Obama Warns That Corporations Are Taking Over While Insisting They Do Not Have the Power to Do So


In his weekly radio address on Saturday, President Obama once again warned the Citizens United v. FEC, the January decision in which the Supreme Court overturned restrictions on political speech by corporations, delivered control of our democracy to "special interests using front groups with misleading names," including "foreign-controlled corporations." His remarks this time are notable for a couple of reasons. Instead of claiming that "the Supreme Court reversed a century of law," as he did in his State of the Union speech this year (the remark that provoked Justice Samuel Alito, sitting in the audience, to shake his head and mouth the words "not true"), Obama now says "this decision overturned decades of law and precedent." Since the federal ban on independent election spending by corporations was not enacted until 1947, and the Court did not address the constitutionality of such restrictions until 1990, the revised formulation is more accurate.

Obama accidentally concedes a deeper truth toward the end of his speech:

You can make sure that the tens of millions of dollars spent on misleading ads do not drown out your voice.  Because no matter how many ads they run–no matter how many elections they try to buy–the power to determine the fate of this country doesn't lie in their hands. It lies in yours.

Exactly right, Mr. President. No matter how shadowy or flush with corporate dollars an interest group is, the only thing Citizens United allowed it to do is speak. Advocacy has no impact unless it persuades people. So why not talk about the issues instead of impugning the motives of people who take a different position on them than you do?

Although Obama's vehement disapproval of Citizens United shows that he sees the problem as too much speech by the wrong people, he claims that all he wants now is to reveal the backers behind the "front groups" and let the public consider that information in evaluating their messages. Leaving aside the logical fallacy here (i.e., the idea that a speaker's self-interest shows he is wrong), Obama, like other supporters of the DISCLOSE Act, exaggerates the ability of ad sponsors to conceal their donors. Former FEC Chairman Brad Smith, president of the Center for Competitive Politics, notes that political action committees (groups that explicitly call for a candidate's election or defeat), sponsors of "electioneering communications" (which mention a federal candidate close to an election), and 527 groups already are required to report their donors to the FEC or the IRS.


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  1. Obviously, Sullum is in the pocket of Big Free Speech.

    1. Those guys again!!

  2. You mean to tell me that Barack Hussein Obama, our nation’s HNIC, is a disingenuous, lying scumbag? Is that what you would have me believe?

  3. I’m so tired of all of this nonsense.

    1. Does anyone on either side listen to Obama anymore? Take partisanship out of it. Name me one person who doesn’t work for Obama who gives a shit about anything he says? I can’t think of one.

    2. What’s hilarious is how Obama still pretends that he’s not some fucking machine politician. I mean, no one buys any of it at this point, but he keeps on pretending. Why bother?

      1. You say that, but I think he’s going to be the next mayor of Chicago.

        1. I say he’s got his eye on something even crookeder, like UN secretary maybe.

          1. The Secretary General can’t be a citizen of any nation that is a permanent member of the Security Council.

            The mayor of Chicago, on the other hand, can be a citizen of another planet, provided that the money is right.

            1. The Secretary General can’t be a citizen of any nation that is a permanent member of the Security Council.

              Good thing Obama is a Kenyan citizen then!

              1. I thought about going there, but I refrained. I wish he were a Kenyan spy, because he’d probably be scared to go too far in screwing things up.

                1. I would love to see Obama lose in 2012 and then declare his Kenyan citizenship to become head of the UN. It would be great. There wouldn’t be a constitutional crisis since he would no longer be President. But, at the same time, how delicious and entertaining would it be to see all the birthers proven correct? And it would be the end of the media as we know it. How could the media ever explain away vetting a guy so poorly he was able to falsely claim to be a citizen? It would be the most pointless and entertaining political event ever. The surrealist part of me would love to see it happen.

            2. The mayor of Chicago, on the other hand, can be a citizen of another planet, provided that the money is right.

              I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.

    3. I’m so tired of all of this nonsense.

      Seriously. Is it really that hard to get what the holding of a case is? Supreme Court cases even come with their own handy summaries.

  4. Yes and he may be in a teeeeny spot of bother with the Kochs.
    It appears that BHO’s people may have been illegally accessing Koch Industries’ income tax records to score political points.
    They told me that a vote for John Mccain would mean more government intrusion into our lives…….. they were right!

    1. This sounds pretty damning, but where’s the link?

      1. That was not me above. But here is the link


        1. Damn John beat me to it…

          Jacob Sullum should update this post with a link to this story.

        2. Thanks for the link.

          It seems a little weak to me as the total information revealed seems to be that they didn’t pay any corporate income tax. Joe Random Lefty could have convinced an agent to give it up, or could work for Koch, and it floated through lefty activist circles.

          Unless someone actually left a trail (like when they investigated Joe the Plumber) this won’t amount to anything.

        3. What the hell the story even links to Reason.com and quotes Nick!!!

          I want Reason to respond!!!

          Get those damn squirrels out of the wheel that screws up comments and into the wheel that churns out the same news in slightly different form!!

        4. Carter + Nixon + Obama

          1. Damn. Trying again…

            Carter + Nixon = Obama

    2. They “forgot” to tell you that a vote for Barack Obama would also mean more government intrusion.

      Heads – they win. Tails – you lose.

  5. “So why not talk about the issues instead of impugning the motives of people who take a different position on them than you do?”

    Because I’m a racist, classist idiot?

    1. I don’t think he’s any of those things. He’s just a politician.

  6. @John – great John since you’re telepathic, glad to know you speak for 300 million people about if they choose to listen to their president.
    @Episiarch – I can’t even bother to respond, such a stupid comment.

    Both your comments are based on nothing, based on no fact, just full of baloney just like the both of you I’m sure.

    1. So you agree with my self-assessment?

    2. You wrote a comment to be sure everyone knows you can’t be bothered to write a comment?

      Next time why not just skip the comment?

    3. Glad to know you are a sheep fucking douchebag. No one on either side seems to listen to a word Obama says.

      1. There are 300 million people in America, approximately, you can’t speak for them…moron.

        1. Obama talks all the time. Yet, he hasn’t moved the polls one inch on any issue. Name one time Obama has given a speech that resulted in any significant change in national opinion since becoming President? You can’t name one. It has never happened. No one listens to him anymore.

          1. Well, when that one cop arrested the black professor for being a combative douche, Barack Obama gave a speech and his approval ratings subsequently fell.

            1. lol, pip.
              Who’s this nodailymessage plant?

      2. Apparently the sheep fucking douchebag listens to Obama. Maybe he’s got a direct line to Obama’s taint and it tells him what to do and where to go. Just like Serge Tankian’s tapeworm.

        1. Serj, rather.

      3. I like listening to Obama, but I don’t belong to a side. I’m a breakfast food made of simple carbohydrates. Obama’s voice is syrup to me.

    4. But you did respond. I’m confused. Are you sure you aren’t a moron?

  7. Barely Suppressed Rage – low life scum

    Barack Hussein Obama, jury’s out on if you’re a racist, one sided scumbag.

    1. Clutch your pearls harder.

      1. Concern troll is concerned.

    2. Ohh, someone’s frilly panties are in a rather tight bunch now, aren’t they.

      1. I don’t mean yours, SugarFree.

        1. I really need to buy my frilly panties with a more generous crotch.

            1. I have high-volume balls. I once ejaculated 11 times in a four hour timespan.

              1. I have high-volume balls. I once ejaculated 11 times in a four hour timespan

                Not impressed. We were all 17 once.

      2. Still – nothing political coming out of blatant idiots who have no substance. Do you or John or any of these other morons actually have an opinion on the subject matter?

        1. Why, yes, we do. We all think you’re an asshole. Can we all agree on that, gentlemen? Yes, yes, yes… it’s unanimous.

          1. No. I’m gonna say cunt.

    3. You think the president is a racist? Your comments are confusing me.

      1. Sorry I see that, I think Barely Suppressed Rage is…

        1. I am interested in your theories. Go on.

        2. Is what…?

          Don’t stop now, I’m biting my nails in anticipation here.

    4. Did Max get a new handle?

      1. Nah, his employers decided it was time to rotate Max to another site and replace him with another intern.

  8. Ooh! Do me next, Nodailymessage! Do me next!

    1. Warty – Short fat mostly ugly lesbian whom someone in the comment section confused as some bad ass biker dude because she does way to much meth.

      Plus she is a racist.

    2. “Ooh! Do me next, Nodailymessage! Do me next!”

      He’s busy doing me right now.

  9. Koch vs Obama!!!


  10. Here’s a question for you, Mister troll:

    Why do political advocacy groups deserve tax-exempt status?

    1. because they are performing a public good without seeking profit, duh.

    2. To keep the slush funds quiet.

  11. @SugarFree – great job, you think he’s wearing pearls or something you idiot racist scum

  12. Scary corporate mind control is scary.

  13. @Warty – I can’t even bother to respond, such a stupid comment.

    1. But … you uh, just did respond. So is your response not a response? Or is your response non-responsive? I’m so confused.

      About the only thing I’m sure of anymore is that the current President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, is a lying sack of shit and a pathological narcissist.

      1. Sugarfree was not non-responsive.

      2. So is your response not a response? Or is your response non-responsive? I’m so confused.

        You are nothing but my plaything. I ring the bell and you salivate. Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

    2. I cast some pearls before some swine the other day, and they loved them.

      1. You know why? Because you can’t put lipstick on a pig.

        Pearls, however, are another matter.

  14. Jacob asks Obama, “why not talk about the issues instead of impugning the motives of people who take a different position on them than you do?”

    And like clockwork, the Obama lackeys respond how? By impugning Jacob’s motives for taking a different position from what they do.

    Has Team Obama become that devoid of ideas? Or did they ever have any to begin with?

    1. “Has Team Obama become that devoid of ideas? Or did they ever have any to begin with?”


      1. Yes, what? I don’t think they ever had any ideas.

        1. a stack of white papers 30 miles high produced between 1994 to 2006 says different.

          Apparently they only tried to implement the ones that were copied from failed polices tried in the 30s…the other ones sucked to bad to even try I guess.

  15. @Barely Suppressed Rage – such a stupid comment, I can’t even be bothered to read it, or anything else

    1. @Warty – you’re probably too racist and stupid to read this. Don’t even bother trying to respond; it would only be blatant idiocy with no substance.

  16. Does anyone other than the ink-stained classes or living outside of D.C. actually listen to any of these weekly presidential radio addresses?

    I mean, the fact that he’s moaning about Citizens’ United this far out from the decision even now speaks volumes to where his legislative priorities may lie, but seriously, do these kind of radio addresses have any relevance these days to you know, normal people? Do any of them actually even hear these things?

    1. Who the fuck even listens to the radio?

      1. Pff… I used to (when I drove my car around during the day) listen to the radio, but Obama’s voice makes my brain hurt so I would invariably change the channel when a speech comes on.

    2. Maybe it is Obama’s way of subsidizing talk radio.

  17. Still – nothing political coming out of blatant idiots who have no substance.

    Is this a native English speaker? Such a stupid comment, I blatant can’t even be respond

  18. You’re all substanceless scumsuckers!

    Oh wait, channeling my angry Rand. Sorry guys – nodaily got me all wound up.

    1. Commenting around here has become much more of a contact sport than in the old days, eh?

      1. Did you forget your mouth guard and helmet?

        1. That explains the daily concussions!

        2. I left them at your mom’s. Tell her thanks, by the way, and to keep wearing turtlenecks for the next week or so.

  19. “foreign-controlled corporations.”

    I really hate raising the spectre of scary, scary foreigners to justify Obama’s idiotic policies. So much crap has been hidden in the ObamaCare bill, the HIRE act, & many more to fuck anyone with foreign bank accounts, foreign trusts or corps, it’s ridiculous. Shameless money grabs, now with a side of nativism.

    1. I thought Obama was a citizen of the world, anyway.

  20. One thing I’ve learnt from looking at all comments made by the conservatives on the page is that you reason to hate Obama has no substance, most of you of you actually chose to be honest with yourselves have the following issues:

    1. I hate ‘liberals’, libs bad….mmmm
    2. That negro is my president!!….no!!
    3. I hate liberals….
    4. did I mention I hate liberals…

    No substance, no real issues nothing.

    1. my reading comprehensions is a bit sticky but why do you hate liberals?

    2. I think I’m starting to detect a theme here. Something about you’re racist? Or something … ? Not fully clear yet.

    3. Ladies and Gentlemen,

      This is what happens when the bots become sentient. You all asked for it; well, here it is, in all its naked glory for you to behold.

      1. Some Galtish computer scientist left society to work on AI in his bunker, and this is what happened. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT

        1. Wrong. You all enabled the theft, now you deal with the consequences. Atlas has shrugged!

      2. I don’t think that is fair at all. Anonymity bot makes more sense than this.

    4. Holy shit, man, give me a rest! I’m practically over my credit limit as it is!

    5. Retarded children I hate. OK are liberals. Help it they cannot.

    6. I can’t even bother to respond, such a stupid comment.

      I can’t even bother to write this reply, such a stupid comment.

      I can’t even bother to say how stupid that comment was, such a stupid comment.

  21. @Dagny T – such a Canadian, I can’t even be bothered to reaspond

    1. @Warty – I know it was you, Warty. You broke my heart. You broke my heart!

  22. What a fucking hypocrite. Just go ahead and poo-poo about corporations when the same financial institutions donated to your campaign as they did the previous douche-in-chief. Don’t act like Goldman Sachs doesn’t own your ass like they did with Shrub.

    Same douche is just like the last douche, except worse…

  23. learnt

    Is it a limey? Such a stupid spelling of “learned”, I can’t even be bothered to respond

  24. 3. I hate liberals….
    4. did I mention I hate liberals…

    Not hate- pity.

    1. I dunno about hate or pity. Maybe loathe? Detest? Revile?

      1. Thanks for that comment, exactly makes my point…..blind hate based on nothing. I know the black thing bothers you too but hey let’s leave it as the big elephant in the room yes!!

        1. There’s a black thing? A black elephant? A big elephant thing? A big black elephant thing?

          I know not whereof you speak. I’m not so sure you do either.

          It appears you’ve also got a reading comprehension problem. I expressly stated “I don’t know about hate…” So no, not blind hate based on nothing. My dislike of the vast majority of lefty liberals and progressive is based on years of experience.

          What’s your hate based on? It seems to have something to do with race. Please, share with us all.

          1. awww….you poor stupido….big elephant is a metaphor was what is blatant….learnt something new…good!!!

        2. Silly bot. There’s no such thing as black elephants.

        3. This is better than Neil. Congratulations, I think you may be the best fake troll yet.

        4. I find it truly appalling that you would refer to our President — the president of these United States of America — as “the black thing”

          I have three words for you sir, three words:


          1. lol, don’t try reserve phycology with me, you’re way to stupid.

            1. Nodailymessage, you have been the ONLY one on this page to refer to the president’s race. In fact, you referred to him in one instance as a “negro.” Why do you keep insisting that we are racists when no proof exists?

        5. Nodailymessage,

          You’re in a desert, walking along in the sand, when all of a sudden you look down…

        6. Thanks for that comment, exactly makes my point…..blind hate based on nothing.

          Based on nothing?

          How about in 2010, decades after the start of Kennedy’s war on education, we still have crappy schools that produce worse and worse results while becoming more and more expensive.

          How about in 2010 democrat shills still use some lame racist claim when ever someone suggests we should have a balanced budget?

          How about the party of the people giving a trillion dollars to Wall Street when unemployment is at 50 year highs?

        7. Yes, we just hate liberals for absolutely no reason.

          Not because we disagree with their political philosophy and believe their government is infringing on our freedoms, just blind, irrational hatred.

  25. “foreign-controlled corporations”
    He’s an ironic one to get his panties in a wad over foreign influences.

  26. All these comments are so stupid, I can’t even be bothered to finish th

    1. Do you remember why you left now?

  27. Of course, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that foreign corporations influence politics-but they probably had a hand in our dear leader’s election as well.

  28. “…delivered control of our democracy to “special interests using front groups with misleading names,”….”

    Uh huh – like all these groups who have received funding from George Soros:


  29. totally agree with Ellie.

    In fact, I’m tuning out of what I’m writing right now. And ooh. am getting that … “feeling”. ooh. that’s the ticket.

    GO WAY! BATIN!!!!!

  30. Stupid comment – idiot alert

    1. Don’t call me Shirley

      1. Looks like you picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

  31. @Warty – there are 10,000 Canadian sleeper agents in American, approximately, you can’t speak for them… moron

    1. sources say 4 out of 10 Americans think we should annex Canada

      1. We should annex Canada and detach California, New Mexico, and Hawaii. For obvious reason.

      2. Canada = America’s Hat

        1. lol… and Mexico is our asshat?

    2. I demand, Banff, Whistler, Victoria and a few of the nicer parts of Vancouver as reparations for this violation of US Sovereignty.

      1. I’d trade them New England for Alberta and BC. And I’d throw in California if they’d throw in the Yukon Territory.

        1. How about New England and California for this choice territory?

          1. Brazilians are hotter.

            1. Well, duh! They’re in Brazil, silly! It’s much farther south – like it’s near the equator and stuff.

        2. Hell. I would give them California for the Northwest Territories or even Quebec. At lest the French Communists can cook and have cool cities.

          1. No, let’s give California back to Mexico. They’re always bitching about how we “stole” the southwest from them, so I figure they’ll be happy to have some of it back. Until, of course, we seal off the borders of the remaining nation and they can’t send us the people who are unemployed due to their persistently bad economic policies.

  32. What about all those corporations with names like the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post”?

    They have always been free to say anyting they wanted with no restrictions whatsoever. None of the leftists have ever expressed any concern about that. But that just MAY have something to do with the fact that most of those corporations use their freedom of speech to endorse liberal political candidates in particular and liberal ideology in general.

    1. They’re special.

      1. Special ed or special interests?

  33. The corporashunz will take your house, kick your dog, and jizz on your wife.

    1. The police will kick in the door of your house, shoot your dog, and slam your wife onto the floor and cuff her.

      1. Oh, yeah, this is getting me HOT! Move over so I can torture this little piggy!

    2. Thanks. My wife gets off on that shit.

    3. hmmm…..

  34. there are 10,000 Canadian sleeper agents in American

    MASTER PLAN A: Lull Americans to sleep with generous helpings of Molson and poutine. Institute hockey as national sport while everyone’s sleeping it off.

    MASTER PLAN B: Set up speakers all along the coasts. On command, blast Celine Dion until Vermont agrees to stop stepping on the vital syrup industry.

    1. Mmmmmm…vital syrup

      1. Really? You like it?

    2. I wonder what percentage of Americans think Shatner is one of us?

    3. The music of Michael Buble is a much bigger crime than that of Celine Dion. She’s so 1990s.

  35. It’s a damn good thing the Ascended One told CNBC no, when they offered him an exclusive high profile forum to promote himself and his political agenda. That would have been improper.



    1. Meh. There are some guys who would like that. They post vids on UselessJunk all the time.

    2. At least they’ll ask nicely, which makes for mannerly but terribly boring pornography, if you ask me.

      1. Canadian porn is an excellent sedative.

        1. I’ve always been partial to Kate, hoof and all.

          1. Oh, Canada!

          2. Walrus knuckle!

        2. GOD HATES CANADA!

  37. Offered without comment:


    1. I am therefore inclined to embrace the heretical conclusion that we have reason to desire the extinction of all carnivorous species, and I await the usual fate of heretics when this article is opened to comment.

      “I have an extremely stupid idea. Here it is. If you say it’s stupid, then it means that I’m a visionary and that you’re some sort of religious zealot.”

      @ NYT – Such a stupid article – I can’t even be bothered to comment

      1. You know, lots of great world leaders were vegetarians. Not that a fundie fucktard like you would know that.

      2. I liked it. I dig when people are torturing logic and argument into absurdity. And it’s a pretty interesting take on the problem of evil. Kind of like fighting no-knock paramilitary raids by talking about murdered dogs because people apparently don’t give a shit about murdered kids.

        1. It was some pretty good navel-gazing, you’re right about that. Maybe his next article can be musing about how he managed to con his tenure committee.

        2. I dig when people are torturing logic and argument into absurdity.

          …whiiiiich explains why you spend so much time hanging out at this pertickler corner of the interweb.

          1. You guys have keen senses of humor. That’s why I will kill you last.

            1. That’s why I will kill you last.


              You will kill them last because you know they own guns.

    2. Romans 8 18-22:

      18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

      19 For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.

      20 For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope,

      21 Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.

      22 For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.

    3. Too damn long.

    4. Suppose that we could arrange the gradual extinction of carnivorous species, replacing them with new herbivorous ones. Or suppose that we could intervene genetically, so that currently carnivorous species would gradually evolve into herbivorous ones, thereby fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy. If we could bring about the end of predation by one or the other of these means at little cost to ourselves, ought we to do it?

      I’m sure the Obama administration, at the urging of Michelle, will be proposing legislation soon.

      This … is … necessary. Life feeds on life.

      1. This animal supremacist will soon be taught a brutal lesson in why he should not underestimate the importance of the lives of plants.

  38. Since we’re being all accurate and everything, I think the first sentence needs a slight correction:

    “… the January decision in which the Supreme Court overturned some restrictions on political speech by corporations …”

  39. @Warty – Don Marquis sucks. So does metal. Go shave your head again, fool.

    @Sugarfree – Shut up. I hope you get ass fucked by Steve Smith the next time you step out of your trailer. Racist scum.


    2. I think I love you. Please do more.

    3. Damn You were doing some damn fine trolling there. But this post went too far.

      1. No concern troll would mention a long running joke or besmirch the name of Steve Smith, King of the Concern Trolls.

        You are right, John.

        1. Now make a funny comment about my silly NY Times post. I command it.

          1. Reload damn it!

        2. It has been an odd day on Hit and Run. A decent troll here. And the return of Gaius Marius. I really had forgotten how genuinely insane that guy is. He is so crazy that you can’t argue with him.

          1. Not only is gaius marius back, but Naga Sadow made an appearance. Now we just need to get Xeones back and it can be just like the old days all over again.

            1. Xeones better not show his fucking face around here.

            2. Was an explanation of what the fuck is going on ever given?

              Why are all these people coming back?

              1. It’s the End of Times.

    4. This is a regular spoofing the troll. It nicely illustrates how hard it is to capture tone, doesn’t it?

      1. Or, of course, it was a regular all along. A+ if so.

        1. @Warty – It’s not hard to capture tone if you have any talent, I don’t know why I respond, such a stupid comment

      2. If you’re looking for new troll inspirations you could do worse than Guardian commentors:

        (in regards to Gasper Noe’s Carne)

        17 September 2010 2:15AM

        Was it a real, living horse that was killed and butchered on screen?

        And that is – what – ‘art’?

        Yet another psychopathic male. Nice.

    5. Someone is using my alias, thats not me.

  40. If advertising is as effective at swaying the way people think as the President apparently thinks, he should explain two things.

    1) The New Coke
    2) Kids still do drugs. While there are no pro-drug ads on TV, there are lots and lots of anti-drug ads and yet, kids still do drugs.

    1. Well, obviously it just proves they didn’t spend enough. Just like the reason why the stimulus bill failed.

      1. A policy never fails due to it being a bad idea. I personally think people gave up on alchemy too quickly.

    2. While there are no pro-drug ads on TV

      I dunno, that one where getting high lets someone live out their cuckolding fantasy as their girlfriend gets it on with an alien made me want to try pot quite a bit.

      1. I always thought that the downsides of heroin addiction were outweighed by the opportunity to bang the frying pan/brain on drugs girl. (Who was, after all, Rachael Leigh Cook.)

    1. that warms the cockles of my heart it does

      1. aol still exists!?

    2. 1 word for his 2 daughters: Electrolysis.

    3. Heavy on the fuzzy, apparently.

    4. “Wheeler’s facial fuzz had appeared at birth with an inch and a half of light hair covering her cheeks and chin. She says her mother wanted a daughter, and doctors were instructed to remove the male parts.”

      I don’t get it. The baby is born with facial hair so they cut off its genitals?

      1. I suspect Jezebel had something to do with this.

  41. …delivered control of our health care to special interests using front legislation with misleading names like Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act…

  42. Part of me wonders if this isn’t some kind of elaborate plot to commit Republicans to leaving special interest money that largely benefits Democrats alone. As much as Citizens United is talked about in terms of corporations, the beneficiaries more likely to use that freedom for brazenly partisan purposes are the unions.

    If I was a powerful Democrat who realized A) this court case is a huge win for me personally, B) while it pisses off the principled illiberals on my side, and C) Republicans cannot be counted on to protect speech, but D) most Republicans are knee jerk partisans who will automatically oppose whatever I support, and E) my party needs a scapegoat for the electoral ass-kicking that might be headed our way soon, then I would demonize the hell out of Citizens United too.

  43. Right now all around this country there are groups with harmless-sounding names like [Koch founded] Americans for Prosperity, who are running millions of dollars of ads against Democratic candidates all across the country. And they don’t have to say who exactly the Americans for Prosperity are. You don’t know if it’s a foreign-controlled corporation. You don’t know if it’s a big oil company, or a big bank. You don’t know if it’s a insurance company that wants to see some of the provisions in health reform repealed because it’s good for their bottom line, even if it’s not good for the American people.

    That’s rich coming from somebody who deliberately turned off even minimal AVS checking on his campaign donation website. Foreign donors, unlimited amounts using prepaid cards, fake names, even stolen credit cards – they were all good as far as Obama was concerned.

    1. It’s the Chicago way.

    2. Yes, I’ve become quite a student of your operations in this region.

      Thirty-four mansions, I think it was, under Colonel Montgomery’s expedition
      of the Combahee.

      Four thousand bales of cotton smuggled through the lines…with payment to parties unknown…except by you.

      False quartermaster requisitions. Major Forbes here has seen the copies.

      Along with confiscated valuables shipped north as personal baggage.

      Shall I go on?

  44. You can make sure that the tens of millions of dollars spent on misleading ads do not drown out your voice. Because no matter how many ads they run?no matter how many elections they try to buy?the power to determine the fate of this country doesn’t lie in their hands. It lies in yours.

    This guy again. He must believe the America public is as stupid as it really is, considering all of that money he took from GE, Microsoft, Google, Citigroup, Time Warner, UBS, Morgan Stanley, and IBM…

    Wait a second, those are all CORPARSHUNS! DEY’Z TAKIN’ OVA!!!111

  45. Oh, so he’s ready to disclose that one of his favorite financial backers is the ex-Nazi supporter George Soros. Good for him! Honesty is the best policy.

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