Tony Washington and the Scarlet I


ESPN The Magazine profiles Tony Washington, a promising 24-year-old football player whose career has been stalled by a conversation-stopping offense he committed eight years ago: When he was 16, he had consensual sex with his 15-year-old sister. Based on interviews with Washington, his sister, and other relatives, Allison Glock explains the context of this forbidden liaison: a troubled, dispiriting childhood in the rougher sections of New Orleans, where Washington was constantly threatened by violence and had few sources of emotional support. Although Washington overcame a deprived background to become a star player at Abilene Christian University in Texas, his taboo-breaking transgression will mark him until the day he dies. Under Texas law, "prohibited sexual conduct" triggers lifetime registration as a sex offender, putting him in the same category as rapists and child molesters. (As I noted a couple weeks ago, people who have sex with their first cousins, including spouses they legally married in other states, are  covered by the same statute.) Although Washington had otherwise realistic hopes of being a second-round NFL draft choice, so far no team has been willing to accept the secondhand stigma of signing a registered sex offender. As I explain in a sidebar to Glock's story (available only in print), Washington's treatment highlights the failure of sex offender registries to distinguish between dangerous criminals and people who pose no discernible threat to public safety. It also shows how imposing registration on people who committed their crimes as minors—a category that includes thousands of people in the Texas sex offender registry—undermines a central purpose of the juvenile justice system by forcing people to bear the burden of their youthful mistakes for the rest of their lives.

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  1. No pics of his sister?

    1. I’m glad this was the first post.

  2. He needs to contact the Phila. Eagles.

    1. Even non-consensual incest would improve their image.

  3. This sentence made me go from whhargarbl injustice! to OMFG PERV within a second.
    ” When he was 16, he had consensual sex with his 15-year-old sister.”

    1. Yet, he still has a better chance to get a NFL contract than some openly gay running back.

  4. Libertarian perspectives on Incest Laws.

    And…. GO!

  5. But sex with siblings is yucky and gross! Can we have him spend every weekend in stocks in the public square for the rest of his life?

    Goddam Americans are both puritanical and un-Christian (forgiveness, Jesus was for it). In fact the big JC spent a whole lot more time talking about forgiveness and charity than he did railing against brother/sister sex.

    1. Probably because He was railing His sister.

      1. HALF sister dude

  6. Sheesh, you’d think he murdered some dogs. But the NFL is a highly visible and popular corporate citizen and Christian outfit. Dog fighting? Second chance. Sister-screwing? Nuh-uh. Sorry. Bible forbids it.

    1. Why is that Vick went away for time over dogfighting but Big Ben has had trouble with women more than once and just got suspended 4-6 games (and is still allowed to play preseason)?

      I think there’s something wrong with our society when crimes against animals are taken more seriously than (alleged) crimes against humans. Roethlisberger gets the criminal charges dropped, but still has lawsuits pending, and everyone only talks about how long he’ll be suspended, but they no longer talk about why he was suspended.

      In short, Vick was made an example of for a crime that was blown way out of proportion.

      1. See what happens when a player does to people what Vick did to dogs.

  7. A) Ewwwwww
    B) According to the law, a hand job would have been ok.
    C) What exactly is the logic behind, boning your step-sister is ok, but boning your adopted cousin isn’t.

  8. How did he get caught? It’s not like something you go and brag about.

    1. Bitch set him up?

  9. Is this really so uncommon? Just sayin’

    1. There’s something called the Westermarck effect. basically, studies show that most primates tend to be less sexually attracted to persons raised in the same home environment.

      so yeah, I think it’s uncommon.

      1. Obviously there aren’t many particularly good studies (who will admit to boning a sister?), but I suspect it wouldn’t be all that uncommon to see a small but significant minority of sibling incest during the all-horny, all-curious teenage years. Like, not your first choice, but being available, no curfew…

        1. Oh, and I am a de facto only child. I only have half-siblings, and never lived with them.

  10. “Although Washington overcame a depraved background…”


  11. I don’t think it should be illegal to have consensual sex with your sister.

    Whether or not we want to say 15 is the age of consent might be a matter for the majority to decide, but if an unrelated 16 and 15-year-old can have consensual sex in Texas without running afoul of the law, then he certainly should have been free to do so as well.

    Most of the incest laws are about assuming that informed consent is impossible in incestuous situations. Siblings are certainly capable of having informed consent. (Which, of course, has no bearing on deciding whether or not consent was freely given in this case.)

    1. Most of the incest laws are about assuming that informed consent is impossible in incestuous situations.

      Really? I thought it had something to do with the whole, mutant baby thingy.

      1. If it was a law against mutant babies, then why is mother/daughter, father/son, sister/sister, and brother/brother sex also illegal?

        And if mutant babies are a problem, why is it legal for Down’s people Huntington’s and Tay-Sachs carriers, dwarves, and genetically deaf people to have children?

        1. Stop being so fucking logical, dammit! There’s some fucking going on that these people must stop!

  12. Thankfully nothing builds character and fosters moral fortitude like professional sports…

  13. So far, it’s not the government that’s depriving him of an NFL slot. It’s the NFL–a private employer refusing to employ a dude with a past that most consumers of their product find revolting.

    I don’t have that big a problem with that. If I had to hire one of two similar applicants, I’d probably shy away from the sister-fucker.

    1. What about me?

      1. Well, you had to find the one other applicant that would make this a tough call.

      2. Okay, gotta ask, what is it w/ Steve Smith and Joe Pile and their alleged relations with Ruminant-Americans? I’ve been reading reason H&R for a while, and keep seeing the gag, but clearly I’ve wiffed on remembering why.

        1. SFC B,

          Steve Smith explained here if you follow some links out.

          And you can follow Steve on Twitter: STEVESMITHGRR

          1. I think I might need to follow this.

      3. What about ME?

    2. The problem is that they’re not shying away from him because he’s the sister-fucker. They’re shying away from him because he’s a registered sex offender, and he’s a registered sex offender because the state says so.

      1. In the article, it mentions other NFL recruits with criminal records and reputations:

        The agent begins ticking off the NFL players he knows with records or bad reps: “They’ve got guys with DWIs, guys who killed dogs, beat up women, smoked drugs, fought in bars, raped, worse. I could go down the list.” By comparison, McElroy argues, Washington’s offense was minor.

        Washington definitely thinks it’s the sister-fucker image that is hurting him.

        1. But none of those guys are registered sex offenders.

        2. Everyone knows about the sister-fucking because he had to register as a sex offender. If he didn’t have to register as a sex offender for a consensual act no one would know. Or at least no one would know until he became a multi-millionaire star running back and his sister blackmailed him. Then everyone would know because she writes a tell-all book, or he goes to jail for killing her.

          Either way, next time it is probably better to just crank one out in the shower.

          1. Either way, next time it is probably better to just crank one out in the shower.

            At least the story has a moral we can all take to heart.

  14. Thankfully nothing builds character and moral fortitude like professional football…

  15. I wonder if it was worth it. I mean, other than only children, who hasn’t considered messing with a sibling?

    1. Sugarfree hasn’t. His sibling are freaks.

      1. Only child. I ripped up the tubing on the way out so all the toys would be mine.

        1. That does work better with the popular theory that you ate your way out the womb like a xenomorph.

          1. I was, from my mother’s womb, untimely ripp’d.

            1. I never expected a MacBeth reference in this thread.

              1. Nobody ever expects the Scottish Play!

    2. Not me. My sis is a left wing MotherJones reading ecoterrorist survivalist type. She is also as ugly as homemade sin.

    3. Me!

      When I hit puberty in 1978, my sister was a short, fat, 16 yr old lesbian whose girlfriend could’ve stunt-doubled for Adam Baldwin in “My Bodyguard”.

    4. I had a friend in elementary school who would make out with his 16-year-old sister whenever she came home drunk and passed out.

      If I recall correctly, he also once gave head to his dog. Or maybe it was that he had his dog lick his dick. Either way, he was a real winner…

  16. I’d hire the guy, of course I’d hire Mick Vick as well if he still had the goods.

    Rae Carruth though? No.

    1. Hell yeah I’d go with Curruth before just about anybody. What is more intimidating for an opposing team, some dog killing coward or a homicidal maniac?

      1. Curruth was a WR, they are not in any way intimidating. A DE or LB might work though.

        1. Entire squad needs to be a wave of brute intimidation. Even the kicker should make the damn earth quake with every bouncing step to the ball before he rams it up into center mass.

          Half time shows should only be about pirates and ninjas fighting it out, and not decrepit old rock acts that remind us that rock and roll is really old.

          I’m talking about ideal E. Warren T. aren’t you misty eyed at this moment? Less than two weeks, man!

          1. As a Bucs fan opening day is both a matter of excitement and apprehension.

            Their battle cry could be: “Fewer mistakes this week!” or possibly “We might be able to up our third down conversion percentage just a bit, if we get a few breaks!”

          2. Should’a never got rid of Garcia. Hung with him for a few mediocre seasons, this would have been your year. (Kidding!!!!)
            Now watch Jake take the Browns to the Superbowl and win it this time just to spite all of us who wanted him benched on day one of last year’s season.

            1. I loved the way Jeff played. Huge heart and a willingness to put it all out there. Which is why he was banged up so much.

              It wasn’t him that was the problem, in years past it has been and will probably be this year the O line.

              All the units have had a problem with protection and clearing holes for the run game. So that puts a lot of stress on the QB to carry the team.

              And since they’ve never had a superstar type QB it makes for an underwhelming offense.

  17. You know what it feels like when newspapers call you the boss of a sister fucker? The whole damn town thinks I’m runnin’ a “sisterfuckeria.”

  18. Bitch set him up?

    Cops foolerated bitch into settin’ him up, “We can clear this all up if…” style.

    It’s a standard female-interrogation tactic, because women (generally) want to make whoever’s present happy with them, and they very strongly bond with authority figures almost instantly, so they’ll throw over anyone who’s not within eyeshot, even completely falsely, just to hear a cop say “Thank you, ma’am.”

    That’s why you can’t go in on a job with ’em. Not even a sibling-fucking job. Do your brother instead. He won’t rat.

    1. Congrats, cent sign, on the frightening comment of the day.

  19. I actually attended Abilene Christian University (seriously), and would like to publicly disassociate myself from SIS – Sibling Incest Syndrome.

  20. Would he have done better to attend school in another state?

  21. The “sexual offender” part of this is what galls me. The entire concept of the “sexual offender” list is stupid. But if you ARE going to have one, how do you justify putting him (or anyone else in a similar situation, including the cousin article from last week)? Can you really say “this person is a danger to the community” with a straight face?

    1. Well, I can kinda see the logic — if you fuck your sibling, you’re so out of touch with sexual norms that who knows else what you’re capable of? Pedophilia? Raping livestock? Voting LP?

  22. In some states “public urination” charges will get you on the sex offender registry.

    1. Indecent exposure… yeah… so humiliating the criminalization of poverty is.

  23. Question: would production of genetically
    maimed offspring from cousin or sibling sex constitute initiation of force?

  24. Begs the question: If it was consensual with his sister, how did he even end up on the registry?

  25. teh sex offender registry is bullshit!!! ihave a friend in west texas who is on the sex offender registry………for giving a neighbors 14 yr old son a box of old porno mags…..the boys mother raised all kinds of hell about it. they charged him with ‘distributing obsene sexual material to an under age minor’..or some shit worded like that.

    1. I call bs. In texas the crime you mentioned is a class a misdemeanor. Not enought to put you on the registry.

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