Will Chicago Obey McDonald v. Chicago?


It depends on how you define obey. As The Chicago Sun-Times reports, the city council just unanimously passed some very strict new handgun restrictions:

The 45-0 vote, coming four days after the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling against the city's handgun ban, puts in place strict limits on guns.

The new ordinance, which city officials called the strictest in the nation, allows adults in Chicago to buy one gun a month — 12 a year. But they must pay registration and permit fees and take five hours of training.

The measure prohibits gun shops in Chicago and bars gun owners from so much as stepping outside their homes with a handgun, even if it's only onto their porches or garages.

For more on the future of gun rights after this week's big decision, see Brian Doherty's "The Aftermath of McDonald v. Chicago."