Occupational Licensing

Licensed to Ill

Will Florida Republicans stand up against occupational licensing abuse?


In 1994 Florida became the first state in the union to require interior designers to carry an occupational license from the government. That slip of paper doesn't come cheap. In addition to passing a test, successful applicants must complete six years of expensive educational and professional training, a process that costs thousands of dollars and includes graduating from a Florida-approved interior design program as well as apprenticing under a state-licensed interior designer. Failure to obey the law counts as a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and $1,000 in fines.

It's a classic example of an arbitrary and unnecessary government regulation that does nothing to protect the health, welfare, or safety of either workers or the public. Bad interior design may offend one's aesthetic sensibilities, but it doesn't cause any physical harm. That's a fact even the law's defenders have had to admit. In a joint pretrial stipulation arising from the Institute for Justice's ongoing legal challenge to the Florida licensing law, the state's attorney general's office agreed that "neither the defendants nor the state of Florida have any evidence that the unregulated practice of interior design presents any bona fide public welfare concerns." Furthermore, Florida is one of just three states to require such licenses (Nevada and Louisiana are the others), meaning that unlicensed interior designers currently run wild in 47 states without causing so much as a slight tear in the social fabric. We're not talking about unlicensed brain surgery here.

Thankfully, Florida lawmakers are finally starting to get serious about fixing their 17-year-old mistake. Last month, legislators in the state's House of Representatives introduced a bill that would remove the licensing requirements for 20 occupations, including hair braiders, auctioneers, ballroom dance studio operators, and interior designers. Republican Gov. Rick Scott has thrown his support behind the measure, as has a coalition of small-business groups.

But the Florida Senate is a different story. In comments last week, Senate President Mike Haridopolos (R-Merritt Island) expressed major reservations about the bill, telling the Palm Beach Post, "We're not libertarians. We're Republicans. And we recognize the role for government."

Again, this isn't brain surgery. Nobody is asking Haridopolos to eliminate all occupational licensing; the point is simply to remove wasteful red tape that prevents otherwise law-abiding Floridians from pursuing a handful of otherwise viable job opportunities.

But let's say Haridopolos is correct and that there is a legitimate role for the government in licensing harmless jobs like hair braiding and interior design. Is there any part of the economy where there isn't a role for the state?

Such comments are doubly unfortunate coming from a figure like Haridopolos, who in addition to his senior role in the Florida GOP, where he can shepherd the bill to passage, is also running a Tea Party-style campaign for the U.S. Senate under the slogan "Freedom First." Among the pledges on his campaign website is this love letter to the free market: "I promise to speak out for ideas that can revitalize our economy by empowering individuals, not governments, and by preserving opportunity for families and innovators, and not power for bureaucrats and politicians."

Nice words. So why not empower individuals and help revitalize the economy in Florida by freeing up 20 lines of work from costly and unnecessary occupational licensing requirements? If Haridopolos isn't willing to use his leadership role in the Florida Senate to push this modest deregulatory bill forward, it's hard to believe he'll do much better on the national stage.

As the licensing reform bill works its way through legislative conference committee this week, let's hope Haridopolos changes his tune and pushes his GOP allies to actually put freedom first.

Damon W. Root is an associate editor at Reason magazine.

Bonus Reason.tv video: "Throw-Pillow Fight: Is your interior designer really putting your life at risk?"

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  1. I recall the old Farside comic, where two cops have detained this freak on the sidewalk. The older cop is reading from a slip of paper the freak has handed him: “Well what do you know, he realyy does have a license for that.”

    1. Maybe all of those “in the closet” Republicans are afraid that their licensed (i.e. WHITE) gay lovers will be put out work once the unlicensed gay Mexicans take over the industry!

  2. Rick Scott is much better than I anticipated. Haridopolos (I hope I misspelled his name) sounds like lukewarm ass.

    1. I haven’t heard a good thing about Haridopolos yet from anyone who has to work for or with them. I might vote for Nelson over Haridopolos if it came down to that for the US Senate and I cannot stand Bill Nelson.

      1. I won’t vote for either of them. I’ll just vote for Alex Snitker again, even if he doesn’t run.

        1. Same here. Or write in one of the Floridians here who are of legal age to be Senator.

        2. I voted for Snitker too.

  3. I’d love to see the legal argument for why one needs a license to call themselves a designer. Hell, why does one need a license to call themselves an engineer. The only people that require a license for engineering is the state itself. Companies can hire any hobo they want. Individuals should be able to do the same.

    1. Mr. Burns: Smithers! Hand me that ice cream scoop!

      Smithers: But,sir! This man…

      Mr. Burns: Damn your hide! This isn’t rocket science, it’s brain surgery!

    2. They can hire any hobo they want but that hobo can’t sign off on anything that actually gets built.

    3. “I’d love to see the legal argument for why one needs a license to call themselves a designer.”

      The legal argument for the necessity of a LICENSED designer can be repeated over an over again. To protect the health safety and welfare of the general public, to ensure that all designers are trained in the line of work that they are expected to do and that all building codes according to the International Building Code (IBC) which students going to an accredited Interior Design school must learn and continue to learn in all their classes daily are common knowledge among designers.

      Here is straight from the National Council of Interior Design Qualification the reasons why you should hire an NCIDQ certified designer: http://www.ncidq.org/AboutUs/A…..older.aspx

  4. We’re not libertarians. We’re statists.

    1. Now you understand! Let’s work on a hard one now: What does one plus one equal?

  5. http://www.bostonherald.com/ne…..439&cnum=2

    Cop who shot unarmed teenager gets “cop of the year” award. The comments will make you want to vomit. Most of them boil down to “the kid was drunk and wrong and deserved to die”. God I hate this country some days.

    1. thanks for this. Now I have to clean up my carpet.

      My favorite comment

      “…angst by Ms. Henry should aim, not at the cops who never know what they are dealing with…”

      Which is exactly when you fire into a car.

    2. What’s the odds the PBA gave the cop the award because he was injured in the line of doodie?

    3. Erm…mostly just trying to spare my nuts here, but the story says that the guy drove his car into the cops after failing to stop, and hard enough for one of them to land on the hood and require knee surgery. I’m probably missing something here, and I’m sure my nuts will get ram-punched sure enough.

      1. That is true. But the cop was on the hood and the car was stopped and the cop just shot the kid even though the car was stopped. No reason to kill him.

        1. ACK. Glancing blow, but it’s enough. John 1 My nuts 0

        2. Please explain how the officer knew the kid wasn’t going to press the accelerator again.

          Your characterization of this as an example of an “unarmed” suspect getting shot is laughable. You don’t need to be armed to kill someone with a vehicle.

          1. True, the “ladder of force” (a Navy/Marine term) dictates that escalating force is to be used in violent confrontations BUT the “justification of deadly force” dictates that it is NOT a first resort.

            A police officers role is to “diffuse” a situation NOT to “neutralize” it!

            This is the problem with the increasing “militarization” of police departments, they’re taught that they’re “street soldiers” and so they shoot first and don’t even bother to ask questions unless a reporter shoves a news camera up their ass!

            The fact that Marines in Afghanistan act with more caution and forethought than your average beat cop is a VERY sad state of affairs for our country!

            1. I guarantee that a Marine struck by a car refusing to stop at a checkpoint in Afghanistan would riddle the driver with holes. And he would be right to do so.

              1. No, it would be murder. One does not have a right to invade another’s land and shoot whoever does not stop at one’s command.

                However, a hero is one who kills such a marine.

                1. Eat pig vomit.

                  1. You all missed the point entirely; violent action doesn’t automatically require a violent response.

                    Case in point: When I was stationed at Naval Submarine Base Bangor (the one where they keep the West Coast fuckin’ NUKES at), some moron crashed his windowless van right into the guardhouse for the Submarine Delta Pier at about 3 in the morning going 60+ MPH. Rather than turning the van and it’s contents into confetti, the Marines, Sailors, and Police approached the van (with weapons drawn) and found the driver in the middle of an epileptic seizure.

                    They would have been COMPLETELY justified in unloading on the poor bastard but the responding MILITARY personnel had the common sense to realize that just because something violent had happened, didn’t mean that malice was behind the action since their had been no further violent action directed at them.

                    Proper use of deadly force can be a tricky problem even under the most obvious of circumstances but having a weapon in a position of authority does NOT give one a “James Bond Certified” license to kill!

                  2. Libertymike wouldn’t dream of eating your vomit.

                2. Ohhh!!!

                  Look at me advocating for the wanton murder of Marines!

                  I’m suuuccchhh a clever and original pseudo-liberal troll that Glen Beck spends ten minutes every day screaming to the camera about how I’m ruining America!

                  Nancy Pelosi MUST masturbate herself to sleep every night while reading your insightful posts!

                  WELL…SHAZAM, BITCH!

                  1. Gomer, you really are, such a pile of…

              2. I don’t know about marines, but soldiers are trained to riddle the car with holes before it gets a chance to ram anything. Of course, most cops don’t have to worry about non-Irish car bombs.

                Don’t get me wrong, though. Soldiers escalate from verbal commands, to warning shots, to engine shots, to driver shots. But that whole escalation happens before the car gets close enough to hit someone.

                1. Well, a runaway van isn’t the best example BUT in the case I mentioned earlier, the crash happened so fast that no one had time to react and it was in the middle of a HIGHLY secure area. Point being, violence happened and since there was NO follow up violence, the Marines in question decided to asses the situation a little more carefully since the odds of a terrorist attack happening on US soil in the middle of a nuclear weapons installation are almost zero.

                  The idea that I’m trying to relay is that even in the U.S. Military, we don’t automatically empty the magazine on everything that comes down the road. Unlike our police counter parts, we’re actually TRYING to win the hearts and minds of those under our authority. American police don’t give a shit for the most part and the only thing they want out civilians is deference and/or obedience. Disagree and you’ll be shot full of holes with little risk of repercussions to the officer involved. AND you’re killer will probably get a fucking medal for his trouble!

                  The point I’m trying to make is that here in America our “police” act more like an occupying invader than our “military” does in Afghanistan!

          2. Tulpa I truly can never tell if you are the ultimate troll or just extremely good at playing devil’s advocate. I actually used to think you were libertarian (and don’t give me this shit about varying degrees/types of libertarians). Either the cop deprived someone of their basic right of life, or he was “just doing his duty”. It can’t be both.

            1. I’m not sure which degree of libertarian doesn’t believe in the right to self-defense, or at least believes it’s forfeited when you work for the government.

              If someone drives their car into your kneecaps they’ve demonstrated a likely intent to kill, and you are justified in using any and all force against them to make them stop. Whether you’re wearing a badge or not.

              1. Good point. I suppose my comment was more the culmination of a lot of comments you make.

              2. …it’s forfeited when you work for the government


  6. Hey, I’m all for sensible compromise and also “recognize the role for government.” But for hair braiders and ballroom dance instructors, I’m willing to go for total Somalia-style anarchy.

    1. It is not sensible to give government any role at the table. In fact, it is patently unreasonable.

      1. If you have to say “patently unreasonable” then it isn’t patently unreasonable.

        1. If you have to say it isn’t patently unreasonable to say it’s “patently unreasonable,” then it’s patently reasonable.

          1. Getting an aneurysm just reading that!

        2. If you have to say “patently unreasonable” then it isn’t patently unreasonable.

          So why are you, a patently unreasonable nuisance?

  7. No, ma’am; we’re musicians.

  8. Was I the only one surprised to find out that Gov. Scott is actually Dennis Quaid in a wig?

    1. I think that’s Haridopolos

      He looks like the prototypical douche politician to me.

    2. Umm…Rick Scott is bald.

      1. You got me. I don’t know what Scott looks like (still, even as i write this. GIS is for suckers), so I just assumed he was the one in the picture.

        Whatever, I hope Quaid’s political career is more successful than his movie career.

        1. Think a skinnier Skeletor.

          1. Lord Valdemort

  9. All licensing or certification should be private. If you want to go to an uncertified practitioner it’s, “buyer beware”.

    1. Certification, sure, but the word license implies a government ‘authority’.

  10. Scott axed the “high speed” rail, will sign the open carry bill (if the Republicans grow hair on their balls and tell the Republican women to buck up), and looks like he would sign this if it ever came to his desk. So? Of course the Florida media is all over him, with negative stories about how he’s a job killer, etc. I’m not in love with the guy, but he’s been pretty good so far, when the alternatives in the last election are considered.

  11. See this finger? This finger that I’m pointing with? This finger right here? It’s going in your asshole.

    1. Where’s my doom?

  12. In comments last week, Senate President Mike Haridopolos (R-Merritt Island) expressed major reservations about the bill, telling the Palm Beach Post, “We’re not libertarians. We’re Republicans run of the mill Fascist. And we recognize [that] the role for government [is to dole out favors to special interest groups!]

    1. And to drug test all our employees!!! Because we can!!!

      1. I would pay HUGE sums of money to see the results of a Congress-wide Drug Test!

        Fuckers are all probably on drugs that would kill Cheech and Chong!

        1. Hey, wouldn’t we all. However, last I heard the Florida legislators have conveniently excluded themselves from the drug tests they want to impose on state employees.

      2. I know, it’s not fair that the upper class has to abide by the same bullshit as the rest of us.

        God knows where we would be if we kept former drug users from becoming president. Well, aside from “not Iraq, Afghanistan, or Libya”.

  13. Such comments are doubly unfortunate coming from a figure like Haridopolos, who in addition to his senior role in the Florida GOP, where he can shepherd the bill to passage, is also running a Tea Party-style campaign for the U.S. Senate under the slogan “Freedom First.”

    It just shows you that many politicians are immune to the terrible effects of irony, and that their followers are totally oblivious to it.

  14. I knew my hometown had its share of assholes (which decreased by one when I left for college), but damn. Hey Mike, please claim to be from somewhere else, OK?

  15. By the way, Mike lists his occupation as “College professor; author”. More details about both can be found here.

    1. But is he a licensed college professor/author?

  16. I am a Florida Republican. And I am a libertarian. And I vote that way first, second, and third. In fact, I don’t give a crap about all their partisan nonsense.

  17. “Senate President Mike Haridopolos (R-Merritt Island): “We’re not libertarians. We’re Republicans. And we recognize the role for government.”

    For keeping us safe from unlicensed interior designers.

    I hope he gets a real small government challenger, who bats this quote about his head all campaign long. You could make quite a funny commercial out of this.

  18. The extraordinary lack of factual content in that quote is just wonderful.

    “We’re not libertarians. We’re Republicans. We recognize the role for government.”

    1) Libertarians believe government to be necessary for the maintenance of liberty and justice, which derives from the rule of law frugal and legitimate governments ensure. We aren’t anarchists. Go fuck yourself, you unknowledgeable ball-gobbler.

    2) American republicanism, and the very founding nature of the Republic Party of the United States, is Jeffersonian support for the maximization of individual liberty, the minimization of the state, and a searing hatred for abuse of power and legislative authority.

    You’re not a Republican, Haridopolos. You’re a centrist, at best, and your political positions are morally indefensible. Tough fucking shit.

    I’m a republican, but not a Republican. I’ll probably register to vote, though. Anyway, I’m republican, I’m a constitutionalist, and I’m a libertarian.


    1. Actually, he’s comparing apples and oranges. Libertarianism is a political philosophy, while the Republican Party is just one of the gangs fighting for power every two years.

      1. Anarchy is order; the state is chaos, murder and mayhem.

        Being libertarian does not mean one must accept the proposition that a monopoly on the administration of justice is necessary for liberty to prevail.

        A libertarianian’s first loyalty must be liberty, not the survival of a nation state.

        1. But being libertarian does mean telling other libertarians what they must think?

        2. A libertarianian’s first loyalty must be liberty, not the survival of a nation state.

          Not all threats to liberty come from the state. The fact that the boot stomping your face doesn’t wear a badge or fly a flag doesn’t make it any less oppressive.

          1. Check your premise, idiot.

        3. I’ve also noticed the vein of libertarianism that frequently questions the significance of the nation-state.

          Nation-states provide borders, structure, coherence. We cannot separate ourselves from the 6.5 billion serfs of the world if we reject the validity (yes, as exceptionally limited as it may be, it is validity nevertheless) of defined nationhood, political and societal.

          Without the structure a libertarian/constitutional republic provides for the functionality of a society, order would not be enforceable. Without minimal order, there cannot be liberty.

          This is my philosophy – a structure that ensures a totally free ground for anything operating under it, while preventing coercion and violence and inequality before the law.

          Again, many such libertarians seem not to care for any particular nation, and seldom discuss nation-states or their importance in the grand scheme of things. I’m a rabid patriot, and my devotion and allegiance is specifically to the United States of America, precisely because it has, comparatively to all other institutions and inventions of mankind, immeasurable value.

          If the Europeans wish to toil in the anguish of bondage, they are “free” to do so. After all, it seems certain that given the right to vote, entire civilizations in Asia and Africa would democratically vote themselves into theocracy or oligarchy.

          1. *or, as would be more appropriate to say in relation to an anarchistic society, inequality before de facto law, or rules of justice, or administration of justice.

            1. The structure of which you speak does a few things very well. Such things are mass murder, torture, war, looting, theft, incarceration of peaceful people, propaganda and the like.

              The structure of which you speak authored the slaughter of hundreds of millions of people in the 20th century. It is axiomatic that the nation state and all other entities and individuals who acted under the color of law had far more boots on the necks of people than private actors during the last century.

              The United States of America has a long and sordid history of maass murder, looting and empire building. It is within the structure of the nation state you so adore that tens of thousands of native americans were deliberately murdered, starved and looted. Do I nedd to cite examples of such?

              One such example is the Sand Creek massacre of November 30, 1864. There, Col. John Chivington directed a pre-dawn raid on Chief Black Kettle’s southern Cheyenne encampment. The village consisted primarily of women and children. They were savagely buthcered and murdered. But, we gotta fund that thar’ military. Boy, those soldiers were so brave!

              You should know that while Black Kettle escaped with his life, he would die 4 years later when his camp was attacked by the heroic Mr. Custer in a pre dawn raid. Poor Black Kettle, he had hoisted an American flag outside of his lodge in the belief that doing so would protect him.

              The aforesaid two examples resulted in the cold blooded murder of several hundred native americans. Those two incidients are not rare; they cannot be dismissed as some mere ilosted events perpetrated by a few rotten apples in a big, big barrel. To argue otherwise is just intellectual sloppiness.

              Today, we have example after example of the United States pissing all over liberty. Within the structure you so love, we have three wars being conducted notwithstanding the fact that amerika has not been invaded.

              The current wars have accelreated the impoverishment of amerika. More property than ever has been confiscated by the wonderful structure you so love from those who actually make and produce something. Tens of thousands of civilians have been killed by american soldiers.

              Yet, people like you, continue to drink the propaganda cool aid which has been fed to you your entire life. You continue to subscribe to the fairy tale that, in order for people to prosper and to be free, they need to have a nation state with monopoly powers to “keep order”. You know, the type of order which permits an armed gang to pull you over any time they want; break into your home and kill your 7 year old daughter because they had a warrant and they were looking for drugs; confiscate your property upon pains of incarceration if you don’t pay your “fair share” and on and on.

              Do me a favor, you make love to your nation state-just don’t tell me that it is good for liberty.

              1. Sure. Except for the fact I don’t agree with anything even remotely close to anything even remotely in the same galactic super-cluster as a type of government that would come anywhere near doing any of those things.

                I’m pretty much a minarchist, without abolishing the Congress, I guess.

                Every single example you listed is an absolute abomination and I wouldn’t be caught dead supporting or granting my servants in government the authority to conduct.

                I’m not an anarchist. Sorry.

  19. To Tulpa, above –

    I don’t think so – he’s not retarded. He was probably referring to American republicanism itself by comparing libertarianism to it, the capitalization being an error, perhaps. If he wasn’t, then he’s just a fucking moron.

    1. Considering he’s a member of the GOP, it seems sensible to assume that when he said “we are Republicans” he was referring to party membership rather than now-obscure political philosophy, unless he explicitly stated otherwise.

      1. Am I really THAT far behind on today’s political tendencies? Say it ain’t so. Say we haven’t fallen so far.

  20. To Libertymike, above – By all means, suggest your alternatives.

  21. “we recognize the role for government.”

    And that role includes licensing hairdressers? Man, I’m a liberal and even I think WTF to that.

  22. “We’re not libertarians. We’re Republicans.”

    Or, more accurately… “We’re not free market Republicans. We’re country club Republicans.”

    1. country club = “honkey”

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    1. Can we require licenses for spammers ?

  24. Is there an interior decorator lobby in Floriday paying this guy off?

    1. Somewhere in here? —>……successful applicants must complete six years of expensive educational and professional training, a process that costs thousands of dollars and includes graduating from a Florida-approved interior design program as well as apprenticing under a state-licensed interior designer.

  25. So we have another Republican who supports the free market in rhetoric but not in practice. This is why Republicans anger me more than Democrats.

    Anyway, I hope Rick Scott and the other legislators are able to bypass this douche and get this bill passed.

    1. That’s pretty much the same reason that I hate Republicans but my hatred for Democrats is equal since they’re the party who claim that they’re all for helping minorities and then enact policies that treats them like they can’t succeed at anything with out Uncle Sam helping them!

  26. What pisses me off to my core is that I know Ron Paul’s chances of nomination and election are slim. It’s just so God-damned irritating that a majority of my fellow Americans just don’t get it.

    1. They don’t want to get it; it’s easier to blame the other party than it is to own up to the fact that the ideology that you’ve thrown in with is just as monstrous as you’re so called enemy!

      We Americans are taught from an early age that the USA is the best country in the world and that everyone else can go suck it if they don’t agree (which goes double if the person telling us that something is wrong is a fellow citizen).

      We watch the news, we see how fucked up things are and we know that we can do better but since America is the best, the problems can’t be OUR fault so it must be those fucks from the OTHER party! Why CAN’T the opposition just SEE how right WE are and stop being such assholes? They MUST be EVIL to not agree with us since our Judeo-Christian based culture says that you’re either right or wrong and I KNOW that I’m RIGHT! There is just NO way that BOTH sides can be WRONG because that would mean that there is NO easy choice that I could pick and would have to actually THINK for my self rather than have some clown in a business suit tell me what to do.

      America is perfect and so all our problems just HAVE to be somebody else’s fault! Democrats! Republicans! Politicians! Corporations! Immigrants! Space Aliens! Cobra Commander!

      Overall…I still think that the USA is the best country in the world to live but I’m a military puke, so I freely admit that I’ve had a good dose of mental conditioning! Still, whenever I say that America is the best, the analogy I use is this:

      “America is the cherry on top but it’s a shit sundae and that means that we’re the world’s black cherry!”

  27. I had this guy as a professor at UF. He was almost as crappy of a teacher as he is a legislator, and I thought that back when I was a staunch repub. His whole job at UF is also a MASSIVE conflict of interest seeing as he oversees the state budget for the school.

  28. We’re not libertarians. We’re Republicans.

    This oughta be stamped on every fucking last Tea Partiers head.

    I don’t care for this Hairydokopus character, but at least he’s honest.

  29. How can anyone sit here and argue that we do not need these professions to become licensed? Engineers, Interior Designers and Architects all need to be qualified for their jobs. I would never trust an individual that did not have their credentials in place to work on any commercial space that I was occupying or planning on occupying.

    You say that Interior Designers have to go to school for 6 years when that is indeed false. Where are you obtaining this information? A four year degree or equivalent with the addendum of 2 year paid internship equals out to you being able to take this exam. The NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification).

    This is a procedure that must be taken. You can not just have anyone in a position to cost you your life or put your life at risk in any way. If you say that engineers should not be licensed, how would you feel if you were driving on a bridge that was built and designed by an unlicensed engineer and the bridge fell down? Tell me you would not sue that engineer? Oh wait….you cannot sue him now because he is not licensed and therefore is not liable for your severe injuries or possible death.

    We need to rethink this issue. Health, safety and welfare of the general public is at stake in all of these scenarios.

    The facts are clear.

    1. Somebody… get me a flyswatter…

      1. What does a flyswatter have to do with this comment? Are you against what this person said? I don’t understand why it isn’t licensed. I think Interior Designers should be licensed! I am all for regulation.

        1. You’re an idiot and which is why, you don’t know what the flyswatter is for.

          Licensing is for slaves, not free men. Not to mention that it has little to do with competence and everything to do with controlling the serfs.

        2. So, if I dare to employ an unlicensed Interior Designer you would support them being punished? Mind your own business, thanks.

        3. So, if I dare to employ an unlicensed Interior Designer you would support them being punished? Mind your own business, thanks.

        4. Oh, so if I dare to employ an unlicensed Interior Designer, you will violently attack him? Bring on the fly-swat!

        5. Oh, so if I dare to employ an unlicensed Interior Designer, you will violently attack him? Bring on the fly-swat!

          1. Do you guys really expect to be taken seriously with these kinds of comments? Flyswatter? Really kids? What happened to common courtesy? You do not have to agree with someone but at least show some respect.

            1. Respect has to be earned. I take violent threats extremely seriously.

              1. Wow, you know, I was really for more jobs in Florida and truly on the side of deregulation until recently. The more I see of people who are against regulation just keep showing a side of them that is extremely unprofessional and antagonistic. I guess you are right when you say, “Respect has to be earned.” Thank you for that.

                1. It’s about about jobs, it’s about rights. I have the right to employ any interior designer I like, and it’s none of your damn business.

                  1. Oops, I meant it’s NOT about jobs.

                    1. I see what you’re saying, Free Radical. It’s not about JOBS, it’s about the right to EMPLOY the person you want. Ok… Makes sense. Again, Thank you.

                    2. I’m glad you see the light!

                  2. If it’s about rights, then don’t I have the right to sign and seal construction documents as a Licensed Interior Designer. By them putting this bill into action they are taking my right away to sign off on my own designs. I have a right to an education and a right to submit my own designs to a contractor. I should not have to have someone overlooking my shoulder at every cost and most likely taking credit for my work which has been going on for decades. If you knew the real history of Interior Decorating and Interior Design and how it derived from architects shoving interior work off onto women in their families and not giving them credit for it during the eclectic movement then I think you would reconsider you stance on what RIGHTS we should have when it comes to this situation. Honestly, I even thing Interior Decorating should be regulated due to studies done on poor air quality. If you pick out the wrong materials and interior can be more pollutant than the air in some major cities.

                  3. This is the most retarded comment I have ever read! So, are you saying that if you have the right to employ any doctor you like, and it’s none of our damn business? You don’t even know what Interior Design is, how do you know what makes one a good Interior Designer? People like you think that they should have the right to do whatever they want and then sue McDonalds for the hot coffee you ordered being too hot when it spilled on you.

                    1. My comment above was in regards to the to comment posted above by Free Radical. Not in response to Ava for ID Regulation.

                    2. Serf James said:
                      You don’t even know what Interior Design is, how do you know what makes one a good Interior Designer?

                      How is that any of your business?

                    3. LMAO

                      If you do it in your own home, I don’t care…if you hire an interior designer who’s not qualified to work on a public space, then it is my business, as I am part of the public that will use that space….so your stupid and uneducated decision puts me and my family in danger.

                    4. If you do it in your own home, I don’t care

                      Good, so make sure your legislation doesn’t obstruct me.

                    5. Free Radical, it won’t. READ IT before you comment!!! There is a difference between Interior Design and Interior Decorating. You have been, and will continue to be, free to hire an Interior Decorator of your chosing for selecting and fluffing pillows in your private homes.

                      We really don’t care who you hire to pick materials in your own home, we don’t care if the VOCs slowing kill your lungs. However, we care about the people that are making those decisions for public spaces, where the occupants did not have the say in the qualifications of the person doing the work.

                    6. “Good, so make sure your legislation doesn’t obstruct me.”

                      It won’t. As a matter of fact, if you were up to date with the HB 5005 and HB5007, you would realize that you have the right to pick any Interior DECORATOR you would like. As for Interior DESIGNER, they must be licensed before they can make any decision that would impact the health, safety and welfare of the general public.

                      The general public do not study these codes that we as Interior Designers do study. I am very sure that you have not one clue as to why there are 5′ turn radius’ in bathrooms. What exactly is a 1 hour wall and why you cannot have objects protruding in the hallways more than 4 inches…..

                2. This just goes to show you that being professional is more effective that being unprofessional and ignorant.

                  @Ancap calling someone an idiot does nothing to hide the fact at your unprofessional-ism. Licensing is indeed not for slaves; but to guarantee that the person who is doing a job as a “professional” is indeed capable of the job.

                  @Free Radical NO I will not violently attack the designer, that is unethical. As long as he is not in contact with me I have no problems. But if you must, realize that if that unlicensed designer does in fact design your space and something is not to code and God forbid you become seriously injured, you cannot sue that designer because he is not liable for the damages. Its the same as hiring a person that wants to become a brain surgeon just because they know how to sew. Interior Design is more than just fluffing pillows, Interior Decorating, well anyone can do that!

                  @loveThyNeighbor Thank you for your honest comments! it is people like you who can see through the ignorance and support something that is worth thousands of lives!

                  1. @Ancap calling someone an idiot does nothing to hide the fact at your unprofessional-ism. Licensing is indeed not for slaves; but to guarantee that the person who is doing a job as a “professional” is indeed capable of the job.

                    You really have no clue, do you?! Just another Pavlovian conformist, obediently salivating, at the bell of his bureaucratic oppressors. I’ll have to sidestep you for the time being, as you’re drooling over my blue suede shoes.

                    1. I believe that you do not have a clue as to what this profession entails. In a Residential space, the Interior DECORATOR is allowed to do whatever they please because it is their home. As for an Interior DESIGNER working in a commercial space, there are several different codes and restrictions that must be learned BEFORE you are allowed to work on a space, sign and seal documents, or create these said drawings.

                    2. there are several different codes and restrictions that must be learned BEFORE you are allowed to work on a space, sign and seal documents, or create these said drawings

                      Spoken like a true statist serf, congratz!

                      What’s of course missing from all your lame posts, is the full integration of concepts such as freedom, individual rights, property rights, the right to one’s own life, etc…

                      Your despicable fetish for ‘laws,’ (which are nothing but oppressive edicts) has been noted.

                      So tell me, are you a fully licensed Non-shooter? Did you study the criminal code? Have you passed all the exams and tests? The public has a right to be safe from potential harm, whilst in your presence. You see, we can’t just let you wonder around as you see fit, after all, you are a potential murderer, just like everybody else… To assure the public of your ‘professionalism,’ I demand you provide us with a bona fide copy of your official license as a Non-shooter. Since only then, can we feel safe in your company…

                      But wait, there’s more: Do you have a license for safe sex? As sex can be a very dangerous activity, we must protect the public from your wanton animal urges. I demand you obtain a safe sex license, if you do not have one already. Meantime, please confine yourself to just jerking off on your own (much as you do on H&R) and do not place other people in potential danger. Be ‘professional,’ we know how you like to beat off, on that tag and hype…

                      Additionally, is the bitch which you’re banging at home, a fully licensed Non-parasite? Is she a ‘professional?’ Equally important, is she licensed as a rationally fit mother? And you, are you licensed as a rationally fit father?

                      Your Honor, Members of the Jury, Ladies and Gentlemen…

                      I hereby rest my briefcase!

                    3. For the record:

                      1- I am not licensed because I am still a student, about to GRADUATE from an accredited Interior Design school. I am exposed to Codes daily while designing spaces in my Commercials classes which deal with codes day in and day out.

                      2- I do not have a fetish with laws. I am simply stating facts that according to the NCIDQ which is a nationally recognized council, has stated as the guidelines for Interior Designers.

                      3- I cannot take the test yet because I have not registered with the council because I am about to do my internship which is required before taking the test. Also, I am not harming the public in any way because I am not self-proclaiming to be a Interior Designer. I know that I am not. I need to have more internship hours and practice along with more REGISTERED Designers before I begin to think about tampering with the lives of others.

                      4- Let me just get it through your head that you just judged me. Without knowing who I was and what I was about. Calling me a man when you have no idea who I am. I have nothing ignorant to say to you. As for everything I have stated before, they can all be found on the NCIDQ website. http://www.ncidq.org/

                      P.S. I am NOT a man, I am a female student who has just proven that ignorance gets you nowhere. Thanks for confirming that for me.

                    4. Wow! To the student above me, I feel sorry for people who do not take you seriously. I have been keeping up with this article and the comments and I am shocked that @Ancap has pretty much degraded you here. That is no way to treat an individual and I am sorry once again!

                      To @Ancap
                      Do you have nothing better to do with your time than degrade women? I am all for regulation now thanks to the professionalism that certain people have expressed above.

                    5. I am all for regulation now thanks to the professionalism that certain people have expressed above.

                      Charming. Yet another bimbo-sapient rooting for legislative enslavement. Go brush up on your economics… wasted space.

                    6. Oh dear… once again… it all went over your empty head! WWWHHHOOOSSSSHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

                      And it’s quite irrelevant even if you are a female. It’s the points made that really count…

                    7. I think Ancap gets off on making dumb comments.

                      Your comment about safe sex is about the dumbest thing I have EVER read…

                      Since you demanded the student to tell you her background…how about you tell us how you are even remotely related to this issue? Are you a decorator who spends their days trying to figure out how to become a designer without educating yourself? Have you ever hired a designer?

                      And finally…”And it’s quite irrelevant even if you are a female. It’s the points made that really count…”

                      Sorry to tell you but you’ve made no rational points yet….

                    8. Well, that says it all…

                      Women and logic…

                      Never the twain shall meet…

                    9. you must be a woman…..

                    10. For you sweetheart, I’ll be just about anything…

                      Although not licensed… a man has to draw a line somewhere!

                    11. Darn….I like my men educated and licensed!!!

                    12. I forgive you, since you simply don’t know any better…

                      But it’s time to experience, the real free market alternative…

                    13. Thanks for your forgiveness.

                      However, I must insist on a license to ensure that the individual has enough experience and knows what he is doing.

                    14. I see you woke up… I’ve been expecting you…

                      Anyway, no problem…

                      As a sovereign individual, I’ll just print you out this license, which you have such a fetish for…

                      I’ve met some strange ones in the past, but in this respect, you are unique… ‘normally,’ they get off on official uniforms and such… but hey, you’re special… you’re kinky… you get off on licensing!!!

                      I can see it already…

                      It’s gonna be hot!

                    15. Wow….you’ve been expecting me?? LOL

                      Yes, NOTHING is as hot as a qualified individual…licensing is so sexy!!!!

                      Can you please obtain your license from the state of Florida.

                    16. Are you kidding me?

                      You want me to lower my standards to the level of statist ‘Florida?’

                      Come on now honey, you can do better than that!

                    17. You wouldn’t be lowering your standards…you would just be SATISFYING my minimum requirements.

                      Come on now honey, you can do that can’t you?

                    18. Sure baby, anything… but…

                      Unfortunately, due to your irrational demands, and hence the extortionist bill from the illegitimate state of Florida, my accountant advises me that you can’t actuality afford me!

                      Now look whatchya done!

                      You blew everything…

                      Except me!

                      (Evil statist!)

                    19. I haven’t told you what I can afford or what I am willing to pay…..your accountant is wrong! I value quality and reward it accordingly! I just have standards…and I’m just too busy to check out the qualifications of ALL who dream of providing services!

                      I’ve blown nothing….yet!

                      I like it when you call me Evil…..

                    20. In which case, you’ll just love all the other things I’ll call you, once we’re at it…


                    21. …damn….I don’t know if I can handle this anticipation….

                      (why does your smiley face have a pair of balls on it’s forehead?)

                    22. Ahhh, baby got back home at last…

                      Because it’s the Devil…

                      Though it’s only your wishful thinking, which turns horns into balls…

                      But trust me, horns are infinitely more suitable, for your own natural gifts…

                    23. Awwwww….did you miss me???

                      yes…you figured me out…my wishful thinking turns everything into balls….my two favorite things are licensing and balls…mmmmmmmmm!

                      It’s kinda funny how we’ve turned this into our own private chat…..

                    24. Awwwww….did you miss me???
                      Why of course sweetie…

                      my two favorite things are licensing and balls…mmmmmmmmm!
                      LOL, poor baby, you really ought to expand your horizons… at least take up tax avoidance or something…

                      It’s kinda funny how we’ve turned this into our own private chat…..
                      Well, it’s nevertheless still superior, compared to the pro-licensing drivel…

                      However, in your next post, you can include your email. That way, we won’t freak out the lurkers with our upcoming XXX conversations…

                    25. You are, by far, my favorite Anarchist….and I am intrigued about these upcoming XXX conversations you speak of….so I have created this for you theamyandancapchat@gmail.com

                    26. Everything I have stated here on this website was backed up by facts. Proven facts with evidence that I clearly gave you all the links to. to top it all off, you are just ignorant to the facts that maybe,I might be right, and you do not want to stoop to humility’s level and admit that you made a mistake.

                      It’s okay. I get it. You have a reputation to uphold; pride that you do not want hurt. Cool. As long as you realize that you haven’t done anything to sway my beliefs. I still stand for Regulation.
                      Nice try, but poor execution.

                    27. P.S. How ARE you related to this issue at all? I clearly see that you have nothing better to do than sit around and stir commotion.

                      So please, tell me. I would really like to know. What is your stand on this issue? Decorator? Designer? HGTV show host wanna-be?

                  2. something is not to code and God forbid you become seriously injured, you cannot sue that designer because he is not liable for the damages.

                    Says who? The course of action that follows after a breach of contract is between myself and the designer.

                    1. the Interior Deigner, hasn’t signed ANY of the construction documents… they can’t because it would take that capability away. They would no long be considered a design professional. In a residential space it’s fine, but in a commerical space, codes must be put into place and can ONLY be signed off by, what the statues consider a profession, and they would no longer be called that. I would no longer have a profession, just merely a job working under someone else.

                    2. @Free Radical
                      The Interior Designer is NOT liable for the damages done, because if Deregulation goes through in the State of Florida, then even though the Interior Designer might have come up with the ideas, his or her name is NOT on the drawings his or her seal is not associated with the design and therefore, even though you might have seen that designer in the company, there is not legal action that can be taken against the designer.

                      So according to the House Bill 5005 and 5007 that is indeed “says who.”

                    3. So according to the House Bill 5005 and 5007 that is indeed “says who.”

                      I wipe my ass with the House Bill 5005 and blow my nose with 5007. Are there others? My doberman just barfed over the marble tiles.

                    4. “My doberman just barfed over the marble tiles.”

                      ROFLMAO! I guess this means you’re going to sue the state.
                      Sadly, you won’t win. These ladies seem to be a little more educated than you.
                      If I were you, I would listen to what they have to say.

                      But then again, what do I know? I’m just an Idiot….

                      (note correct spelling)

        1. There is your flyswatter Ancap!

          1. LOL

            Thanx Richard, that was fun!

            Oh Amy, AAAAAmEEE… where are you sweetheart??? Daddy has something for you…

            It’s HOT!

            1. bring it….

              Ohh…sad…is that all you’ve got???

              1. You’ll supply the rest… and in an unlicensed fashion…

                1. anything I supply is licensed, registered and of quality!

                  1. I take it you must be operating out of Nevada then…

                    1. Oh, I see… so you’re a freelancer…

  30. This video is absolutely the best summation of the entire licensing scheme.

    For the last post, “the facts are clear” you are obviously someone being paid to say this. ASID employee? or are you an interior designer practicing interior architecture and wishing to be an architect?

    Please state factual content of actual lawsuits won proving an interior designer performing interior design that resulted in a health, safety and welfare injury.

    I keep on looking and can never find any proof.

    And please don’t cite this poor woman in the video as being injurious to the public because of her not going to the “right” schools and working for the “right” people in order to pay for an exam sponsored by the “right” trade union.

    1. You clearly don’t know the difference between interior architecture, interior design, and interior decorating. I would explain it to you, but I have a feeling that no matter how much I say you will be thick-headed and not understand what is what.

    2. And I have never wanted to be an architect. That is what I told my dad when he argued with me about becoming an architect.

  31. I am soooooo glad that this is going to be deregulated! I have always wanted to be a Interior Designer but those lame people called the government say that I have to go to school to become a designer. Why should I spend lots and lots of money to do something that seems so easy? I can pick paint colors and decorate just fine. I LOVVEEEE JoAnn Fabrics and I think that everyone should do what they love. This is America and if we are not letting people do whatever their hearts desire, then that is not good government! I support the ladies from Institute for Justice. I hope that we win this once and for all! I cannot wait to open up my business! Fabrics and Painting is soo funn! Thank God for level headed people that believe in us!

  32. The person who wrote: “INTERIOR DESIGN FOR REGULATION” is actually a STUDENT. She is sitting right next to me in this computer lab. That just shows you, “RealDezinuh” that education *alone* can make you sound like a professional, so why don’t you take a hike back to school.

    Its sad to see interior design not taken seriously as a new and developing career that I am paying over 110,000 dollars to go to school for. I will be graduating in December with a BFA in interior design, and I am looking forward to continuing education, gaining knowledge about interior design, and how it protects the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Interior designers do NOT fluff pillows for their clients. However, we are capable of specifying the type of textiles that will be used for those pillows. Interior designers AND interior decorators are BOTH WELCOME to join ASID which is a TOOL to use collaboratively to LEARN AND GROW your business by learning about new products, connecting with others and sharing new ideas. They are NOT directly responsible for the licensing of interior designers so why bring them into this situation ANY LONGER?

    We DO deal with the building/construction and fabrication of walls/partitions/ceilings. We touch on engineering, are familiar with codes and practice them with mock interior design projects, and know where to find the information through resources we have available to us. I have gained this knowledge through multiple classes and use them every quarter.

    It is CLEAR that people are not getting the FACTS. Do NOT believe everything you hear. Research it yourself. The designers on HGTV may not all be registered interior designers and may be allowed to call themselves interior designers in THEIR INDIVIDUAL state of residency.

  33. Just to clarify, to those that are confused, below are some examples of situations that could give rise to a lawsuit against interior designers (just to name a few):

    Interior designer provided incorrect material specifications to the client
    i.e. the material provided is inappropriate for the intended use

    Negligent specification of flooring.
    i.e. slip resistance ratings were not sufficient to prevent potential injury.

    Non-compliance with building code
    i.e. non-compliant slope of interior ramp intended for barrier-free use, resulting in injury to office worker.

    Error in noting dimensions in construction or millwork drawings
    i.e.wrong size of shelving or furniture for office being ordered and installed.

    Error in designing and detailing custom shelving unit or fixtures
    i.e.unit or fixtures are not designed to be sufficiently structurally sound for intended purpose.

    Error in design that results in non-compliance of fire safety codes.
    i.e. a gym, night club or other public venue is scheduled to open on a given date, but a flaw in design (e.g, improper fire exits locations) causes a delay in the grand opening. The result to the client will be lost revenue and marketing efforts.

    And none of the individual accused “the poor woman in the video as being injurious to the public because of her not going to the “right” schools and working for the “right” people in order to pay for an exam sponsored by the “right” trade union.” She is injurious to the public because her lack of education and understand of the implications that her actions could have on the health, safety and welfare of the public.

    And, for the record, I am not being paid by ASID, I am just educated.

  34. this is AWESOM!!!1! cuz when interir designers get deregged u no architects are next! Theyres no point in them being lisensed cuz i can go to the home depot an buy mah lumber and thats how I built my shed! It still standing to! Got mah John Deere in theyre! Git rid of all them nonsence goverment laws they think they slicker than a harpooned hippo on a banana tree. Aint done this country no good so far! educashun is the devils play ground!!!1! SADDLE UP!

  35. If you think education is expensive…try ignorance.

  36. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

  37. Fly swattin’ should be regulated and licensed as well. There are so many different types of fly swatters and one may take more swattin’ than the others. A skool should be set up to instruct the sheeple on the deep, intellectual need to be licensed before swattin’.

  38. I find it very interesting that the people that are for regulation and licensing appear to know how to spell and use proper grammer. Those of you who who are against regulation obviously don’t know how to do either of those things. It is very obvious from these posts who the “professionals” are.

    Those of you who don’t see the point of regulating professions put a lot of faith in the population, thinking that they are educated enough to hire the right person, I am seriously doubting that any of you are actually intellegent enough to do that yourselves. Furthermore, those of you against regulation do not seem to understand that regulation is important to protect the public from making stupid mistakes as we are not all educated in every profession. I wouldn’t even know where to start to determine if an interior designer is qualified to do what they do as I don’t even know what they do….no more than would I be qualified to know which surgeon is qualified over another or which lawyer is suited to argue my case…I am glad that regulations exist so that I can be sure that the professionals I hire are qualified and knowledgable in their professions.

    1. Amy said:
      I find it very interesting that the people that are for regulation and licensing appear to know how to spell and use proper grammer.

      I do hate to be a pain, but it’s grammar.

      1. Dear Free Radical,

        Before you judge others concerning their grammar, please see below:

        Free Radical|4.15.11 @ 11:35PM|#

        It’s about about jobs, it’s about rights. I have the right to employ any interior designer I like, and it’s none of your damn business.
        reply to this

        Free Radical|4.15.11 @ 11:35PM|#

        Oops, I meant it’s NOT about jobs.
        reply to this

        1. Dear LoveThyNeighbor

          Didn’t Amy judge others by her comment? Is she somehow above reproach? Is she not a hypocrite?

          1. jacob,
            You’re right, I did judge…I was just amazed at how many times someone was stating their opinion on this thread to be told that they are an “idiot” or “Somebody… get me a flyswatter…” or “Licensing is for slaves…” It’s sad that the only comments that some people come up with to someone’s opinion is “you’re an idiot.” I felt bad because I read that one of the posts was from a student and the response that the student received from someone was “Somebody… get me a flyswatter…” Seriously, that’s how we value the freedom of speech in this country. If you don’t agree with the statement that’s fine, it’s your right, just state your opinion and offer counter points. Just made me sad, in general.

            1. In the interest of furthering Amy’s basic education and to shed some light on my previous comment, I tender this:

              When the Russian born American novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand decided to discontinue The Ayn Rand Letter?her publication in which she advanced nifty ideas about various aspects of the (mostly social) world?she explained her decision by quoting Frederick Nietzsche who said that “it is not your job to be a flyswatter.” Nietzsche preceded this advice by advising, “Flee, my friend, into your solitude: I see you stung all over by the poisonous flies. Flee to where a rough, strong breeze blows! …No longer raise your arm against them! They are innumerable, and….

              Alas, for great creative geniuses such as Ayn Rand and Frederick Nietzsche?and the superior human beings he was instructing in his famous work, Thus Spoke Zarathustra?the advice makes perfectly good sense. Occupying themselves with going after all the nonsense being put forth by thousands of people who sound of?and may, alas, have some influence in their culture?could be a waste; unless these flies produce deadly poison, that is. Mere irritants clearly do not warrant the attention of the geniuses among us?they would do much better thinking up grand ideas instead of responding to the zillions of silly ones being created in endless streams.

              Hope it helps…

              1. Ancap, thanks. I appreciate you looking out for my basic education. That does help. I take back my comment below that called you useless.

                1. OK then… and I’ll take back my… well… flyswatter I guess…


            2. Amy,

              Thank you for your concern on my comment. It is sad that people cannot respect someone’s opinions and as you said before state the opinion and offer counter points.
              I do not understand how the conclusion of “idiocracy” is made from someones professional opinion. The other side of the story however is that thanks to my education, I am able to eloquently express why my profession should be regulated.

              So thank you again!

              1. …thanks to my education, I am able to eloquently express why my profession should be regulated.

                WAIT! Wait! Let me get my flyswatter back…

                You pretentiously eloquent iGiot!

                1. “…You pretentiously eloquent iGiot!”

                  What does this have to do with Interior Design? Have I misspelled anything? Negative! So why are you highlighting a G?

                  For the record, I am not an idiot.

                  1. For the record, I am not an idiot.


                    For the record, I called you an iGiot.


                    1. Interior Design for Regulation, it’s nice to see that college students are so eloquent. I am sure you’ll make a great professional one day.

                      Ancap, you need to pipe down and go club your wholesale bitches. Besides, you have used phrases like “Cheers” and “mum” which are not part of any American vernacular….do you even live in the US?

                    2. Seems there’s no escaping Amy’s ‘sharp mind and devastating analysis.’

                      It comes from her suburban provincialism… if only we could all be so blessed…

              2. …thanks to my education, I am able to eloquently express why my profession should be regulated.

                The whole point of public education is to instill social obedience in the citizens through indoctrination.

                Every individual had to become convinced, in the core of his being, that the King was just, his decisions always right, and the need for obedience paramount.

                “If you want to influence [the student] at all, you must do more than merely talk to him; you must fashion him, and fashion him in such a way that he simply cannot will otherwise than what you wish him to will.”


                1. Preach it, Baby, preach!!!!


                  1. Can I see your peach?

                    1. LOL…sure, but you wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway, so why bother?

                    2. Well, in that case, you could always teach me…

                      But are you fully licensed?

                      There’s a lot of masquerading ‘professionals’ out there, I trust you are not one of them…

                    3. LOL

                      Are you now requesting education? Becuase you realized that to offer quality service you need to educate yourself?

                    4. Without your special talents, to get to the bottom of things, it would all just result in a balls-up…

        2. Yawn. That wasn’t a grammar or spelling mistake.

    2. More errors: intellegent; knowledgable


    3. Amy, quick, back to the kitchen…

      1. @Free Radical – Nicely done. It’s a good thing that they have regulations to become a teacher, I might have woken up one day with this bright idea that I wanted to change my career and be an english teacher.

        @Ancap – thanks. You can now return to clubbing your woman. I would hate to see the poor soul that is chained up in your kitchen.

        1. Never fear, even if you miraculously managed to get hired in a perfectly free teacher market, you would be fired after five minutes.

          Return to your tea and scones.

          1. Free Radical, you speak from experience, I take it.

            I like that my post cause you to get so personal. Sorry if I hit a nerve. Is it because grammAr and spelling is all you have?

            Did you want a cup of tea and a scone?

            1. Is it because grammAr and spelling is all you have?

              No, I’m also knowledgEable and intellIgent.

              I’ll have coffee, thanks.

              1. I bet you still have that spelling bee ribbon from the 2nd grade. Congrats.

  39. Not to mention intellegent and knowledgable.

  40. @Ancap – thanks. You can now return to clubbing your woman. I would hate to see the poor soul that is chained up in your kitchen.

    What makes you think that there’s only one?
    I prefer my bitches wholesale…

    1. I’m sure you do, wholesale is for those who don’t care much about quality.

      However, I doubt that any of them prefer you.

      I have yet to see you post something worth reading on this thread. You’re like that dingleberry that the dog just can’t get rid of.

      I hope you and your wholesale bitches have a nice evening.

      1. I hope you and your wholesale bitches have a nice evening.

        Thanks, much appreciated…
        I’ll let my mum and sisters know…

  41. Gov Scott is trying to get rid of these job killing licensing laws in Florida -please see my article about it here:


    I asked my State Senator Joe Abruzzo (D-dist 85) about the bill discussed in the article and he bragged that he was ” ? successful in convincing the sponsor of this bill to remove? industries from the list of industries that would be deregulated.”

    The Florida bill to allow freer access to work in an industry is being gutted by politicians like Abruzzo (thanks for term limits!) and you can be sure that each of the industries bought and paid for that State protection from competition.

  42. It would be great if someone really looked at the requirements in the building code and why people who work on commercial projects need to be licensed. Anyone with a “flair” for color can work on residential projects – NO LICENSE NEEDED. Please, do your research before putting an article like this out.

  43. ty rights, etc. seem like a more accurate measure of freedom than democracy.

  44. This plan has no merit

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