Reason.tv: The Growing Libertarian Youth Movement

Q and A with SFL's Alexander McCobin and Blayne Bennett


Government continues to grow in size and scope, and yet there may be reason for liberty lovers to be optimistic about the future.

In 2007, college students formed the non-profit organization Students for Liberty to aid the growth of libertarian campus groups. Today, Students for Liberty has grown to include more than 400 pro-liberty campus groups and the organization was recently featured in an episode of Stossel on Fox Business Network.

On March 31, 2011, Students for Liberty hosted a Stossel viewing party at Reason's D.C. headquarters.

Co-founder and executive director Alexander McCobin and communications manager Blayne Bennett sat down with Reason.tv to talk about the organization's history, it's success and, why they're optimistic about the future of liberty.

Hosted by Nick Gillespie. Shot and edited by Joshua Swain.

Approximately 2 minutes.

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