And by Experts He Means Lobbyists


Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), one of the authors of ObamaCare, says he didn't bother to read the entire bill, either.

"I don't think you want me to waste my time to read every page of the health care bill. You know why? It's statutory language. We hire experts."…

"It's not perfect, nothing's perfect, but I'm telling you, ma'am, it's a good start," Baucus said. "Mark my words, several years from now you're going to look back and say, 'eh, maybe it isn't so bad.'"

Eh, maybe it isn't so bad. Aim high, Sen. Baucus!

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  1. “We hire experts.”…”

    I think he means “They hire us.”

    1. Those “experts” write most of the legislation on Capitol Hill. Does anyone know the names of these unelected officials?

  2. One of the least convincing arguments for anything is the whole “well it’s not perfect” argument. It can literally justify anything.

  3. TOP MEN

    1. Those bureaucratic fools!

      Hey, let’s get a drink! You know, a drink?

      Ta-ra-ra-RAAA, Ta-ra-RAAA, Ta-ra-ra-RAAAAA, ta-ra-ra-RA-RAAAA!

  4. Hey, peckerhead, when you’re on the clock it’s not your time, it’s ours. We’re paying for it. So if we want you to read the bullshit you’re foisting on us (which we do have to read, since we are punished if we don’t obey every last semicolon), you’ll fucking do it, with a smile.

  5. Well fuck me. And fuck every other hard-working, taxpaying US citizen too.

  6. I’m hoping in a few years we can look back and see we’ve retired all the statist a-holes.

    1. I hope your understanding of the word “retire” involves drawing and quartering.

  7. Hey cut the guy some slack…After playing Thurston Howell the 3rd on Gilligan’s Island he’s probably not accustomed to wiping himself letting alone reading things.

  8. Hey, let the man alone. You can’t expect him to read everything. He’s got campaign staff to shtup.

  9. Eh, maybe it isn’t so bad. Quite a talking point you have there, Baucus.

  10. It is depressing to realize how much better off our country would be if every piece of legislation met the “eh, maybe it isn’t so bad” test.

    Yes, the bar is that low, Congress, yet you seem to miss it still.

  11. From the article-

    “Gayla Benefield underscored the guarded optimism of some in Libby when she mentioned how, at a classic car rally that summer, someone was selling T-shirts, reading, “We put the ‘fun’ back in Superfund ? come play in Libby.” Then she asked Baucus if the extended Medicare coverage could be repealed when a new presidential administration takes over, since she feared her grandchildren could suffer from asbestos sickness, making them the fourth generation in her family stricken with contamination.”

    The retard is strong here.

  12. Max can’t waste his time reading that crap; he’s got fundraisers to attend.

  13. And what if we DON’T look back in several years and say it’s “not so bad”? Like we do with the Federal flood insurance program, Medicare, Social Security, the TSA or any huge bloated government agency…

    What then?

  14. What then?

    Max will shrug his shoulders and look surprised.

  15. “I don’t think you want me to waste my time to read every page of the health care bill. You know why? It’s statutory language. We hire experts.”…


    1. And all this time I was under the impression that our genteel congress critters were said expert at, you know, laws and stuff.

      Fuckin’ great.

  16. So, a legislator reading the bills they vote for is “wasting his time”. I wonder what he thinks isn’t a waste of his time.

    1. Grandstanding

    2. Having semi-consensual sex with pages.

    3. So, a legislator reading the bills they vote for author put forth on behalf of lobbyists is “wasting his time”. I wonder what he thinks isn’t a waste of his time.

  17. Actually, yes, I do want him to waste his time reading it. I don’t care if he doesn’t understand it or will sign it anyways because the party leaders tell him to, at least while he’s reading he can’t propose or pass new legislation. Anything to help stem the bullshit that is constantly spewing out of Congress is a good thing.

  18. Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.)[:]
    “I don’t think you want me to waste my time to read every page of the health care bill.

    Your time is simply TOO precious to waste it on doing your job. I get it.

    What a trooper.

    1. No kidding. That’s too much like work.

  19. “Mark my words, several years from now you’re going to look back and say, ‘eh, maybe it isn’t so bad.'”

    I think what he’s trying to say is that “Several years from now, we’re going to pass legislation too terrible for you to possibly imagine.”

    Also makes you think about the phrase “pass legislation” – like it’s a kidney stone or fecal matter.

  20. Campaign-savvy pols will vote on legislation based on its name. Why would you give an opponent ammunition by voting against an “Affordable Healthcare for Everyone!” bill?

    Just wait till they pass the “Anti Puppy and Kitten Abuse” and “I Love America” bills.

    1. Patriot Act.

      That’s gold, Jerry. Gold !

  21. The retreat on this is just spectacular. Back when this pile of yak dung was passed, liberals were weeping in the streets. One of Ted Kennedy’s idiot sons put a copy of bill on his grave with a note saying “we did it Dad”. Now just a few months later and they are claiming in a few years “it won’t look so bad”. As awful as this bill is, it does have the upshot of completely discrediting these people for a generation.

    1. Ted Kennedy was always insecure, knowing he was the only Kennedy brother not worth shooting.

      (heard that one on NPR.)

  22. You can’t read something while it’s coming out of your ass.

  23. Apparently, he also never bothered listening to his speech defending the non-reading of his bill.

  24. Once upon a time we had a Supreme Court whose function was to be a final check against the other two branches stepping beyond the confines of the constitution.

    Then the progressives took over, passed anything that they wanted without bothering to read it, the courts didn’t give a fuck, and a once great nation descended into the depths of totalitarianism.

    The End

  25. Ad Hominem Rhyme Time

    Max Coccus

    1. I’ll go with anagrams:

      # BAA CUM SUX
      # CUBA MA SUX
      # MA AX CUB US

  26. Whatever happened to the idea of NOT signing a document without reading it first?

  27. Whatever happened to the idea of NOT signing a document without reading it first?

    That only applies if you are actually affected by the results.

  28. “Mark my words, several years from now you’re going to look back and say, ‘eh, maybe it isn’t so bad.'”

    So health care reform is kinda like plantar warts.

    1. More like herpes. Doesn’t much matter if everyone’s got it.

  29. Every day, in every way, I am saddened when I think that people actually voted for their representatives. Not just people, but a MAJORITY of people. I’m sad now.

  30. I just wish more Democrats would say more stuff like this, and louder, and more often in the press where it can de distributed as far as possible across the country.

    The more people realize what assholes we currently have running the country the better the chance they will vote the bums out.

    I can’t imagine what is a higher form of contempt for the American people than a sitting Senator bragging about how he DOESN’T DO HIS FUCKING JOB.

    1. Definition of election: throw the old bums out, put the new bums in.

      The problem is the type of people who seek positions of power.
      They aren’t corrupted by power.
      They are attracted to power because they are corrupt.

      1. I know new bums will come in. But I will still take great pleasure in seeing the current crop of bums being thrown out.

        1. If only we would quit electing lawyers.

          When we elect people who have spent their life in a profession that rewards being disingenuous and insincere, why are we surprised when they turn out to be lying sacks of shit?

          1. What’s distressing is that most of these attorneys in legislatures appear to be complete morons when it comes to drafting, reading, and understanding legislation.

          2. Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and an honest lawyer walk into a bar…

      2. By definitionally, sociopaths aren’t corrupt, they are sociopaths.

        1. corruption – corruptness: lack of integrity or honesty (especially susceptibility to bribery); use of a position of trust for dishonest gain

          sociopathic – Having the characteristics of a sociopath; Unconcerned about the adverse consequences for others of one’s actions

          I’m sticking with corrupt.

    2. Who/What was the other quote about either the stimulus or the health plan where the congressman admitted they didn’t understand what it was they were passing?

  31. Mark my words, several years from now you’re going to look back and say, ‘eh, maybe it isn’t so bad.'”

    The fuck?!! mr baucus, aren’t we supposed to be saying “Wow! THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME!” and now you’re suggesting that we’ll be shrugging our shoulders and saying “Eh, it’s not a total disaster“.

    If this is what passes for lawmaking, then I just realized I’m not cynical enough.

    1. If you still give a shit, you aren’t cynical enough.

  32. I treat the phrases “I didn’t know”, “I didn’t read it”, and similar excuses in conjunction with an affirmative vote as an outright admission that the speaker was derelict in his or her sworn duty and is unsuited to the job.

    Of course, these days that rule doesn’t provide much discriminating power as they all appear to have taken this as an accepted part of the job.

  33. “I don’t think you want me to waste my time to read every page of the health care bill. You know why? It’s statutory language. We hire experts.”

    But remember, civilian: ignorance of the law is no excuse.

  34. “””I don’t think you want me to waste my time…

    Because your time is so much better spent screwing up other areas of the American economy, like finance, agriculture, environmental policy…. actually you know what, please DO read every page of the damn thing. It will keep you busy.

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