Pot Legalization: Now More Than Ever!


California's Proposition 19, which would legalize marijuana in the Golden State, may be sliding in the polls, but it is growing in the hearts and minds of Americans all over the country. Gallup reports that

a new high of 46% of Americans are in favor of legalizing use of the drug, and a new low of 50% are opposed. The increase in support this year from 44% in 2009 is not statistically significant, but is a continuation of the upward trend seen since 2000.

That's from an Oct. 7-10 poll of over 1,000 adults. The storied polling service further notes that "if the trend of the past decade continues at a similar pace, majority support could be a reality within the next few years." Curiously (to me, anyway), women are 10 percentage points less likely than men to favor legalization, 41 percent to 51 percent. Go figure. As far as geography goes, the West is the best (as Jim Morrison used to say!), with fully 58 percent of folks out yonder backing making weed legal. Old people, conservatives, and Republicans (I'm lookin' at you, John McCain!) are the least likely sub-groups to support legalization, each at about 30 percent for and 70 percent against.

More details here. on the pros and cons of Prop. 19 in the words of supporters and opponents:

Matt Welch and I argue that Prop. 19 is the most important issue before voters on Election Day, in California and beyond. Certainly it's the one vote that could overnight dramatically change the U.S. Read more here.

Bonus video: 3 Reasons to Legalize Marijuana Now.

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  1. Curiously (to me, anyway), women are 10 percentage points less likely than men to favor legalization, 41 percent to 51 percent. Go figure.

    I think it has to do with the “I don’t want my kids smoking pot” and “I don’t want doped up drivers on the roads with my kids on the road” angles.

    At least with my wife.

    1. Mine just loves authoritah and still sorta believes in the omnipotence of the state… despite being a small biz owner WTF!!? Fortunately, taxes & regs are doing much more to change her attitude than I could ever hope to do alone.

    2. Also the “I like to see more men in prison” angle.

      1. So would I. It would improve the female-male ratio at the bookstores and clubs.

    3. Women are averse to risk which makes them objectively anti-freedom.

      Women’s suffrage is not compatible with liberty.

  2. I don’t know how much you smoke, but in my experience, men are much more likely than woman to smoke weed. Except for hippie chicks, and only about 10% of them are worth looking at.

    1. Our chances of legalization can’t hold up to forces of that magnitude!

      1. It’s a train!

    2. But god, dude.. that 10% is fucking hot.

      Remember kids – if she smokes, she pokes.

    3. I know lots of stoner chicks. lots of hot girls smoke. They are just not heavy smokers like a lot of men.

  3. Well, Obamacare is going to screw up healthcare so badly that old people may start dying sooner, thus getting rid of the holdouts who still remember watching Reefer Madness in the theater.

    Although I’m not sure this would be a good campaign slogan-“Vote Obama!-My Healthcare Policies killed old people and now we can legalize weed!”

    1. Can’t be any worse than “we’ve done a great job! Really! If you don’t think so you’re a stupid poopyhead!”

    2. My boss is not pro-legalization. Keep that in mind, would-be smokers. Our death panels will keep it short and sweet.

    3. You can get a hernia straining that hard Tman…

  4. Ok, let me try this again. Burn Baby Burn.

    1. Sucks.

      Here we go: Incinerate

  5. Tuesday will tell whether these polls have any validity at all. Since polls are consistently totally fucking wrong, I’d say that these are as useless as all the others that we are presented with during elections, and then are curiously never, ever mentioned again.

    1. Pot doesn’t cause short term memory loss, pollsters and politicians do.

      1. No, they cause brain damage. Much worse.

  6. (Collectively) women hate liberty.
    They were(and are) the primary constituency for all forms of prohibition.

    1. Hey!

      1. Don’t forget me!

          1. What about us? We’re CEOs you know.

  7. I’ve known many women who smoke marijuana and even use other illegal or diverted prescription drugs who wholeheartedly support prohibition.

    1. There’s a reason why it’s called a “nanny” state.

    2. It’s easy for a woman to hold contradictory ideas in their heads. Probably because in general they lack self-awareness.

  8. That graph looks like a joint that just needs the end twisted, man.

    1. If ya use a rolling machine, ya don’t need to do that. Just don’t over roll, it fucks up the draw.

      1. rolling machines are for pussies

        1. Nah. The pussies are usually too wet, and mess up the paper.

  9. That graph is a beautiful thing.

    1. the phallus of death to the drug war!

      1. It looks like a rocket

  10. What happened in ~1977 that made the two graphs sharply pinch together?

    1. A roach clip*?

      *see Sage @ 12:27 PM

    2. Jimmy Carter

    3. that made the two graphs sharply pinch together

      The graph was done pooping.

      1. Leave it to you to “illustrate” it for us :-).

        1. I doubt the Pro 19 folks will be running with the “pinch off the turd that is prohibition” slogan any time before next Wednesday.

    4. The last time marijuana legalization was inevitable in the immediate future.Weed was near de facto legal in much of the country during the late 1970s.

      1. The backlash was in response to my micro-generation generating the highest use and frequency data among highschoolers in the history of such WoDs statistics.
        (IE, we were all high, all the time)

        1. I remember that…sort of

  11. Go figure.

    Better not.

    “And you wonder why more women aren’t libertarians!”

    Because libertarians’ occasionally noticing that women aren’t libertarians makes women not libertarians. Schr?dinger’s c-word, yo.

  12. Ramesh Ponnuru:

    Like him, I’m not especially swayed by the tax-revenue argument for legalizing marijuana. And I’ll add that he’s right that it’s not “practical” to confine legalization to personal harvesting. But that strikes me as an argument for a broader liberalization, not for refusing to take the first step. (It’s not as though it’s practical to enforce the current law.) Prop 19 may be headed for defeat. But if I were a California voter, I think I’d support it.

  13. I do not think legalizing marijuana is a bad thing, I do not think it would make a big difference, if you look at it, a little less then half of the population are marijuana users already, so why not? I do not smoke but, I think if pot becomes legal, it should be treated like any other drug or alcoholic drink. People are saying they do not want it to be legal because it will cause more proublems and it wont, not if they band it at certain times, like when you are working or in school, things like that. I think people would be smart enough to choice when and where to smoke. People are also worried about being “high” while driving, people smaoke and drive now. But if they do not legalize it, do u think it is going to make a difference in people using it, I feel that if people are going to use it they are going to use it.

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