Proposition 19 Falling


Some uh-oh news from the latest Prop 19 polling from the Public Policy Institute of California:

Today, 44 percent of likely voters plan to vote for Proposition 19—the measure that would legalize marijuana—while 49 percent plan to vote against it, with 7 percent undecided. This is an 8-point drop in support since September (52% yes, 41% no, 7% undecided). Support has declined among Democrats (56% today, 63% September), dropped sharply among independents (40% today, 65% September), and remains low among Republicans (30% today, 32% September). Support has declined across nearly all demographic groups, most strikingly among Latinos (42% today, 63% September). Most likely voters say the outcome of the vote on Proposition 19 is important (52% very important, 28% somewhat important). Those planning to vote no are more likely to consider the outcome very important (67%) than those planning to vote yes (40%).

And that's a big goddamnit. I agree with the words of a long-time pot law reform activist said to me yesterday, that at this point we are no longer talking about if, we are just talking about how and when, when it comes to adult legalization of the weed; but I sure wish the conversation would come to a conclusion quicker than it now looks like it might. Link via Alan Bock at the Orange Punch blog.