I Remember When the RIAA Thought This Would Work


Fresh from successfully pressuring Amazon into booting WikiLeaks from its servers, Sen. Joe Lieberman (CFL-Conn.) has now persuaded Tableau, a Seattle software company, to take down some WikiLeaks-related material created by the journalist James Bell. Glenn Greenwald, who interviewed Bell today, reports that the material consisted of

charts summarizing the material released by WikiLeaks (for instance, the charts counted the documents which originated from each country, the number of documents by year, and the like). These charts contained no classified information whatsoever, and disclosed nothing about the content of the cables. It was the completely innocuous work of a freelance journalist to inform the public about the categories of documents released. Those charts were then linked to from the WikiLeaks site, but hosted separately by Tableau.

Those are the benign, purely legal documents that have now been removed from the Internet in response to Joe Lieberman's demands and implied threats.

Needless to say, it didn't take WikiLeaks long after Amazon expelled it to find another host and go back online. I'm sure the Bell charts will also be available again soon, if they aren't already. The whack-WikiLeaks crowd may come out of this affair with some new tools for restricting the world's more pliable publications, and perhaps that's what it ultimately wants. But if you think such tactics will actually prevent Julian Assange (or others like him) from making this sort of material available…well, then you probably expected online filesharing to end when Napster went legit.

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  1. filesharing didn’t end when napster died?


  2. I never would have guessed Liebermann was a Canadian footballer.

  3. I hate Joe Lieberman.

    1. I hated Joe Lieberman before it was cool!

      (I have hated him since the early 90s when he called for an investigation into the price of breakfast cereals, and I was young and completely apolitical then)

      1. Wasn’t he a porn star back then or something?

        1. A Canadian porn star?

          1. That’s crap! There’s no such thing as a Canadian porn star.

            1. Christina Young. BJs with Kay-bec-kwah ‘accent.

            2. Not even Darren McCarty? Oh wait, he was a hockey player.

              Pron star, hockey playa – same thing (in Canada)

            3. Peter North is Canadian.

              1. I didn’t know he played hockey!

                1. I didn’t know he played hockey!

                  He plays with one of the biggest sticks in the league.

              1. I am really loving the internet today.

                *hugs internet and only feels a little icky about 4chan’s wet spot.

        2. No, not a porn star, but I hated him as the dad on Alf.

      2. Joe Lieberman (CPSU-Conn) looks at his face in the mirror every morning then he goes and takes it out on America.

        1. Just like Henry Waxman!

          1. That’s definitely the face of someone who is getting back at the world for the way he was treated as a kid.

      3. I thought it was *uck Schumer who wanted the investigation into the price of breakfast cereals.

  4. Damn you Liebermann!

    If only there were some way to publish documents politicians didn’t want the world to see.

  5. Actual state censorship issues aside, I’m not convinced of the business sense of facilitating WikiLeaks’ dissemination of its treasures.

    1. One way to find out,,,,

  6. This appears to be a page with one of the deleted images in question:

    The graph still *points to* a deleted Tableau-hosted image:

    But the image as it appears on wikileaks, seems to be *hosted* on wikileaks own site now:


    So, fuck you Joe.

    1. When will the old goats in the government realize that getting data off the net is like getting piss out of a pool?

    2. By the way, Internet Etiquette requires that any link to a image go to some sort of pr0n.

      Why waste bandwidth on a f-ing bar graph?

  7. Good old R?hmites! That eeeeviuuul Joo Congressman is the vorst.

    Incidentally, it appears that Saudi Arabia does not hate Israel as much as you guys do. As Suki(?) stated, those wiki leaks show Saudi Arabia chastising the “Messiah” because he wouldn’t go after Iran and was threatening to stop Israel from going to Iran.

    I hope you all had a nice thanksgiving!

    “There’s no need to fear. Underzog is here!”

    1. Hey UnderSchmuck, using JohnSukiBot as your backup doesn’t exactly lend you any credibility, just so you know. In fact, its credibility plus yours equals zero.

      1. Shrike said something a few weeks ago that makes me think Underzog is likely him. Brainfart though to what it was specifically. He commented on Arabs, it had the ring of our friend UZ. Great name by the way.

        1. Can’t believe I use to watch Underdog religiously as a kid. Hannah-Barbara put out some really bad shit considered from any artistic or technical criteria.

          1. You’re not the only one, dude. But they also put out awesome shit like Jonny Quest. And never forget Captain Caveman!

          2. HB might have put out bad shit, but they weren’t responsible for Underdog.

            1. I don’t see why you have to drag another production down to H&B’s level just because it was their product.

          3. Underdog was TTV not Hanna-Barbera

            They did Go Go Gophers, Tennessee Tuxedo…

            1. Facts be smacked; it is not so much that they actually did the crime, but they deserve the time.
              For memories of bad cartoons past, the get the blame. Even for the Cleveland Show they get the blame.

          4. I loved Underdog (I rooted for Simon Barsinister), but my heart truly belonged to Sid and Marty Krofft.

            Sigmund and the Seamonsters, Land of the Lost (I always rooted for the Sleestaks) and HR Puffenstuff (I was heartbroken as a little kid when I started hearing about HR Haldeman getting his nuts in a wringer because of Watergate because I was sure he had something to do with Puffenstuff).

        2. Isn’t “Shrike” from those shitty Hyperion novels?

          Do you think our Shrike even knows that?

          1. Well, in fairness the first one wasn’t so bad. Then Simmons came down with sequelitis. I blame his agent, though.

          2. Shrike comes up as a bot name in one of my favorite freebie games


  8. So this is Lieberhosen’s revenge for when he got his bitch ass kicked at the playground when he was a kid or something? Forcing Requesting removal of innocuous, summary documents from a website.

    Tough guy…

  9. I wonder when we will shut down newspapers for printing this stuff….

    1. Just as soon as the government takes them over passes the “Freedom of the Press Assurance Act”, which will bail out the MSM provide necessary financial support to the rent-seeking, statist hacks this most-important institution.

  10. The longer I learn about those on Capital Hill (Liebermann), the more I realize that 90% of the system is a fraud. Who is NOT a part of the left-right paradigm? Just Ron Paul?


    1. Ron Paul is a rightwing social conservative

      1. A world of difference between a personal ascetic like Ron Paul and a Michelle Bachman though.

        1. F-yeah! Paul looks like shit in dark hose and high heels.

          Bachman, though, looks pretty good for an old broad. The only question inquiring minds have is where exactly does she lie on the Mendoza line?

          1. Bachmann hits above her weight.

          2. I’d, wait, check over my shoulder, okay, clear, tap it.

      2. A rightwing social conservative who wants to legalize drugs and prostitution, you mean.

    2. Joe Lieberman? Well, insofar as combining the worst tendencies of the left with the worst tendencies of the right makes one not part of the left-right paradigm, technically. It really makes him the purest form of Congressman, like a Zerg-Protoss hybrid.

      1. Every election cycle, some media hack points to Lieberman as an exemplar of centrism. And every time, I want to vomit. He’s McCain’s clone, and they’re both perfect examples of why the so-called left-right spectrum is meaningless bullshit.

  11. Seen the latest out of Wikileaks?


    A scandal involving foreign contractors employed to train Afghan policemen who took drugs and paid for young “dancing boys” to entertain them in northern Afghanistan caused such panic that the interior minister begged the US embassy to try and “quash” the story, according to one of the US embassy cables released by WikiLeaks.

    Someone linked to an article on this depravity of a cultural niche that involves slavery, forced transvestitism and prostitution on Hit’n’Run earlier this year. No big dealie for our ‘friends’ the Afghans except for the possibility that the practice would make international news.

    Although rarely discussed or criticised in Afghanistan, it is conceivable that the involvement of foreigners could have turned into a major public scandal. Atmar himself warned about public anger towards contractors, who he said “do not have many friends” and said they needed far greater oversight.

    Seriously, after 9-11, how did the previous administration convince any American that any Afghan official was trust worthy of being an ally after the last attempt blew up in our faces?

    1. “Seriously, after 9-11, how did the previous administration convince any American that any Afghan official was trust worthy of being an ally after the last attempt blew up in our faces?”

      You’re assuming enough Americans gave a shit that they worried about convincing them of anything at all.

      1. Well, there is that. Maybe the correct question is how did they convince themselves.

  12. “The Cable Gate archive has been spread, along with significant material from the US and other countries to over 100,000 people in encrypted form. If something happens to us, the key parts will be released automatically. Further, the Cable Gate archives is in the hands of multiple news organisations. History will win. The world will be elevated to a better place.”


  13. You can’t stop the signal.

  14. bles. It was the completely innocuous work of a freelance journalist to inform the public a

  15. Damn you Liebermann!

    If only there were some way to publish documents politicians didn’t want the world to see.


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