British Keytarist Arrested for Singing "Kung Fu Fighting"


That's not racial transcendence! Wait….

MSNBC.com has the details:

Police arrested a singer on racism charges after a man reportedly of Chinese descent complained about his performance of the song "Kung Fu Fighting," according to reports.

Simon Ledger, 34, told Britain's The Sun newspaper that he and his band were performing the 1970s classic at the Driftwood Beach Bar on the Isle of Wight off the southern coast of England. […]

But Ledger told The Sun an Asian man walking by with his mother hurled an expletive and made an obscene hand gesture at the performers during the Sunday afternoon performance, then took a photo with his cell phone.

"We hadn't even seen them when we started the song. He must have phoned the police," The Sun quoted him as saying.

The man claimed he was "subjected to racial abuse," police told BBC News, and complained to the police the same evening.

Ledger told The Sun that police called him later that evening — while he was eating at a Chinese restaurant — to arrange a meeting. It was at that meeting that police arrested him, Ledger said.

The BBC report said police released Ledger after his arrest, intending to question him further at a later date.

"An investigation into this allegation is continuing to establish the full circumstances surrounding what happened," a Hampshire Constabulary spokesman told the network.

While I'm glad I don't live in a country where you can be arrested for "racism" while singing a pop hit, this news makes me sad about how England sucks.

Sun piece here, BBC here; Tim Cavanaugh's classic tour through rock 'n' roll Orientialism here. And yes, we remember everything:

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  1. Ah England. The country which produced Orwell and then proceeded to learn nothing from him.

    1. It appears that the British government (no matter what party is in power) is using 1984 as a training manual

    1. Wow, I guess Jackie Chan should stay out of the UK, since he included that racist song during the end credits of Supercop

  2. We should put together a mix tape of songs that will get you arrested by the PC patrol.

    So far we already know about:

    "Money for Nothing" by Dire Straits
    "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas
    "Killing an Arab" by the Cure

    1. How about "Stand up and be Counted" by (can't find who wrote the damned thing)?

    2. Not too many Yanks are familiar with the Pogues/Kirsty McColl duet , "Fairytale of New York, but it's a massively popular Christmas song in the UK and Ireland.

      A couple of years ago, BBC started playing a bowdlerized version of it, until public uproar made them switch back to the original recording. The controversy was over the word "faggot", but even Knighted pole-smoker Sir Elton John condemned the BBC's prudishness.

      PS - R.I.P. Kirsty McColl.

      1. Never heard of her, so I Googled. Died during a dive trip in Conzumel after being hit by a boat, but not before pushing her son out of the way of the boat. That's called taking it like a champion.

        RIP indeed.

      2. Ya cheap, lousy faggot, it's one of the more heavily rotated songs around Xmas from where I sit. I've been hearing it for years, along with "Christmas Wrapping" and "Christmas at K-Mart."

        PS - R.I.P. Kirsty McColl.

        Yeah, I was bummed to hear of her death. last I heard, her mother was still trying to get the Mexican heir that ran her down with his boat, but not getting anywhere. Bizarre death.

      3. For the record, most Yanks who are serious about music are familiar with "Fairytale of New York."

        1. I live in a cultural wasteland (South Texas). Most people down here might have heard of The Pogues, but aren't familiar with their music.

          To this day, any time I've asked anyone if they've heard of Kirsty McColl, they had no idea who I was talking about until I mentioned that she wrote and originally recorded Tracey Ullman's big hit, "They Don't Know About Us".

          I'm lucky to know a few fellow DEVO fans down here, but most people think "Whip It" is the only song they ever recorded. Goddamnit.

          1. You can't be talking about H-Town, my man. If you are: you need to hang out with a different set.

            1. Further south than Houston: Corpus Christi. For Fuck's Sake, you go to a club down here and the band is expected to play "Margaritaville".

              I saw Dick Dale last year and a woman in the crowd asked me if he had played "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon".

              Trust me, it's bad down here.

          2. I'll admit that I don't know Kirsty McColl by name, but I feel like "Fairytale of New York" is sort of like Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" where if somebody namedrops the band you can at least come back with the song title.

            1. "There's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's elvis
              Just like you swore to me that you'd be true
              There's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's elvis
              But he's a liar and i'm not sure about you"

              1. Ahhh, I forgot about that song.

          3. Oh, and also, the way you said it I thought maybe you were in the UK and just didn't realize the extent of its popularity in the U.S., so that was my main reason for making that comment. Of course, I guess being in South Texas might leave you even more clueless about American popular culture.

    3. we are siamese, from Lady and the Tramp

      What Made the Red Man Red?, from Peter Pan

    4. "Turning Japanese" by the Vapors?

      1. Unless you're Kirsten Dunst.

    5. China Girl by David Bowie?

    6. "Takin' Retards to the Zoo" by The Dead Milkmen.

    7. I can't believe nobody mentioned "Rock N Roll Nigger" by Patti Smith yet. And "Ubangi Stomp" by Warren Smith should probably be on the list for safety's sake. Oh, and "One In A Million" by G'n'R, of course.

  3. ...anyone should be arrested for singing that song.

  4. Slightly related - regarding that cop in Atlanta who beat the shit out of the woman in an IHOP because she and her friends were being "too loud," if you really want to fucking puke, read the comments by the cops on this site.

    1. Why don't you post a few here. I don't feel like crawling through a latrine, and you've already soiled yourself anyway.

      1. I subscribe to Police One's newsfeed on Facebook. It's fucking disgusting.

        That said, Police One commenters are libertarians compared to the drooling barbarians on Nancy Grace's facebook page.

        1. Why, oh why, would you do that to yourself?

          1. The trolling opportunities are endless.

            1. OK, I understand that.

      2. O.K., but only because it's you asking...

        I'll pick a few choice ones.

        Looks like a justified use of force. Looks like the officer showed great restraint even after being punched. Common sense was in short supply at the IHOP when that trick punched the officer. She got exactly what she deserved!


        To the officers involved: You did what you were supposed to.


        She had it coming. End of story. If you don't want to be punched by police, don't punch the police.


        I don't care who you are, you put your hands on a cop you should get punched!

        There are several along the lines of "don't touch a cop if you don't want to get dropped."

        And then there's my personal favorite:

        I don't see a problem with the Officers use of force, hopefully his administration will back him up. The only issue I see is that additional empty hand control techniques training may be in order. How does a couple of Beeoooottches hold him off for that long. As for the punch, if your gonna punch someone, knock the ever loving SHIT out of them so the fight doesn't escalate. This bitch should be spitting out teeth for the next 3 days.

        Let's review that last sentence: "This bitch should be spitting out teeth for the next 3 days."

        To protect and serve, motha fucka, to protect and serve. Yup. That's why we all join up - because we really just want to help people and be servants to the public. When we're not beating the living shit out of a drunk woman in an IHOP because she failed to exhibit sufficient deference to my authoritai and I don't like her being mouthy to me. I'll teach that bitch a lesson.

        1. I shouldn't have asked for examples. Disgusting. Thanks anyway, though.

          1. I particularly like the fact that only cops are allowed to comment on that site. I didn't bother clicking the button to see how they screen potential members to make sure you really are a cop.

            1. They show you ten pictures of different people and you have to guess which ones are criminals.

              1. You just check 'Yes' ten times and you're in...

            2. how they screen potential members to make sure you really are a cop[?]

              Good question. But why would anyone pretend to be somebody else on the internet?

              1. Anyone that pretends to be someone else on the Internet should be locked in a tent jail and forced to wear pink underwear.

    2. While the comments are truly puke inducing (one of the cop's calls himself batman, for fuck's sake), I have a hard time faulting that officer for the last part. She was grabbing around his face and throat. He threw a punch. She backed up, then flew at him throwing punches. Who to side with? Overbearing cops or overly entitled bitches? I see women randomly slapping or punching guys several times a month, and more often than not, with a cop watching. Shit, the cops are largely responsible for creating that attitude in the first place. Maybe if they keep getting randomly jacked by delusional bitches, they'll stop taking guys to jail for skinning their women's knuckles with their faces.

      1. Guy had a hundred pounds on her, easy, and was not flying solo. Punching/hitting was not necessary; he's trained in controlling such situations without the need for resorting to that.

        1. He should have calmed her down with soothing poetry.

        2. Eh, non-event. The fervor over this is just a bunch of white-knighting. Now, if you want something to be justifiably angry about, check out their opinion on the Seattle woodcarver shoot.
          There's like 2 or 3 cops who think he was wrong, and they get thrashed by the others in the comments.

  5. When in England you probably want to skip the Five Keys' Ling Ting Tong

    I went to China Town
    Way back in old Hong Kong
    Took out some egg fu yon
    And then I heard a gong
    Ling, Ting, Tong, tried to sing that song called
    I sa mok em boo di ay, I sa mok em boo

    1. Ling Ting Tong doesn't have shit on George Jone's The Poor Chinee.

      Screamin' Jay Hawkins cover of "Hong Kong" crosses the line, too. IOW, it rules.

      1. Nice. The Possum.

        But you can't beat George Harrison's keytartastic version of "Hong Kong Blues" from his "Somewhere In England" record.

  6. The Isle of Lucy is much more permissive about what songs are performed there.

    1. Isle of Wight? Sounds more like the Isle of Wong...

      1. "You're a madman, Wong Burger! This ship will never fly!"

      2. Wight Power! Wight Power!

  7. While I'm glad I don't live in a country where you can be arrested for "racism" while singing a pop hit...

    That's why we have charges like disturbing the peace.

  8. It is a little bit frightening.

  9. This is extremely retarded but don't worry, I'll make up for it this weekend. There will be tons of idiot tourists in the bars to make sport of, and on public transport to yell at.

  10. This isn't simply stupidity on the part of the police.

    This is a result of a very high profile judicial inquiry in 1999 that looked into the investigation of a racist murder of a black teenager, Stephen Lawrence.

    In the judge's recommedations- which were accepted by the government- the police are obliged to investigate racist incidents; with racist incidents being defined as any in which any individual perceives racism.

    1. Freedom not to be offended trumps freedom of speech in sad old England.

    2. And this is how the IRA can ultimately win: Ireland becomes a tax haven for every corporation in the known universe, while the IRA operatives use England's own bureaucracy against them.

      Open the fir hydrants at night, sabotage the power lines to a neighborhood, make internet "SWAT" calls, report "racists" incidents, even report a full on hostage situation at a bank where none exists.

      Basically, cost them money at every turn.

      Didn't Sun Tzu talk about harassing the enemy into submission?

    3. And this is how the IRA can ultimately win: Ireland becomes a tax haven for every corporation in the known universe, while the IRA operatives use England's own bureaucracy against them.

      Open the fir hydrants at night, sabotage the power lines to a neighborhood, make internet "SWAT" calls, report "racists" incidents, even report a full on hostage situation at a bank where none exists.

      Basically, cost them money at every turn.

      Didn't Sun Tzu talk about harassing the enemy into submission?

  11. I used to think Turning Japanese was racist(ly awesome) until someone told me it's about jerking off and squinting or something? Is that really a thing?

    1. It's an old joke. Unfortunately, it's a visual joke that doesn't translate well to the written word.

      Here's the setup, nonetheless.

      Q: Why do Japanese people have buck teeth and slant eyes?

      1. Q: Why do Japanese people have buck teeth and slant eyes?

        We will be right over to give you our answer. Be prepared to stop resisting.

      2. OK, if accompanied with the open-fist-pumping maneuver, I guess I buy it. Least sexy o-face ever, though.

        1. Sugarfree's o-face would freak out Rocky Dennis.

    2. From the Wikipedias:

      The song was believed to refer euphemistically to the face someone makes during the act of masturbation.[1] In a VH1 True Spin special the band denied this. Songwriter David Fenton explained: "Turning Japanese is all the clich?s about angst and youth and turning into something you didn't expect to."[2]

      1. I refuse to believe! The rumors of the 80's are the truth, not what some band member says!

        1. I guess I should be the one to break the news that "Whip It" isn't about masturbation, either.

          1. Just don't say "Mongoloid" isn't about a retard. No one understands my potato 🙁

      2. Of course it is. And AC/DC's "Big Balls" is all about fancy dress parties.

  12. Yup, Turkey will fit right in fine as part of the EU.

  13. A comedian here in Vancouver was fined $12K (well, most of it, it was split between him and the bar he was performing at) for insulting hecklers who were lesbian by insulting them using derogatory words towards lesbians. It's utterly absurd.


  14. Here's a link to the story:



    1. Mark Steyn's been all over this.

    2. If you want to really cause some shit in Vancouver, try jaywalking... man, with some of the looks I got you'd have thought I was crossing the street while buttfucking an 8 year old mentally handicapped boy

  15. Just ban every song other than 'Lesbian Seagull' and be done with it.

  16. This reminds me of a happier tale involving both Asians and keytars: one of my best friends in college was this crazy girl from Hong Kong (Asians!) who wore different colored eyeshadow every day and was serious about her keytar (keytars!). She would compose shit on it for our 20th Century music class.

    For good measure: why can't all Asians be cool like her? (racism!)

  17. No David Allen Coe?

    1. Did he ever write anything that was PC?

  18. Informal poll:

    Which is cooler, the keytar or the guitorgan?

    Team guitorgan!

  19. He should have sung 'play that funky music white boy'.

  20. It's a good thing he didn't sing "Oliver's Army" while Charlize Theron walked by (what with the whole "One more widow, one less white nigger" line).

    1. I recall some US video show in the early 80's dropping the audio during that line.

  21. Forget the song, he should have been arrested simply for playing the keytar.

  22. We have a really good musician in STL, Leroy Pierson, that does a great reggae version of "Kung Fu Fighting." No word on whether Jamaicans are equally outraged over it, though.

  23. Right, because we need to protect people from tongue-in-cheek stereotypes rather than things some Asian men really do, like watching videos of girls crying.

    Translation of description: A crying face stimulates man's instincts! 11 pretty girls recount the day they cried the most in their lives, and this "real cry" documentary reproduces that scene and how they cried.

    1. Japanese men do jerk-off to weird s#!t.

  24. Dear England,

    1984 was a warning, not an instruction manual.


  25. Everybody was kung fu fighting
    Those cats were fast as lightning
    The UK's decline is frightening
    I feel the handcuffs tightening

  26. Yes, the keytar is a mongrolized instrument that should be euthanized. Only licensed Frippertronicians should be allowed to mix guitar and synthesizer musical idioms.

  27. Is "Limey slime" considered racist within England? Cuz it sure ain't outside of that shithole.

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