The Monetary Theories of Boom Ba


A quick footnote to Peter Suderman's post below on Jared Lee Loughner's contributions to the UFO/conspiracy/Forteana site AboveTopSecret.com: The currency thread mentioned in the Daily Caller article should dispel the theory that Loughner was a gold bug. There are actual gold bugs in that discussion, and they're as mystified by Loughner's ideas about an "infinite source of currency" as anyone else.

On a related note: On Sunday Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center declared it was "pretty clear that Loughner is taking ideas from Patriot conspiracy theorist David Wynn Miller." While it is possible that Loughner will turn out to have absorbed some ideas from Miller, that "pretty clear" is looking pretty bad. Any evidence of a Loughner/Miller connection has yet to emerge, and as Dave Weigel notes, Loughner's behavior in court has not been the behavior you'd expect from a Miller disciple.

Update: The alleged American Renaissance connection turns out to be BS as well.