Today in Racism: What Position Did You Play? House Slave!


The jaunty orange-plaid open collar look: daringly dressed down or dreadfully drab?

A Missouri politician says dismantling a state pension bureaucracy is no different than slavery. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Jake Wagman reports on a talk radio rant by State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D-University City): 

"It's nothing different than what slave politics was," Chappelle-Nadal told Bernie Haynes on WGNU (920-AM). "The whole impression of an individual who was a house slave versus the person who was in the field."

Chappelle-Nadal has made no secret of her disdain for Rex Sinquefield, the wealthy financier who has offered part of his fortune to aid the push to dismantle the state-appointed Police Board.

In a hearing earlier this year, she referred to him as "his Rexiness."

On the air this week, Chappelle-Nadal compared Sinquefield to a "plantation owner."

"What these plantation owners like Rex Sinquefield are doing is using some of their house slaves that are elected in St. Louis," Chappelle-Nadal said. "They're actually disguising the conversation and saying this is a civil rights issue."

Chappelle-Nadal, who is from University City, says she is "off the plantation. I'm a Missouri state senator. I'm no longer on a plantation."

Chappelle-Nadal's taste for centralization over local control sometimes pays dividends, for example in this detailed critique last year of a proposed Missouri-wide immigration papers crackdown. 

In this case, however, she not only Godwined the argument but ignored the actual slavery-era foundation of the St. Louis Police Board, four out of five of whose commissioners are appointed by the governor in a system established to give Confederate sympathizers in Jefferson City control of the city's armory. 

The local NAACP and 69 percent of St. Louis voters want to abolish the board and establish local control over the police department. But doing so might also give the city more flexibility in handling the pension crisis. And so, in the byzantine logic of big government entitlement, opposing the plan has apparently become a matter of urgent blackitude. 

Even so, Chappelle-Nadal didn't even score today's top racially charged goof, because a) the day isn't over yet and b) former Sen. George Allen (R-Virginia) is still walking the earth. Old Dominion's gift that keeps on giving has so perfected his game that he can make all of America look stupid just by asking a guy what position he played. State Senator, you're no George Allen. 

[Chappelle-Nadal link courtesy of Mark Sletten]

Update: See? Until the day is over you can't know who the winner is. Joe Leibrandt sends in a Public Policy Polling report [pdf] indicating that 46 percent of Mississippi Republicans support making interracial marriage illegal. 

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  1. Chappelle-Nadal, who is from University City, says she is “off the plantation. I’m a Missouri state senator. I’m no longer on a plantation.”

    I think the proper expression is “off the reservation”.

  2. Dave Chappelle and Rafa Nadal adopted a retarded African child? I didn’t even know they were dating.

  3. Disgusting. Behold the liberal mindset, in all it’s twisted glory. This is why St. Louis is the rat-hole city that it is today. Even the Cards are off to a bad start this year.

    1. Well, to be fair, the city isn’t responsible for Wainwright’s elbow or Holliday’s appendix. To our knowledge.

      1. I’m sure they drank Budweiser.

    2. At least the Rams were in it until the end this year.

  4. “The whole impression of an individual who was a house slave versus the person who was in the field.”

    I’m confused. Is it the house slaves or the field slaves that straighten and dye their hair?

    1. No, she’s off the plantation. So, I don’t actually even know who the field slaves are in the analogy.

  5. “Chappelle-Nadal, who is from University City, says she is “off the plantation. I’m a Missouri state senator. I’m no longer on a plantation.””

    I am rarely one to use the word “nigger”, but sometimes there just isn’t another word as “racebater” is simply too tame.

    1. What?

      1. Yep, confused by this as well.

        1. I think that people like this who use race baiting are of an ilk who deserve to be called n***** because they’re only goal is to advance themselves at the expense of their fellow blacks. This POS has no interest in advancing the liberty of black folk. She wants to keep them on the plantation that she claims (lies?) that she no longer inhabits. She’s just a greedy pimp.

    2. “I’m not a racist, but…”

  6. “I’m a Missouri state senator. I’m no longer on a plantation.”

    Well, then, stop acting like you are!

  7. “b) former Sen. George Allen (R-Virginia) is still walking the earth.”

    Go suck a diseased cock, Tim.

    1. A fan of the distinguished gentleman(?) from VA?

    2. Only Biden and Reid get forgiven for their race-related gaffes around these parts, apparently.

      1. Biden’s so clean and articulate.

        Well… clean, anyway.

  8. Remember Fort Pillow!

  9. I’m a Missouri state senator. I’m no longer on a plantation.

    Oh, silly goose. You’re not off the plantation, you’ve just graduated to house ni…NEGRO, as evidenced by your pressed hair and well-fed, rubenesque stature.

    As loathesome as Nadal is, she’s on the right side for the wrong reasons. St. Louis City wants local control of the police for the sole purpose of raiding the pension fund. It’s a battle between the crooks in Jeff City and the crooks in STL. As for me, I just sit back with a bucket of popcorn and a cup of cocaine-free Coca-Cola and enjoy the show.

    Alderman Charles Quincy Troupe on the Police Pension

  10. I have no idea what point she is even trying to make. Nothing that she is quoted as saying above makes any sense.

    1. Of course it makes sense. She’s outraged and her opponents are racists.

  11. she might have had a point if she compared pension reform to 50 acres and a mule. But, you know, can’t count on pols to be smart.

    1. I thought it was 40 acres.

  12. Let’s see, the son of an NFL Hall of Fame coach asks a man what sport he played.

    If the man is white, everyone would say he was just trying to make an opportunity to drop his dad’s name, and get the guy’s interest.

    If the guy is black, the ritual chanting begins “Racist Racist….”

    Should a white man never talk to a black man like he is a man, but always as the designated representative of the race?

    1. You just have to navigate the field. Once I was talking to a very bright and likable guy. I mention meeting the brother of Dokken and the conversation we had about the music industry. He mentions George Lynch. I nod and asks, ‘so you know George Lynch.’ It gets my attention when anyone a decade younger than I am knows that name. He brings up race, ‘you think because I’m black . .’

      I stopped him right there, told him, ‘dude, I would NOT be talking to you right now if I didn’t think you were eclectic and had something interesting to say.’

      1. I had the same reaction to the Allen quote. Why wouldn’t he ask a tall, athletically built guy what position he played? It is only because the guy is primed to hear racism that this is an issue. The real thing that was revealed is the level of bias living inside Craig Melvin. Although, with a name like Melvin I guess he has a reason to have sensitivity issues…

    2. I’m a big white guy (6′ 5″, 245 lbs) with an athletic build and nearly every day I get guys asking me some version of “What sport do/did you play?” (I didn’t play any…I’ve always had little to no interest in sports and would have been uncoachable if I’d had interest). It’s not a racist question.

  13. For several choice quotes google North Carolina and NAACP president. He has been on a roll with some seriously wacked claims, like our law that does not allow public sector collective bargaining being a manifestation of Jim Crow. Seriously, you would think that the NAACP and the AFL-CIO have been fuck buddies for life instead of adversaries throughout most of the twentieth century if you went by what that dude says.

    1. You fail to account for the more recent acquisition of both subsidiaries by the DNC. They are now sister corporations.

  14. I’m a Missouri state senator. I’m no longer on a plantation.

    Government is the largest plantation, you idiot.

  15. It’s nothing new. Recall that Mikhail Moore compared SCOTUS stopping the 2000 Florida recounts to the Holocaust.

  16. Wow. Mississippi really is a fucking backwater POS state.

    To John, etc. who think libertarians should make common cause with the GOP on most things, it’s a lot easier to teach the naive idiots on the Left basic economics than it is to teach the racist fucks on the Right that it isn’t the Christian, whitebred 1950s anymore, and they need to get the fuck over it.

    1. The sad part is that the question asks not “do you agree with interracial marriages?” but “should interracial marriages be illegal?” and a plurality agreed. That means probably far more find it wrong but are at least not authoritarians about it, or were prescient enough to see that the point of the question was to make Republicans look like racists and hurt the candidates. Or maybe they thought “interracial” meant gay? I guess I’m brainwashed by my liberal schooling and media, but widespread segregationism still seems so shocking to me.

    2. …it’s a lot easier to teach the naive idiots on the Left basic economics…

      I doubt it.

    3. The poll doesn’t indicate the racial breakdowns, and only registered Republicans were polled, but I’m curious to see if it’s not just the “racist redneck Christians” that despise interracial marriage in Mississippi, and if the large black populations that live in in the state feel the same way or not.

      Having spent time around the Montgomery area, it’s still one of the most segregated places I’ve ever seen, although now it seems to be largely self-selected. People are going to have to start entertaining the strong possibility that whites and blacks down there just don’t like each other very much, don’t want to associate with one another if they can help it, and there’s not much the earnest chin-scratchers and SWPLs can do to change it.

      1. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t surprise me either. It’s a sad fact, but as Thomas Sowell points out, modern black culture is most heavily influenced by redneck culture. I still can’t understand why not liking something means it needs to be illegal though.

  17. In a hearing earlier this year, she referred to him as “his Rexiness.”

    Sounds like someone has a crush.

  18. 1st hand, U city is a cluster fuck of academics and retards. The only people not flaming retarded in this particular municipality are the orthodox Jews. The rest of the city is a hot bed of flaming liberal jack boot fucktards, and the city itself is so fucked up and in debt it’s not even funny. So, I’m not surprised she is from there. Hell I’d bet dollars to donuts she has lived her whole life there or in the saint Louis area. People don’t fucking leave Saint Louis if they are born there. It’s not uncommon for people to ask where you went to school and not mean college. (U city is her district…)

    Saint Louis city proper is an independent city and a lot of it is controlled from Jefferson City. I’d say local rule or power would be better, but the city has only about 300K people and most of them are fucking idiots or ghetto since STL is truly a city that experienced an exodus to the suburbs. I’m a little conflicted, while I think the people who are elected within the city should control the city, the current city government of Saint Louis is so woefully incapable of everything I’m a little leery of giving them anything more than a rubber band and paper clip.

    Thanks people of Misery, you dumb fuckers continually give me conversation pieces when discussing how fucked up you are. I know all places have their village idiots, but fuck me if MO doesn’t have a higher per capita moron rate than at least half the states.

    1. so you’re from there 😉

      1. I clearly said I am from there. Jesus H. Christ you are a moron. Clearly the only way I could have any affiliation and knowledge of the city is to be from there…

        Do you have someone tell you to fucking breathe so you don’t forget?

        1. Good morning to you too

  19. You shoulda heard me just around midnight…

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