Starving Hysterical Naked: What Obscenity Used to Look Like


As the federal obscenity trial of John Stagliano drives deep into the week (and the Constitution and the most basic freedoms of individuals to live peacefully), take a peek at what obscenity used to look and sound like. Here's some clips from the forthcoming movie about Allen Ginsberg's trial over Howl:

Reason.tv on Lady Chatterley, Milk Nymphos, & John Stagliano.

Reason.tv on Obscenity v. Freedom of Expression.

And when the seemingly incompetent prosecution team that is hounding Stagliano and wasting our money and shredding our Constitution is old and on their death beds and their grandchildren come to ask, What did you do during the War on Porn?, I hope that they will pause for a long time and then, like a movie Nazi dying in a Brazilian estate 50 years after V-E Day and an unjustly long and comfortable life, they will break down in tears and confess that they did horribly bad things.

Read Howl here