Friday Morning Stagliano Roundup

In addition to Richard Abowitz's latest greatest, here is some other outside coverage of and commentary about the John Stagliano obscenity trial:

* Libertarian Party: Ridiculous Pornography Trial Violates Constitution

* Wendy McElroy: The Federal Screwing of John Stagliano

* Amanda Hess, Washington City Paper: Who Brought Milk Enemas to DC?

* Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow: [Former Bush Administration Porn Prosecutor Calls] Obscenity Case 'Critical'

* Mark Kernes, AVN: Stagliano Obscenity Trial Hits its Midpoint

* Jason Kuznicki, Washington Examiner: Buttman Is on Trial. What About the Rest of Us?

* Aurora Snow, AVN: Trial and Error in the Nation's Capital

Watch Nick Gillespie's 2009 interview with John Stagliano below:

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  • Warty||

    Is it obscene to work with whipped cream? Is it perhaps ludicrous to smear sugary white foam all over my body, or to make a whipped cream boobie sandwich between myself and Sammie Rhodes?

    I've always liked Aurora Snow.

  • Jordan Elliot||


  • ||

    Charlie Butts? Seriously?

  • ||

    Even better is that for which Mr. Butts writes is part of the "American Family" News Network.

  • Virginia||

    I wish it was raw milk so the FDA and USDA would get involved!! Let's have a full-on regulatory orgy!!!!!

    He thinks the material being distributed is so vial, the case ought to be won. "But believe me, if it isn't, the pornography industry and some in government will cheer that the case is lost," he adds.

    Goddamn right we'll cheer, you money-wasting worthless parasitic bureaucrat.

  • theocrat||

    "...the material being distributed is so vial.."

    They're taking samples?

  • Warty||

    Trueman concludes that if a jury decides the material is not obscene, they will send a message that Washington, DC, is a cesspool that the films would represent.

    Porn is what makes DC a cesspool?

  • tarran||

    It's a Christian website: they follow the teaching of that parable where Jesus came upon some men preparing to stone a woman for adultery - and he shattered her skull with one well aimed rock.

  • Tim||

    You are being sarcastic, right? He who is without sin cast the first stone.

  • cynical||

    Yes, that was sarcasm. Maybe you should take a break from the internets.

  • Abdul||

    Another Stagliano post? How much money did this guy donate? Who knew the milk enema industry was so lucrative?

  • ||

    Porn is what makes DC a cesspool?

    Porn and GUNZ, dude.

  • ||

    And hipsters throwing snowballs!


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