"Guys in Jail Are Going To Rape You" Update: NYPD Says Guy Who Threatened Cameraman Doesn't Work for Them

An NYPD spokeswoman tells Gothamist that the guy who threatened to arrest a cell phone camera operator and told him, "Guys in jail are going to rape you," (which I blogged about here) is not a member of NYPD.

The Gothamist post speculates he's a cop with another police department, though at this point that isn't exactly clear, either. More to come, I'm sure.

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  • DG||

    Maybe it's a guy who just really hates fucking hipsters.

  • Wind Rider||

    We are not the droids you're looking for

  • !||

  • -||

    Is it too soon to apologize to the cops?

  • ¢||

    speculates he's a cop with another police department


    Or, feeling that power has taken them into its confidence, they decide the still-necessary villain is a furriner. A highly specific sort of one. Because that's how displacement actually works.

  • ZGoos||

    Well if he isn't a cop, then isn't assuming the authority of an officer, threatening people with arrest and ordering people to disperse under that authority illegal in and of itself. I somehow doubt the uniformed officer in the video would be ok with some random drunk impersonating a police officer.

  • Wind Rider||

    The uniformed cop just misunderstood the whole 'first 200 names in the phone book' deal.

  • ...||

    Why is it that I read "uniformed" as "uninformed"?

  • yah||

    I do that all the time too...

  • ||

    Isn't that the same?

  • Alice Bowie||

    He's not a Cop...He just likes to dress that way.

  • c||

    left out the H in threatened in the headline

  • Wind Rider||

    Here at Reason, everyone gets a treat. And treatened. Entreatened, even.

  • Almanian||

    Budgets are tight everywhere. Have you seen the futures on H's lately?

  • c||

    left out the H in threatened in the headline

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    NYPD: That's A Drunk, Not A Cop

    Why can't he be both?

  • Colin||

    I don't think this is an uncommon occurrence.

    One July 4th a cop was, for no reason, incredibly rude to me. Then I noticed from his uniform that he was from out of town.

    They probably see this kind of duty as carte blanche to do whatever they like.

  • Wind Rider||

    NYPD is so fresh out of assholes they're importing them now?

  • Lefty4Life||

    Fine. Who is the uniformed cop who either:

    1. Allowed the undercover cop from wherever to threaten people with rape.


    2. Allowed a non-cop to impersonate an officer.

  • ||

    "All I know is ball...and good...and rape."

  • -||

    Everyone is so sensitive, you'd think a Muslim was doing the threatening.



  • BakedPenguin||

    Just curious - wtf is your problem with that (former) poster here?

  • hmm||

    Oh the possibilities and opportunities.

  • ||

    LOL, yeah right. Sure he wasnt LOL


  • ||

    Ridealong wannabe, maybe?

  • Alice Bowie||

    U no...

    Guns don't kill people...
    Cops kill people !!!

  • ||

    The Gothamist post speculates he's a cop with another police department, though at this point that isn't exactly clear, either.

    Are we sure it's not the guy from the Village People?

  • King of Communism||

    In Soviet America, jails rape you.

  • Fire Tiger||

    Let me guess.

    Rule 17-B) Subsection C) states that while a police officer is under cover, they shall not be identified as such to the press or civilians.

    Or some such silliness.

  • ||

    That ship sailed when he identified himself as a cop to civilians...

  • ||

    But when he identified himself, he had a right to privacy, so it didn't really happen.

  • ||

    The screamingly urgent fact is that if you are an incarcerated man, there is a 10% chance you'll be anally raped during your time under government control. These citizens have no legal protection under the law to find the institution or its employees criminally liable. These citizens have no way to have an attorney get them civil compensation. The hard fact is America today is near the very top of the short list of authoritarian evil asshole regime shitholes likes North Korea, Iran, or Venezuela. How can you expect cops to operate under moral philosophical premises when the government is not statutorily required to operate within the rule of law and simple decency?

  • merry||

    Matt didn't even show up in person? No chance he's going to get hit in the face with a chair. What a gyp.

  • دردشه عراقية||



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