Drug Policy

D.A.R.E.: Ripping Families Apart Since 1983


When it comes to its stated mission—keeping school-age children from trying illicit drugs—the D.A.R.E. program has been a failure. But D.A.R.E. does have a fun history of teaching kids to turn their pot-smoking parents in to the police.

It happened again last week:

The 11-year-old student is in 5th grade at a an elementary school in Matthews.  Police say he brought his parents' marijuana cigarettes to school when he reported them.

Matthews Police say he reported his parents after a lesson about marijuana was delivered by a police officer who is part of the D.A.R.E. program, which teaches kids about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

"Even if it's happening in their own home with their own parents, they understand that's a dangerous situation because of what we're teaching them," said Matthews Officer Stason Tyrrell.  That's what they're told to do, to make us aware."..

Police arrested the child's 40-year-old father and 38-year-old mother on Thursday. 

Both were charged with two misdemeanor counts each of marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

They were not jailed and were released on a written promise to appear in court…

Police say both the 11-year old and a sibling have been removed from the parents' house by social services.  

Proving once again that pot ruins lives. Not because of the drug itself, but because of what the government will do to you if they catch you with it.

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  1. Damn – I was ignorant of this side effect of DARE.

    The warning’s a bit late for me – we made it through three kids w/out getting turned in for teh Bad Behaviot, but I’d better warn my pot-smoking friends with youngsters…

    1. Have you ever considered sitting down with yours kids and just hitting them?

      1. D.A.R.E, you are tearing me apart!

        1. Oh, hey Tommy. Doesn’t Lisa look so beautiful?

        2. Stop preventing Doug Walker from reviewing your terrible movies!

      2. seems everyone has said all the basics already but one last good point. Since when is its proper chain of custody for a kid to hand a cop something and claim that it came from someone else, and then police act on that evidence. This seems like horrible law adherence on a variety of levels.

        1. the butt from the kid is not enough for a conviction, you are absolutely right. But it is enough to get a warrant. Then if they find pot at their house, then it’s over. The kids then get to live with strangers for awhile.

          1. Since you have failed to protect your child from coming into contact with a dangerous schedule one controlled substance, he/she will now be raised by alcoholic strangers. Totally your fault. Save the children.

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  2. That little SOB will learn his lesson when he gets ass raped in foster care.

    1. It’s not the kid’s fault.

      1. If you rat your parents out to the cops because some pig spoke to your class, it is your fault. Sorry. The most basic person should know that. And if you don’t, it’ll just be the first of many mistakes in your life.

        1. Nah, blame the parents – for not instilling a healthy distrust of cops.

          1. I bet he hates the fuckin’ cops now…

            1. I agree with Episarch. The kid deserves what he will definitely get. My parents taught us that there were “family secrets” and for that I am grateful to them.

              1. Like that game me and my aunt would play with the pickle in the bedsheets. Somethings you just keep quiet about.

              2. I wouldn’t blame the kid so quickly. The parents probably thought they could hide it from the kids or something. Kids need to be taught early on that cops are not your friends and what goes on at home is nobody else’s business.

            2. Cudos! every parent should tell their children that; there used to be such a thing as a Peace Officer but, they all died off, leaving nothing but Law Enforcement Officers. Be afraid, be vary, vary afraid!

        2. There were times during my childhood when I was pissed enough at my stepdad and my mom that I would have done something like this. Like nanny statists, kids don’t think through consequences.

        3. Dude, the kid’s only 11. It’s pretty hard to blame him when he doesn’t fully understand the consequences of his actions.

          1. Well, that one was probably too dumb to think it through. But he is not representative of all children aged eleven.

        4. I’m more sympathetic, I think. I’m sure the child didn’t know the full extent of the consequences, as the nice police officer certainly would’ve have said, “Oh, by the way, we’ll take you away from your parents.”

          1. Agreed. I think the school and the cops play a large role and deserve some fault for falsely making the kid think it’s done in the kid’s best interest.

            Sadly, the moral of the story is teach your kids that cops are not your friend.

        5. “The most basic person should know that.”

          The kid was in 5th grade. There’s a reason we don’t hold them to the same moral standards.

          Besides, none of you have any idea what this kid’s life was like, what problems he may have, etc.

          In short, you sound like sadistic internet assholes

    2. the article says, according to the police, the kids are staying with relatives.
      I’d say the kid had learned one of two lessons — either not to trust the police, or how to gain power over your parents — or maybe both.

    3. Indeed. Little bastard, if I had turned my parents in for anything, my dad would have kicked my ass so bad I probably wouldn’t be here right now. SERIOUSLY!

  3. From the linked article: However, some positive effects have been demonstrated regarding attitudes toward police.

    Translation: statist attitudes toward the police are pushed in D.A.R.E., though fortunately Balko posts are available to disabuse them of those notions.

    1. In the words of Ice Cube,

      “[I strongly dislike] tha police.”

  4. This all reminds me of the parts in Orwell’s 1984 in which kids were turning in their parents as thought criminals and the people couldn’t even feel safe in their own families. The kids were fed so much statist propaganda from such a young age, that the children were really the main enforcers of the state.

    1. Yes, I copied the article for just that reason. I’m teaching 1984 right now, and part of the assignment is for students to collect “current events” that reflect some theme or motif in the novel. I mentioned this one.

      1. Lorenzo, keep up the good work.

      2. I want to very sincerely say “thank you.” I don’t have kids yet, but I am reassured by the fact that there are some teachers who aren’t trying to turn students into unquestioning automatons. Maybe things will turn out all right.

        1. dont trust the state to educate.

          homeschool your children the state will keep your child @ 6th grade level while the rest of the worlds children are learning 2 languages and leaving school with what we consider college level math

      3. Careful, you might get turned in yourself.

        And yes, I’m serious. All it takes is one of your students mentioning what you do to their parents and the shit hits the windmill.

    2. The thing about the story in 1984 was not only the horror of Winston’s neighbors being turned in by their own kids, but the fact that they told him in the jail cell how proud of their kids they were.

      1. “”but the fact that they told him in the jail cell how proud of their kids they were.””

        And that’s exactly how the D.A.R.E folks think this should turn out too.

  5. I wonder what the editors and commenters at wonkette think?

    1. As everyone knows, teabaggers are racist rednecks who abuse their children, kick puppies, and will bomb federal buildings with their militias. It is ok to treat teabaggers differently as they are subhuman, and NO we are not bigoted against them. Only teabaggers are bigoted. Any suggestion that we can be bigoted against bigots is laughable.

      1. “It is ok to treat teabaggers differently as they are subhuman, and NO we are not bigoted against them.”
        What a oxy moron, what an ultra maroon!
        The government loves people like you! As long as we are busy hating each other we won’t notice the big dick in our asses.

      2. I, personally, find it more acceptable to have a problem with someone due to their choices such as religion or bigotry than to have a problem with them due to a matter they had no choice in such as country of origin or race.

  6. That’s a bingo!

    This Officer Tyrrell seems promising!

    1. Well except for the rumors he diddles hamsters, because anything else is too large for his lack of. . .you know.

    2. You just say bingo.

  7. But D.A.R.E. does have a fun history of teaching kids to turn their pot-smoking parents in to the police.

    Damn, this shit’s still going on?

    Here’s an interesting story. I guess it was about 5 or 6 years ago. An off-duty Brooklawn, NJ cop was arrested by State Troopers in Camden buying crack. If that in itself isn’t bad enough, the cop had just left a DARE lecture, where he was teaching kids about the dangers of drugs.

    1. the kids had turned him in.

        1. Why can’t it be both?

          1. Entrapment? And that never happens.

    2. Ever taught kids? Try it for fifteem minutes and you’ll feel a powerful urge to smoke crack too…

      1. I’ve been coaching them in football (see link) and the kids have been great. If only we could make their school subjects as enoyable!

  8. Not because of the drug itself, but because of what the government will do to you if they catch you with it.

    I remember when I was facing a drug charge. I was talking to a defense attorney about my options, and he asked me if I thought I had a “problem” with drugs. Without missing a beat, I said, “yeah, legal problems”.

    1. Your toilet paper fetish is kinda wack, though.

      1. Are you suggesting I’m full of shit? Would you like a copy of my jacket?

        1. The suede one with the stain that has an indeterminant smell on it that won’t seem to go away? Pass, but thanks anyway.

      2. I think Mr. Whipple wanted the customers to squeeze him, not the Charmin.

        1. I am the World’s most lovable entrepreneur.

        2. He was really great when he played drunks.

  9. It’s worse than that. I have a buddy who has a daughter in college and she threatened to turn them in if she ever coaught them with weed again. Talk about your brainwashing.

    1. It shouldn’t be a problem. Disown the authoritarian bitch. Or at the very least, make sure she understands she is no longer welcome in the house.

      1. Easy solution–your college and living expenses aren’t paid for by your parents anymore.

        1. And to make it even better, tell her they blazed her tuition on some really sticky shit.

          1. In this case it would be the kid’s (young adult’s) fault.

        2. Damn straight. Kick her to the curb, then flush the weed and hide the dog before she has a chance to call the cops on you.

    2. Clearly they have failed as parents.

    3. Wait, she’s in college and still follows authoritarian bullshit that strictly?

      For shame.

      1. Still? Change that to “is more likely to follow”.

      2. sounds like the type to end up being an RA. talk about petty tyrant fun police.

    4. Did she STFU when he pointed out that if he were in Jail, he’d have to spend his money on defense attorneys instead of tuition?


    5. When I was in college, I was sitting around with a handful of friends watching a basketball game. An RA from another dorm on our quad walked in our room and started looking around. I asked if I could help him find the exit, and then he asked, “Is that yours?”, pointing at an empty can of Coors (or some other shit beer) in my recycling bin. I said yeah, and he wrote up everyone in the room under 21 for possessing an open container of alcohol. There were no real consequences for any of us, and the counselor we all had to meet with was noticeably ticked off at having to discuss minor violations with a dozen people every few days.

      About a month or so later he was chasing some guys up and down his own hall in a game of grab-ass or something. He slipped, went through a window, and fell two stories to his death. The next day some concerned resident demanded to know why my hall was having a Halo tournament instead of attending the candlelight vigil. Our RA, a reserved, clean-cut guy, responded, “Kid was a dick.” We all had a good laugh.

      Moral of the story: Neo-prohibitionist types bring out the worst in everyone.

      1. “and fell two stories to his death”

        Seriously? If the kid had less resilience than a discount water balloon, then he was clearly beating the odds just to make it to college-age.

        1. I LOLed!!

      2. What do you call it when the RA smells the sweet scent of pot coming from your room?

        A fragrant violation of the dorm’s drug policy.

  10. Parents should think twice about not raising little Timmy’s allowance.

    1. Parents should think twice about raising little Timmy.

  11. It reminds me of a story I heard about Stalin (I believe). Some little shit turned in his parents for hiding grain during the forced collectivization of agriculture. Naturally, he was given the glad hand treatment by the Soviets: he received a medal from comrade Stalin, his story was broadcast all over the country on radio and in movie newsreels.

    In private, even Stalin commented: “Can you imagine? A child turning in his own parents? What a wretched little beast.”

    1. …and if anyone knows a wretched little beast when he sees one, it’s me!

      1. I look forward to working alongside Stalin to build a world of democracy and peace.

    2. When that kid was starving to death, I hope he thought about how good that grain would have tasted right then.

    3. I can’t remember his name but he was killed by his fellow villagers. Good for them I sez.

      1. I never heard that that story had a happy ending. Well done, Kulaks!


        1. You mean Stalin lied to us?

          I don’t believe in anything anymore.

  12. I’m tell u,

    We are not goin 2 b able 2
    keep dope alive

    1. r u sure? dope seem alive, dope not dead. dope zombie!?

    2. Remember how forty years ago our country had a drug problem, so we declared a war on drugs, and now you can’t buy drugs anymore?

      1. Man, I can hardly remember what it was like back then. Good thing we won that war…for The Children, of course.

      2. Remember how 40 years ago shit sucked but like now its 40 years in the future and shit still sucks?

        1. The weed is good, at least.

  13. “”Even if it’s happening in their own home with their own parents, they understand that’s a dangerous situation because of what we’re teaching them,” said Matthews Officer Stason Tyrrell. That’s what they’re told to do, to make us aware.”..”

    Sick, sick, sick.

    1. Sure, it’s dangerous!

      We’ll throw flashbangs through your windows, set your house on fire, kick down your door, shoot your dog, kill anyone who resists, charge you with trafficking for that one joint we found and then lie about it all after we’re done!

      You should thank little Timmy for helping us Waffen…er, COPS do our job!

  14. Obama and the Democratic progressives are trying desperately to end this war on drugs, but Republicans, the party of no, are blocking the Democrats efforts. You so-called Libertarians should support Democrats in their efforts. Hypocrites.

    1. Suuure, all that’s keeping BHO from telling the DEA to stop arresting every citizen within a country mile of a Medical MJ Dispensary out West is the Republicans!

      New to this place, ain’t cha, troll dolly?

      1. They are not trolling, they are making fun of the regular trolls Tony and Max. And I have to say, posing as a regular troll to make fun of them might be working. It looks as though Max has finally stop coming here. Good strategy guys. Although, I do miss the recipes.

        1. Tony, Max and Chad. Tony once did honestly say we should support the Dems because they are moderates on the economy, and against the War on Drugs, but was scant with examples to support the latter. He should be made fun of.

    2. I’m not sure if this is deluded or just a troll, but pretty much the entire establishment (both Whitman and Jerry Brown) has publically been opposed to Prop 19. The democrats will probably pick up more votes because Prop 19 will serve to get more left-leaning voters to the polls (just like flyover states using gay marriage ballot initiatives to get Republicans to the polls).

    3. So, Obama had that pen in his hand and he was all ready to sign a pardon for Charlie Lynch, but then this bunch of republicans barged into his office, and they like, totally grabbed the pen out of his hand, and took his lunch money, too! Ohmygod, it was soo like that! For Real!


      1. I think they killed that Toto lookin’ dog of his too

        1. Hey, hey, hey! Don’t you be disrespecting the First Lady like that!

    4. B+

      Excellent placement, but not really creative enough for an A.

  15. Phuque the police, and the politicians they rode in on.

  16. DARE is evil. I was DARE student of the year in middle school. Lot of good that did.

    1. You would be, faggot.

  17. Ah, the sweet smell of paranoia. Thank you Balko. Thank you!

  18. I’m familiar with the area, used to go to a private school just a few miles away from Matthews. This one hit home.

    This is pretty sad indeed.

    And the kid is much worse off, also.

    1. Yeah, I literally grew up right off Pineville-Matthews Road (a.k.a. Highway 51), about 15 minutes from the place.

      We didn’t have much indoctrination when I was in school there. We had a bullshit mandatory health class when I was in high school, but it was presented along with sex. At best, we learned to associate scare stories with things that were pretty awesome.

  19. I would say that the one good thing DARE does do is teach kids how to do drugs. I personally have never used any recreational drugs, but I learned what total bullshit anti-drug propaganda was once kids around me started going, “Oh, I can get high from sniffing glue? Fuckin’ A!”… which wouldn’t have happened but for DARE explaining the ins and outs of drug use.

    1. A fallow up study on D.A.R.E. participants in adulthood shows that they are no less apt to do drugs than anyone else but, did suffer a higher rate of self esteem issues. Of course the self esteem thing could just be a coincidence? http://www.druglibrary.org/think/~jnr/noeffect.htm

  20. Fuck that kid. Let social services keep him. Narcs are not welcome.

  21. Fuck that kid. Let social services keep him. Narcs are not welcome.

  22. We get what we deserve, when we let our government teach our children morals and family values.

  23. Let’s be fair to D.A.R.E snicker, snicker .

    In reality, the program HAS helped in one realm. It has nothing to do with drugs, but having police who are highly trained and deal with these situations a lot more often than teachers, D.A.R.E. has increased the number of kids from abusive homes that get help.

    The cops, because of training and experience teachers don’t have, are able to recognize more of the signs of abuse and really help some of those kids escape a violent nightmare at home.

    IF we scrap the D.A.R.E. program, I would be in favor of periodically having the police come in for this purpose alone, no “drug education” whatsoever though. And if not the cops, then some kind of authority which has the same expertise.

    1. I’m gonna need a citation on that one spending a few minutes with some kid in any situation isn’t going to be enough to determine abuse. Quite frankly teachers are in a far better position than a cop to see that stuff since they see the kid daily all week long… Not that that matters

  24. So, shouldn’t they just NOT smoke pot. They are middle aged adult parents, time to grow up.

    1. Yeah! Knock back a few shots of Jack Daniels and slap your bitch around if you’re that bored!

    2. umm people get drunk all the time, adult parents too, you cant walk or talk right when you drunk, something youve been doing since you were 3. so why do people that smoke need to grow up? we can function more then some drunk ass mf.

    3. Weed makes spending all day with kids a lot more fun.

      1. Not to mention sometimes it’s the only thing that makes them tolerable.

    4. “”So, shouldn’t they just NOT smoke pot. They are middle aged adult parents, time to grow up.””

      It’s ok to have an opinion. Just don’t think other people should live up to it.

  25. pot doesnt ruin ppls lives the government does.

  26. What state is this in? Children taken away for misdemeanor possession?

  27. I just emailed the Matthews Police Department about this incident, and received the following response from the chief of police:

    I want to first thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and concerns. It is only when citizens do so that we have an opportunity to discuss the issues.

    Regarding this incident, it should be obvious to you that you do not know the facts of this incident, nor have you likely ever interacted with members of our department. I take pride in the compassion and integrity of the members of this department and this incident, as it unfolded to us, only reinforced that feeling.

    It is unfortunate that many other communities have stopped providing the DARE program as it is designed to protect our children and youth. At no point in any of these classes are students directed or even suggested to “?turn in their parents for crimes.” Students are provided with information to help them understand the effects of controlled substances ? legal and illegal ? upon their bodies and, most importantly, how to recognize and resist pressures and intimidation. Children and teens often find themselves in tragic situations after having been pressured into making decisions they knew were dangerous to them or contrary to their beliefs.

    It was only after a child approached an officer with concerns that his parents were smoking marijuana did members of our department act ? for the welfare of this fifth grade child and his younger sister. And while we could have obtained a search warrant and forcibly entered their home to conduct a search, we did not do that. We approached the parents and informed them of information that had been received that indicated they possessed and consumed illegal drugs in their home, likely in the presence of their children. The parents freely admitted their conduct and showed the officers the drugs and paraphernalia.

    You question our response and arrest in this circumstance stating that these adults behavior in their home in no way threatens you. Our response to this reported criminal conduct was not primarily intended to protect other members of our community, but to protect the children within the home. Furthermore, to assure the immediate and continuing well-being of the children, DSS was contacted and the children were placed with their grandparents, and a counselor was contacted and will be coordinating assistance for the family.

    As you provided in your message to me, the members of our department, while serving all members of our community, so do by “?treating all individuals with fairly and with respect.” While you do not have direct knowledge of this incident, I do. And all I can ask is that you accept my assurance that this is how this incident was handled by the members of our department.

    While I cannot discuss any further details of this incident because it involved juveniles, should you still have concerns or questions about our department, please feel free to contact me.
    – Chief Rob Hunter rhunter@matthewspolice.org

    1. The only reason the PD’s behavior was less dickish is because the parents co-operated and spoke up about their use. If they would have turn the cops away, they would have came back with a warrant and done things “the hard way”.

    2. And while we could have obtained a search warrant and forcibly entered their home to conduct a search, we did not do that.

      This could’ve been a much worse Radley Balko post it seems. Also, note that he considered “forcibly entering the home” for misdemeanor possession.

    3. It’s like he answered, but he had to make sure you knew he didn’t have to tell you shit. And that you’re a terrible person for questioning police activity.

      1. And are now being investigated for fun and profit.

  28. Wow, I can’t believe it. This kid thought he was doing the right thing, instead that took his f***ing parents away from him. Yay cops and marijuana laws! Righting all the wrongs! But one guy did have a point, cops in schools are good at noticing child abuse. Drop the ‘drug education’ and start the ‘abuse education.’ This is the worst thing I’ve heard in some time though.

  29. I remember quite clearly when I was growing up in the DARE program that they specifically told us to turn our parents in if we saw them w/ drugs. So Matthews is probably just lying in his little response.

  30. Is there anyone who can confirm what actually is taught in these DARE sessions?

    It is quite possible that the child in question was being regaled with stories of people getting high and then dying in a car crash or some other horrible fate.

    Maybe this 11-year old was trying to “protect” his parents from such harm? Maybe he did think through the consequences, just not the consequences we as adults can foresee.

    Scaring children to death (especially about potential parental harms) is a gross violation and for this reason alone DARE should be abolished.

  31. I’m 29. I remember DARE when I was in school. My parents and step-parents were potheads. I remember them actually telling us to report our parents if they were doing illegal substances. Stuff scared the s*** out of me. I did not want them going to jail over something so trivial, even though I hate drugs even to this day.

  32. The children suffer more because of the parents’ irresponsibility.

    We help Americans move to Asia for jobs and prosperity. Learn more at http://www.pathtoasia.com

  33. Leaving aside for the moment the question of whether pot should be illegal (it shouldn’t be), or whether DARE is an egregious weapon in the War on Drugs (it is), do any of the pot-smoking parents in the audience get high in front of their kids, and do they think that that’s a good idea? It isn’t the same thing as having a beer with the kids present, as beer is a legal product. Teaching the kids to have a skeptical attitude toward arbitrary laws and authority is fine, but flouting the law and endangering your family just to prove a point isn’t very smart.

    1. You’re a totalitarian. Go home to China where the law flouters are properly dealt with. “You good citizen, neighbors now in reeducation camp”.

  34. Fuck DARE. I’m sure this kid was better off with his pot smoking parents than with the foster parents he’ll have now.

  35. Daft

  36. That is the reason I did not sign my children up for this government ran program. We as parents can and should be teaching our children, not a dare assifer. On the day the dare officer came I pulled them from class, very simple solution. We went to a museum.

    1. In some places, students MUST complete the DARE program in order to pass.

      It’s fucked up.

  37. “Police say he brought his parents’ marijuana cigarettes to school when he reported them.”

    Lucky he wasnt charged with possession, within 1000 feet of a school.

  38. The parents should have done more to hide their pot-smoking habit from the kid, because the kid is OBVIOUSLY too stupid to handle knowing about it.

  39. This is one of the primary reasons I chose to enroll my kid in private school. Even though it still has the DARE program, my one specific question during our parent interviews was whether I could opt my kid(s) out of DARE.

    When asked why, I responded with, “I refuse to allow government propaganda be taught to my kid and choose to instill right in wrong at home how my wife and I approve, not what some suit in government thinks is appropriate.”

    Her response was, “Of course!”

    DARE can go suck a dick, yo!

  40. This is a disturbing story and represents much that is problematic about drug-oriented propaganda in the schools as well as the drug war more generally. That said, we do not know why this young man did what he did. There may have been abuse in the home he was trying to get away from. It’s possible that his parents were drug addicts and that this impaired their ability to parent. Or it’s possible that he was taken in by this propaganda and did what he thought was right at the time, even though it may be ultimately unjust. What I do know for sure is that when people who claim to care about human liberty are rooting for an eleven-year old to be anally raped in prison it is hard for me to take their claims seriously and it has effectively convinced me that they are a horrible human being. What’s more, the commenters on this board seem not to want to call these people out on saying such horrible things.

    And as for “family secrets” such talk is often used to justify all kinds of horrible abuse, generally directed at women and children and to keep the victims quiet. The lack of sensitivity to such dynamics is quite frankly niave.

    1. If there is indeed some indication of actual child abuse, or neglect, or any of these things that you’ve alluded to with absolutely no evidence, then why didn’t the police charge the parents accordingly? Why wasn’t that cited as the reason the children were taken away?

      Perhaps you should go back through the Reason archives and read some of the articles about bogus abuse claims ? like the ones you’ve just raised ? before you try this shit on us.

      1. Your claims aside, the idea that Kathleen has pulled out all sorts of “maybe this, maybe that” scenarios sans evidence, she is right about the “I hope this little kids gets his due” comments being over the top and absolutely out of order.

        The kid is 11, and whatever happened is absolutely the fault of his parents. After all, why is it that he was able to get one of their joints to bring to school? They shouldn’t be just leaving that shit around for their 11 year old to get.

        Much as I hate DARE (see my comments above), stupid parents are stupid; you can’t blame that on their kids.

  41. When the parents eventually get their kids back, they should probably pack up and move to Canada… a much more free country.

  42. gsdv xNice post.It’s all in the eyes and where they are looking~

  43. Maybe those kids reported their parents because they sucked… Would you report your parents if they didn’t suck? Maybe pot had something to do with it…

  44. this is absurd. You know, sometimes a kid doesn’t get to watch their favorite t.v. show, or eat their favorite junkfood. and the the supporters of americas pot-genocide/imprisonment/persecution would do well to read up on some natzi german era history, when child could be brainwashed into turning in their parents for helping to shelter or hide jews. then the parents could go to death camps as well. i am disgusted that something as crooked as the dare campaigns propaganda against marijauna is still even taught in schools, though i can appreciate its necessity as an educational diversion from hard drugs. but wtf is it worth when any kid can get a prescription for opiates, ritalin, aterol, and other Filthy addictive narcotic drugs. it seems to me the “conscious revolution” of my parents days was hijacked by Big Pharma corps, and now we have expensive, insurance company provided pills to cure virtually any imaginary illness. read between the lines. pot is medicine, and mostly harmless. tylenol destroys the liver. prohibition against pot is ETHNIC CLEANSING. americana style. take their home, cars property freedom, jail them, enslave them, make our license plates. takes their children out of safe, loving homes. when will this disgusting and fraudulent conspiracy die ? the facts are piling up. pots not evil. the pigs and the judges that enforce this LIE need to be fired, gagged, or re-educated. i wash my hands of this. the change is already happening.


  46. Utterly ridiculous. I remember years ago when my son’s class was visited by a D.A.R.E. officer at his school, he came home and called me out on my use of marijuana. I had never used in front of him, but he had obviously become familiar with the smell emanating from my bedroom. I simply sat him down, and explained my perspective on the use of marijuana. Essentially explaining that I disagree with law enforcement on the dangers of smoking pot, and why. I have been with the same company for fifteen years, and his father is a high school science teacher. We both grew up in households where marijuana was used by our parents. We are exceedingly functional, productive, responsible people in society—we just happen to believe that marijuana is not harmful or detrimental to the well being of our family. My son decided on his own, based of two great parents that marijuana propaganda is a farce. He is, and always has been an honor student. He plays several instruments(including a mean bass), and is extremely responsible. I have taught him to question authority on an intelligent level, by focusing on the facts. It seems as though the eleven year old in this article must have had other issues with his family to trust the word of a D.A.R.E. officer, over his parents. Very sad outcome.

  47. I remember my days in the d.a.r.e. program. The fear they taught was enough for any 10 year old to cower from drugs, and maybe even turn their parents in on the side for an extra high five. The D.A.R.E. program is outrageously absurd for ruining lives like this and continuing its path of destruction. When a programs main emphasis is to be fearful of something, in this case the use and possible effects of drugs, it can’t be a healthy cause, and D.A.R.E. has proven this in its failure.

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