"Guys in Jail Are Going To Rape You"


An undercover New York City cop threatens a man taking cell phone video with arrest for being disrespectful. He then explains that an arrest means a weekend in jail, where he'll probably be raped.

The confrontation appears to have occurred during an undercover bust of a suspected "illegal social club," which judging by its use in other other raids appears to be a law that criminalizes weird artist types who freak out the neighbors.

The space that was raided was run by a group of activist independent filmmakers called the Glass Bead Collective.

Via Carlos Miller.

MORE: Gothamist coverage of the incident here.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: NYPD says the man in the video doesn't work for them. More here.

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  1. Radly,

    Where is the link to this story? There is a link to the general Glass Bead collective and one to stories on the raid. But where is the actual story?

    1. Click the “Via Carlos Miller” link.

    2. Meant to link to the Gothamist article, John. Just added that.

  2. So lets say I broke into someone’s house with a group of my shithead friends, pepper sprayed everyone, then told someone who had the audacity to film me doing this that I would lock them in my basement, and they would probably be raped while I kept them there. I think I would be facing several criminal charges for doing this. So why isn’t this illegal when the police do it?

    1. Because they’re the police.

    2. Haven’t you heard that contempt of cop is a capital offense?

    3. It’s like how, if you were white, killing a black guy back in the day in the South was a minor offense, while if you were black, saying something that pissed the wrong white people off would get you killed.

      We are all niggers now.

  3. Wow. Not only do we have officials violating the rights of photographers here, we also have officials continuing the ridiculous public condoning/support of prison rape as an extrajudicial punishment.

    At this point, I’m pretty sure that just seeing Radley’s name on a post is enough to raise my blood pressure by a good amount.

  4. The mixed bag of the year is that people around the country are getting fed up with police, but it’s not about shit like this, it’s about police pensions. I’ll take what I can get but this is even more aggravating than their parasitic contracts.

    1. I used to give to the Fraternal Order of Police everytime they called, just b/c it’s for the cops and I’ve never heard or seen anything like I’ve been reading here. totally ignorant.

      Now, when they call, I don’t give and I explain why — specifically, the FOP’s Jim Pascos concern about the civil rights of police offers when they are photographed.

      I’ve also started noticing how stories like this get covered — if at all — it’s a line or two in the metro section of the paper.

  5. Rape is an integral part of the prison experience. It is an important part of the punishment.

    1. Prison, Jim, not jail.

    2. He’s dead, Jim.

      1. He’s raped, Jim.

  6. Another “tyrannical cop vs. smartass hipsters” situation, like that Washington snowball fight. Trying to be outraged…trying…still trying…

    1. Cops should have no problem ignoring smartass hipsters. If they can’t, they shouldn’t be cops. That’s what outrages me.

    2. But filming a cop is totally legal and should be legal. Assaulting someone with a snowball is not.

      As much as it pains me, I have to side with the hipsters here.

    3. It’s NYC…practically the whole city is smartass hipsters. As CMS says – they shouldn’t be cops if they can’t deal with smartass hipsters in New-fucking-York of all places.

      1. “practically the whole city is smartass hipsters, if you ignore the 6,000,000 people who live outside a line that encircles the lower half of Manhattan and the adjacent trendy neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Queens


    4. I think there are some kids on your lawn. You should probably shoo them off with a broom.

      1. How the fuck do you pronounce “???”?

    5. I would have agreed with you only a few years ago, but the more Balko posts I see the more I believe citizens (both hipsters and otherwise) should take to the streets and begin filming cops at random.

    6. You’re all right, of course, but it’s so hard to pick sides in an asshole fight.

  7. Yes, yes, that sucks and all, but the real question is… what do they think about the proposed ground zero mosque?

    1. “Mosques are going to rape you.”

      1. Now you know what the mihrab is really for…

        1. I’m a little more concerned about that minaret.

          1. I like that Muslims decorate their churches with giant penises. It’s very progressive of them.

            1. I think it helps build Dialog.

    2. Are you referring to the anchor mosque?

      1. + uno

  8. “”The confrontation appears to have occurred during an undercover bust of a suspected “illegal social club,” which judging by its use in other other raids appears to be a law that criminalizes weird artist types who freak out the neighbors.””

    I guess “social club” has morphed into something other what it was when I first came to NYC, which was code name for mob hangout.

    1. it also means hangout for old dudes of whatever ethnic group it’s dedicated to.

      1. Yes. But those domino games were really battles for mob turf. 😉

    2. Am I the only person who remembers the Timex Social Club?

  9. I’m glad to see that Steve Smith’s law enforcement training seminars have been so well attended.

    1. Steve Smith never threatens rape.

      1. Especially third party rape.

  10. If a choir boy can get millions from the diocese because Father Peter touched his wee-wee, shouldn’t those held in state custody be able to get many millions if they are raped when guards are looking the other way?

    1. Sovereign immunity.

  11. I call this progress. Yes, progress! The threat of “Giuliani Justice” is gone. Nightstick rape has been replaced by a shitty holding cell system.

    1. They may have retired the nightstick (though that’s doubtful), but I’m willing to bet that the toilet plunger is still in heavy rotation.

  12. You’re going to prih, hison
    You’re gonna get ray, hey haped.

  13. Semi threadjack:

    I just received the latest issue of the Marijuana Policy Project’s emailed newsletter. The newsletter said the family of Kathrine Johnston received a $4.9M settlement in hush money from the Atlanta taxpayers, I mean police department, to compensate for her murder by Atlanta PD.

  14. http://www.kdvr.com/news/kdvr-…..?track=rss

    Denver cops caught on video beating a traffic ticket bystander. (h/t Hazy at PINAC)

    1. They attacked him after he started documenting their behavior. They are just fucking animals all of them.

      1. My dogs would have killed both officers before they could draw their weapons.

    2. And there are couple of comments to the story that are just amazing (although most are against the cops)

      you know maybe people should have to see things from the cops point of view. They deal with people day in and day out that they have to fight because people cant mind their own business. If this guy would have done what he was told he wouldnt be in the situtition he was in. Also the word is beat not beach pd dpd.


      Looks like he was resisting arrest.

      Why shove your nose where it doesn’t belong.

      Also what kind of guy has two little dog? Oh wait, a wuss.

      And this one

      I think its time for a serious case of the Blue Flu. Maybe after a few weeks of a crime spree people will appreciate the crap these officers put up with on a daily bases.

      If you can do a better job and be more compassionate when arresting someone then become a cop.

      1. “”They deal with people day in and day out that they have to fight because people cant mind their own business. “”

        Sounds like this guy believes it’s ok to treat someone poorly because they are having a bad day.

        “”If you can do a better job and be more compassionate when arresting someone then become a cop.””

        LEO HR – What makes you think you would make a good cop

        Applicant – I have compassion

        LEO HR – NEXT!!

        1. The cop defenders are so brain dead you hope they are just trolls. But I fear they are not. People really are that stupid.

          1. They are. Part of the stupidity comes from thinking you will never be treated like that.

    3. This one is astounding.

      Well again I say if you can do a better job then get off your back side and become a cop. Set a good example of what law enforcement should be. Quit sitting on the sidelines and screaming how bad they are. I know lots of police officers. I could never be one because I would have a hard time controlling my temper. Most criminals get off lucky when they get arrested with scrapes and bruises. When an officer ask you to get on the ground you don’t argue with them you do what they ask.

    4. There’s one rule you all need to follow regarding police interactions:

      “Submit, and you won’t get hit. If you do get hit, submit some more, or you might get pounded into the floor.”

      I am not kidding. If a cop says “Jump!”. You say “How high, sir?”

      Cops are here to protect you and they have absolute power over you, so do as your told and there won’t be any problems. Don’t be stupid like the guy in the video…he got what he deserved.


      1. To serve and protect has been replaced with submission and control.

      2. John, asking how high will get you hit, since you should just jump as high as you can. Of course, that will also get you hit because he only wanted you to jump 1/2 way.

    5. It’s getting harder every day to tell the difference between the goons and the cops.

      1. What difference? And I know a lot of cops both city and county.

    6. QTF, they completely failled to shoot the dogs. They need more training.

  15. http://www.philly.com/inquirer…..arges.html

    How did Reason miss this little outrage. When a citizen fucks up it is always “ignorance is no excuse”. But when some government shitbag does it is “they meant well”.

  16. I think we just need to accept that the police are plain better than us, that their motives are always pure and noble, and that even when threatening us with prison rape, it’s only for our own good.

    On a related note, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Unicorns are real.

  17. Ah, Mr. Balko, you never fail to get my blood pressure up.

  18. They had one of these raids in last week’s episode of Mad Men–set in 1965. Good to see that the traditional values are being maintained NYC.

  19. Am I the only one wondering what the cop was doing with hand that wasn’t holding the camera? He seemed a might bit too excited by the concept.

  20. Is it bad that my initial reaction was “this camera man is a total dick” and I was rooting against him even though the cop was ridiculous too?

    I also enjoyed his “I’ve been to jail, I don’t care.” Wow big bad camera man. I think I just don’t like annoying pieces of shit who get testy when other pieces of shit annoy them back.

  21. There are people who cheer every time a cop is reported killed. And guys like this fucking piece of filth are the reason why.

    So why hasn’t the cop’s name come out in the press coverage? I think his name and photo need to be a lot more well-known.

  22. There is something about a chatty, smirking hipster with a camera in your face that would pretty much piss off any person alive. This has nothing to do with this particular video. I can see the benefit of filming cops and keeping them honest. But there is something unsettling about the proliferation of cameras. People with their cameras filming every moment would keep me from ever daring to speak at a townhall assembly meeting and from attending any sort of public function or rally no matter how innocuous. Being in public is one thing. Being in public and the potential fodder of youtube and the net is a whole ‘nother beast. We interestingly perpetually cite “1984” like a mantra. Yet with all our social networks and cameras we’re our own big brother.

  23. What ! no taser action? He must have been a security guard. Besides a real cop would have slammed the photographer into a wall, then the sidewalk, and stood on his head, while screaming “get on the ground”, “stop resisting”, “do it now”, “turn around”, “your gonna get tased”, “don’t move”, “do it now”.

  24. So what else is new? Jack McCoy and the NY Cops on “Law and Order” TV routinely threatened “perps” with prison rape…at Riker’s Island…remember?

    It is the “You have the right to remain silent, but if you do I’ll see to it that you get raped by a very unpleasant guy” technique.

    Add to this the increasing reports of threats from cops when they are filmed violating a person’s Constitutional right (First Amendment).

    Yesterday I watched the online video of two cops beating the man who was walking his dog, saw a cop give a driver a ticket for not stopping for a traffic sign, and told the “violator” that he saw the driver stop and would so testify in court. That’s when the cops got rough.

    As a child, I was brought up to think of cops as my friends; now I let the circumstances decide that one.

  25. The NYPD is stating flat-out that the guy on the video is NOT a police officer.


  26. Ya know those crazy artist types were turned on by the thought of being raped by thugs.

  27. This is absurd. If this is a legitimate police officer abusing his office this way he should be suspended and reprimanded. Unprofessional behavior is an understatement.

    Lieutenant “Hammond” wasn’t very professional either. What are these police officers attempting to accomplish here?

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