State Power

How I Voted 11.2.2010 Midterm


Amenities are available for all citizens in our democratic republic.

Dale F. Ogden, Libertarian

Lieutenant Governor
Gavin Newsom, Democrat

Secretary of State
Christina Tobin, Libertarian

United States Senator
Carly Fiorina, Republican

United States Representative
Stephen C. Smith, Republican

Tony Strickland, Republican

Edward M. Teyssier, Libertarian

Attorney General
Kamala D. Harris, Democrat

Helpful poll workers and a happy voter join together in the cause of universal worker harmony.

Member State Board of Equalization 4th District
Peter "Pedro" de Baets, Libertarian

State Senator
Nachum Shifren, Republican

Member of the State Assembly 42nd District
Mary Toman-Miller, Republican

Supreme Court/Court of Appeals Appointments
No to all 16

Proposition 19, Legalizes Marijuana

Proposition 20, Redistricting Congressional Districts

Proposition 21, Vehicle Fee for State Parks

Proposition 22, Prohibits State Borrowing from Transportation Funds

Proposition 23, Suspends Global Warming Law (AB 32)

Proposition 24, Repeals Business Tax Deductions

Proposition 25, Lowers Vote Requirement to Pass Budgets from 2/3 to Simple Majority

Proposition 26, Require Fees to be Approved by 2/3 Majority

Proposition 27, Repeal Prop 11 Redistricting Reform

For informational purposes only. No endorsement or recommendation is implied or should be inferred, and in fact if you're following my recommendations you should have your head examined. No rationalizations given, though I like this one from Mike "The Wine Commonsewer" Snell: "I'da voted for Satan, if he was running against her. Fortunately, Carly Fiorina was running, so my soul is intact."