IMF's Dominique Strauss-Kahn Arrested on NYC [Attempted] Rape Charge


Long-suffering Anne Sinclair with husband.

The International Monetary Fund is now fucking Americans too. 

IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a former French presidential candidate, was taken into custody Saturday in connection with the alleged sexual assault of a Sofitel employee. 

New York Post

The trouble began around noon, when a 32-year-old housekeeper entered Strauss-Kahn's room at the Sofitel on West 44th Street — apparently unaware he was still inside.

The married Strauss-Kahn was in his bathroom, said sources. He emerged naked, grabbed her and "he jumps her," a source said.

Then, Strauss-Kahn allegedly threw the housekeeper on the room's bed and forced her to perform oral sex on him, said the sources.

The maid managed to break free and ran to a hotel worker to tell what happened, said a source. Soon afterward, Strauss-Kahn got dressed and headed off to Kennedy Airport for his flight to Paris.

Charges of criminal sexual act, attempted rape and unlawful imprisonment are expected Sunday, per Reuters

Srauss-Kahn, who was defeated in the 2007 Socialist Party primary by Ségolène Royal, is considered a likely challenger to President Nicolas Sarkozy in the 2012 election. Sarkozy allegedly backed Strauss-Kahn to take over the scandal-prone IMF in order to keep him out of French domestic politics. 

Recent samples of IMF toughlove for the USA: warnings about the debt load; faint praise from a former IMFster; skepticism about the future of Medicare. 

Previous hanqué-panqué from the energetic Strauss-Kahn.

Update: Strauss-Kahn will plead not guilty. CNN has the alleged incident occuring around 1pm, no time on the Air France flight (the killer of the franc had a standing show-up-and-fly-first-class arrangement with the national airline), and 2:30am as the time of the formal arrest. Also details about the hotel accommodations, which would make even the meagerest Belgian feel like a powerful man: "[New York Deputy Police Commissioner Paul] Browne said Strauss-Kahn ran after [his accuser] down the hallway of the suite. The suite has its own foyer, hallway, living room, bathroom, conference room and bedroom." And a good detail: Strauss-Kahn left his cell phone in the room. 

Update 2: Statement from IMF.

And did it really take six hours for the first public Strauss-Kahn/Polanski comparison?

Christopher Dickey has a bunch of anonymous sources claiming conspiracy, with one French law enforcement pundit saying the whole episode was comme il faut, and a Sarkozy associate saying it would make no sense for the president to use NYPD friends to destroy his rival — not because Sarko wouldn't do it, but because this isn't the time: 

Although not a friend of Strauss-Kahn, the French law enforcement source knows his background and private life well, and suggests that while Strauss-Kahn may "have an issue with his penis, he never forces anybody. He is much more romantic than that. So this whole aspect needs to be given a lot of attention." According to this source, Strauss-Kahn had an early lunch with his daughter in New York, had called his wife, and was on a normal schedule to board the Air France flight, which had been booked long in advance. Strauss-Kahn normally carries "several" cell phones, according to this source, so leaving one behind in the room is not quite as incriminating as it may sound.

As for the notion that Sarkozy might be behind some nefarious plot, one of his advisers says privately that's not only untrue as a matter of fact, but would be unlikely as a matter of strategy: "This is far too early for him to take out a main opponent."

In a roundup of reactions, most gracious advocate Ségo turns her eyes of mercy toward the fallen son of Eve: "Dominique Strauss-Kahn has the right, like everybody, to the presumption of innocence. We have to allow justice to do its work in complete serenity. My thoughts go to the man in this difficult time and to his family."

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  1. What a fucking asshole.

    Oh, and I heard he may have sodomized some housekeeper, too.

    1. That’s strange. I clicked on my bookmark and got TMZ.

    2. Yeah he and Kobe got together wit the help.

  2. Well, it’s been a banner week for nationalists!

    Polls have shown the National Front’s Marine Le Pen beating Sarkozy in the 1st round of the French elections, but in the 2nd round, being beaten by – you guessed it – the Socialist’s Strauss-Kahn.

    With Strauss-Kahn out of the way, Mademoiselle Le Pen’s chances of being elected President have just increased exponentially.

    Viva la France!

    1. Travail, Famille, Patrie

      1. Lachete, Dependance, Socialisme

      2. Et pas de Juifs.

        1. J’ai besoin de papier toilette.

          1. Saj?t mellbimb?k felrobban ?r?m?ben!

            This sentence is in English.

            1. Az ?n l?gp?rn?s tele van angolna!

              Ce n’est pas une pipe.

              1. Ugh. I’m sick of how Reason threads *ALWAYS* devolve into mindlessly quoting Monty Python sketches in Hungarian.

        2. “Et pas de Juifs.”

          Fonctionne pour moi!

  3. Help a provincial American brother out…

    I thought that to be tr?s European, we were supposed to take these sexual escapades in stride.

    So how am I supposed to take this episode? I want to make sure I act accordingly.

    1. Sexual escapades are not the same as rape.

      1. Definitely not “sodomy” sodomy.

      2. I hear the New York Times commenters consider these ‘escapades’ to be ignored. After all, this man challenged Wall Street from his $3000 a night hotel.

      3. Apparently, the Le Journal du Dimanche refers to Strauss-Kahn as un grand s?ducteur.

        Word has it it’s not uncommon to hear his wife yelling “Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnn!!!” every time one of these articles hits the press.

    2. Wow, these “escapades” keep getting better:

      Allies of Mr Strauss-Kahn and some commentators dismissed the affair as another episode of hysteria by puritanical US institutions.

      1. hysteria by puritanical US institutions

        Technically aren’t the UN and the IMF US institutions?

  4. Oh yeah, and sexual assault, blah blah blah.

    These socialits stay in some nice digs when they travel.

  5. The rape joke was in poor taste.

  6. Strauss-Kahn pretty much epitomizes everything that is wrong with the French.

    1. And the Jews.

      1. And the waltz.

        1. And augmented humans.

          1. I wouldn’t exactly say it was augmented.

            1. Quality has declined considerably since the untimely death of Dr. Tyrell.

      2. @Yes

        Fuck you, fuck head

  7. Perhaps he goes to one of those American prisons where he will get sodomized by some big black guy. Justice for this socialist slime ball cannot come too soon.

    1. prison rape ? justice
      allegation ? conviction

      1. You are right real justice would be that they first tattoo “Bubbas Bitch” on his arse and then prison rape him.

        1. Guilty till proven innocent? Nice little blog you got here.

          1. This is NotSure’s blog? I thought it was Reason’s . . .

            1. Wait, are you saying NotSure is the Kochtopus!!!

            2. I thought it was Reason’s [blog]

              It is, and one of their writers has just convicted a man of rape (“The International Monetary Fund is now fucking Americans too.”)

              To be fair to Mr. Cavanaugh, he did throw in one “alleged.” It’s always amusing when an anti-state, anti-cop blog (and its commentating lifers) rally behind the cops and judges when a wholly irrelevant (to the case) ideology is there to attack.

              1. fucking ? raping. I suppose that’s alleged too, but in any case it’s not a crime.

                Everything else in the article refers to actual charges that have been filed against him.

                And this is exactly the kind of crime police should be investigating.

                1. fucking ? raping.

                  Well in the Andrea Dworkin/Catherine McKinnon tradition…..then yes….fucking does indeed equal rape.

                  Where’s Antoine Dodson when we need him?

              2. The problem is when police and da’s go off on their own ‘investigations’. Here we have the police responding to the call of a citizen who has reported a crime against her. Isn’t that what we really want the cops to be doing?

                1. Nope….I was hoping they would drop by and shoot my neighbors dogs….fucker owes me money for weed.

              3. Hey Jesus, in case you do not know, people commenting here are not judges or policemen. This is called a comments section, where – shockingly – people give their opinions, and have – shockingly – zero obligation to follow court protocols.

                1. This is called a comments section

                  I’d call it a lynch mob, but to each his own.

          2. That’s the way it is in France.

      2. +1

        The poster you replied to was an idiotic asshole

      3. prison rape ? justice
        allegation ? conviction

        Diplomatic immunity = home in time to try to explain the…err…unfortunate incident…to the little woman.

        I hope he uses the Marion Barry approach….. baby….the bitch set me up!

        1. In which I stand corrected.

          UPDATE 2: The Guardian says DSK does not have immunity: “Strauss-Kahn, who does not have diplomatic immunity as head of the IMF, is expected to be brought before a state court on Sunday.”

          Well now I hope they fry him…..nobody that stupid belongs in charge of that much money!

        2. prison rape is extra-legal punishment: nobody should be wishing that on anyone. If you disagree with that then fuck off in advance. It’s bad enough to see cops, judges, attys general and other public officials joking about it. besides, this clown could have been set up — he must have a lot of jealous socialist enemies. not to defend him, but wait til more information comes out. if there is solid evidence against him, the publicity will make it harder for him to buy his way out it. no matter what, his reputation is forever fucked.

  8. In such a situation, why does the victim not bite down very hard? Fear of retaliation?

    This is not to denigrate nor dismiss the accusation.

    Is it an instant, intimate version of Stockholm Syndrome, or some equivalent explanation for Why Didn’t [the proverbial She] Just Leave [her long-term abuser]?

    1. Fear of retaliation is probably a big part, also I doubt one is thinking clearly in that situation.

      Seriously doubt it has anything to do with dependency in relationships or Stockholm syndrome.

    2. Personally I wouldn’t want to have a whole lot of someone else’s blood in my mouth. Getting a blood-borne illness would be pretty much guaranteed if the guy had one.

      1. Thank you both for your sensible answers.

        I asked because biting as hard as possible in such situations is what at least one women’s self-defense course trains targets to do.

        1. Biting is stupid. The woman could be killed in retaliation, or end up facing serious charges herself.

          All it takes is a good hard squeeze in the right location. The guy will still be busy throwing up when help arrives.

  9. Maybe he can qualify as a guard for the Lakers.

    1. Except that she willingly went back to Kobe’s room late at night should clear the reasonable doubt standard of any but the most seeking of the spotlight prosecutors and jacked up in the head Stalinist fembots.

      1. This woman wasn’t voluntarily in the Strauss-Kahn Love Suite?

        1. Yes, she’s voluntarily in dozens of rooms per day. She cleans them. That doesn’t make her an equal-opportunity concubine, though.

  10. So the West spent decades, millions of lives, and hundreds of billions of dollars, fighting communism and its abuses and “purges” of people everywhere, and then after we win the war, we turn over one of the key international institutions charged with improving the lives of people everywhere, to a socialist rapist? Americans, you get the government, and the socialist rapists, you elect and deserve.

    1. I want candy.

      1. Hey, welcome back Art!

        1. Here, here.

          1. Where? Where?

      2. B-bubblegum and taffy. Dammit!

    2. If you think the IMF is intended to improve the lives of people everywhere you need to think again.

  11. This happened in a $3000-per-night hotel room. Aye-MF-ing must be a lucrative business.

    1. If he can afford three grand a night for the hotel, can’t he afford a hooker? Maybe he should give Elliot Spitzer a yell for a referral.

      Nah, come to think of it, he’s probably on the blacklist for all the more expensive agencies in NYC.


      1. Spitzer was known as a “hight maintenence customre”, which is hooker parlance means he liked to slap around and be rough with the girls. It really is hard to fully appreciate what a horrible debauched human being Spitzer is.

        1. he liked to slap around and be rough with the girls

          Aren’t pimps supposed to break the legs of customers who intrude on their prerogatives like that?


          1. Not if the customer is paying extra.

        2. Fully consensual S&M isn’t horrible, John.

          Spitzer is horrible because it’s okay when he does it, but not anyone else.

      2. I was wondering if he mistook the cleaning maid for his regular early Saturday afternoon call girl. She happens to show up at the appointed time, it appears he was expecting someone to show up. Thinking the escort service sent up a new girl and, since he has been doing business with them for years, they have already coached her to expect the rough stuff so why should he waste precious time and money on training her himself?

        1. That’s already been suggested, but it’s hard to rectify that with her having a key/card to get into the room.

          Fortunately, I’ve never been involved in the world of hotel hookers (or any other kind for that matter) but they would need you to open the door for them, wouldn’t they?

          1. If the arrangement is a routine one, she (the escort) may have been expected to ask for a key pass at the desk.

            1. But would she show up in a maid’s uniform? And actual one and not one of those frilly french maid outfits, I mean.

              1. The man is french and the head of the IMF, he can’t be expected to notice those kind of details.

    2. Hey, he was in the mood, and the maid just struck his fancy. After all, he is an important person, and who’s she going to complain? Shouldn’t she feel privileged to be seduced by the likes of him?

      1. Perfectly summarizes the mindset of the elite globalists.

  12. DSK probably gets his handlers to arrange a woman in every major city in the world. Too bad this time the handlers failed to inform him the Sofitel maid was not arranged.

    1. Funny how this socialist leader has more expensive tastes, lives in better hotels and travels to better places than 99.999% of all the capitalists he denounces.

      1. Remember it’s austerity for you commoner. Don’t dare question one of your betters….the “worker” can only be oppressed by the Kapitalist….think of it as re-education.

        Don’t you just love the “classless” society!

    2. That sounds shockingly plausible, Jerry.

    3. I would bet this is the case.

    4. Now that I think about it, she probably WAS wearing a frilly maid costume. I bet that’s how they dress the maids at Sofitel.

  13. Al Gore called to ask, “Did she release his second chakra?”

    1. dunno. but the crazed poodle thing is so last year.

      1. Oh, no… If I meet Al Gore anytime in the next two decades, I’m going ask him “hey, Al! Are you still a crazed sex poodle? Did Bob Dole hook you up with the little blue pills?”


  14. Strauss-Kahn allegedly threw the housekeeper on the room’s bed and forced her to perform oral sex on him

    She’s a one-eye witness.

  15. I can’t wait to see how the European media treat this compared to the way they’ve been trying political wrongthinker Silvio Berlusconi in the media.

    1. How dare the media report on Berlusconi banging underage girls.

      1. She was 17, definitely not underage in Italy.

    2. He’s a socialist, and therefore a right-thinker. That means he’ll receive the Polanski treatment. Had the plane taken off, he’d have gotten away scot-free.

      1. france would never have extradited him, that’s for sure…

      2. As I wrote about the C?sar Awards (the French Oscars) back in February:

        I’m beginning to think more and more that Elia Kazan shouldn’t have named Communists; he should have raped girls.

    3. Well, since the British love laughing at the French as much as Americans do, we likely won’t see much in English-language media.

      But for a sample of lefty conspiracy-theorizing, check the NY Times comments.

      My personal favorite was, “Mr. Strauss-Kahn may not be a saint, but this has the distinct feel of a setup. When powerful men challenge Wall Street compensation and criminal activity, they seem to find their sex lives splashed on the evening news and themselves in handcuffs. Watch who you make enemies of. Ask Eliot Spitzer.”

      Right. Spitzer was prosecuted for something he prosecuted others for. Quelle horreur.

      1. “This makes no logical sense whatsoever. First off, a maid does not just come barging into someones room like that. Second, there would not have been time for any premeditated thoughts of wanting to attack her.

        My guess is that she startled him and he attacked what he thought was an intruder, and upon realizing who she was and what his mistaken notion would look like to others, especially after his recent sexual misconduct accusations, he opted to flee.”

        1. “Any request by the suspect to have a private physician or two conduct tests for the presence of drugs? xref: whose guess he might have been drugged.

          “Do you have the plumbing of the holding cell connected to a forensic lab, NYPD? If not are you liable for negligence for the loss, or destruction, of evidence? i.e. fecal matter, urine, bodily fluids which might exonerate the suspect were it discovered he had be surreptiously drugged, or on the other hand under the influene of a controlled substance, actually forbidden, because no one can legally get a prescription for schedule 1 substances, at least ofr personal use, right?”

          Really, you can’t make this stuff up.

          1. “If the allegations were proven true, my guess would be that he may be suffering from a degenerative disease. It may just be in the early stages. How else would you explain someone of his stature acting that way?”

            This and the previous two comments were in a row.

            1. someone of his stature

            2. “How else would you explain someone of his stature acting that way?”

              Ask Bill Clinton.

            3. Wow, that was all kinds of stupid.

            4. that’s the whole point, sugartits!

      2. “My personal favorite was, “Mr. Strauss-Kahn may not be a saint, but this has the distinct feel of a setup. When powerful men challenge Wall Street compensation and criminal activity, they seem to find their sex lives splashed on the evening news and themselves in handcuffs. Watch who you make enemies of. Ask Eliot Spitzer.”

        No. Ask Clarence Thomas about “sex lives splashed on the evening news. Or Sen. Ensign. Or that GOP Congressmen who got caught playing footsie in a bathroom just before the 2006 Congressional election. Or Bob Packwood. Or Rep. Livingston…

        Yeah, it only happens to leftists.

        ANd BTW, since when has the IMF “challenged Wall Street compensation and criminal activity.” I seem to recall that the Leftists of the world despise the IMF as an alleged tool of Wall Street capitalism.

        1. Vitner, Foley, etc.

          I’m always impressed when someone is surprised by a political sex scandal.

          1. And while we are on the subject…I had no idea that Kobe Bryant and Ben Rothlesberger “challenged Wall Street compensation and criminal activity.”

            Gee. The Left has come a long, long way from the “women never lie about sexual misconduct” days of Anita Hill.

            1. is much different than rape allegation…unless you are a SCOTUS nominee of course. then it is just as serious — depending on who you are and all that.

              1. My point was not to compare the two alleged acts. My point was how the Left, in one case, refused to accept even the possibility that the accuser could be telling a falsehood or even be mistaken (to even suggest as much would be to “revictimize the victim”), while in the other comes up with one hair brained reason after another to discount the accuser. Sheesh!

                1. What’s so strange about that?

      3. Someone please post the choicest comments from f’isting and Jezebel…

      4. “Mr. Strauss-Kahn may not be a saint, but this has the distinct feel of a setup. When powerful men challenge Wall Street compensation and criminal activity, they seem to find their sex lives splashed on the evening news and themselves in handcuffs. Watch who you make enemies of. Ask Eliot Spitzer.”

        So my suspicions I alluded to in my first comment have been confirmed. These are “sexual escapades”.


      5. they seem to find their sex lives splashed on the evening news and themselves in handcuffs.

        Don’t you usually have to pay extra for B&D service?

        1. I guess Socialism has come a long way over the last few centuries. From:




            1. It always was.

          1. Say the one, do the other. It’s been that way for a while.

    4. The European media is not all left wing. The sexual adventures of Berlusconi are probably attacked more out of envy than some kind of puritan indignation.

      The Economist magazine, hardly a standard left wing outlet, went after Berlusconi personally after he took them to court for slander.

  16. This guy is classless. He didn’t tell the maid “better put some ice on that” when he was finished?

    But, to be fair, I don’t care about this man’s personal life, anyway. What about his “job performance”?

  17. Let’s get rid of engagement rings

    The diamond industry, in its infinite marketing savvy, seems to have convinced young couples that the only way to declare a lifetime commitment is for a man to ruinously spend two or three months’ salary on the proper rock…Compare the engagement ring with the wedding band. Basically, everyone’s looks alike. There’s no envy, no angst, no credit card debt. It’s simply a handy way of signaling, “I’m taken.”

      1. In 1919, De Beers experienced a drop in diamond sales that lasted for two decades. So in the 1930s it turned to the firm N.W. Ayer to devise a national advertising campaign?still relatively rare at the time?to promote its diamonds. Ayer convinced Hollywood actresses to wear diamond rings in public, and, according to Edward Jay Epstein in The Rise and Fall of the Diamond, encouraged fashion designers to discuss the new “trend” toward diamond rings. Between 1938 and 1941, diamond sales went up 55 percent. By 1945 an average bride, one source reported, wore “a brilliant diamond engagement ring and a wedding ring to match in design.” The capstone to it all came in 1947, when Frances Gerety?a female copywriter, who, as it happened, never married?wrote the line “A Diamond Is Forever.” The company blazoned it over the image of happy young newlyweds on their honeymoon. The sale of diamond engagement rings continued to rise in the 1950s, and the marriage between romance and commerce that would characterize the American wedding for the next half-century was cemented. By 1965, 80 percent of American women had diamond engagement rings. The ring had become a requisite element of betrothal?as well as a very visible demonstration of status. Along the way, the diamond industry’s guidelines for the “customary” cost of a ring doubled from one month’s salary to two months’ salary.

        But behind every Madison Avenue victory lurks a deeper social reality. And as it happens there was another factor in the surge of engagement ring sales?one that makes the ring’s role as collateral in the premarital economy more evident. Until the 1930s, a woman jilted by her fiance could sue for financial compensation for “damage” to her reputation under what was known as the “Breach of Promise to Marry” action. As courts began to abolish such actions, diamond ring sales rose in response to a need for a symbol of financial commitment from the groom, argues the legal scholar Margaret Brinig?noting, crucially, that ring sales began to rise a few years before the De Beers campaign. To be marriageable at the time you needed to be a virgin, but, Brinig points out, a large percentage of women lost their virginity while engaged. So some structure of commitment was necessary to assure betrothed women that men weren’t just trying to get them into bed. The “Breach of Promise” action had helped prevent what society feared would be rampant seduce-and-abandon scenarios; in its lieu, the pricey engagement ring would do the same. (Implicitly, it would seem, a woman’s virginity was worth the price of a ring, and varied according to the status of her groom-to-be.)

        Say, is this a random threadjack or is he claiming they were engaged?

        And why will no one answer my question from 6:37 am? I slave all morning over a hot keyboard…

        1. Better idea for the committment guarantee thing: man gives woman $5000, which returns to him upon marriage, and reverts to her if they break up. Or you could do $X a month.

          Since many see engagement as a way to determine how well the marriage might work, there could possibly be two levels of engagement, with what I described above applying to the second.

    1. You don’t have to convince the couple, just one of them.

    2. And while we are at it, lets get rid of fashion, makeup and hair salons, we will basically all look alike, and thus have no problems. Heck, if we all decide to wear Mao unisex style clothing, image how much better things will be !

      1. Engagement rings.

        Fashion, makeup, and hairstyling.

        One of these has existed for thousands of years and really isn’t that expensive unless you are hideous.

    3. >Let’s get rid of engagement rings


      Dude, if you’re too cheap to buy a ring for any woman who’d put up with you, you deserve to spend the rest of your life alone.


      1. Speaking as a cheap, single loser… ouch.

      2. “Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a lump of carbon, mined by wage slaves in Angola.”

        1. Seriously! John C. Randolph, you might have to pay thousands of dollars to buy off your whore wife but not everyone has that kind of relationship.

          1. You know, I’m really sorry you were traumatized when you walked in on your mom and the paperboy, but you’re just embarrassing yourself here.


    4. I want to get one of those synthetic grown diamonds that glow in ultraviolet light.

      They are more perfect then “real” diamonds, they cost less and they glow!!!!

      Also in a few years with today’s inflation the diamond will not be the expensive part of a gold diamond ring.

      1. synthetic grown diamonds that glow in ultraviolet light

        Where would you wear it?

        1. In my bedroom….it’ll look cool next to my collection of blacklight posters!

          Rock on Wayne! Rock on Garth!

  18. Ron Paul’s Book Summed Up

    Once again, Rep. Ron Paul (Tex.) has launched a bid for the Republican presidential nomination. Modifiers such as “quixotic” and “long-shot” will inevitably preface discussions of his candidacy, perhaps with good reason, but words such as “vague” or “ambiguous” should not be part of that conversation.

    Paul has little problem explaining his often-controversial views, from junking the Federal Reserve to legalizing drugs. And now, with “Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom,” Paul details his thoughts on virtually every hot-button debate.…..story.html

  19. Rejection May Hurt More Than Feelings

    NOBODY would deny that being ostracized on the playground, mocked in a sales meeting or broken up with over Twitter feels bad. But the sting of social rejection may be more like the ouch! of physical pain than previously understood.

    New research suggests that the same areas in the brain that signify physical pain are activated at moments of intense social loss.…..nt_2288552

    1. I like to repeatedly friend, then unfriend, people. Over and over again, until they beg me to stop. Then I do it some more!! Hahaha!!

  20. OK this dude deserves a serious beating now.

  21. nyt comments are hilarious. Every decent hotel has cameras recording the hallways, etc. Can’t wait for the video of the maid running away frantic and then DSK high tailing it out of there.

    No bail for this douchebag.. he’s already shown he is a flight risk, and not just with the worlds money

    1. I wonder how the reactions would have been if the only difference in the story was the name of DSK was replaced with a Koch ?

    2. he’ll get bail but they will hold his passport

      1. He doesn’t need a passport to hop on a private jet to France.


        1. you clear customs/immigration even on a private jet

          1. a small plane to Mexico is his only bet but a reputable carrier wouldn’t to it because of fines, loss of license, and jail time.

            1. He is French and in New York.

              He will take a car to Quebec then fly out from there.

              What is this Mexico crap you are talking about?

              1. Canada has extradition. Mexico kinda sorta

              2. You haven’t crossed into Canada recently, have you Josh? You need to show proof of nationality these days.

                1. not to mention the electronic fingerprint scan

          2. Actually, you don’t clear, in the sense of a physical inspection, customs/immigration in order to depart the US on a private jet. However, your passport info has to be transmitted electronically to the gov’t as part of a passenger manifest at least 60 minutes prior to departure. Google eAPIS for more info.

            1. I have been wanded going onto a private service jet leaving NYC.

              It is the same deal when you cross on a boat into Canada. There is a responsibility to call and clear customs.

              They monitor for failure and go after your ass.

    3. That’s probably going to be kept secret until the trial to avoid contaminating the jury pool.

  22. IMF must stand for International Maid Fuckers

    1. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Post stole that, albeit with lots of dashes.

  23. Internationalism is terrible. I say we expel the United Nations – if they refuse to leave, deport them violently. These cock-sucking globalists and socialists deserve nothing less. RAGEC RAFAE RAGE RAGE

    1. Globalism isn’t inherently bad. A global free market with international transfer of capital isn’t bad. The problem is that the UN is more statist than not. If there were a minarchist UN, that only existed to promote free trade and free movement of labor, then that would be OK.

  24. Newt Gingrich…he has argued, for example, that people over a certain income level should either be forced to buy insurance or post a bond.

    Ed Haislmaier, a health care policy expert at the Heritage Foundation (the conservative think tank that first championed the mandate), said…that there is a distinction between taxing individuals for not buying insurance and requiring them to post a bond, as Gingrich proposed. While the former is a penalty for not getting coverage, “what [the latter] is saying is you have to pay your bills if you get care,” he said.

    A bond, as Haislmaier noted, is exactly what Romney initially proposed while he was governor of Massachusetts.

    OK, but requiring people to post a bond (rather than pay a tax) if they don’t purchase health insurance is regulating inactivity, too, isn’t it?

    1. yawn. Statist fuck is statist.

    2. OK, but requiring people to post a bond (rather than pay a tax) if they don’t purchase health insurance is regulating inactivity, too, isn’t it?

      Yes. It’s none of the government’s goddamn business whether or not you buy health insurance or have the finances to pay out of pocket.

      Fucking Gingrich proves he is a statist … again.

    3. Sup.

    4. OK, but requiring people to post a bond (rather than pay a tax) if they don’t purchase health insurance is regulating inactivity, too, isn’t it?

      On the state level, it is within their plenary power.

  25. The power to regulate, as Chief Justice John Marshall said in Gibbons v. Ogden, is “to prescribe the rule by which commerce is to be governed.” That is to say, under the original meaning of the Constitution, “regulate” simply means “prescribe a rule for.” (Samuel Johnson’s definition of “regulate,” contemporaneous with the founding, is “to make regular or to adjust by a rule or a method.”)

    Thus, when it “regulates,” Congress can prescribe rules that require people to do things as well as rules that require people not to do things.

    We can see the same point by looking at Article IV, section 3, which gives Congress the power to “make all needful rules and regulations” in U.S. territories. Because Congress is the only government in the U.S. territories, its “regulations,” like those of the states, must be able to compel people to do things as well as forbid them from acting. (If you respond that only “rules” can reach inactivity, remember that “regulate” means “prescribe a rule for.”)…..-sure.html

    1. Prominent international socialist charged with rape and arrested during attempt to flee for Paris…MNG posts links about diamonds, Newt Gingrich, and the commerce clause.

      Yeah, that’s about what I’d expect.

      1. you forgot the posh suite that costs more a night than what I make in a year! and I’m a monocle-and-tophat libertarian!

    2. Because Congress is the only government in the U.S. territories, its “regulations,” like those of the states, must be able to compel people to do things as well as forbid them from acting.

      Forcing people to have health insurance is not an enumerated power given to Congress in the Constitution. So Congressmembers can’t compel or forbid or do anything about this topic without violating their oath of office.

  26. One of the accounts I read somewhere indicated he not only left him cell phone but a lot of his other stuff. As in, he realized he was in trouble and was attempting to flee the country. Not going to help his defense.

  27. Apparently that housekeeper didn’t understand who he was, nor the nuances of French culture, especially among the elite.

    All hail the international bureaucracy!

    1. Your daughter very good, very good daughter. I want to, I want to rape your daughter.

  28. No,diplomatic immunity in this case.

    As I said before, you don’t wake up and decide rape is part of your NYC tourist experience. I expect we will hear of other cases

  29. $3,000/night for a hotel room.

    Socialism for thee but not for me.

    When is he gonna be charged for the raping the taxpayer?

    1. The taxpayer was dressed provocatively and wearing too much makeup.

      1. It’s also likely that the taxpayer was asking for it.

    2. The taxpayer should know better than to go upstairs at an intergovernmental organization.

    3. US taxpayers are relatively minor victims of the IMF compared to people in poor countries whose leaders take out loans in their name.

      1. Yeah cuz that shit isn’t going on right now in the US!

  30. If it turns out to be a frame up, he is still screwed.

  31. Christiane Amanpour is… CONCERNED about the debt ceiling.

    She’s concerned about everything. She makes me weary.

    1. I’m troubled by your lack of concern.

    2. I don’t understand how a woman that homely and that boring ever got into TV news. Just what does she bring to the table? Jesus is a funny accent really that valuable?

      1. She’s also dumb and blatantly opinionated … even for a TV journalist.

  32. Hey, Tim, take care of this, will you?…..tml?hpt=C2

    1. “Falling home prices mean more hardships for owners good deals for buyers”

      Fixed it for you.

      “Falling home prices [would] mean more good deals for buyers [in the absence of economically ruinous efforts prop up real estate prices through dangerously high mortgage guarantees, zoning, tax policy, and finally just giving taxpayer money to bad borrowers and insolvent lenders]”

      Fixed it for myself.

      1. It’s FIFYs all the way down.

    2. No, it’s supposed to be “TAKE CARE OF THIS!”

    3. Jesus, what an entitled bitch. Here’s what she should do. She should DEFAULT. Find a new job, and move into an apartment. In the meantime, she can go live with a friend. I know a single mother who couldn’t find a job with her JD and pulled double shifts adminning at a research institute and at qualcomm to make ends meet, and still found time to visit our common friend suffering from cancer in the hospital.

    4. 12 years? And in an area of the country whose home values have held up decently? And with a modification that doesn’t expire for another several months? That means only one thing: she constantly took equity out of the house.

      Just to do the math:

      Case-Shiller Q1 1992: 92.08
      Case-Shiller current: 135.48
      Principal left after fixed amortization at 6% for 12 years: 79%
      Down payment: 20%

      If she made every payment and kept only the original loan:
      92.08 * (1 – 20%) * 79% = 58.25 principal remaining
      1 – 58.25 / 135.48 = 57% equity

      So if she hadn’t used the house as an ATM, she could just sell it and use that money to rent until she had a steady enough job to afford a house. How is this argument still around? People like that don’t need money so they can afford a house; the house was already affordable and they’ve proven merely that they’re an unworthy credit.

  33. It seems socialist leaders have one thing in common: they all expect “happy endings” in their hotel rooms.

  34. “Get over here, you little wench!”

  35. No “KAAAAAAAAAHN!” yet? I’m surprised.

    1. The needs of the weenie outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one.

    2. You missed it. Up top.

      1. Fucking time stamps, how do they work?

  36. Apparently, in France, non! means “oral”.

    1. Non veut dire oui. Oui signifie anal!

      Ehaw. Haw. Haw.

  37. The taxpayer was dressed provocatively and wearing too much makeup.

    And shaking that moneymaker like there’s no tomorrow. Who’s REALLY the victim, here?

  38. Paris is for lovers rapists.

    1. If a Christian Jew Muslim republican democrat libertarian socialist does not act like a Christian Jew Muslim republican democrat libertarian socialist is it the belief, or the man?

      1. in this person’s case, I would say mean spendthrift socialist; even if the present incident is a frame-up.

        1. socialism is still mean.

  39. I wrote but never published a story on the Porsche-chauffered socialist angle…..allegedly/

  40. He’s guilty, then? We can dispense with that pesky and time-consuming evidence, trial, deliberation, verdict, and get right to the sentencing?

    1. What does the comment section on a web site have to do with legal presumptions or processes, dimwit?

      1. Both venues display how objectively/scientifically/fairly commenters thought-processes operate? How freely of prejudice? To what extent expressed beliefs rely on supporting evidence?

  41. The wife doesn’t believe it happened…ya

    1. She’s a product of the American educational system, what do you expect?

    2. Neither did Hillary. Or at least that’s what she said in public.

  42. Regardless of the rape allegation, the extravagant lifestyle of this prick needs to be publicized far and wide. It’s the same as Kofi Annan’s relatives living high on the hog while purporting to “help” the poor of the world.

    These people live hand in hand with the despots of the world, all the while decrying capitalism and the ills it causes. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds and is only surpassed by their sense of entitlement.

    Fuck him with a ball peen hammer if the incident didn’t happen. Fuck him with a monkey wrench if it did. He’s a piece of shit either way.

    1. It’s funny, just last week he was complaining in the media about how Sarkozy was running a “smear campaign” about his luxurious lifestyle.

    2. Fuck him with a ball peen hammer…Fuck him with a monkey wrench

      You’re an angel of magnanimity.

      1. All this emphasis on how DSK’s anus will be penetrated makes you wonder what kind of childhood experiences make one into a libertarian, doesn’t it?

        1. Yes, I noticed that too, and he is to be raped in prison. Not by a butcher, baker or candlestick make but sodomized by some big black guy

          Anecdotally, all the big men I have ever known, were quiet and gentle people regardless of race. I always thought they were careful not to intimidate others because of their stature.

          1. I suspect that might not be the case in prison.

        2. what kind of childhood experiences make one into a libertarian

          The anal-probing references are telling, to be sure.

          1. some of us were probed in other orifices.

      2. You’re right. He’s such a righteous man, doing God’s work for the poor masses of the underdeveloped world. And obviously I was being metaphorical. I would in no way condone retributional sodomy on this fucking asshole.

        [rolls eyes]

        1. fucking asshole

          Again with the anal probing!
          Joey, do you like movies about Mozart?

    3. I doubt this is going to go over very well among the general populace in France (as opposed to the pseudo-intellectual nitwits in the French elite). I just read that recent polls have regularly showed over 70% of Frenchmen supporting extraditing Roman Polanski to the US.

  43. Strauss-Kahn normally carries “several” cell phones, according to this source, so leaving one behind in the room is not quite as incriminating as it may sound.

    Why in the world would anyone other than a terrorist trying to escape detection carry more than one cell phone?

    1. Tulpa, it occurred to me a man in his position would not answer his phone personally but be handled by an assistant.

      It would be unusual if that were not the case.

      1. He might have wanted something else to be handled by an assistant.

        1. My thought exactly. I hope the press does its due diligence.

    2. He has one with a French number and one with a US number, in order to save the taxpayer expensive roaming charges.

    3. One for business, one for personal, and one for his International Maid Fucking duties.


    “This tragedy is a reminder to all of us that whether they are facing down a criminal suspect with a weapon, or patrolling the highways and deserts, these law enforcement professionals encounter life-threatening dangers every day,” Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne said.

    Or maybe they were just too fucking dumb to not park on the railroad tracks.

    1. Trains are almost as big of a menace to cops as labrador retrievers or yorkshire terriers Brooks. Don’t you know that.

    2. Here is the place where it happened. I suspect they backed up on that little street that goes over the tracks without realizing the crossing was there (unlikely to have the flashy light things in rural AZ).

  45. It’s a shame the state has to get involved. In a more perfect world, the accused rapist’s private cops could duke it out with the alleged victim’s.

    1. …..paradise, the protected elites would be free to rape the proles without consequence.

  46. “Caroline Atkinson, an IMF spokeswoman, issued a statement this morning that said the agency would have no comment on the New York case. She referred all inquiries to Strauss-Kahn’s personal lawyer and said the “IMF remains fully functioning and operational.”

    The IMF will somehow manage to soldier on without him.

  47. What’s the betting that Strauss-Kahn got “Assanged”?

    Who would want to remove a potentially global socialist figure from likely prominence in a pivotal up-coming election?

    Does the “maid” have any history as a CIA ass(et)?

    Alan MacDonald
    Sanford, Maine
    Liberty & democracy over violent empire —

    1. Yeah because the current administration is so hostile to socialists. And the CIA is capable of not fucking up a job like that. If this had been a CIA operations, some guy named Dominic Straveti who is president of the international feed and seed in Boise would have been framed.

    2. global socialist figure

      Does the “maid” have any history as a CIA ass(et)?

      ummm if anything the CIA would be helping a global socialist figure not framing one.

    3. You really need to brush up on the history of the CIA, AW. The CIA spent serious tax payer buck in the forties through the sixties propagandizing against the non interventionist right. They were viewed as a threat, as they also view the emerging movement in that direction today. People like Strauss-Kahn are their natural allies.

      Given Strauss-Kahn’s mid field internationalist technocratic views and advocacy, there are pretty good odds Strauss-Kahn was on their payroll during his formative years. He is the kind of guy they go out of their way to sponsor.

      At some point he began to think of himself as being untouchable. Look at his complaints about the reporting of his previous behavior for all the evidence you need even if you do give him reasonable doubt here. You don’t think of yourself that way if you have spent years in the paranoid inducing world of politics unless someone or some agency with means has always had your back.

      1. ‘paranoia’, fucking auto-correct. I should never use it though it saves time.

      2. Wasn’t there an allegation that Strauss-Kahn was also pulling babies off incubators in his hotel room, and that he had just taken his bath with Yellow Cake that he “secretly” bought from Africa?

        And besides, Strauss-Kahn, had been assured that this would be a “slam dunk” and that he would be greeted by the maid with “hugs and flowers” if he attacked her!

        Alan MacDonald
        Sanford, Maine
        Liberty & democracy over violent empire —

        1. Ouch. That was a bouquet full of wilting fail. Leave sarcasm to the professionals.

        2. You convinced me.

          Now shut up.

        3. I’m not sure what’s stupider, your comments by themselves or their implication that you think folks here are pro-Iraq War.

    4. DSK has a history. A journalist, whose mother is a socialist party bigwig, claimed on tv YEARS ago that a high-ranking politician tried to rape her. She never said who, today she claims it was DSK. Apparently, her mother convinced her at the time of the attempted rape to hush it up. A minor sacrifice for socialism, I guess (I joke of course, these silver-fed Neully socialists are only interested in power).

  48. If the house keeper ran out and told someone right after the incident what happened, this guy is pretty much fucked. The problem with these cases is that it comes down to his word against his. But where you have a victim that tells of the crime right after it happens, it gets very tough for the defendent.

    Which is the more likely story, that some housekeeper decided to have sex with this guy and then put herself in legal problems by making up a false story to the police or that this guy is guilty? The chances are it is the latter. I know women do lie. Let’s not forget the Duke rape case. But unless there is some evidence that comes out that the victim is insane and liable to do such a thing, I would say frenchie boy could be looking at some serious time in the bar hotel.

    1. They have DNA evidence that sex took place, and a rape kit/exam would indicate non-consensual.

      1. If that is true, he is done. This is a ten or fifteen year offense. And it being a violent crime, it would get him sent to a medium security big boy prison, not some work camp.

      2. How do you know this, rather? None of the news stories I’ve seen mention this.

          1. unnamed source but she was immediately medically checked, so it is likely she had his DNA in her nails still. Rape produces contusions and tearing-it is very evident

            1. So does rough consensual sex. Not that I would know.

              1. true but less damaging than rape

                1. It will be interesting if he has visible scratch marks on his face. He’d have a lot of nerve to claim rough sex then

                2. It will be interesting if he has visible scratch marks on his face. He’d have a lot of nerve to claim rough sex then

                3. It will be telling if he has visible scratch marks on his face.

                  He’d have a lot of nerve to claim rough sex then

                4. Not necessarily; a rape victim may cease struggling after a certain point when they perceive that further resistance is futile, in which case there may not be much unusual damage to the penetrated regions.

            2. but that does not fit the narrative.

              He jumped her…threw her on the bed…told her to suck it then she ran out.

              I have not read anything about actual penetration that would create “contusions and tearing”.

              I guess if his dripping dick rubbed against her then they might be able to get some DNA.

              1. I guess i misread this sentence.

                “and forced her to perform oral sex on him, said the sources.”

                Still would forced oral sex create “contusions and tearing?”

                Also how long can forced oral sex go on? Couldn’t she simply bite down?

                Of course that may have happened…in which case he would have the “contusions and tearing”….which would be awesome.

                1. For a libertarian, not very long. You guys would probably have blown your wad 5 seconds after getting out of the shower and seeing her. You need stamina to be a good rapist, lol.

                2. Still would forced oral sex create “contusions and tearing?”

                  If he really jammed it down her throat, that’s possible. Unlike a pussy, a mouth is pre-lubricated, so harder to cause damage.

              2. According to the source I saw, she tried to get away after the oral escapade and then he dragged her into the bathroom and committed some unspecified sexual assault upon her, before trying to lock her in the bathroom after he was done.

                1. she is likely a woman of a lower economic class and it may be a case of cultural sensitivity to not release all the details.

                  He may settle for a conviction of forced detainment and she would avoid any perceived shame of a rape trial-common as shit

                  1. she is likely a woman of a lower economic class

                    She works at a $3000 a day hotel.

                    Probably not rich…but saying she is a lower economic class is a bit of a stretch.

                    With Tips and working in New York I would guess she makes above 45k a year.

                    1. looks like they are paid hourly

                    2. I’d wager that most rooms at that hotel are not $3000 a night.

      3. Why am I seeing Steve Smith comments on some of the incifed comments?


  49. MNG buy her a really nice setting with a zircon. Then put it in the prenup that you will replace it with a suitable diamond at your 10th or 20th. You could even have specific incentives such as getting a clearer stone if you have children.

    1. I don’t see the problem with buying diamonds. Good ones hold their value pretty well, and they make my wife happy. Until I sell them to fund our retirement, but she doesn’t know about that part yet.

      1. The problem is that when you are getting married is not the time to buy them, because you have no savings.

        1. Diamonds are a lousy investment. Sooner or later the huge stockpile in DeBeers inventory is gonna be taken into account, and the price will plummet — or cheap man-made diamonds indistinguishable from the natural ones — or …

          It’s a tiny lump of compressed carbon. The only reason to get one is prestige, portability of assets in a shaky regime, or to get you access to pussy. But, as an investment, meh. Unlike gold, it is possible to transmute a base element — carbon — into diamonds. And, sooner or later, someone will.

  50. Considering his love of the Golden Girls and older women, Johnny Longtorso must be having orgasms over that picture. She is quite attractive if you go for the over 60 set. NTTAWWT

    1. GILF is hot on the internet with men of all ages

      1. GILF is an acquired taste. Young pussy doesn’t take any getting used to.

  51. Why is a socialist running the IMF?

    1. The IMF is an organisation funded by taxpayer money, to assist other governments in financial difficulties. It is a highly bureaucratic organisation, with the top leadership determined by a process as transparent the Soviet leadership struggles were. A socialist will fit right in in such an organisation.

    2. Based on the unsourced description of his tenure as Minister of Finance wot I read at les wikis, he seems to be utilitarian. He got a big cut to the VAT and privatized the telecom monopoly. All with an eye toward getting on der euro. Imagine the can of whoopass he’d have opened if the maid had refused a 20-euro tip.

      1. He got a big cut to the VAT and privatized the telecom monopoly.

        Fuck me.

        We live in a world where French Socialists are open trade democrats and American Democrats are closed trade socialists.

      2. stupid lousy Swiss Jew eskimo.

        Now, that is either a bumper sticker or an easy in for a college scholarship

        1. some people need a good slap, and I’m very libertarian about it

        2. Yeah but it’s fucking murder around the holiday season.

  52. What’s the betting that Strauss-Kahn got “Assanged”?

    They’re doing God’s work at the IMF!

    1. Assanged? That’s our job!



  54. I don’t get the Polanski comparison. Is the maid 13 years old? Did he drug her first?

    1. I think it’s in the vein of rich asshole rapes someone, flees to France to avoid justice, then all the leftists act appalled that anyone would want to deport such a fine fellow.

    2. I don’t get the Polanski comparison

      Well, when you stick your dick in someone when she is struggling and yelling no, it is a Polanski

      1. While that’s a necessary condition for a Polanski, you only get a full Polanski when the smart set agrees that we should just be grownups about the matter and let it slide, so we don’t look like bluenosed rubes. I’ll let the audience decide whether the anonymous comment about DSK’s “romantic” nature above meets that requirement.

        1. Silly, rape is only “romantic” when you buy the wife a diamond

  55. Damn. Why couldn’t they have waited 10 minutes for the plane to take off? I need another hated foreigner to kill!

    1. Damn! They knocked my Osama kill out of the news cycle. This job is not as easy as it looks.

  56. This is a setup. I’m pretty sure this was the plot to an episode of Hart to Hart.

    1. did he drown her too?

      1. That would have been funny if you had spelled ‘Natalie’ correctly.

        1. Try typing while you’re fucking drowning!

          1. Don’t be such a pussy; I’m writing my autobiography

  57. Ron Paul “says these are the kind of people running the IMF…”

    1. The kind of people who are socialists that stay at $3000 a night hotels at tax payer expense?

      1. When you’re bearing the weight of distributing the wealth of the world evenly on your shoulders, with constant resistance from the upper classes in rich counrties, you deserve a little comfort. Not having to deal with all the crap that DSK and other UN leaders have to deal with is a much greater luxury than flying first class once in a while.

        1. Come on Hobbie! He is a gauche caviar socialist

        2. How can wealth be distributed evenly on shoulders?

          1. And if it could, how would the culture feel about it?

          2. How can wealth be distributed evenly on shoulders?

            It hurts

    2. Rand Paul, the idiot son, compared the whole affair to cotton picking.

  58. Who the fuck let this become an MNG Sunday Links thread?

    1. Reason’s open comment policy has many advantages

      MNG is one of the disadvantages.

      Such is life.

      1. non-libertarian opinion makes for interesting discussion.

        Otherwise, why would you just not keep your own blog, and read it ad infinitum?

        1. But that’s what you do, rectal. Wait, show us your “referrer views”! That never gets old!

          1. Regional Statistics (Limited to Areas of 40km ? 40km)
            Country: United States
            Region: Washington
            Visits: 50
            No. Last Registered Location in Area Date % & Number of Visits in Area
            1 Seattle May 11, 2011 38.00% 19
            2 Bothell May 13, 2011 16.00% 8
            3 East Wenatchee May 4, 2011 12.00% 6
            4 Olympia May 13, 2011 4.00% 2
            5 Bellingham Apr 27, 2011 4.00% 2
            6 Mount Vernon May 9, 2011 4.00% 2
            7 Renton Apr 20, 2011 4.00% 2
            8 Pullman Apr 21, 2011 4.00% 2
            9 Raymond Apr 30, 2011 2.00% 1
            10 Oak Harbor May 2, 2011 2.00% 1
            11 Bainbridge Island May 12, 2011 2.00% 1
            12 Spanaway Apr 24, 2011 2.00% 1
            13 Redmond May 12, 2011 2.00% 1
            14 Snoqualmie May 7, 2011 2.00% 1
            15 Moses Lake Apr 25, 2011 2.00% 1

            1. 3 East Wenatchee May 4, 2011 12.00% 6


              1. I neither confirm or deny you have been to my blog. epi’s such an asshole, I couldn’t help myself 😉

                1. Seattle is not a small place…and it is a tech center.

                  Lots of people and lots of Bots.

                  That is not proof of Epi.

                  All the East Wenatchee visits on the other hand are virtually guaranteed to be me.

                  1. I can tell it’s epi because he googles rather, do you love me yet?

                    1. I told you Epi she wants you! The only thing missing is the image of Rather singing to her cat and pretending it’s you.

                    2. lol. epi has a cat, and I don’t.

                      I love dogs 🙂

                2. Any Pittsburgh visits are from cap-L.

                  1. I’d only out epi 🙂

        2. It’s not MNG’s opinions that are the problem.

  59. Who the fuck cares about this fucking story? Apparently, all of you idiots.

    Glad to see the TEAM RED TEAM BLUE bullshit out in force over some fucking socialist, though. Morons.

    1. Thanks for demonstrating your depth of character once again, Epi. You’d probably care if it was an East Podunk sheriff’s deputy, rather than one of the most powerful men in the world.

      1. Depth of character, Commodore? Coming from someone whose character swims in the kid’s pool, that’s a compliment.

        1. My character’s been banned from the kids’ pool ever since the fuckers put urine indicator dye in there.

          1. I thought it was because of all the groping and fondling you did, not the peeing.

            1. Wow, Epi. Not funny.

              1. Au contraire, mon ami. Tres funny.

                1. My days of not respecting your character are definitely coming to a middle.

              2. Because it’s easy?

    2. You forgot the part about every needing to get off your lawn.

      1. Every what, John? Every partisan? Hell yes.

        1. Everyone. And No I am not getting off your lawn.

          1. I don’t have a lawn, John. I live in Belltown. If I had a lawn, it would be covered in hobos and dipshits out clubbing. Which is why I have gated entrances and lots of guns.

            1. I live in Belltown.


              1. Of course.

                1. I had a dream last night, i think was partially evoked from the thunder storms, that Seattle got nuked and i was hearing the blast as it rolled over the cascades.

                  Now that I know you live there I guess I can’t call it a happy dream any longer.

            2. You live in an armed camp in the middle of Seattle. No wonder you have gone nuts lately.

              1. You know nothing about Seattle, dumbass. You don’t even know enough to understand Belltown jokes. But you keep up with your pissy KULTUR WAR crap, big guy. It’ll still be stupid forever.

                1. You really have lost your mind lately.

                  “If I had a lawn, it would be covered in hobos and dipshits out clubbing. Which is why I have gated entrances and lots of guns.”

                  That sounds like an armed camp in the middle of Seattle to me. And for the record I have spend several weeks in Seattle. And I like the place. You just assume I was making some kind of culture war comment because your nuts and assume everyone else thinks like you do. WTF is wrong with you lately? Seriously.

                  1. Explain my Belltown joke to me, John, if you know so much about Seattle. Please, your flailing is endlessly amusing.

                    1. When I have I ever said I know anything about Seattle? I just said I had been there and liked it and wasnt’ making some culture war comment. What does that have to do with getting your belltown joke if there is such a thing? You have really lost your mind.

                    2. Oh John, you really are cranky today. Flail away!

                    3. Yeah epi just make some strange comment that has nothing to do with the discusssion. Should you be taking meds? If not, have you thought about them?

                    4. When I have I ever said I know anything about Seattle?

                      Belltown is all multi-floor apartments.

                      and the one park I know of there is covered over in concrete.

                      ie no lawns.

                2. There are Belltown jokes?

                  I can only think of Ballard jokes…and maybe one about Fremont.

                  1. I actually have to go to Ballard and Fremont today. And that’s no joke.

                  2. There are Belltown jokes?

                    Yeah, they live behind gated entrances and lots of guns.

        2. You know if you substiute “christfag” for “partisan”, you and shrike’s posts are nearly identical. God you have gotten tiresome.

          1. It’s utterly ironic that a partisan such as you says that to me, John. Thanks for the amusement.

            1. Can you just once make a point without accusing someone of being a “partisan” whatever the fuck that means? Do you have any other move? Anything?

              1. You’re so cranky, John. Don’t you have church or some other idiotic activity to be at?

                1. I don’t go to church dumb ass.

                  1. HELP ME JEEBUS

                    1. Whatever Shrike. At the rate you are going in about a month we won’t be ablet tell you and Shrike apart.

                    2. Shrike uses more exclamation points.

                    3. Oh John, you really do have a large amount of sand in your vagina today, don’t you. You might want to douche.

                    4. You act just like him dude only instead of screaming Bushpig and Christfag, you scream partisan and kulture war. No one here, sans Hobie Hanson, who no one pays attention to and always says stupid shit, was saying anything partisan. We were just talking about how crazy it is the head of the IMF raped a house maid. And you come in and start screaming red team and blue team. What the hell is wrong with you? You didn’t used to be like this.

                    5. You’ll have to excuse me, John, as I was also looking at some other sites such as Jezebel (yes, I am an idiot) where they are full TEAM BLUE “he was framed” and there are some TEAM RED TEAM BLUE comments in this very long thread.

                      It’s telling, though, that when I call out partisans, you go instantly on the defensive.

                    6. Okay fair enough. But the fact that he may have raped this woman says nothing about his politics. It is not like if he were a great guy socialism would somehow be any less stupid. If he did this, it just means he is a fucking nut. It is interesting that someone like that got to such a high position. People do not just become depraved. He didn’t at age 60 or whatever just one day decide “I have always dreamed of raping a house maid and today is the day!” If he did this, he has done horrible shit before and gotten away with it.

                    7. You mean when you FALSELY call out partisans, we go on the defensive.

                      I guess this is the closest thing to an apology that we’re going to get, but it’s amazing that you still have to point out how you’re better than us.

                    8. Is it wrong of me to like John, Rather, Tulpa and Epi?

                    9. Nah. I like them all, too.

                    10. Can’t you imbeciles just admit that you’re in love?

    3. Glad to see the TEAM RED TEAM BLUE bullshit out in force over some fucking socialist, though. Morons.

      it is Sunday and this is a Sunday post.

      During the weekend i miss you guys so i post drivel on top of drivel to fill the void of god’s special day.

      If you want we can start talking about Game of Thrones?

      Did anyone else catch that Joke by the fat guy about “not knowing where to put it”

      I feel that in the book (which i have never read) the joke probably was more obviouse.

      1. Look, I have newly bought guns to go shoot, so I don’t have a lot of time for frog socialists. I have a problem, and that’s that I can’t go to the gun show without buying something. It’s a terrible problem that I struggle with.

      2. Oh yeah I se john is here.

        Ok john we are 4 episodes in the Game of Thrones…where the fuck are the corpses you promised me?!?!?!

  60. epi doesn’t give a shit about anyone. He tortures kittens too

    1. And shoots dogs, which is why he complains about cops doing it. The self-hate is strong in this one.

  61. Although not a friend of Strauss-Kahn, the French law enforcement source knows his background and private life well, and suggests that while Strauss-Kahn may “have an issue with his penis, he never forces anybody. He is much more romantic than that.

    Anyone else get the feeling that “the French law enforcement source” has helped cover up rapes for this guy in the past?

    1. likely covering up a lot of rape cases

      1. Zere are no rape cases in France! Only misunderstandings where ze women don’t realize zey were begging for it! Zey only protest to get attention!

    2. Based on the vibrations from the European set, the line between rape and “sexual escapades” is a blurry one.

  62. I wonder if the dude was just trying to reenact one of the opening scenes of Alphaville.

  63. This is news? The IMF has been raping billions of people, routinely, for a very long time. That is not news. It is just history.

    The only surprise in this is that he was actually arrested. The ‘arrest’ is newsworthy, but only because of the lack of ‘arrest’ in each of the billions of previous cases.

    1. …thy name is Steve.


    1. Eh i guess.

      If speaker John Boner was the one caught we would be all over that as well.


      1. Jesus if Ron Paul was the one caught, we would be all over that. It is moderately interesting when some big wig gets caught acting depraved. It takes a special kind of retard to think finding that interesting automatically has some partisan meaning.

        1. Precisely. I’ve yet to see anyone from team blue come to this guy’s defense.

          1. Or anyone on here claim this has any meaning beyond, holy shit a mad rapist was running the IMF.

          2. I’ve yet to see anyone from team blue come to this guy’s defense.

            Rather is kind of blueish. I see no defense coming from that direction. In fact Rather seems rather foaming at the mouth to have this guy shot and drug out into the street.

            1. If he is guilty, I am with Rather. This is some pretty sick shit. As I said above, people don’t just become depraved. I wonder what other horrible things he has done that we don’t know about.

            2. In fact Rather seems rather foaming at the mouth to have this guy shot and drug out into the street.

              I’d five him a trial first before I’d drag him onto the street 😉

              Off topic,
              the case of the eye-for-the- eye sharia punishment is fascinating

        2. If Ron Paul were caught, you would all be saying he just sold his semen to someone and had nothing to do with it.

          1. The fact that you’re an empty headed douchebag notwithstanding I can’t imagine him being so stupid as to put himself in that position.

        3. Or since that seems so extremely unlikely, the closest we have is Sanford’s weird affair, where I still haven’t seen anyone who kinda-sorta liked him defend him.

          What makes this worst is the folks on places like Jezebel who will cast doubt on the accuser and then turn around and accuse those who do the same of “revictimizing the victim.” All because they saw the guy in Inside Job and liked that he said mean things about bankers.

          This is by no means universal, but it does show who’s on the left by moral principles and who’s there for team identity.

  65. Parents who name their boy “Dominique” are just asking for him to have sexual issues.

    1. Chris is a girl’s name.

        1. You start on that girl’s name thing and I’m a gonna show you good ‘n all I got man-parts.

    2. What do you have against Dominique?

      1. The French had a history of ‘naming laws’

        There is a restriction on *first* names in the French law. A first
        name, given to a child by its parents, cannot be offensive or cause
        prejudice to the child (or other people) in any way. You can think of
        all the problems of interpretation that this may cause, especially in
        the view of the fact that the decision is made by some city hall
        officer… If you stick to the catholic saints (the calendar), no
        problem. Otherwise, everything can happen. I am joking. Nowadays,
        these officers are instructed to accept all the other
        religious/ethnic/traditional first names. A number of cases go to court

        1. BTW, Dominique is gender neutral

  66. Wow, I read an entire discussion on rape and not one appearance of STEVE SMITH?

    Reason regulars: I am disappoint

    1. Dominique Strauss-Kahn|5.15.11 @ 1:32PM|#

      reply to this
      STEVE SMITH|5.15.11 @ 1:42PM|#


      1. I guess I have somehow become to desensitized to STEVE SMITH. My fault; I will try to do better.

  67. False Rape charges by trespassing maid against IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn?

    Dominique Strauss-Kahn, IMF Managing Director and French presidential candidate accused of rape. As the feminist dominated press is scared to even think that the rape accusations are false, Human-Stupidity has to speak up. The story is very strange, and dominated by clear mistakes committed by accuser. A five star hotel maid trespasses into a naked client’s room? Unforgivable. 5 Star hotel security lets a rapist check out? The maid is not trained to instantly report crimes to security staff?

    A guy that is on all covers of news magazines, can get thousands of women because of his fame and can afford any prostitute in France, in case he is in sexual despair. And he went nuts exactly when the maid trepassed into his room?

    1. What a coincidence: she makes a serious professional mistake. A hitherto well behaved, civilized man, suddenly goes crazy? Just because he was naked he wanted to take advantage of her and rape her?

      A man on the covers of all magazines, admired by millions of women, who could get women at a snap of his fingers. A man from a country with legalized prostitution who could afford 2 luxury prostitutes per day, in case he is a sex addict. And this guy, exactly the moment the woman walks in, illegally, incorrectly, grabs her and rapes her?

      I think someone doesn’t get rape is about power and not sex. He would not get off fucking a hooker, or a willing partner. The power fix is the reason old women and young children are raped too

      1. You’re an idiot. Of course rape is about sex, as it requires the man to be sexually aroused. Fucking moron.

    2. It is probably hard for you to fathom this, but when a women gets assaulted, raped or has any kind of unwanted sexual advance on them, they will likely not act rationally at the time.

      I bet you are a real hit with the ladies Mr Human Stupidity.

    3. The attack occured around what noon? I’d say Mr. Dominique-Strauss was past his supposed checkout time (he was flying out that day), and the maid showed up to clean the room at the time maids normally show up to clean rooms. In the middle of the damn day, after you’re supposed to have checked out.

  68. Long-suffering Anne Sinclair with husband.

    Dude you know she gets some on the side.

    French wives of powerful men have a long history of finding their own pleasure….plus the French chopped off the heads of their aristocracy before queen Victoria was even born.

    You will never hear the term “close your eyes and think of France”

    1. French wives of powerful men have a long history of finding their own pleasure..

      Yeah, I’ve seen a couple of movies about that. God bless the internet!


  69. He thought it was the hooker that he ordered from the escort service, who was actually stuck in traffic, dressed up like a maid.

  70. I am French, and in my country, it is understood that we can steal the towels and rape the chambermaids of the evil capitalist hotel exploiters! You are all racists and Nazis! Roman Polanski will make a masterpiece of a film to exonerate me! Sacre Bleu!

    1. STFU, you pig with a German or Austrian name! You are not French, and neither was Marshall Petain!

  71. When we were chased out of France by the heroic forces of General Patton, little did you know the destruction we would rain upon you in 66 years, by leaving certain untermenschen alive to grow up and become your ruling class! Revenge for the Versailles Treaty at last!


    The Krauts.

  72. Sickening. Almost as bad as what Mike Vick did.

  73. Just read that they’re keeping him at a police station in Harlem.

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall in that holding cell.

    Who knows, perhaps right now he’s getting exactly what he gave. Or, should I say, giving what he gave.

  74. You have to give points to that guy who built a levee around his house in Louisiana.

  75. Why do people in power, who have every opportunity to woo (or hire) a girl with their money, harass innocent women who want nothing to do with them? Is it because they think the world owes them something? Is it because they just can’t stand the thought of someone saying “NO”?


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  77. Is there any proof whatsoever for the accusations? Just the word of a maid that illegally under violation of work ethics trespassed into his room? It is a serious problem that any accusations leveled by a women are automatically believed and the accused man is guilty until proven innocent. Like in medieval witch hunts. No constitutional rights to presumption of innocence.

    No murderer, mafia boss, arsonist, robber would be imprisoned upon the word of only one witness with zero corroborating proof, if it is unclear if the crime has even happened at all.…..rauss-kahn

    1. How many fucking hotels have you stayed in dipshit?

      Every place I’ve stayed, you’re expected to check out by noon at the latest, so the maid can get in there. And sometimes the maid shows up before you’ve checked out. It happens all the time, even in five star hotels, I’ll warrent.

      1. Would a “fucking hotel” be one that has hourly rates an “magic fingers” vibrating beds?

        I actually stayed in a hotel with a “magic fingers” bed once when I was a kid on a family trip, and my parents needed someplace — any place — to stay for the night. (Normally, family vacations involved camping at state parks.) I was too young to understand the implications of a “magic fingers” bed.

      2. And of course, you can guarantee the maid won’t come in while you’re there by hooking up the security latch on the door. Which I would definitely do if I were in the shower.

  78. Meh, this kind of stuff is Nancy Grace boring.

    It’s interesting to see many of the right-leaners take glee in this guy’s getting busted, I guess because he is a ‘socialist.’ I realize for many here the only socialists they actually know exist under their beds and in their closets at night, but from the few I’ve met and read of I don’t think the IMF is much loved by the socialist left in the world…

    1. the few I’ve met and read of I don’t think the IMF is much loved by the socialist left in the world…

      He is a member of the French Socialist Party.

      You really cannot get less socialist then that.

    2. Yeah, no one here takes glee when a right-wing asshole gets busted. Fuck off, MNG, you smelly cunt.

  79. You people are ridiculous.
    Government does a lot for us!

    -Labour standards
    -Education system
    -Protection of human rights
    -Physical infrastructure
    -Programs to assist the most vulnerable
    -Marketplace regulation aimed at protecting consumers and investors
    -Health insurance available to all
    -Protection of the natural environment
    -Planning for future social needs

    1. Marketplace regulation aimed at protecting consumers and investors

      Yeah, they sure did a bang-up job with Enron and Bernie Madoff, didn’t they? How many SEC morons got canned for their incompetence over those capers?


  80. This story stinks to high hell. Who the hell jumps out of the shower and forces his ween in some complete stranger’s mouth. No clue whether she’ll bite the thing off or not. Who would do that?

      1. Dude you don’t stick your wick in a stranger’s mouth. That’s a rule. There’s a perfectly available orifice nearby that has no teeth. Surely they cover this in rapist 101.

        1. rape is an expression of power, and if you’re told I’ll kill you bitch if you bite, ya don’t

          Rapist practice their craft; victims don’t

          1. Not buying it. Surely they track incidence of oral copulation amongst forcible (as opposed to date) rape cases. I’ll bet you $20 American it ain’t very high.

            1. She did get away…maybe she did bite.

    1. Possibly an extremely rich guy who is used to women throwing themselves at him?

  81. How come nobody has asked what the maid’s outfit looked like????!!!!!

  82. What a weapon must a man have in his hands to force a woman to make an oral sex? Wasn`t he affraid of the bite during the act?

  83. …thy name is Reason.

  84. Love Human-Stupidity’s unselfaware name.

    Maids come into rooms all the time. They knock on the door it see if anyone is in the room. In the Imperial Suite at Sofitel, it would be easy not to hear the knock.

    The idea that a hotel maid has absolutely no business going into a hotel room strikes me as the height of, what’s the term? Oh yeah. Human stupidity.

    1. I like how trespassing somehow makes it ok to rape.

  85. We welcome our new libertarian brothers.

    Torches at the ready…and…march!

  86. Maybe DSK has been reading Atlas.

  87. Oops. Never mind!…..se_cr.html

  88. False report from the start should have never went this far, Ret. NYPD SVU Det. John J. Baeza said in an interview on French radio

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