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In the Obama Age of No More Federal Medical Marijuana Raids…More Federal Medical Marijuana Raids


The annoying news, via press release from Americans for Safe Access:

Federal agents raided at least four San Diego-area medical marijuana dispensaries today in the early morning hours. Sources say that Green Kross, Unified Collective, SDOC and Kush Lounge were all served federal search warrants and were subjected to aggressive SWAT-style raids which resulted in the arrest of as many as 8 people and the seizure of money, medical marijuana and patient records. These raids come as the City of San Diego is deliberating an ordinance to regulate the local distribution of medical marijuana….

Several federal raids have occurred in San Diego over the past few years, typically with the cooperation of local law enforcement and District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis. The latest raids happened in September 2009 under the multi-agency effort called "Operation Endless Summer." Despite the confidence of Dumanis in prosecuting state cases against local dispensary operators, one of them being Davidovich, they have only resulted in jury acquittals. "Despite a failure to win convictions in state court, Dumanis continues to aggressively enforce and prosecute groundless medical marijuana cases," continued Davidovich.

In October 2009, one month after raids were conducted on more than a dozen medical marijuana dispensaries in San Diego, the Justice Department issued a new policy aimed at deemphasizing federal enforcement in medical marijuana states. Nonetheless, the Justice Department has continued to take action in California and other medical marijuana states, with San Diego dispensaries being the latest targets…

Last October, Jacob Sullum asked: "Will federal medical marijuana raids continue?" Yes, they will!

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  1. “Despite a failure to win convictions in state court, Dumanis continues to aggressively enforce and prosecute groundless medical marijuana cases,” continued Davidovich.”

    Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean the government can’t persecute you for it.

    That’s what the Klan was all about!

    1. The Klan eventually got it made illegal.

    2. If it weren’t for jury nullification, the Klan would have fallen apart within a decade.

      1. Obsession
        You’re my obsession
        Who do what me to be
        To make you pay attention to me?

  2. “It is not the purview of the federal government to enforce local or state laws.”

    It most certainly is.

    1. Um…. what?

  3. Hey, that’s technically a Change.
    Change we could believe in!

  4. Once again, we see that most prosecutors are grandstanding scum.

    1. It’s a political office. Period.

      1. It’s the combination of a political position and a law enforcement position, thereby squaring the awfulness of it. They destroy people’s lives not just because they can, but to gain even more power.

        1. The law enforcement part is merely a means to promote the political part. It’s akin on a smaller scale to what the Fuckin’ Steamroller? did in New York during his AG days.

          1. Again, my proposal: anyone who works as a prosecutor should be forbidden from running for elective office for 20 years.

  5. “These raids underscore the importance of developing a comprehensive federal policy on medical marijuana, which will also allow states to care for the health and welfare of their people without unnecessary federal interference,” said ASA Government Affairs Director Caren Woodson.

    I don’t know how to mock this parody-of-an-asshole.

  6. I just had an argument with some friends about this — they claimed the raids have stopped. Then they claimed there have only been a few due to involvement with other drugs. Then they stopped talking about it.

    So have all of the Sep-Oct 2009 cases been resolved? They made a huge deal about those stores simply being fronts for other drug trafficking (which would be goddamn stupid, but possible).

    Also, does anyone have statistics on the number of raids done over the years? I know a few dozen were made in 2009 — one set in March one set in September. I had heard of dozens being done during the oh-so-terrible Bush years. Are things improving at all?

  7. Bonnie Dumanis played a huge role in the cover up of the San Diego pension raid. We could use a Reason piece on that. For starters we have:

  8. Brian you Angelinos just don’t understand how messed up San Diego is. You could make a whole career down here. In OC, it’s always the guy closest to the kleptocracy who wins an election. In San Diego, even the people who come in 4th place are crooks.

  9. In the Obama Age of No More Federal Medical Marijuana Raids…More Federal Medical Marijuana Raids.

    And we’re supposed to act surprised by this . . . right?

  10. How many times do I have to repeat that the October 2009 “directive not to prosecute” medical marijuana was a masterpiece of double-talk. “We will not prosecute except when we will.”

    1. How many times do I have to repeat that the October 2009 “directive not to prosecute” medical marijuana was a masterpiece of double-talk.

      In other words,

      a standard Obama speech.

  11. More sad news. In a better world this would be big news with people asking Obama “Were you not serious or are you not in control of your Justice Department?” every night on the news…

    1. Let me be clear, folks: There are those who say that the Justice Department raids are not consistent with my campaign promises and later statements. Now, let me tell you what happened. For the eight years of the previous administration, this issue was simply not dealt with. When I took office, it was clear that there were no good solutions, just bad and less bad solutions. Folks need to be patient, and give us some time for the new policy to work.

      1. You forgot to throw “Bush” and “some say” in there.

    2. Unless they were too busy asking about Gitmo, say.

      For most people, it’s out of sight, out of mind, in both cases.

  12. Fuck this $hit. Seriously, Obama is turning out to be way way worse than I ever imagined. I cautiously hoped for some drawdown on the insane WoD, and maybe a pullout from Iraq, some more government spending. Instead we are ramping up wars, still raiding marijuana sellers, have federalized the health care industry, bailouts have been permanent-ized, and Chuck Schumer is still in the goddamn senate.

    1. To be fair, i don’t think obama ever promised to chase schumer out of the senate with a broom.

      I mean, we might have IMAGINED that promise, but i seriously doubt he ever made it.

    2. Chuck Schumer is still in the goddamn senate.

      Dude, if Harry Reid loses in November there’s a good chance that will be Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

      1. Or possibly Minority leader, if things continue to crash and burn.

  13. Obama is turning out to be way way worse than I ever imagined.

    I can’t say I’m surprised one way or the other.

  14. If you read the memo It stated they wouldnt go after anyone in compliance with state law in this case the law hasnt even been decided yet , hence no one is in full compliance

    more political trickery

  15. November 2nd cannot come soon enough. Go ahead, America, use the War on Drugs as a litmus test. Don’t return to office anyone who isn’t committed to ending the drug war. Don’t elect anyone who campaigns as a drug warrior or drug war enabler. This goes double for California, where we also need to vote for Prop. 19. I realize that just Statewide legalization won’t solve the larger problem, but we need to take a stand and get California’s opposition to at least that part of the Drug War on record.

  16. Even if you are for legalization, Proposition 19 is not a reasonable answer. Medical marijuana dispensaries mostly do not serve medical need, as shown by the number of healthy people who falsely get medical marijuana cards. It is also abused by those who resell “medical” marijuana to minors. Many cities in California have banned or put moratoriums on dispensaries because residents don’t want them in their neighborhoods. People in the Sunset district didn’t want a dispensary but the city council shoved it down their throats. Last week three homicides took place in dispensaries, and they are also subject to robberies. If Prop. 19 is passed, every city will have to set its own rules and waste time in cash strapped California debating marijuana sales. We have enough trouble with dispensaries. It is against Federal law and the Supreme Court has affirmed the Federal Gov’t’s right to take action here. Similarly, if Prop. 19 passes, the Federal Gov’t can stop its implementation or withhold funding from businesses because the provision disallows random drug testing in the workplace. As with

    I agree with Jerry Brown that in an economic downturn we don’t need more stoned people when we need to compete with China. And we don’t need a drug tourist industry to drive out the sober tourists.

    Look at the initiative and notice that you can grow more marijuana than you can possess, and think about the costs of regulating this initiative and difficulties collecting any kind of taxes. I’m all for reform of drug laws, but legalization, especially this initiative is by far not the only option.

    1. Juanita?

    2. Of course, no one has ever abused or resold any other type of prescription medication.

      I suppose that you’re a doctor who feels qualified to diagnose people sight unseen over the internet? Nice to know.

    3. If you truly care about the children then you should be aware that medical marijuana states have all shown decreases greater than the national average (http://tinyurl.com/yygqode).

      I want dispensaries in my neighborhood. They reduce crime by cutting into the profits of criminals. All that money they are making (and it’s a lot) used to go to gangs. We have reduced that. It only makes sense that would reduce crime. That’s how we fight the terrorists isn’t it? Go after the funding..

      Sure dispensaries attract crime (burglaries and robberies). They have something of value inside. Should we keep normal pharmacies out of the neighborhood too? They attract crime as well:

      How about 7-11’s? They get robbed. Homes attract burglars, etc.

      I grew up near a real old fashioned dispensary. It was cholos selling on the street corner. And they’d get shot at every once in a while. The new medical dispensaries are so much friendlier.

  17. If pot is good medicine then let legalization happen already. Marijuana does not have a terrible amount of adverse affects. Instead of spending massive amounts of money on law enforcement to arrest kids with glass pipes, the government should concentrate on real problems. The medicinal use of marijuana is well proven and can used to enhance legal drug regiments to ease the suffering of ailing people.

  18. SDOC was not raided! Please have your information correct before posting articles!

  19. The only way this stops if juries nullify on every drug case. That’s what ended Prohibition; it’ll be what ends this “war on (some) drugs”. No better way to frustrate the system than this.

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