Loughner's Thoughts "often confused other conspiracy theorists" at UFO Website


The Daily Caller's Will Rahn reports that alleged Tucson spree-murderer Jared Lee Loughner regularly participated in discussions at the UFO conspiracy website AboveTopSecret.com.

His postings, they said, revealed "someone who clearly has many questions for which answers have been elusive if not outright impossible to obtain. And despite the best efforts by many of our members, it seemed there were no answers to be found here for which he was satisfied."

Loughner's posts cover many of the same subjects he discussed on his YouTube page: religion, "grammar control" by the government, indecipherable theories about the calendar date and starting his own monetary currency. His thoughts often confused other conspiracy theorists, some of whom replied to Loughner's posts. The result was a series of bizarre back-and-forth discussions.

"What would you call your UFO? My UFO name is Boom Ba," Loughner wrote in one post.

"What is wrong or right with the current date? How is the current date right or wrong? Why is or isn't this the date? When is or isn't the date ending or beginning? Today is July 7th 2010. Why is the year infinite in the date," he wrote in another.

…After a long conversation about currency, one commenter wondered if Loughner was schizophrenic.
"Seek help before you hurt yourself or others or start taking your medications again, please," wrote the commenter.

There's probably still a lot to learn about Loughner. And there may be a lot that we never really understand. But once again we're seeing evidence indicating that Loughner was a disturbed individual preoccupied by incomprehensible ideas and strange fixations rather than someone who was influenced by anything resembling mainstream political discourse.