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Join Reason for State of the Union Liveblogging Tonight at 9 P.M.!


Lemme guess, State of the Union is….ask again later?

Join the Reason staff for a State of the Union liveblogging extravaganza tonight, right here at the Hit & Run blog at 9 p.m. We promise to offer you all the snark and/or sincere interest we can muster. 

Last year's Statler and Waldorf treatment of the big speech is here.

Last year's SotU drinking game is here. Updates?


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  1. I remember Jon Stewart making fun of Bush for saying “The state of our union is strong” like three speeches in a row. Yet, I remember Clinton saying the same thing, and I’ll bet Obama does it tonight too.

    1. I’ll raise you. I’ll bet he gives a broad smile after saying it.

      1. You’ll be seeing my chompers a lot, too!

        1. But at least Pelosi won’t be standing next to you. Baby steps. Baby steps.

    1. To poop on!

  2. To me, the State of the Union address is nothing but a stump speech. Since I started following politics, I don’t think I’ve seen one that gives an honest assessment.

    Of course, I tuned out on it years ago.

  3. I won’t be here.

    Insert a random J sub D “Give me a fuckin’ break” or “What a crock of bullshit” at appropriate times.

    Save the “Fuck you Asshole” until he start talking about our progress in Afghanistan.

    1. Me, either. I’m having a huge nachos, beer, and corned beef and cabbage lunch today, just for the occasion.

      I will be done shitting, hopefully, in time for The Onion SportsDome on Comedy Central.

  4. I’ll also have better things to do than watch this and be irritated. It’s Burns Night!

    1. Eeeeeexcellent. Smithers… release the hounds.

  5. Reason endorses drinking responsibly; how else will you know if the president is trying to pull one over on you?

    Even when I’m pie-eyed I can still see his lips moving.

  6. Drinking game addendum:

    Any reference to the “Tragedy” in Tucson.
    Two drinks if the tragedy is “horrific”.

    1. Three drinks if a victim is shown in the audience.

      1. “If”?? I can’t think of more certain givens. You dudes want to get shit-faced early.

        I’m thinking O ought to try to get a live cam on a drooling, propped-up Giffords in her ICU bed. He would put it in one of those little corner of the TV dual screen windows and while the audience goes wild over what a “fighter” she is, the main camera repeatedly pans over those violent and uncivil Republicans for the subliminal edification of the TV audience.

  7. As long as we look to legislation to cure poverty or to abolish special privilege we are going to see poverty spread and special privilege grow.

  8. Drinking game:

    “Invest” (in our infrastructure, education, etc.)

    “Sacrifice” (without saying who — because, if he had his way, no one would. e.g. $250 checks to social security recipients because COLA was 0).

    “Tough choices” (ditto above)

    “Jobs” (better substitute your whisky with ice tea on this one to avoid alcohol poisoning)

    1. *passed out already*

  9. I may watch. But if his opening isn’t “fuck this shit, I quit”, I’ll probably do something more useful, like surf pr0n.

    1. Thanks, Wind Rider!

      I’m changing my opening to: “There are some who say, ‘Fuck this shit, I quit.'”

  10. Drink for:
    “Let me be clear…” and link to CATOs list of “Sunshine before signing” info.

  11. Maybe he’ll use the Moscow airport bombing to announce a vast new domestic security initiative. JOBS, BABY!

    1. Everyone must now submit to a security background check before driving onto airport grounds.

      But this doesn’t restrict your freedom of travel because you can always drive, right?

      1. Oh, too bad you can’t afford car insurance and a car!

        But you can still walk, so it’s all good.

        1. You can still take the high speed rail…

  12. Is Reason providing free puke bags too?

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is a libertarian site – you have to pay for the barf bags.

      Free minds, free markets – but no free barf bags, bitches!

      1. I believe the libertarian philosophy is best sumrised as, “Ass,gas, or grass, no one rides for free.”

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