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No-on-Prop. 19 Consensus Welcomes Arnold, L.A. Times, Modesto Bee


Not going out with a bong

California's pot-smoking governor, in the course of whacking the Service Employees International Union on pension reform, delivers a quick one-two punch against legalization:

Any patrol officer, judge or district attorney will tell you that Proposition 19 is a flawed initiative that would bring about a host of legal nightmares and risks to public safety. It would also make California a laughingstock.

Any, kemosabe? How's about these guys? As for making California a "laughingstock," rest assured: That peak done already been climbed.

You were right the first time

It's no aberration that a canny political operator like Schwarzenegger would use, in lieu of anything approaching argumentation, a word designed to inflame the insecurity of people desperate to be taken Seriously by the rest of the country, or at least New York and Washington. One of the main reasons that former (and even current) pot-smokers can support prohibition without experiencing a crippling sense of shame is that the Terrible Burden of Responsibility imbues automatic gravitas to whatever is the status quo, coupled with equally automatic suspicion of those who would disrespect and upend it. And as illustrated by the pot-smoking president of the United States dismissively laughing out loud when online questioners pestered him about legalization, the status quo on marijuana–the despicable, murderous, futile, rights-destroying, police-corrupting, minority-imprisoning apparatus in support of treating an overdoseless drug as if it was heroin, even though virtually everyone born after World War II knows that that is a ridiculous lie–almost never has to defend itself as being too absurd for adult discussion. Meanwhile those who would re-align marijuana laws even partway in the direction of reality and human liberty are by default treated like Tommy Chong at a church picnic.

Here's that peer-pressured establishmentarian derision in full flower, in a column by Editor David Little of the Enterprise-Record in Chico, a city that is certainly no stranger to the bong:

The legalization crowd would stand a much better chance if some of the stoners speaking up for Proposition 19 would just stay quiet.

To which one might respond, the Prohibition crowd would stand a much better chance IN FRONT OF A WRATHFUL, RIGHTEOUS GOD if they spent 1/100th of their lame stoner-joke energy on, at minimum, pointing out that our taxpayer-funded government at all levels has spent four decades and tens of billions of dollars lying their faces off to the American people who pay their salaries and suffer greivously from their misgovernance. 

Speaking of newspapers tut-tutting at the unseriousness of legalizers (while taking the unconscionable status quo in stride), it's time to update our growing list of Golden State editorial boards coming out against Prop. 19:


Newspaper: The Modesto Bee
Sophomoric pot joke: "What were they smoking when they came up with Proposition 19?"
We-don't-like-the-Drug-War-either-but: This Valley-Girl petulance is as good as it gets: "OK, maybe it's time for California to have a serious debate on whether to legalize marijuana for personal use. And OK, if lawmakers won't confront the issue, maybe it's time for the voters to decide. But this isn't the time, and Proposition 19 on the Nov. 2 ballot isn't the way."
Legal confusion is worse than criminalizing non-violent personal activity: "Regardless of where you are on the issue of marijuana in general, Proposition 19 is poorly drafted and deeply flawed, filled with loopholes and ambiguities that would create a chaotic nightmare for law enforcement, local governments and businesses. […] A mishmash of rules would inevitably result, only multiplying the mess created by medical marijuana dispensaries that have mushroomed across California. To be effective, pot laws must be uniform across the state[.]"
Bonus random statism: "[B]y passing Proposition 19 and becoming the first state to legalize pot for recreational use, California would be in direct conflict with federal law. The Obama administration, which has taken a hands-off attitude on medicinal marijuana, says legalizing pot is 'a nonstarter.' And Gil Kerlikowske, the national drug czar, told California police chiefs that 'marijuana use is harmful' and that legalizing it would result in abuses and social costs that would far outweigh any possible benefits."
WTF: "Its supporters—many of whom are pushing to legalize other drugs as well—contend…"

Bad day at the L.A. Times

Newspaper: Los Angeles Times
Sophomoric pot joke: "Snuff Out Marijuana Legalization Measure"
We-don't-like-the-Drug-War-either-but: "Seventy years of criminal prohibition, 'Just Say No' sloganeering and a federal drug war that now incarcerates 225,000 people a year have not diminished the availability or use of — or apparently the craving for — cannabis."
Legal confusion is worse than criminalizing non-violent personal activity: "Its flaws begin with the misleading title: Regulate, Control and Tax Act. Those are hefty words that suggest responsibility and order. But the proposition is in fact an invitation to chaos. It would permit each of California's 478 cities and 58 counties to create local regulations regarding the cultivation, possession and distribution of marijuana. In other words, the law could change hundreds of times from county to county. In Los Angeles County alone it could mean 88 different sets of regulations."
Bonus random statism: "The proposition would have merited more serious consideration had it created a statewide regulatory framework for local governments, residents and businesses. But it still would have contained a fatal flaw: Californians cannot legalize marijuana. Regardless of how the vote goes on Nov. 2, under federal law marijuana will remain a Schedule I drug, whose use for any reason is proscribed by Congress. Sure, California could go it alone, but that would set up an inevitable conflict with the federal government that might not end well for the state. That experiment has been tried with medical marijuana, and the outcome has not inspired confidence. Up and down the state, an untold number of residents have faced federal prosecution for actions that were allowed under California law. It's true that the Obama  administration has adopted a more tolerant position on state laws regulating medical marijuana, but there's no guarantee that the next administration will. Regardless, Obama's 'drug czar,' Gil Kerlikowske, has firmly stated that the administration will not condone marijuana's legalization for recreational purposes."
WTF: "Whether marijuana should be legal is a valid subject for discussion."

The preferred spelling

Newspaper: Inland Valley Daily Bulletin/San Bernardino Sun
Sophomoric pot joke: n/a (IMO this is the best of the no-on-19 editorials I've read so far)
We-don't-like-the-Drug-War-either-but: "Some members of our editorial board, in fact, believe that marijuana should be legalized nationwide and closely regulated, controlled for quality and dosage, and heavily taxed—like alcohol and cigarettes—while other board members believe it should be an illegal substance under all circumstances. Despite the different outlooks, our editorial board agreed unanimously that Proposition 19 on the Nov. 2 ballot—the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010—is no way to legalize marijuana."
Legal confusion is worse than criminalizing non-violent personal activity: "Proposition 19 allows each city and county to pass its own regulations regarding transportation and sales of marijuana in locally licensed premises. As Fontana Police Chief Rodney Jones pointed out, a San Bernardino County sheriff's deputy could have one set of rules to enforce in Rancho Cucamonga, another in Chino Hills, and a third in unincorporated areas. That way lies madness."
Bonus random statism: "Proposition 19 would clobber many state agencies and businesses financially because it would conflict with the federal Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, which must be complied with by any recipient of a federal grant and any entity with a federal contract in excess of $100,000. Speaking of conflict, marijuana would remain a prohibited, Schedule 1 drug under federal law, and President Obama's 'drug czar' has said the administration will not condone recreational use of marijuana and it has allowed medical use. Federal agents could arrest people who were in compliance with this state act."

By my calculation, at least 13 of the state's top 25 circulation general interest daily newspapers, with a combined circulation of 1.8 million, have editorialized against Prop. 19, and all 13 are against. Those numbers are likely a good deal higher, too, given that MediaNews Group, which owns half the dailies in the Golden State and has already broadcast the same anti-19 editorial across multiple outlets, inflicts upon the inquisitive some heroically inscrutable search engines.

What about the pro-19 camp? I've found exactly two daily newspapers: The previously celebrated Barstow Desert-Dispatch, which has the lowest circulation among all general-interest California dailies on this list, and the Morgan Hill Times, which is not even mentioned there. And the most prominent California politician to come out in favor of it is…San Francisco Assemblyman Tom Ammiano. And yet–or is it and as a result?–the initiative is still leading at the polls.

Watch Ammiano's interview below:

NEXT: SF Chron Hi-Hats Boxer

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  1. After all these years, the main argument against weed is that it would be a regulatory nightmare to make it legal. Clearly throwing innocent people in prison and ruining their lives is the superior side of things. Wow, it’s like statists are using a “Brazil” reference to defend itself. Seems ironic.

    1. It would be the easiest of all possible regulatory schemes to make it legal: Drop all fines, penalties, regulations, taxes, everything. Let anyone who wants to grow or smoke this weed do so without any government involvement whatsoever.

      You know, what was the status quo for most of this country’s history.

      It’s the half-assed legislative compromises to partially legalize it that cause the fucking complications.

      1. You know, what was the status quo for most of this countryworld’s history.


      2. +1

  2. Prop 19… bad, bad, bad. Here’s why I oppose Prop 19:

    1. Nice. Nothing like some good satire to start the day.

    2. Do they have bumper stickers, so I can place them on cop cars?

    3. Fact: Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol.

      So if you drink and are against Cannabis …you are re tarded.

      Oh, and if you have never tried it, you should not be talking about.

      K, thanks, bye.

  3. In fact, if it weren’t for Lincoln’s hemp habit we’d probably all still have our slaves today.

    Well damn it to hell. If it wasn’t for fucking Lincoln, I could OWN Bob Marley and have my own private concerts.

    1. Stupid threads…. this was supposed to be threaded below Chuck, from whom I stole that line.

    2. Somehow I think Bob Marley would be a less innovative performer if he was someone’s property.

      1. Are you kidding? The oppression would drive him to even greater artistic heights? “400 Years”? Try “Troy The Massa” and “Abe Lincoln Can Rot In Hell” on for size.

        1. Exactly. Didn’t you see that part in “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly,” wear the Union soldier intimidated the violin player into, “playing with more feeling,” while they were beating Tuco?

  4. Just how much illegal weed money is making its way into the right pockets to construct such a wall of ‘no’?

    1. Just how much illegal weed money is making its way into the right pockets to construct such a wall of ‘no’?

      Who cares about the illegal weed money. This beast is coming from the billions the state city and federal governments on law enforcement and prisons.

  5. And yet?or is it and as a result??the initiative is still leading at the polls.

    I think this says more about the efficacy of dead-tree media than it does about the desire for legal weed.

  6. In other words, the law could change hundreds of times from county to county. In Los Angeles County alone it could mean 88 different sets of regulations

    Why doesn’t the LA times have a problem with that in regards to land use regulations?

    Hypocritical statist mother fuckers.

  7. While 54 percent of men back legalization, only 44 percent of women support Prop.

    What the Fuck!??!

    1. Women tend to support Prohibition.

      That’s why the 18th and 19th Amendments to the constitution were practically a package deal.

      1. Too bad they didn’t get repealed as a package deal.

    2. It’s for the children, duh!

    3. Women like anything that puts men in prison.

    4. Makes me embarrassed to be a female. Well, this among the many other nanny-state things many women support. it’s sickening.

  8. I read the actual language of the law, and it leaves to door wide open for the state to establish state-wide regulations on marijuana commerce and personal usage. In fact, the law is written more like the way alcohol is regulated than cigarettes: your employer can fire you for using it on the job (just like alcohol), you can’t drive a personal or work vehicle while under it’s influence (just like alcohol), you can’t use it in a public place (just like alcohol), you can use it in a private business that serves the public as long as that business is licensed to sell it by some level of government (just like alcohol), and you can grow/make it and consume it in your own home with limits on amounts (just like alcohol)! In fact it goes a bit further, in that while you can drink around minors, you cannot smoke around minors (or people under 21, I forget which it is).

    One of my concerns is if companies start importing marijuana to sell, only because growing it in state would create more jobs for Californians. Does the Federal Gov’t stop importation of marijuana? If so, that may actually help the state!

    Some of the tax money should be used to help pay for mental health care for those who become addicted to marijuana. Also, I’d like to see regulation as to smoking in bars/restaurants just like with cigarettes, mainly because, in my opinion, marijuana smells disgusting. Other than that the law looks ok, these additional concerns can be addressed in the future as regulation matures.

    I’m not a smoker, but if smokers are willing to pay higher taxes, just like with cigarettes, to fund programs that will help people and are ok with being regulated as much as other mind-impairing drugs (alcohol, cigarettes), then I’m fine with it.

    This is an excellent example where you might have heavy handed regulation, what some might call “big government” (there is no such absolute thing as it is relative) is actually better government, because the people regain their freedom to choose whether they want to smoke marijuana or not and people who choose not to have it in their lives are still pretty much able to do so (no smoking in public, no smoking around minors, requiring licenses to create an incentive for smoke-free establishments to exist, workplace restrictions)

    It seems to be a surprisingly fair compromise in this world of “my way or the highway” laws and politics. I hope it passes.

    1. Some of the tax money should be used to help pay for mental health care for those who become addicted to marijuana. Also, I’d like to see regulation as to smoking in bars/restaurants just like with cigarettes, mainly because, in my opinion, marijuana smells disgusting.

      So much fail…

      1. I would like to propose a ban in bars/restaurants on blue cheese, mainly because, in my opinion, it smells funky.

        Why are you looking at me like that?!

        1. I see your point. The reason we reserve cigarettes is because of 2nd hand smoke. We should do the same with marijuana because of 2nd hand smoke as well.

          As for mental health services, how is that “fail”? People get addicted to many things, sometimes physically and sometimes psychologically. If were going to tax something, why not use some of that money to help people deal with addiction with that thing if they do happen to become addicted?

          And why all the cynicism? A majority of my post was praising the law and how the it legalizes marijuana while showing ample restraint in doing so. I want the freedoms of individuals to be restricted as little as possible (we’re not free to drink and drive, we’re not free to show a 6 year old some porn). It’s a compromise, neither side gets everything they want but they do get some of what they want.

          But you know what, I don’t smoke and so really could not care less whether prop 19 passes this time around, and thanks to your cordial debating style I’ve been convinced to change my vote to no and to tell my friends and family to vote no as well.

          See? I can be a cynical a-hole as well. Good luck. 🙂

  9. Mr. Welch, you’re a great writer. If you were the Sudetenland, I’d annex you.

  10. Note how all of the pot-smoking anti-war leftists of the 1960’s have all grown up to be the establishment now, who are against legalizing pot and are standing idly by while the FBI is raiding anti-war activists. These editorials from California newspapers…. Is this really what they think or is this a previously undisclosed push by the government, who have been caught over and over again pushing fake news and propaganda on the people? With the known hackery that went on with the elections of 2000 and 2004 I wouldn’t be surprised if the exit polls showed 59% Y/41% N and the final results showed 0.01%Y/99.99%N





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    1. this probably violated the California Code of Lawyer Ethics

  12. Some nice things highlighted in this article… Prop 19 is opposed by big business(private prison industry for example) and the genereal rich and wealthy. Thus it is also opposed by big media outlets, big politicians and so on…

    It’s more the lower and middle classes that are in favor of abolishing prohibition. And thats the right thing to do. Stop this prohibition nosense and learn some lessons from a country that hasn’t had any prohibition of Marijuana for 30 years or so, Holland:…..mongering/

    1. a country that hasn’t had any prohibition of Marijuana for 30 years or so, Holland

      Except for that part where its still technically illegal to grow it.

      1. If only the US government would treat CA like Holland treats Amsterdam if Prop 19 passes.

  13. Any patrol officer, judge or district attorney will tell you

    If I want to know about ways to quit smoking, do I ask the guy who still smokes 2 packs a day? How about if i want to stop raping people, would Kobe or STEVE SMITH be the right guys to ask for advice?

    a host of legal nightmares and risks to public safety.

    Yeah, because guys with guns who will bust into your house and shoot your dog (and possibly your family), that’s not a legal nightmare, no. That’s the equivalent of sugarplums, DREAM ON BABY, Woooooo!

  14. Sophomoric pot joke: “What were they smoking when they came up with Proposition 19?”

    Ummm, I’ll take “what is the proposition trying to legalize” for $500, Alex.

    What were they smoking at the modesto bee when they came up with that “joke” and thought it was funny? Is this shit really the best these papers can do? I’d expect more if I was paying people to lie for me.

  15. And yet?or is it and as a result??the initiative is still leading at the polls.

    You heard it here, Prohibitionists:

    You wan’t Prop 19 to fail, it’s pretty clear that you’re going to have to get out there and support it. With the full weight of the Prohibitionists’ support behind it, Prop. 19 is SURE to lose ALL popularity. Get to work guys, not much time left to show those potheads just how uncool legalization is.

  16. It is like their campaign slogan is, “The only thing we have to fear, is freedom itself.”

    I can understand while George Carlin gave up on the human race. We are such a petty, vile, insecure, narcissistic, racist species. Institutionalized racism, prison rape, the prison industrial complex, for-profit concentration camps (oh, excuse me, prisons). All because we are afraid of what just of whiff of freedom might ring. You’re all fucking diseased.

  17. What’s funny is that here in south LA many must already believe Prop 19 has passed. Lately I see more people openly smoking pot at the beach than smoking cigarettes.

    1. Actually thats illegal even after it passes

  18. The SacBee and ModestoBee are the same company I am guessing? They appear to borrow heavily from each other in their two anti prop 19 pieces, sometimes almost word for word. But I guess copying off the person next to you in class is how you end up in Modesto anyway.…..g-pot.html…..erves.html

  19. Proposition 19 would clobber many state agencies and businesses financially because it would conflict with the federal Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, which must be complied with by any recipient of a federal grant and any entity with a federal contract in excess of $100,000.

    A blatant lie. Prop 13 would do nothing to interfere with workplace testing and rules.

  20. Politicians are a lagging indicator.

  21. Fact: Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol.

    So if you drink and are against Cannabis …you are re tarded.

    Oh, and if you have never tried it, you should not be talking about.

    K, thanks, bye.

  22. Usually libertarians would hate something called the Regulate, Control and Tax [whatever] Act. How depressing that this is the best we can hope for, and the hardcore statists still won’t go for it.

    1. Civil War II. It’s inevitable.

    Repeal ALL MEDICAL MARIJUANA LAWS. Medical marijuana is a SHAM. It is LEGALIZED marijuana under the cloak of medical. Everyone qualifies for medical marijuana with a fake illness, some money and unscrupulous doctor.
    FDA must approve marijuana smoke as treatment for medical conditions.
    Legalization of marijuana MUST START at the FEDERAL LEVEL. Bug your Congress.

    1. Only 21 and over will have legal access.
    2. No cultivation at place of residence at ALL. No cultivation at any place of business unless there is a LICENSE and PERMIT fees are all paid.
    3. No cultivation at any public property.
    4. Marijuana will only be sold in Legal Marijuana Adult Stores. Do not sell in grocery stores, liquor stores, discount stores, etc. There will be zoning restrictions and the store should only be in a business area about 5000 feet away from residence, religious places and schools. This must be approved by the city.
    5. Marijuana-laced food is banned just like trans fat is banned.
    6. Marijuana is heavily taxed.
    7. Marijuana can only be smoked INSIDE the smoker’s residence with closed windows and air cleaner to remove the smoke.
    8. Marijuana cannot be smoked in front of the minors.
    9. Smoking marijuana outside of the house is illegal. Smoking marijuana at somebody else’s residence is illegal. In other words, if you want to smoke marijuana, you can do it alone in your own residence!!!
    10. Anyone caught violating the marijuana laws will pay heavy fines and will be required to attend education classes in pot dependency and treatment for pot dependency.
    11. Police will routinely test for DUI of pot for drivers.
    12. Pot will only be LEGALLY cultivated and IMPORTED from Mexico. Mexico will be the LEGAL suppliers of pot to the USA. If cultivated in the USA, it is heavily regulated with very high license fees.
    13. Federal laws regarding marijuana will change and new pot laws affecting employment will be instituted. These means employers have the right to test employees who are impaired and have the right terminate employees who test above the pot limit in their system or are impaired. Employers have the right to have a drug-free environment.
    14. Medical marijuana should be treated as medicine and prescribed by doctors and dispensed from pharmacies in SHRINKWRAP with tracking numbers.
    15. All legal recreational marijuana will have special universal wrapping and tracking numbers.

    In other words, marijuana will be treated like selling ADULT (porn) items in ADULT STORES only. It will NOT be treated like alcohol or cigarettes.

    1. That would be slightly better than what we have now, but that is a pretty shitty proposal. Why shouldn’t it be treated like alcohol?

    2. No cultivation at place of residence at ALL.

      Terrible, terrible idea.

    3. I find your need to exercise that much control over people both fascinating and sickening.

      The measures you described above I would find more in line with legalizing something like Vicodin or other hard core persciptions that can cause actual harm. Not a f—ing plant that makes people giggle.

    4. Why the 21 thing?

      I’m 18. Why do you believe you own my body?

  24. The silliest thing about opposition to legalization in CA is that effectively, anyone who wants to smoke pot legally already can under the medical law.

  25. Wow, a Reason article I entirely agreed with and enjoyed *checks colour of sky*.

  26. Remember, everyone:

    Be sure to get out on Nov 3rd to vote no on Prop 19 🙂

  27. u people make me fuckin’ sick!!comparing prop19 too porn!!!take your ”newspaper” and stick it your ass!!!!!!!!!!

    1. your ”newspaper” fucked up and used my real name not my web name!!

  28. lie after lie after lie after lie do u think people r that dumb to buy all your bullshit!!!

  29. only the lower and middle smoke mj shout the fuck up go away away and die

  30. if prop19 is so flawed, how did it get on the ballot in the first place? you guys are soo FULL OF SHIT,I THINK I AM GOING BLIND.where to you get your ”info” from,you no/19 voters have to be brain washed to buy this B/S

  31. i still can’t believe there are people out there that still no19,YOUR FAILING GET USE TO IT!!


  33. HI,back u no19 voters have any shame,or honor why do you want yes/19 to fail? $$$$$$ perhaps

  34. IF CALI. CAN’T LEGALIZE MJ THEN WHAT’S DOING ON A BALLOT.HOW COME IT’S GOT THIS FAR,I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT round LIES U PRINT i could sit here all day exposing your lies,but u no19 people aren’t worth it,and a have to go watch ………

  35. All you Prop. 19 supporters are fucking high as fuck! Nobody tokes more than me, but unlike you I also read, and if you vote for this bill you are throwing your rights away, literally! READ THE BILL!!!

    Read it, vote no, and wait for better legislation to come along in 2012. And quit acting like there are all these barriers standing in the way of you smoking weed! Absolutely anyone who wants to smoke weed in CA can already and if they get caught without a prescription they face a MAXIMUM penalty of a $100 fine. Why are you rushing towards some bullshit law that you haven’t read?!?!


  36. It has hit the streets and now people are asking whats up with this International Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire ? Why so many supporters and no one is challenging this movement. We vote no to Prop: 19

    Welcome to the , International Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire Phase 3
    I can show you why not, this is a insult to the Men and Women of Police Enforcement
    who died fighting in this War Against Drugs. I can just see it now A Government Run Drug Empire. This was tried with heroin, and over 100,000 Americans Died from Pharmaceutical Heroin, information was released by FDA. Now a ugly truth that at first I thought to be a lie,Our Constitutional Laws are violated over this War and the Issues within. A lie and a deal to sale heroin In the USA. American Military Personal dieing in the poppy fields to protect the poppy plant from their original owners. A betraying of the American People to the deal made with Ben Laden and his Drug Lords.
    What bleeeppps me off the worse, I wanted one person to say this was in error, of what I see and what I found in my little investigations, by adding up 2+2………
    Welcome to, International Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire Phase 3 just look it up on the net, and see thousands of post and supporters…..
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