John Stagliano Trial

Starving Hysterical Naked: What Obscenity Used to Look Like


As the federal obscenity trial of John Stagliano drives deep into the week (and the Constitution and the most basic freedoms of individuals to live peacefully), take a peek at what obscenity used to look and sound like. Here's some clips from the forthcoming movie about Allen Ginsberg's trial over Howl: on Lady Chatterley, Milk Nymphos, & John Stagliano. on Obscenity v. Freedom of Expression.

And when the seemingly incompetent prosecution team that is hounding Stagliano and wasting our money and shredding our Constitution is old and on their death beds and their grandchildren come to ask, What did you do during the War on Porn?, I hope that they will pause for a long time and then, like a movie Nazi dying in a Brazilian estate 50 years after V-E Day and an unjustly long and comfortable life, they will break down in tears and confess that they did horribly bad things.

Read Howl here

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  1. Please help jerk me off.

  2. “It’s just that you’re so naive.”

  3. I’ll never admit that I’m always at least 20 years behind the curve.

  4. This is interesting:

    BP oil spill: ‘Mystery plumber’ may be brains behind containment cap

    Six weeks ago, Robert Bea, an engineering professor at the University of California, Berkeley, received a late-night call from an apologetic “mystery plumber.” The caller said he had a sketch for how to solve the problem at the bottom of the Gulf. It was a design for a containment cap that would fit snugly over the top of the failed blowout preventer at the heart of the Gulf oil spill.

    Professor Bea, a former Shell executive and well-regarded researcher, thought the idea looked good and sent the sketches directly to the US Coast Guard and to a clearinghouse set up to glean ideas from outside sources for how to cap the stubborn Macondo well.

    When Bea saw the design of the containment cap lowered onto the well last week, he marveled at its similarity to the sketches from the late-night caller, whose humble refusal to give his name at the time nearly brought Bea to tears.

    “The idea was using the top flange on the blowout preventer as an attachment point and then employing an internal seal against that flange surface,” says Bea. “You can kind of see how a plumber thinks this way. That’s how they have to plumb homes for sewage.”…..inment-cap

    Could there be a better symbol of individual competence and imagination cutting through the entanglements and incompetence of federal bureaucracy?

    1. I wonder if it was Joe the Plumber. That would rock the farm.

    2. Thanks for the link.

    3. Yeah. Only now that it’s fixed, Obama is all over the thing, taking credit as if he and the government were a huge part of the solution:…..-solution/

      Note the sycophantic follow up questions from our watchdog media. As barfman would say, *barf*

      1. Actually, I came up with the solution. The idea came to me during a massage.

        1. Al, why do I believe there is a seed of truth in your statement. I am sure you did cum up with some solution

          1. The important thing is that the spewing has stopped. Nothing I like better than a happy ending

            1. They are concerned about a pressure buildup, and a resulting massive second explosion. I hear they have a brilliant female engineers on the job. I think they may need a woman’s touch.

  5. they will break down in tears and confess that they did horribly bad things

    Nah, they’ll break down and cry ‘there were so many to prosecute and so little time…’

  6. Allen Ginsberg vs. John Lofton

    LOFTON: Well, that’s certainly what S&M is all about–power..
    GINSBERG: And you seem to like that don’t you? Have your sexual fantasies ever involved that kind of power relationship?
    LOFTON: No, not to my knowledge, I’m a Christian. So I don’t fantasize..
    GINSBERG: Do you ever have sexual fantasies?
    LOFTON: No.
    GINSBERG: None at all?
    LOFTON: No, I said I am a Christian.
    GINSBERG: You’ve never had any sexual fantasies!
    LOFTON: Before I was a Christian, I had them, absolutely.
    GINSBERG: And since you’re a Christian you don’t?
    LOFTON: No.
    GINSBERG: And when you had them, did they involve any dominance/submission fantasies!
    LOFTON: Mine were pretty orthodox heterosexual kinds of fantasies. But there’s no doubt they were bad. And I am so glad that Jesus Christ delivered me from them.

    1. That was fucking funny, Warty.

  7. Thanks for the link.

  8. I’ve been seeing tons of Howl buzz around the intertubes, but IMDB says it doesn’t open in the US until September. The women of America will have to be content with ’60s Don Draper while they wait for ’50s Don Draper, I suppose.

    1. So I’ve been told that Don Draper is incredibly sexy, but Jon Hamm is not sexy when he’s not playing him. Is that true, Dagny?

      If this is true, is it the suit that makes him sexy? The hair? The mistreatment of women?

      1. Watch some video of Hamm being interviewed out of character, and not wearing the suits, and you’ll see he is as dumb as a bag of hammers.

      2. Jon Hamm is an incredibly good looking dude no matter what, but I agree that it’s the Don Draper character that drives chicks crazy. You basically hit the high notes: the great suits, the not-giving-a-fuck attitude, the smoking/drinking/aggressively reaching hands up skirts, it’s all very, very good.

        1. Draper is a turn off. I like a nerd that is afraid of woman…very afraid

          1. I’ll take Things A Queer Would Say for 500, Wink.

            1. I checked, and my tits look real to me.

              1. I’ll take Things A Brazilian Tranny Would Say for 500, Wink.

                1. Why do I have a feeling you want to have a bet on the color of my underwear?

  9. Allen Ginsberg, the most overrated hack Beat poet of the 20th century. Perfect for a Hollywood hagiography.

    1. +1 for beating me to this statement

  10. Allen Ginsberg, the most overrated hack Beat poet of the 20th century.

    He’s not an overrated poet. Almost no one knows or cares what he wrote.

    He’s a celebrity. Old people remember him from TV.

  11. Was it just me, or did those clips manage to make radicalism seem boring?


  12. GINSBERG: Nothing is completely black-and-white. Nothing.

    Doesn’t get much more black-and-white than that.

  13. Lets not forget about Burroughs’ obscenity trial.
    from wikipedia: …(Naked Lunch) was banned in Boston and Los Angeles in the United States, and several European publishers were harassed. It was one of the most recent American books over which an obscenity trial was held. The book was banned in Boston in 1962 due to obscenity (notably child murder and acts of pedophilia), but that decision was reversed in 1966 by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. The Appeals Court found the book did not violate obscenity statutes, as it was found to have some social value. The hearing included testimony in support of the work by Allen Ginsberg and Norman Mailer.

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