Los Angeles: Home of the $5 Cup of Coffee, $2 Million Job


Featureless building full of faceless apparatchiks.

Los Angeles City Controller Wendy Greuel audits ARRA stimulus spending by two important city agencies and finds that the American people have spent $111,450,000 to retain or create a mere 54 jobs in La La Land.

The Controller's reports on the L.A. Departments of Transportation [pdf] and Public Works [pdf] breaks it down as follows:

Out of the city's total $549,000,000 ARRA award, the LADOT received $40,800,000, which it has so far used to create or retain nine jobs.

The DPW did considerably better with its $70,650,000, retaining or creating a suspiciously precise 45.46 jobs. Of those all but 6.89 were public sector jobs retained. Less than one job was actually created.

Greuel's report contains many variants on a phrase familiar from previous reports on ARRA spending: "The Department's processes need to be strengthened to ensure transparent, accurate and segregated tracking of ARRA funds and related expenditures." In one section, Greuel notes that the LADOT's record-keeping is so poor that the department may have undercounted some jobs. So don't be surprised if the department's crusade to install new left-turn signals ends up creating as many as ten jobs.

Courtesy of Charlotte Laws.