Microsoft Picks Up Tab for Apple-Exiled Journalist Isaacs



Chelsea Kate Isaacs, the CW Post journalism student who was excommunicated from the Apple cult by an email pal identified as Steve Jobs, has been welcomed by Microsoft. Gawker reports:

Isaacs says she's boycotting Apple after the company's PR department ignored her calls and Jobs told her to "leave us alone" in a heated email exchange over Isaac's attempts to collect information on Apple for a journalism school assignment. Isaacs told CNET reporter Ina Fried, "I wouldn't be comfortable giving [Apple] a dime. If that's the way you treat consumers, that's not right." She added "I hate Apple, but I don't hate Apple," and will be objective in covering the company.

Isaacs spoke from the New York launch of Windows Phone 7. The Long Island University student's travel expenses to the event were paid by Microsoft after she won a contest sponsored by the software company, which issued the award after her spat with Jobs. Nevertheless, added CNET, "the group's adviser told them to be tough and hold Microsoft's feet to the fire while meeting with various company executives and learning about the company's products."

"…after she won a contest sponsored by the software company, which issued the award after her spat with Jobs…" I don't think I could write a more opaque phrase if I tried, and regular readers know I try pretty hard. Best wishes to Isaacs, and congratulations to Microsoft and Apple, still hanging on as the Kang and Kodos of American technology after three decades.

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  1. Just one more reason to dislike steve jobs, his company and everything apple touches.

    What a D-Bag…

    What is ultimately amazing is even with this horrible PR, coupled with the other disastrous PR issues Steve has had this year, the Applites will still salivate, buy and worship in droves.

    1. The iPad is the best selling gadget of all time.

      Jobs may be a douchebag, but he is a smart douchebag.

      1. He made 1 great product (ipod) which brought his company back from the brink after years of disastrous market performance. He spun this niche product into various similar devices cheaply and quickly to ride the tide of the ipod. It was smart and amazingly successful even though each iteration had its share of release issues (always brushed aside). This in turn created a larger group of fanboys then he ever had before, read college students accustomed to being indoctrinated into bad decisions. They go home and tell their parents to buy them more gizmos so they can have the latest apple craze which fuels media hype…..

        Of course, since then though he’s gone right back to the behaviors and practices which caused him to lose the favor he had the first time around. Pr nightmares, closed systems, locked down devices and the policy of telling consumers how they must use and interact with their devices.

        Of course marketing is king, and the sheeple dont care whos behind a product so long as they have the latest cool thing.

        Imagine the oven sales in Germany if only Hitler had a Jobs’ marketing department!

        1. Righto – a company with a $275 billion market cap gained it from a single old I-Pod product? Completely fleecing the investment community?

          I can’t believe how much ignorance is spewed in the comments section here.

          Its the same for any mention of Buffett, Gates, Ellison, Soros, Brin, Page, Bezos, Woz, or any other liberal who succeeds wildly – the markets are rigged for them somehow.

          1. You are such a fucking spaz, shriek. I really do want to know how much meth you do daily.

            1. I find him annoying even when I’m in general agreement with him.

              1. Would you say that it’s the willful ignorance of where he is posting and what people say to him, the willful ignorance of where he is posting and what people say to him, or the willful ignorance of where he is posting and what people say to him?

                Or just the fact that he’s more hyper than Chris Tucker in a Brett Ratner film?

                1. Don’t forget the categorical imperatives randomly asserted with no factual or logical basis, you Bushfag conservative.

                  1. How could I? Or the wild claims of market knowledge and success.

                    I bet you listen to Rush “King of the Rednecks” Limbaugh every day.

                    1. Watch it there Christfag.

                2. Oh, and the willful ignorance of where he is and what people say to him.

                  I don’t watch Brett Ratner films, so I’ll use “Chris Farley after shooting a speedball” as my model for hyper.

          2. Market cap, blah blah blah, expenditures and such hoodyhoo…sweep, sweep, sweep.

            Make sure you mop up my room real nice, ya hear!

          3. Apple made a really amazing comeback from total irrelevance. I will give them that. In large part it was how they stopped making macs, and became a computer case designer/parts assembly company + premium OS developer. Also, making really cool personal electronics. That doesn’t make long time Mac fans any less delusional though. Apple was vastly overrated for a very long time.

        2. He made 1 great product (ipod)

          I only know about the Mac.

          See look at this amazing peripheral it has…they call it a mouse.

          crazy stuff.

          1. I only know about the Mac.

            See look at this amazing peripheral it has…they call it a mouse.

            What the fuck are you talking about?

            1. You idiots don’t even know.

              1. Say what you want about Aapple…but know your future was killed by Google.

                Jobs had nothing to do with it and he died a hero in the end.

      2. Or the apple II plus, that was a pretty awesome gadget, the iPhone seems to be pretty inventive and forward thinking as well. Lets not forget basically building the app market (or making it viable).

        Hate him and his company all you want, but all I’ve gotten from the competition over the last 10 years is a lot of what apple was doing last year with a blue screen and an ability to update or build it myself. The costs tend to become moot since I have a macbook older than dirt that runs just fine and a PC box that has a fried MB that is 4 years old.

        The duckface photo is fucking awful.

        1. I don’t understand all these people who claim PCs getting “fried” and all that.

          I have had maybe 4 motherboards since I started owning my own computer 13-ish years ago, and the only reason I’ve changed them was because I wanted more speed/memory. Haven’t had any hard drives go down. Not much bad to speak of at all.

          1. I’ve had one mobo, one hard drive, one power supply, and one GFX card go.

            I’m not a fanboi of either, but the expensive argument disappears if you start taking things like longevity and time preferences into account.

            1. And yet I’ve had plenty of longevity with cheap stuff.

              1. /shrug

                I have as much anecdotal evidence as the next guy, just as you do.

                1. That’s about what these things amount to.

                2. Well, since apple doesn’t actually make the computer components anymore… your both full of shit. That apple you have is made of the same components by the same companies as any other company. Give or take.

              2. I booted up a commodore 64 last year. BEAT THAT!

                1. Greatest machine EVER.

                  1. Especially if you had M.U.L.E. for it.

              3. Really, I think it is how lucky you are. I knew 3 people who’s newish macs died within weeks of each other, I would think that that is not typical. I have gone through exactly two second hand dell laptops in the past 6 years or so. Still on the second one*, first one I donated in working order** to goodwill.

                *knocks on wood

                **Wireless card needed replaced.

                1. This. Dell Optiplex laptops are fucking tanks. I have a 9 year old one at home that still runs, albeit very slowly. I ususlly have to get rid of them at 5 years or so, just out of performance reasons, and they have plenty of life left in them.

                  I would recommend one without hesitation. They cost a bit more than Dell’s consumer level line (Inspiron), but worth every penny.

                  Avoid consumer-level HP laptops like the plague.

          2. Microsoft is a software company, Apple is a consumer electronics company, and Intel is the hardware both run on.

            1. I’ve got XP running on an AMD at home.

              I hate Intel. I also hate Windows, but XP has been super stable for me as opposed to pretty much everything else they’ve ever come up with OS-wise. I’m too lazy to go full x-based OS still.

        2. Ridiculous. I’ve owned a grand total of 3 PC’s over the last 17 years and I’ve never had a problem with any of them. My XP box has lasted me 8 years…no problems whatsoever.

          Pay the same price for a PC as you would a Mac, and you’ll get a more flexible, better performing, equally stable product.

          On the other hand, go ahead and buy a $500 laptop and you’ll be replacing it in 2 years. Why would someone be surprised by that?

      3. Appustarch, the article you link to claims that they have sold 8.5 million units making it the best selling gadget of all time.

        There have been over 100 million NES game boys sold. What about the discman?

        What is their definition of electronic gadget?

        1. I think it’s the most sold in the three month period after first release or something like that. And Gameboys are for schmucks, anyway.

          1. Gameboy was the first thing that I could think of that I knew would be over 10 million units, so I interneted that.

            I had one of the ones that the screen looked like a ti-89, and it weighed 17 pounds…I was a schmuck, but aren’t all 12 year olds?

            1. Yes, they are, but I’m going to accuse you of being extra-schmucky.

              1. I had a game gear as well, does that mitigate, or exacerbate some of the schmuckiness?

                1. If you had Space Harrier, then all is forgotten.

                  1. No I didn’t, but I had a buddy when I was a real yungin that had a Sega Master System, and we played that game a lot.

                    If I remember correctly the game was like a credit card instead of a cartridge.

                  2. Space Harrier was awesome. Nice trippy graphics for the time and all you had to do to avoid all the bad guys was to go around and around in a circle at a certain speed.

            2. I had an atari 2600 and a 12″ black and white TV all duct taped to my radio flyer for my portable gaming!

      4. The iPad is the best selling gadget of all time.

        It goes like Kool Aid at a Jim Jones convention.

      5. The iPad is the best selling gadget of all time.

        Huh? Does “gadget” have some trade-jargony definition that I’m not familiar with? For instance, isn’t a cell phone a gadget? And hasn’t it sold, like, a megabazillion times more than the iPad?

        For that matter, hasn’t the iPod sold a gazillion times more?

        1. Whoops, I’m a dummy. Didn’t realize this whole “gadget definition” thing was already covered above.

          Anyway, if this is the criteria — “most sold in the three month period after first release” or whatever — then it seems like “fastest-selling” would be the better description.

          1. “Most sold in a three-month period” is a pretty arbitrary and convenient “metric”.

  2. If Chelsea wants to package up her broken heart and mail it to Apple’s Customer Service Center, I’m sure they’ll solder in a replacement battery and ship it back to her in a week or so.

  3. The Duckface of Triumph!

  4. I don’t think I could write a more opaque phrase if I tried

    Well you obviously won’t be winning any software company journalism contests anytime soon.

  5. What sort of dumb bitch tries to get a response from Steve Jobs? Jesus, she’s a journalism student, not Walt Mossberg. If Mossberg or David Pogue don’t get their phone calls returned by Apple, THAT’S news. Not when some Long Island princess can’t finish her community college assignment. What the hell is a Windows 7 phone anyways?

    I’d rather be dead than have a Dell.

    1. Dell is far from the only option.

      1. Good thing, too. I feel like calling someone at the office 20 minutes before I arrive to boot my machine so it’ll be ready when I get there.

        1. You have a Dell that boots in 20 minutes?

          Fuckin’ liar.

        2. Why the hell would you turn your computer off? Or at the least hibernate it.

          1. I never do.

          2. I know some places that shut down computers to lower the electrical draw. No clue if it helps, but they can say they are saving the world and cute fuzzy creatures by doing it.

            1. If you hibernate it shuts down but your memory state is saved to disk, so time to come back up is very short, and the computer is completely powered off.

              1. Standby works even better for quickness.

          3. We generally leave our PCs on logoff b/c they run scripts at night. Unfortunately, I have programs that have to run overnight, so I have to restart once in a while to get the script updates.

          4. Where I work, it’s required. Fuckin’ pain in the ass, it is.

        3. That’s probably due to an idiotic IT department more than anything. Happens where I work, too, on Dells.

          Most of the boot problems come from a department that actively doesn’t deal with simple shit like (and this is no-shit real) a security log that spews errors hundreds of times a second every single time you log in.

          1. I tell my users to shut down their machines at night. It clears up the problem of half of them not knowing what “log off” means.

            I could live with people leaving their systems on overnight, I do, but it’s also prophylactic in clearing up problems that a simple reboot will fix.

            Turn ’em off is simple and everyone understands it, even the dipshitiest of users.

            Oh, and fuck Apple.

            1. We’re an engineering firm, so the users are pretty adept at “log off”, “stand by”, “lock screen”, etc.

              Of course we’re also a massive target for hackers, so there’s a lot of shit that has to be pushed weekly or sometimes on an emergency basis. Reboots are only routinely necessary once a week. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if the IT doofuses would fix the error log/security log problem.

              1. Weird. Never seen anything like that.

                Why is your firm a hacker target?

                1. Not gonna say much more than that (but no, not an intelligence agency).

                  1. Got it.

                    How’d our gal Jill leave off today? Still on message?

                    1. Yep. I’m surprised (pleasantly) that she stuck around – most interlopers toss their toys out of the pram and go away.

                    2. Well, you can’t really blame them. It’s like a Pentecostal stumbling into a Church of the Subgenius cookout.

                      I don’t think she took you very seriously when you told her how nice we were being.

                    3. She started getting more concerned with profanity the longer it went on. That’s usually a telltale sign that someone is running out of useful retorts.

      2. Right. Vaios are pretty quality machines, but they run nearly what a mac does too, so why bother unless you game?

        1. So it’s either Dell or Sony?

          Come on.

          1. Are you shitting me? Do you want me to list all the other shitty PC’s I’ve had over the years? All the absurd spybot and malware remover BS I’ve had to run? And don’t tell me if I just “knew” how to care for it, it would be all right – I had a part time gig in college (starting in 2004, so not long ago) cleaning up the shit on people’s PC’s.

            Look, the market has shown that Apple makes superior products. It’s just that simple. If Steve Jobs wants to fight his cancer with veganism or get into fights with coeds, who the fuck cares!

            1. Have at it.

              I have a fairly well-abused homebrew system that never breaks and I run minimal malware removal products because I’m not an idiot when I go online.

            2. Look, the market has shown that Apple makes superior products.

              Bizarre argument, considering that the reason Apples are infected less is mainly that their market share is so small that it’s not worth malware developers’ time to target them.

            3. Let’s see – Macs are about 5% of the Personal Computer market. I would hardly say that the “market” has shown Apple makes superior products. Not that I hate Apple – I have an iPOD Touch and just love it, but would not buy a Mac over a PC. Too much extra expense – it’s just not worth it.

              1. Interesting. I hate Apple, but like my Mac laptop quite a bit.

    2. Dude, you’re getting a Dell!

    3. Oh, but she did get a response. She got a response telling her to leave them alone. Why not just ignore her?

      As for mac vs pc, they are computers, not life choices.

    4. On a related note, AAPL is worth about three DELLs more than MSFT at the close of trading today.


      1. And has an awesome channel within which to trade and make money.

        1. Oh ya, and a larger mrkt cap than Mr.Softy!

    5. I’d rather be dead than have a Dell.

      The choice is not between Apple and Dell, the choice is between Apple and Democracy.

  6. Isaacs says she’s boycotting Apple

    …and Apple retail employees in NYC breathe a sigh of relief. One princess like that can wreck your mood for the whole day.


    Anyone else see this? Are you kidding me? This reads like a bad undergraduate econ paper. God help us.

  8. And also Chelsea looks pretty cute. Anyone who bothers to write her ought to at least try to get in her pants. The fact that jobs took the time to write her just to be a prick, doesn’t speak well of him.

    1. John, you’re thinking like a normal dude and not like a megalomaniacal billionaire.

      1. Wow. We made it almost 60 comments before the first “I’d fuck her” comment. Considering she is rather good looking, that’s pretty impressive.

        (I’ll admit, I thought of it, but I wanted to see how long it would take).

        1. It just took 60 comments for me to get here. I am always the one who comes out and says what every other straight guy is thinking.

          1. As I admitted, I only held back for scientific purposes.

          2. That facial contortion is suspicious. Like she’s hiding a boil or something.

            1. It’s standard “social network pic” fare.

              1. I’m glad I’m not a kid these days…

  9. Yeah, she won a contest that consisted of a drawing . . . of only one ticket.

  10. Something about getting in fights with people who buy ink by the barrel?

    1. Which in this case would be someone with a facebook group and a ‘class’ at a community college.

    2. I’d be more worried about fighting with someone who buys NOR gates by the barrel.

    3. what is ink?

  11. Nobody seems interested in the fact that this chick was basically trying to get Jobs to do her homework for her, and now she’s pouting her way to Microsoft. Ugh, they can have her.

    1. Another Apple cultist distorting the story to protect their own Koresh figure.

    2. You do realize that if Jobs had simply not responded to her (as he probably does with thousands of other emails he gets every day) none of this would have happened. I don’t recall her forcing him to fire off his douchey response.

      But the Apple zebra doesn’t change its stripes…his actions were totally consistent with the garbage company he runs, the same one that denied my warranty claim when the comma key on my iBook popped off after two weeks of ownership because it was “a wear and tear part”.

      1. Can’t we just have peace?

        I’m sure we can all agree that Steve Jobs is a douchebag and Chelsea Kate Isaacs is a cunt.

        1. …which makes them perfect for each other.

        2. We can agree she has a cunt — which most of us wouldn’t mind getting inside if she would STFU.

      2. But the Apple zebra doesn’t change its stripes…his actions were totally consistent with the garbage company he runs, the same one that denied my warranty claim when the comma key on my iBook popped off after two weeks of ownership because it was “a wear and tear part”.

        In no way should the lack of a comma key prevent you from looking up on the internet the multiple ways to repair it yourself.

        Plus laptops suck…if you really need one buy the cheapest and spend the money you save on a desktop.

    3. If I understand correctly, she originally contacted their customer service in order to get a few quotes for her homework. When they did not respond, she wrote an e-mail to Steve Jobs complaining.

      I would also think that a customer service department would have the job duty of answering the questions of their customers. However I would assume this varies by company.

      In conclusion, Steve Jobs is a douche.

  12. I don’t think I could write a more opaque phrase if I tried, and regular readers know I try pretty hard.

    and we hate you for it…

    If only because it can get in the way of your otherwise excellent journalism work…

    you bastard.

  13. Gin up ‘spat’, win contest, kudos and cash…the American way…tell me again who is Isaacs and why should I care?

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