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"CVS did not set out to be part of the meth trafficking trade but they made a poor decision," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Shana Mintz. "Rather than choosing to over-comply like their competitors did, they knowingly under-complied with the law."

So what, specifically, was CVS's offense? They weren't sufficiently suspicious of customers who purchased cold medicine. For that, the company will pay a $75 million fine, the largest civil penalty ever imposed for a violation of the Controlled Substances Act.

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  1. What you put in your body is our business. And if you think life is going to get easier if Marijuana becomes a schedule II drug, you’ve got another thing coming.

    1. I’m all for legalized pot, however,
      what you put in your body is your business,until you burgle my home or rob me in the street to pay for your unaffordable habit. Then it’s my business to see the state puts something in your body to make you die.

      1. Death for B&E or robbery. Not cruel or unusual at all.

        1. The state won’t have to put anything in; that’s what a .45 is for. All I ask is you haul the corpse off my property.

      2. Fortunately there’s a law against burglary and robbery, that applies no matter what your motive.

  2. “Look, we want you to express yourself, ok? If you think the bare
    minimum is enough, then ok. But some people choose to wear more and we
    encourage that, ok? You do want to express yourself, don’t you?”

    1. I don’t want to talk about my flair.

    2. Hell, Lumberg fucked her.

  3. They weren’t sufficiently suspicious of customers who purchased cold medicine.

    I’ll bet CVS doesn’t lock its car doors, either.

    1. That’ll be a another fine, please.


  4. Who says the drug war is losing steam?

    1. Oh, it’s all gonna come tumbling down… any second now. Aaaany second.

    2. Good to see that Obama is taking a more rational approach to the drug war than his predecessors, isn’t it?

  5. Next up: sudafed straw purchases.

  6. Look, federal prosecutors need to advance their careers, ok? Bogus retarded drug convictions are the easiest way to do that. “I’m tough on crime, unlike Rand Paul!”

    1. This is a no brainer: $75 million collar, and no risk at all of CVS shooting back.

  7. “Rather than choosing to over-comply like their competitors did, they knowingly under-complied with the law.”

    Damn, that makes me really want to be a CVS customer.

    1. What is the difference between over-comply and under-comply?

      1. One is showing sufficient respect for your government overlords and the other must be punished.

      2. Apparently, about $75 million

      3. “Speeding, officer? I was just overcomplying with the limit!”

    2. Wow. Now it is no longer sufficient simply to comply with federal law. Your “failure to overcomply” now becomes evidence against you!

      What next? Failure to overpay your income taxes is evidence of tax evasion?

  8. As a radical liberal I support the free market exchange of all chemicals and bodily fluids via whatever means Craig’s List or any other open market bid system supplies.

    (yeah, I know – Craig pussied out too).

    1. There is a bodily fluid bubble that needs intervention to avoid a market failure…

    2. You don’t support a free market in anything, shriek.

    3. What about selling organs?

      1. Steam or electric? Or were you thinking of electronic keyboards?

  9. Imagine a day when it might actually be more profitable for drug dealers to sell pseudoephedrine to people with colds than meth to people looking to get high.

    1. Cold pills and tobacco.

  10. You know what would Mrs Mintz needs? A good, old fashioned tar-and-feathering. People like her need to be driven from any position with power.

  11. CVS chose to not ‘overcomply’…damn what a brainiac…a whole new concept of law.

    Overcomply or bear the wrath of the state.

  12. Of all the things commented on, this line disturbed me the most, “CVS knew it had a duty to prevent methamphetamine trafficking”.

    If we agree with the premise that we need to prevent people from doing what they will to their own bodies, and I am not conceding this point, but if we are to take that position then prevention of trafficking lies solely with Law Enforcement.

    It’s a private companies “duty” to act as law enforcement? I thought their duty was to sell medications, soda’s and bubble gum (with the occasional Iced Tea Pitcher).

    1. This. I re-read that line a couple of times before repeating the same sigh I always repeat before resolving never to think about it again.

    2. So CVS a privately owned company is somehow responsible for preventing trafficing of meth. Failure to do so to above the gubermints dictated level results in a net profit of $75 million for the gubermint. This is the same government that will not allow Arizona to help enforce immigration laws because only the gubermint is capable of doing that task.

      This makes sense how?

      1. If you don’t help the government stop meth to the Feds satisfaction you will be fined. If you don’t STOP helping the Feds round up illegal aliens they will sue you. Makes perfect sense to me.



  14. It sounds like the Feds extorted almost 78 million from CVS. The money will just be used to support more heavy handed enforcement of draconian drug laws.

    1. Why did they stop short of confiscating ALL of CVS’s assets? Doesn’t everyone suspected of trafficking in illegal substances forfeit all their assets?
      I guess they thought $78 million no one will care about, but going after the whole enchilada would be over-reaching…..

  15. Great, now CVS will pour money into drug legalization campaigns. Another reason to oppose Citizens Disenfranchised.

    We don’t need any more filthy foreign corporate cash contaminating our electoral system OR our national character.

    1. CVS is headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, dumbass. And I didn’t even need to look that up.

      In any event, the likelihood that CVS Caremark would spend so much as 10 cents on drug-legalization advocacy is almost certainly nil. If anything, they’ll give money to pro-prohibition groups to get the Feds to back off. Did you read CEO Tom Ryan’s am-I-bending-over-enough response to the fine?

  16. CVS is the perfect one stop shop. Sudafed, lighters and light bulbs all together.

    1. And killer cheese puffs. Don’t forget the killer cheese puffs.

  17. Next on Support Your Friendly DEA, how to inform on your neighbors for fun and profit. Remember, it’s our job to tell you how to treat your body, and we’ll make you pay for forgetting that.

  18. Dicks. The two times a year I get a sinus headache I have to stand in line for 15 minutes so I can sign a damn ledger so the feds know I’m a possible meth dealer. Overcompliance, it’s like when some idiot cashier carded me buying beer when I was 43 and was staring to go gray.

    World of idiots.

    1. At least you don’t have to get a fucking prescription for it, like we do in this state.

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