Friday Rap Video in Favor of Backing the Right Nominee for the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection Link


Via Wonkette.

Uh, equal time?

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  1. Politics is showbusiness for tone deaf people.

  2. This and the stupid Top Chef show my wife watches that had a group of public servants, including Leon Panetta, acting like food critics on reality TV is confirmation the end is near.

    We’re turning public servants, other than the Office of President (which has its own issues), into fucking idols and stars.

    Next up. Snooky (or however you spell it) goes to Washington.

  3. Ah Wonkette, how I don’t miss thee

  4. Guitars are definitely racist, no doubt about it.

    1. Oops joke name.

      1. You have been exposed!

        Oh shit.

  5. How ANYONE can look at Elizabeth Warren and see something to admire is beyond me. I look at her and my dick shrivels up. Then she opens her mouth and my ears bleed.

    Make it stop.

    1. Yeah, I saw her in the Daily Show and some other show and all I could think was she knows even less about what going on that the average political puppet.

      1. Well, this political puppet knows that banks and corporations are TEH EVIL and that’s all that matters.

        Now where’s Chad? I need a backrub.

  6. The Main Street Brigade, eh? Whoever named this fake band needs to find focus groups with better taste.

  7. Wow, that just might be the worst rapping I’ve heard from an African-American since this.

  8. No such thing as a free lunch.

    The download may be free, but I’m sure I’ll pay severely if I listen to it.

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