Radley Balko a Finalist for "Journalist of the Year," and Other Reason L.A. Press Club Nominations


Not just a South Park episode anymore!

Though there are several relevant categories that have yet to be announced, the L.A. Press Club has issued a preliminary list [PDF] of finalists for the Southern California Journalism Awards, and Reason is well represented:

* Journalist of the Year (under 50,000 circulation): Radley Balko. He's up against friend-of-Reason Amy Alkon, the Glendale News-Press' Dan Evans, and the L.A. Downtown News' Ryan Vaillancourt. The over-50,000 J of Y noms include former Reason intern and all-around good gal Mariel Garza of the L.A. Daily News.

* Best Website, News Orgnaziation. We're up against LAweekly.com, OCweekly.com, People.com, and KPCC.org.

* Best Magazine News/Investigative: Brian Doherty, for L.A.'s Pot Revolution: How Los Angeles became the "wild West" of medical marijuana – and lived to tell the tale; and Steven Greenhut for Class War: How public servants became our masters.

This is a really great piece

* Best Magazine Feature/Commentary: Damon Root, for Conservatives v. Libertarians: The debate over judicial activism divides former allies; and Peter Suderman, for The Gatekeeper: How a little bureaucratic office became the biggest impediment to Barack Obama's health care plans.

* Best Online Column/Commentary: Greg Beato, for Copy Fight: A new front opens in the battle over online copyright infringement

* Best Online Sports News/Feature/Commentary, Daniel Wattenberg, for The Persecution of Gilbert Arenas: How gun prohibitionists and an image-conscious NBA scapegoated a basketball star.

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