the day award

      1. 69? You mean beef with broccoli?

        1. ok you’re funny

  20. This is a ridiculous knee jerk reaction. Why don’t we just arm them all and set them up with security to follow them on their rounds.

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