Undercover Federal Provocateurs Continue to Threaten America!


Under the headline "Jihadist Bomber Nabbed in Chicago" at Examiner.com is an interestingly detailed anatomy of another federal provocateur-fueled non-threat phony bomb outside a Chicago-area Dave Matthews Band concert:

The FBI emphasized that at no time was the public in danger during this investigation. The supposed explosive device was inert and provided to [Sami Samir] Hassoun by an undercover agent. In addition, Hassoun was under intermittent surveillance as the plot developed and the undercover agents were in regular contact with Hassoun, monitoring his activities. There was no indication that any foreign or domestic terror groups were in any way connected to this plot or inspired Hassoun.

I blogged on "Myths of Domestic Terror" back in 2008 which gives more background on the activities of the Joint Terrorism Task Force also at work and play in this latest story.